Ayye: Here’s Our Post Oscars, New Week, March Mood


People color everywhere rejoiced in unison last night after Jordan Peele accepted the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Get Out, becoming the first Black writer to do so.


No one was more excited for Peele than his Key & Peele partner, Keegan Michael Key:


In honor a new week, a new month and a new Black Oscar winner, we’re kicking f the week with some unity — and lit dance moves. Happy Monday.


Where’s Spongebob? A Sinister Looking Patrick Star Has Taken Over The Internet In The Most Hilarious Way Ever

Folks on social media can find the smallest, oldest, most relatable things to go viral and make a new mark on pop culture.

First there was good ol’ Arthur (and his balled up fist) who got meme-ified and became the ficial “no longer for kids” cartoon after Black Twitter got its hands on it — and everyone else followed suit. Arthur memes have become so popular that there’s now “balled up fist Arthur meme” merch:


And let’s not forget the classic Mr. Krabs meme. Now folks have taken the innocence an alo Patrick Star from Spongebob and turned him into the mischievous, messy meme we can all relate to.

This particular still Pat is from “Nature Pants”, season one, episode eighteen and is right before the moment Patrick pins SpongeBob to the seafloor so SpongeBob will stop thinking he’s a jellyfish:


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DeMar DeRozan Opens Up About Mental Health And Depression


NBA All Star DeMar DeRozan has been open with fans about maintaining his mental health.

Last month he mentioned depression on Twitter.

In a new interview with ESPN, he talks more about what led him to share the tweets.


It’s one them things that no matter how indestructible we look like we are, we’re all human at the end the day,” the 28-year-old Raptors all-star said. “We all got feelings . . . all that. Sometimes . . . it gets the best you, where times everything in the whole world’s on top you.”

It was a hard time. DeRozan was letting everyone know.

“I always have various nights,” he said in a wide-ranging and wildly open glimpse into his private life. “I’ve always been like that since I was young, but I think that’s where my demeanour comes from.

“I’m so quiet, if you don’t know me. I stay standfish in a sense, in my own personal space, to be able to cope with whatever it is you’ve got to cope with.”

Shook Ones: News Anchor Makes Use Of Mobb Deep Lyrics To Diss Trump

One news anchor borrowed lines from a respected rap duo to send shots at Trump and it was cold.

Ari Melber, host MSNBC’s The Beat, was comparing the investigation the Trump administration to President Nixon‘s Watergate scandal 1972. According to materials Melber received about the scandal, Nixon’s broad use executive privilege to withhold information led to his impeachment case.

Now Melber believes Trump might be trying to use his executive privilege in the same way. “Nixon’s impeachment case is] worth bearing in mind as the Trump White House now stonewalls investigators, but insist it’s not really invoking executive privilege, or it’s trying some kind modified halfway executive privilege,” Melber reported. That’s when Melber dropped the iconic line from Mobb Deep‘s “Shook Ones, Pt. II”

“But there’s no such thing as halfway privilege, just as there’s no such thing as halfway crooks,” he said. “We know that truth from the great poet Havoc Mobb Deep who observed that true criminal minds are always thirsty for recognition, but you don’t see longevity from halfway crooks, ‘cause they always end up shook. And that’s the big problem facing any White House pursuing a cover up with halfway privilege.”

Havoc definitely peeped Melber’s reference, since he posted the clip to his Instagram. “Couldn’t be put any better,” Havoc commented. Check out Melber’s hip hop infused breakdown below!


34 Photos Of Black Excellence Drippin’ At The Oscars Over The Years

The 90th Annual Academy Awards are just around the corner, and it’s definitely the year to root for everybody Black.

In honor Mary. J Blige, Denzel Washington and Daniel Kaluuya, who are just a few the Black contenders for the trophy this year, check out these mesmerizing photos Black excellence drippin’ at the Academy Awards all throughout the years.


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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Share The First Photo Of Baby ‘Stormi’ — But Does She Look Like Mom Or Dad?

Well we didn’t see this coming.

After weeks Kylie Jenner teasing us with small glimpses baby Stormi Snapchat, her boyfriend Travis Scott couldn’t resist sharing a full photo his one-month old baby girl.


After the rapper posted the adorable photo his baby girl, mama Kylie followed up with an adorable video:



Who do you think Stormi looks like more? Kylie or Travis?



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Bow Down: Here’s 8 Times Beyonce Showed Us She Had Bars

Everyone is going crazy over Beyonce’s verse on DJ Khaled’s “Top Off” song but did we already forget that Beyonce’s been serving us hot bars since her Destiny’s Child days.

To refresh your memory, here’s a breakdown 8 times Beyonce spit bars.


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Be Safe Tho : This City Was Just Named “The Most Dangerous City In The America”

Baltimore Was Just Named Most Dangerous City In U.S.

It used to be a foregone conclusion that Chicago was the most dangerous city in the country from the coverage it got in the media but you would be wrong in your assumption. According to a report from USA Today Baltimore takes the crown as “Most Dangerous City In The America”.

Although Chicago did have 650 homicides last year, and Baltimore had nearly half with 343, the murder per capita shows that Baltimore is a much more dangerous city in comparison. Chicago tallied 24 homicides per 100,000 people in last year in contrast to Baltimore recording around 56. Baltimore achieved the highest per capita homicide rate in the city’s history. Many believe unrest between police and the poor and underserved communities have attributed to the rise homicides in Baltimore.

The report does however show a positive trend in that murder rates in America have dropped by about 2% in the nation’s 50 largest cities. We saw decrease is mostly in major U.S. cities like New York, Chicago, and Houston which dropped double-digit percentages, 13.4%, 14.7%, 11%, respectively.