#DXCLUSIVE: CJ Fly Readies ‘RUDEBWOY’ Debut Album Release With ‘Grew Up’ Featuring Haile Supreme

New York, NY – CJ Fly‘s debut album RUDEBWOY is slated to roll out March 6.

In anticipation of the Pro Era MC’s project release he exclusively shares his latest single “Grew Up” featuring Haile Supreme with HipHopDX.

Produced by Statik Selektah, the Brooklyn native gets personal and introspective over the robust track.

“‘Grew Up’ is a reflection of surviving certain experiences in the streets of Brooklyn that forced me to mature at a young age,” CJ said in a statement email.

Press play on CJ Fly‘s “Grew Up” and check out his RUDEBWOY cover art and tracklist below.

#DXCLUSIVE: CJ Fly Readies 'RUDEBWOY' Debut Album Release With 'Grew Up' Featuring Haile Supreme

1. GOIN THRU feat. T’nah
2. RUDEBWOY feat. Joey Bada$$
3. BARRELL feat. Haile Supreme
4. GREW UP feat. Haile Supreme
6. I TRIED feat. OSHUN
7. BLOCK PARTY feat. Kirk Knight
8. CITY WE FROM feat. Conway the Machine
12. HARD TIMES feat. Lexipaz
13. THE PROS feat. PRO ERA & T’na

The Whitney Houston Creepy Hologram Tour Officially Sets Sail

The  Whitney Houston Hologram Tour has officially set sail, with the first performance scheduled to take place in Sheffield, England, on February 25th.

After that, the hologram show, which will also feature a live band, singers, and dancers, is set to proceed throughout the UK and Ireland. Thirteen other European tour dates have been booked through the start of April, and information pertaining to a North American tour is expected to be made available sometime soon. UK tickets are available for as little as $32 (£25).

Officially dubbed “An Evening with Whitney Houston: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour,” the concert series was given the green light by Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law and the executor of her estate. BASE Hologram created Houston’s likeness with the assistance of both old footage and a body double, though a process that CEO Marty Tudor called “tedious.”

BASE Hologram has arranged hologram concerts for other late artists, including Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, and Maria Callas.  Fans’ opinions of these shows appear to be fairly polarized, with some believing them to be plainly creepy, and others appreciating them for allowing new generations to enjoy live performances from all-time-great artists—or the closest thing to live performances.

Longtime industry professional Fatima Robinson has arranged and choreographed the show for Houston’s Hologram Tour. In the past, Robinson has choreographed for and provided her creative talents to the likes of Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, and The Black Eyed Peas (including the latter’s Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show; though the performance was panned by critics, its visual effects and dancing were generally praised).

Whitney Houston passed away in 2012, just a day before the 54th Annual Grammy Awards.

One of the bestselling and most beloved artists in music history, Houston’s death shocked fans and fellow performers, and she was honored during the Grammys ceremony.

At the time of this piece’s writing, BASE Hologram hadn’t released a sample of Houston’s hologram or a preview of the concert itself, despite receiving a seemingly substantial number of requests to do so.

50 Cent & Nicki Minaj Cite Jealousy In Pop Smoke’s Murder

The ripple effects of Pop Smoke’s murder have continued to impact the rap community. The rising artist was shot and killed in a Hollywood Hills home on Wednesday morning (February 19) around 4:30 a.m. local time.

Hours after Redman, Juicy J, The Game and a slew of other high profile artists took their shock to social media, 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj have weighed in, suggesting jealously played a role in his murder.

“No such thing as success with out jealousy,” 50 wrote alongside a photo of himself with the burgeoning rapper. “Treachery comes from those who are close. R.i.P.”

Nicki Minaj — who collaborated with Pop Smoke on the “Welcome To The Party (Remix)” — shared a photo of the 20-year-old Brooklyn native to her Instagram account and wrote, “The Bible tells us that jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Unbelievable. Rest In Peace, Pop.”

Pop Smoke was seemingly on the verge of mainstream success. His latest — and what proved to be his last — project, Meet The Woo Vol. 2 — arrived earlier this month and featured contributions from Quavo, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Lil Tjay and Fivio Foreign.

Cardi B’s BFF Star Brim Charged With Slashing Someone In 59 Brims Bloods Case

New York, NY – Cardi B‘s bestie Star Brim was caught up in a federal sweep of New York Bloods Gang subset, 59 Brims on Tuesday (February 18), NBC 4 reports.

The Southern District of New York identified Star, born Yonetter Respass, in the indictment among 17 other defendants in the case of Cardi’s alleged violent assault against two sisters working at Queens strip club Angel’s as bartenders back in August of 2018.

While multiple arrests swept the city, Star remains free for now and has arranged with prosecutors to turn herself in at a later date since she is pregnant and could give birth soon.

It was first reported Cardi herself ordered the attack on the two bartenders, now identified as Rachel and Sarah Wattley, but court documents reveal it was Star who allegedly commissioned the hit while doing prison time in Connecticut that same year.

Now, she is being charged with racketeering and for the ordering of subordinates to “pop that bottle” on one of the women, whom Cardi believed to have slept with her husband Offset.

Police are naming Star as a high-ranking gang member known to The Brims as their “godmother.” She reportedly calls the shots and was said to be “dissatisfied” over the outcome of the attack which wasn’t as violent as she’d hoped.

Two weeks later, Bardi, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, and her crew got into a heated exchange with the Wattley sisters, around 3 a.m. Security footage shows the “Money” artist throwing an ice bucket at the two girls as they were bartending. According to the indictment, one of the bartenders suffered lacerations to her legs and feet.

Last June, the Grammy Award-winning star pleaded not guilty after being indicted on 12 counts including, two felony counts of attempted assault with intent to cause serious injury. In December, the Invasion of Privacy star went back to court dressed in all black with a wide-brimmed hat to match to further plead her innocence.

However, according to legal docs, Cardi and two others who are named in the case planned the date, time and location of the attack social media. Prosecutors allege Cardi B discussed money as a reward for the execution of the assault with Tawana Jackson-Morel, one of the named defendants who helped organize the attack.

If convicted, Cardi faces up to four years in prison. In April, she rejected a plea deal that would have granted her a conditional discharge in exchange for pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor.

In a previous hearing, the judge ordered Cardi B to have no contact with the Whattley sisters and also issued an order of protection for the girls. The judge also gave the multi-platinum artist a stern warning to “please be very careful” with social media.

Burning Man Is Officially Suing the U.S. Government

Burning Man legal paperwork against the U.S. Government in December of last year.  Now, its lawsuit has officially been set in motion.

Late last year, we broke the story that Burning Man was over escalating land use permits.  Now, Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt has been issued a summons to appear in Washington D.C.’s District Court. Because Secretary Bernhardt is representing the American government in the case, he will have 60 days (from the date that he received the summons) to respond.  The summons was shared with Digital Music News this morning.

Taking the federal government to court is no small endeavor, but Black Rock City, the parent company of Burning Man (and the name of the temporarily erected city wherein the annual event occurs), believes that their case — and financial incentive — is too significant to ignore.  Specifically, the allegation is that since 2015, the government has levied unfair permit fees against Burning Man (to the tune of $18 million) for its use of federal land.

Moreover, Black Rock City has indicated that these fees have increased exponentially throughout the last decade, from approximately $1.3 million in 2011 to nearly $3 million in 2019. Lastly, the concert organizer stated that the land-usage fees are typically disclosed shortly before Burning Man starts, leaving little time to review and/or refute them, and that arbitrarily issuing federal fees may be a violation of U.S. law.

The first Burning Man was first organized in 1990, and nearly 80,000 people attended last year’s multi-day event, including an array of electronic music artists and DJs.

Additionally, the gathering has become an unofficial meeting place for tech-industry professionals, social media influencers, and many other well-known individuals.

Burning Man 2020 is scheduled to begin on August 30th and end on September 7th, once again in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Presale tickets (chiefly for groups) will be issued on February 26th, to those who have registered, and individual presale tickets will be sold in March, for $1,400 each. “Main ticket sales” will initiate at the start of April, at a rate of $475 per ticket and $140 per vehicle pass (not including fees).

The federal government owns nearly 50 percent of land in the western United States, as well as close to 90 percent of land in Nevada.

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Changes Name to "Boneless Thugs-n-Harmony"

The rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony has officially changed its name to “Boneless” Thugs-n-Harmony—not as an early April Fools’ joke or as a result of a lost bet, but because of a high-priced branding deal with Buffalo Wild Wings.

Boneless Thugs-n-Harmony announced the switch by uploading a short clip to Facebook. Additionally, Buffalo Wild Wings posted a humorous two-minute-long clip to YouTube, which features members of the group, including Krayzie “Boneless,” Flesh and “Boneless,” and Wish “Boneless,” describing how a newfound love of boneless wings led to the change.

In a promotional video tied to the branding deal, Layzie Bone refuses to accept the new name, despite the pleas and persuasion attempts of other group members. At the video’s close, the narrator asks viewers whether the name change will stick, and Layzie, giving the finger to a poster commemorating Boneless Thugs and a “No Bones” tour, says, “I’m not changing s—!”

Exactly how long the name change will last is unclear. A rep from Buffalo Wild Wings told Digital Music News that the switch will remain effective ‘until further notice.’ And a lot of name-retreading is happening right now. “The group is in the process of updating their social handles in the coming days, signifying they will be known as the Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony until further notice,” the rep emailed.

The switch obviously involved a gigantic paycheck for the Cleveland rap group. But Buffalo Wild Wings CMO Seth Freeman joked that it’s all about the wings. “These boneless wings are so good, what if they made Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have an identity crisis?” Freeman mused.

The campaign was conceived by The Martin Agency, a Virginia-based ad company that’s responsible for creating GEICO’s gecko and the “Virginia is for Lovers” slogan, among other well-known advertising elements.

Boneless Thugs-n-Harmony merchandise will be given away both online and during the group’s ongoing tour.

Though a partnership of this size and extent likely required weeks to coordinate, it may have been sped up to turn the page on the controversy created by a recent Buffalo Wild Wings tweet, which insinuated that the Houston Astros’ punishment for cheating wasn’t severe enough. While many baseball fans voiced their support for the message, Houston Astros diehards, predictably, did not.

Having formed in 1991, the Cleveland-based Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is in the process of recording a new album; Krayzie and Bizzy Bone released an album under the Bong Thugs name in 2017, including a single, “Coming Home,” that features Stephen Marley, Bob Marley’s son. Moreover, each Bone Thugs member has pursued a solo career.

However, all five of the group’s original members are involved in the upcoming album’s production. An expected release date hasn’t yet been provided.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Tease Name Change After Trying Boneless Buffalo Wild Wings

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony have teamed up with Buffalo Wild Wings for a hilarious new ad spot. The commercial, which arrived on Wednesday (February 19), stars Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Flesh N Bone, Wish Bone and their longtime manager Steve Lobel who are caught in a debate.

Krayzie is convinced Bone Thugs needs to change their name to Boneless Thugs-n-Harmony after trying the company’s delicious boneless wings for the first time.

“We need to be Boneless Thugs now,” Krazyie says. “Bottom line.”

While Flesh and Wish are onboard, Layzie has a big problem with losing the name they’ve had for 25 years.

“I ain’t changing shit!” Layzie says. “Bone Thugs-n-Harmony changes they name to Boneless. It’s preposterous.” But Lobel fires back, “Bone Thugs is a group where majority rules. So, for now, the name change will stick.”

Layzie shouts, “I said I ain’t changin’ shit!” I ain’t doing shit.”

After convincing Layzie to try the boneless wings — or as they called it “a sauce-covered olive branch” — he starts to have a change of heart but ultimately sticks to his guns.

“They actually pretty good,” he says. “But they don’t have no bones in ’em. They ain’t change-your-name good.”

Despite Layzie’s resistance, the name change went down and the rest of the members started sporting “Boneless Thugs-n-Harmony” t-shirts, boneless wing gold chains and “Boneless” hats.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Tease Name Change After Trying Boneless Buffalo Wild Wings

Bizzy Bone Dubs Wish Bone “A Mean Dude”

Now, two questions remain: “Will the name change stick? Will the new Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings be the end of the Bone Thugs? Only time will tell.” 

Watch the full ad above.

RJD2 Announces ‘The Fun Ones’ Album With ‘Pull Up On Love’ Single

Roughly four years after 2016’s Dame Fortune, seasoned producer RJD2 has announced his next album, The Fun Ones, will arrive on April 17 RJ’s Electrical Connections.

The project marks RJD2’s seventh solo album but this time, he takes an unconventional approach.

The Fun Ones is assembled as a mixtape and uses samples from conversations with several of his contemporaries, including Phonte Coleman, J-Zone, Kid Koala, Mr. Lif and Son Little.

Ahead of its release, RJD2 has shared a snippet of the album in the form of “Pull Up On Love” featuring frequent collaborator STS (Sugar Tongue Slim), Jordan Brown and Khari Mateen.

“This tune started with some Zigaboo-inspired drums, a nice little sweeping guitar lick, and a bass line that left plenty of space for wherever Slim was gonna take the track,” RJ explained in a press release. “I purposely left some room to fill out the track once the vocals were in place. So when Slim sent it back to me, and Khari had did his thing on it, it had such a great vibe to it that I didn’t want to drench the track in production tricks and overdubs.

“I wanted the vocal performances to shine, so I basically cleaned up the mix, did a few breakdowns, and left it as is. It was great for the three of us to link up once again, since it had been years since we did ‘See You Leave’.”

The accompanying visual was filmed at Denver, Colorado’s Ogden Theatre and features RJD2, STS, Mateen and Brown alongside Chuck Palmer on drums and Stephen Greenberg on bass.

Watch the “Pull Up On Love” video above.

The Game, Juicy J, Lupe Fiasco & More Flood Twitter Following Pop Smoke’s Murder

Pop Smoke was shot and killed at a Hollywood Hills home on Wednesday morning (February 19). The blossoming Brooklyn rapper was only 20 years old at the time of the shooting and had just begun to hit his stride as an artist.

Police say two men wearing hoodies and masks broke into the home around 4:30 a.m. local time and fatally shot Pop Smoke. Prior to the incident, there’d been a party at the house, but it’s unclear if Pop Smoke knew his attackers.

He’d shared his location on his Instagram Stories hours before the shooting took place.

Authorities haven’t located any suspects yet. The investigation is ongoing.

Naturally, social media has exploded with reactions to Pop Smoke’s tragic death.

Redman, The Game, Juicy J, Chance The Rapper, YBN Cordae, Freddie Gibbs and Lupe Fiasco are just a sliver of his peers paying tribute to the late rapper.

Check out some of the reactions below.

Eminem’s ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ Album Certified Gold

Royce Da 5’9 was seemingly in a celebratory mood on Tuesday (February 18) when he announced Eminem’s Music To Be Murdered By had been certified gold by the RIAA.

The Bad Meets Evil MC shared a photo of Shady holding a shovel and donning a fedora — in true Music To Be Murdered By form — with a single emoji in the caption, intending to illustrate Em’s global impact.

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A post shared by 🏋🏿Nickle🏋🏿 (@royceda59) on

Royce contributed several songs to Em’s 11th studio album — “You Gon Learn,” “Darkness,” “Yah Yah” and “I Will.”

Music To Be Murdered By debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 following its surprise January 17 release. Three weeks in, it’s holding steady at No. 3 and is reportedly the first album of the year to sell over 500,000 units.

Em also made Billboard history with the release, becoming the first artist with 10 consecutive No. 1 albums in the chart’s history. He was previously tied with Kanye West at nine.

Pop Smoke Murdered During Home Invasion

Los Angeles, CA – Burgeoning rapper Pop Smoke was reportedly shot and killed during a home invasion on Wednesday morning (February 19).

According to TMZ, the 20-year-old Brooklyn native was at a Hollywood Hills home when two men dressed in hoodies and masks broke into the house around 4:30 a.m. local time.

Police said the men fired multiple shots, fatally wounding Pop Smoke. They then fled on foot. Emergency responders arrived at the scene and attempted to deliver CPR before rushing him to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood where he died.

The home reportedly belongs to Teddi Mellencamp’s husband Edwin Arroyave who owns several homes in Los Angeles, leading authorities to believe Pop Smoke was renting the property.

There was a party or some type of gathering prior to the shooting, although it’s unclear if Pop Smoke knew his attackers.

As of publication time, police haven’t apprehended any suspects. The investigation is ongoing.

Pop Smoke’s latest album, The Woo Vol. 2, arrived earlier this month and featured collaborations with Quavo, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Lil Tjay and Fivio Foreign.

Justin Bieber Drops ‘E.T.A.’ Video

Hot on the heels of his 5th studio album Changes, Justin Bieber debuts the partially-animated video for “E.T.A.”

The Michael D. Ratner-directed clip, which premiered exclusively on Apple Music, finds Bieber at one with nature. He performs with the majestic hills of L.A. as a backdrop while rocking colorful fits from Palace and his own Drew House clothing.

“Distance only made us grow fonder / Of one another, be honest,” he sings. “What’s your E.T.A.?”

“E.T.A.” is the first video from Changes that will launch exclusively on Apple Music in the coming weeks. He will drop a new video each Tuesday for the next four weeks.

On May 14, Bieber will embark on his “Changes Tour,” which runs through September with special guests Kehlani and Jaden Smith. “Just finished a 2 hour meeting about goals and this Changes Tour. This is going to be incredible,” he told his fans.

Changes is off to a strong start and is expected to top next week’s Billboard 200 with 270-320,000 equivalent album units.

Watch the full video on Apple Music

Metro Boomin Teases ‘Savage Mode 2’ with 21 Savage

Savage Mode 2 is on the way.

Metro Boomin has fans excited after once again teasing a sequel to his 2016 collaborative mixtape with 21 Savage. Taking to Twitter on Monday, the Atlanta producer revealed what upcoming projects he is working on including The Weeknd’s After Hours, Lil Durk’s No Auto Durk, and Savage Mode 2.

“NO AUTO 🚫 . AFTER HOURS 🌇 . SAVAGE MODE 🗡🗡,” tweeted Metro.

This is not the first time Metro Boomin and 21 Savage have teased Savage Mode 2. Last July, Savage revived the sequel talks during the Los Angeles stop on his “i am > i was” tour. “Savage Mode 2 on the motherfu**in’ way!” he said to cheers from the crowd.

In a November 2016 interview with The FADER, 21 revealed that they had 20-30 additional tracks that didn’t make the original EP and could potentially end up on Savage Mode 2.

Savage Mode, which spawned the Future-assisted “X,” was released in July 2016 and peaked at No. 23 on the Billboard 200.

Snoh Aalegra Performs for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

Snoh Aalegra brought the feels to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert.

Donning Off-White Nike Dunks and baggy jeans, the Iranian vocalist performed a medley of hits from her critically-acclaimed album Ugh, those feels again. She opened her stripped-down set with “Love Like That.” Accompanied by her band and a string section, she continued with “I Want You Around,” “Whoa,” and “Fool for You” off 2017’s Feels. She capped off the 16-minute performance with a jazzy rendition of “Find Someone Like You.”

On Friday, Snoh dropped the official remix to “Whoa” featuring Pharrell.

You can catch the feels live when Snoh kicks off her North American tour on March 18 in Vancouver. The 23-date trek, which is nearly sold out, wraps May 5 in Atlanta.

Watch Snoh’s stunning set below.

Boosie Badazz Criticizes Dwyane Wade’s Support for Transgender Daughter

Boosie Badazz is speaking out following Dwyane Wade’s public support for his 12-year-old child Zaya, who recently revealed she identifies as female.

“Me and my wife–my wife Gabrielle Union–we are proud parents of a child in the LGBTQ+ community, and we’re proud allies, as well,” the retired NBA star said during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last week.

While the family has rallied around Zaya, Boosie has decided to publicly criticize Wade for supporting his child, whom he shares with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the Baton Rouge rapper addressed Wade during his rant.

“I gotta say something about this shit, bro. Dwyane Wade, you gone too fucking far, dawg,” said Boosie. “That is a male. A 12-year-old. At 12, they don’t even know what they next meal gon’ be. They don’t have shit figured out yet. He might meet a woman, anything, at 16 and fall in love with her. But his dick be gone–how he gon’–like, bruh, you going too far, dawg.”

He continued to share more transphobic thoughts. “Don’t cut his dick off, bruh. Like, bruh, for real, if he gon’ be gay, let him be gay,” Boosie added. “But don’t cut his dick off. Like don’t address him as a woman, dawg. He’s 12 years old. He’s not up there yet. He hasn’t made his final decisions yet. Don’t cut his fucking dick off, Dwyane Wade, bruh. You fucking trippin’, dawg.”

As Complex points out, Wade did not say whether Zaya was receiving gender reassignment surgery, only that she wishes to use she/her pronouns.

“As parents, we put our hopes and we put our fears on our kids,” Wade told Robin Roberts on “GMA.” “With Zaya, we decided to listen to her. And she’s walking us on the journey.”

Boosie has been outspoken with his controversial views. He recently called out Gayle King for bringing up Kobe Bryant’s rape case during her interview with former WNBA champion Lisa Leslie.