Singer-songwriter Mena announces the release of She Knows, her latest EP – A sanctuary to four tracks titled “She Knows”, “Want Me”, “Hand In Hand”, and “Us Two”.

It is a superb, contemporary and funky soul album that encompasses a wide span of styles and tempos but works as a unified whole thanks to the tight playing, strong songwriting and Mena’s confident, natural vocals that shine throughout. The sumptuous ballad ‘Hand In Hand’ has an Etta James feel, ‘She Knows’ has a warm crossover vibe, the expansive, soaring ‘Want Me’ is a jazzy soul gem while ‘Us Two’ is a classy uptempo dancer. This album is a really strong introduction to the talented Mena. Make sure you keep her under your radar.

Cardi B and Offset Welcome Baby Girl… Name Revealed

If you’ve been following Cardi B’s pregnancy, you’re sure to know that she’s been waiting on her baby to slide out of the oven for some time now. For the most part, she’s had an easy pregnancy, but as she got closer to game time, she could barely put lotion on her legs. Well, the time has come! Cardi B and Offset have finally welcomed their baby girl to the world.

Mum’s the Word

Cardi B and Offset Welcome Baby Girl... Name Revealed

Credit: Maciel/BACKGRID

Word got out that Cardi was pregnant back in February, but Cardi put those rumors to rest. But, as HHMW previously stated, despite Cardi B’s constant denial, rumors that the star is pregnant kept flowing. Adding more validity to the claims, Cardi’s team reportedly spilled her pregnancy news themselves. According to TMZ, an unnamed member of the “Bartier Cardi” rapper’s crew shared the top secret info with a staff member at this year’s Maxim Super Bowl Party.

Caught Onstage

Cardi B and Offset Welcome Baby Girl... Name Revealed

Credit: Dimities Kambouris/Getty Images

The rapper performed at a slew of events while in Minneapolis, but the event that has everyone’s attention is the 2018 Maxim Super Bowl Party. While at the event, someone in Cardi’s team allegedly spilled the beans about her being three or four months pregnant.

Issa Girl

Cardi B and Offset Welcome Baby Girl... Name Revealed

Source: Instagram @hennessycarolina

She finally did the big reveal during her Saturday Night Live performance in April. Immediately following her announcement, fans quickly learned the sex of the baby — thanks to her sister Hennessy’s loose lips.

As HHMW previously stated, twenty-one-year-old Hennessy Carolina posted a sweet, lengthy message to her older sister and her unborn child, inadvertently mentioning the baby’s gender.

Find out the baby’s name!