SnowTown – Ghost

SnowTown, Salt Lake City one man band founded by Jesse Garcia, releases his new record entitled Ghost. Diagnosed with depression since the age of 13 years old, Garcia found his best therapy in making music, and listeners will be able to understand that when hearing the melancholic and deeply-moving slow-burning melodies throughout the sophisticated track-list. His raw talent and unique vision as an artist make him really special, and the unique blend of indie-inspired soundscapes and electronic textures will surely spark mass appeal among fans of the genre.

Fendi Cruz Releases Crossover Joint And Music Video ‘Bagz’

It’s easy to introduce Fendi Cruz to fans of Hip-Hop and R&B acts, as her music has a unique added touch of swag and sound design in comparison to her peers who often drop joints that all sound the same. Her latest release “Bagz”’ is out now, and is a highly detailed crossover track with carefully produced sound layers ideally supporting her sensual and feminine vocal work. With a bouncy rhythm from the beginning, ”Bagz” is well suited for moving into late night dancefloors. 

“Bagz” is a brief taste of what to expect from the rising urban artist. More music is set to come soon, and fans can look forward to hearing new songs very soon. 

Darrell Kelley Taps Into Absolute Positivity On ‘I’m So High’

With his latest release, Darrell Kelley has objectively identified and used what works for him and made sure he kept his trademark spiritual-feel intact on his latest single titled “I’m So High”.

It’s the blend of styles, the dedication on bringing listeners along for a enlightening journey that makes “I’m So High” such an interesting piece of music.

Instantly identifiable as a Darrell Kelley song, his personality and vocal delivery quirks shine through even the thickest of creative haze, while he delivers a magical recipe filled with a refreshing sense of wonder.

PUMPA Mix Music And Pleasure On New Music Video | ‘The River’

With their latest release, PUMPA have objectively identified and used what works for them and made sure they kept their trademark mathematical riffing intact on their new music video titled “The River”.

It’s the blend of styles, the dedication on bringing listeners along for a memorable journey, that makes “The River” such an endlessly interesting statement.

“The River” is instantly identifiable as a PUMPA song, their personality and songwriting quirks shine through even the thickest of creative haze, while they deliver an interesting recipe filled with a naive yet refreshing sense of wonder.

It takes a few listens before the quality of it really sinks in, and is so well-built that only the most devoted won’t find it initially maddening.

Watch Desperado Orchestra’s Latest Sonic Explosion | “People Say”

Desperado Orchestra’s latest contribution to music is titled “People Say”, a music video that feels safe yet edgy, simple yet complex, ambitious yet not straining for effect. While increased musical sophistication doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about the artist behind the music, and meaningful lyrics probably won’t stop your listening experience in a mosh-pit, if an artist nails both they’ve got a masterpiece that will explode and, more importantly, have this timeless feel few songs can claim. Here, “People Say” has made the perfect example of such a song. As usual, chaos and consistency make for a winning combination. Lawson has masterminded so much raw emotion, power and helped provide an experience that’s always as dynamic as it is captivating.

Zayn Covers Elvis’ ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’

Zayn is back with another cover. After taking on Beyoncé’s “Me, Myself and I,” the pop heartthrob puts his stamp on an Elvis Presley classic.

The former One Direction member completely reinterprets the 1961 hit f Elvis’ Blue Hawaii album, adding his seductive spin. “Wise men say only fools rush in / But I can’t help falling in love with you,” he sings.

Zayn is now gearing up to release his sophomore album, the follow-up to 2016’s Mind Mine, which has spawned the singles “Let Me” and “Entertainer.”

“Album is on the way, he tweeted last month. “Got a few surprises for you too.”