Every Time Desiigner Has Trolled Future So Far

Every Time Desiigner Has Trolled Future So Far
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Brooklyn rapper Desiigner went from a complete unknown to the latest sensation of mainstream hip-hop via the hit single “Panda.” The track helped him earn a deal with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint, but not without provoking some skeptical reactions from many onlookers.

Fans and media alike have accused Desiigner of biting Future’s entire style. While many artists have and continue to steal from successful artists, a line seemed to be crossed when it came to Desiigner’s perceived theft of Future’s style. It may simply come down to how meticulous the mimicry of Future has been or the fact that “Panda” charted higher than Future’s own work. But Desiigner’s brazen attitude toward the alleged biting made it appear to be somewhat devious. Just look at the way he answered a question about the Future biting accusations bothering him in an interview with XXL last December.

“I smile at that, I blush at that, but I have no hard feelings for the dude Future,” Desiigner said. “He does his thing. Actually, I like some of his songs. I think he’s a great artist and I ain’t going to ever turn him down. Just know I have plenty of more music. That’s all I got to say for the people who say I sound like him. Keep tuning in.”

Since then, Desiigner began to outright troll the man he’s seemingly swagger jacked. Whether it be song titles or mimicking the name for a fan base, the Brooklyn rapper has poked the bear that is Future. XXL decided to look at all the times that Desiigner trolled Future in recent months. Check it out below.

Desiigner Premieres “Pluto”



With many accusing him of biting Future, Desiigner doubled down with the follow-up to “Panda.” The Brooklyn rapper debuted a new song at SXSW called “Pluto,” the same title as Future’s debut album.

New @LifeOfDesiigner: "Pluto" #FADERFORTConverse pic.twitter.com/qsTkqr14fO

— The FADER (@thefader) March 16, 2016


Desiigner Tells Crowd Not to Compare Him to Future



During a performance at SXSW, Desiigner told fans to not compare him to Future. While the audio isn’t clear, many listeners thought the young rhymer used a homophobic slur when referring to Future.

Did Desiigner just call Future a "fag" at #SXSW or am I hearing things? pic.twitter.com/z2YR7gtzj3

— Atlanta Hip Hop (@atlanta_hhn) March 17, 2016


Desiigner Brings Out Panda Costume



During Desiigner’s performance of “Panda” at SXSW, the G.O.O.D. Music signee brought out a man wearing a panda head. It was strangely reminiscent of Future bringing out an astronaut at the 2012 Freshman show.


Desiigner Mimics #FutureHive’s Purple Reign Memes



Desiigner showed no shame when he jacked the memes fans used around the release of Future’s Purple Reign mixtape. The Brooklyn native posted a similar one on Instagram to promote his mixtape.

A photo posted by Desiigner (@lifeofdesiigner) on


Desiigner Calls His Fanbase #PandaHive



In perhaps the most blatant jack of Future’s entire aura, Desiigner created his own Future Hive. The rapper went on Instagram to dub his fans as the Panda Hive.

⛽️✨ #PandaHive #LOD #PandaTO #LODTAKEOVER

A video posted by Desiigner (@lifeofdesiigner) on


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