Sol Virani Seals The Deal And Releases “The Agreement”

Born in 1991, Sol Virani is a rapper, lyricist and MC from New Orleans Louisiana who just released his latest track titled “The Agreement”, part of forthcoming mixtape Vulture scheduled for release in fall, and once again proves he is one of the iconic rappers in the game. Sol fell in love with music at a very young age realizing his true calling when he wrote his first song at 16 years old. His music is direct, energetic, and his vibrant lyrical flow reminds listeners of the greats in the genre including LL Cool J, Nas and Method Man, whom he worked with on a track titled “Aces”. His natural abilities are evident in “The Agreement” where he talks about people giving the wrong advices and criticism when he actually feels great. Or it is simply the wrong people giving criticism, those who always judge others negatively. The gifted wordsmith sitting on several music platform, fans all over the world, 2 successful albums, “No Pork In My Gumbo” and “One”, and over 10 million streams adds another powerful track with this new release, after dropping “Gallo” last month. We are impatient to discover the full Vulture mixtape!  

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