Album Review | ROBBY VEE – Double Spin

There’s no need for debate; disciple and son of Bobby Vee, Robby Vee makes it impossible not to groove to his latest release, an 11-track album entitled Double Spin. Including some vividly produced harmonies and explosive tempos, this record is steeped in the Rockabilly tradition yet completely finds its place in modern music. This tour de force is possible thanks to Robby Vee’s signature sound, a blend of multiple genres into experimental pieces, a complete reflection of his state of mind and approach to music.

The cinematic singer-songwriter spins some subtle crooning in some of the songs, bringing an interestingly designed equilibrium to the record.
With Double Spin, Robby Vee has convinced us that his music won’t be going out of style anytime soon, a rare occurrence in our ever-changing modern cultural landscape.