Non Sequitur. – The Itis [Your EDM Records] | Your EDM

Gnarly electro will always find a place in my heart. Combine that with some new age mainstage sounds, and we get something even better. Straight off the bat, “The Itis” blends face-melting bass with sharp stabs for a punchy effect. If you listen closely you can even hear the mystical pads in the backdrop guiding you through an atmosphere world. The short breakdown gives your ears a quick breather before the madness continues. Non Sequitur doesn’t play around with it comes to dirty bass music. Add this one to your weekend playlist now and grab your own personal copy via Your EDM Records!

Watch Kaskade's mainstage set at Ultra Music Festival Miami

For two decades, dance music heavyweight Kaskade has moved audiences across the globe with his finely-tuned audiovisual performances and endless mashup of original anthems, and his Ultra Music Festival Miami set was right there with the best of them. From the Deadmau5-assisted classic “Move For Me” to festival anthems like “Never Sleep Alone” and “Runaway,” the hour-long set of crowd favorites was encapsulated by the majestic purple sky during sundown at downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park. The full track list of the set can be found below and the illuminating UMF Miami performance video above.

Kaskade Live at Ultra Music Festival 2016
01. Kaskade & deadmau5 vs Sunny LAX – Move For Me Enceladus 
(Kaskade Mashup)
02. Kaskade (feat. Ilsey) – Disarm You (Extended)
03. Kaskade – Call My Name (Festi Edit)
04. Kaskade vs. Ilan Bluestone – Last Chance Big Ben (Kaskade Mashup V.2)
05. Kaskade & CID – US (Extended)
06. Promise Land – X-Press (Instrumental Mix)
07. Burns – Beauty Queen
08. Galantis – Runaway (Kaskade Remix)
09. Kaskade (feat. Too Many Zooz) – ID
10. Dirtcaps X Tom Piper – Rudeboi
11. Missy Elliot – WTF (Brohug Rmx)
12. Miike Snow – Genghis Khan (Hook N Sling MIx)
13. Kaskade & Galantis – Mercy (Extended)
14. Kaskade – We Don’t Stop (Extended)
15. Kaskade – Never Sleep Alone (Extended)
16. Sgt. Slick – Bunker Groove
17. Kaskade vs. Alex Guadino – I’ll Never Dream I’m In Love (Kaskade Mashup)

Your EDM Premiere: Dallerium Takes You on a Future House Journey With New EP | Your EDM

You have to love future house. The sub-genre manages to incorporate all of our favourite styles of bass and house music and merge them together to make something suited to everyone’s tastes. The warm vibes it generates is especially appropriate as the summer ever approaches and the image of pool parties is not a distant reality.

Uprise Music know a thing or two about the sound, having signed several smash hits from future house king Don Diablo. Their next release comes from Croatian export Dallerium, and for his debut EP we’re very impressed. The project opens up with the title track, “Take It Slow”. Dreary bass tones are contrasted by a pitched female vocal, which is later amplified by a pounding drop. Picking up more heat we move on to “Dancin’”. Paying homage to oldskool house records with it’s spacey melodies, here the present meets the past. “Feel This Way” closes things off with a monstrous drop filled with bubbly synths that bounce in all directions out from your speakers.

Download the EP here and don’t blame us if you have to bust out a shuffle when you hit play!

Flume Shows Off His 63 Favorite Tracks Ever & Drops Sick New Remix [Must Listen]

We’re still waiting for more information on Flume’s album, like a release date… but in the meantime, the Australian purveyor of the finest future bass has a new playlist of “essentials” now up on Spotify.

The playlist has a massive 63 tracks – unfortunately none of them are new Flume – that all span a wide variety of genres inside and out of dance music. From MF Doom to Eprom, Rustie to Kenton Slash Demon, Flume’s taste in music is vast.

You can check it all out below and wallow in the knowledge that we still don’t know when Skin will come out.

In addition, we have this brand spanking new remix from Wave Racer of Flume’s “Never Be Like You” and it truly amazing. Playing off of the original perfectly, Wave Racer turns the wonky bass sweeps up 100% and keeps everything sounding silky smooth. Check it.

MSCLS Takes On Tommy Trash In Latest Remix | Your EDM

Tommy Trash has been getting the remix treatment more often that not these days and its doesn’t come to any surprise as to why he gets such stellar remixes to his tracks. The latest remix comes from up and coming Texas based producer, MSCLS, known for his unique and groovy house tunes. MSCLS take on Tommy Trash’s “Me & U” gives the track more of a disco house vibe, playing Anna Lunoe’s vocals against a sped up housey beat, moreso than the original. Definitely pleasing to hear this take on the track as it translates well to a more contemporary type of dancefloor. Stoked to hear the next MSCLS tune as he never seems to disappoint!

Get the remixes here!

Sweden's Top 10 EDM Artists Join Forces For One Of The Most Epic Festivals Ever

Avicii has just taken to his Facebook page to announce his involvement in the inception of an extremely special, one-of-a-kind event series to take place on July 30 in the Netherlands. For the very first time, and as part of festival series The Flying Dutch‘s brand new initiative, he and many of Sweden’s most acclaimed electronic music acts will join forces to perform three separate shows during the event’s Swedish Journey offshoot.

Each of the acts will be flown by helicopter from venue to venue, where they’ll meet the warm welcome of 100,000 dedicated fans. From Alesso and Dada Life to Steve Angello and John Dählback, every major member of the country’s dance music scene will be represented. In addition to the already powerful list, a yet to be released Special Guest Duo will also be playing sets during the day. Judging from the remaining list of Swedish electronic duos, it’s very possible that Axwell Λ Ingrosso will emerge as the secret guests. With all three members of the dearly missed trio Swedish House Mafia in attendance, ticket holders from around the world are already clamoring for a hopeful reunion set.

Sweden's Top 10 EDM Artists Join Forces For One Of The Most Epic Festivals Ever

Tickets for this unique experience will be available for pre-sale on April 2 and regular sale April 4. Visit The Flying Dutch’s official website here for further information, and watch the full event trailer below.

Loving this concept! I´ll partner up with my fellow swede friends and we’ll all share the same stage for the first time…

Posted by Avicii on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Justin Martin Announces Sophomore Album "Hello Clouds" Out 4/20 | Your EDM

DIRTYBIRD favorite Justin Martin announces his sophomore album, Hello Clouds, out on April 20.

Justin Martin’s debut album, Ghettos & Gardens, came out in 2012. His second attempt will feature collaborations with other rising artists such as FEMME, Charlotte OC, Lena Cullen, Kill Frenzy, Ardalan and Will Clarke.

Justin Martin Announces Sophomore Album "Hello Clouds" Out 4/20 | Your EDM


1. Dive In
2. Hello Clouds feat. FEMME
3. The Feels
4. Odyssey feat. Lena Cullen
5. Upcountry
6. Rabbit Hole feat. Charlotte OC
7. Be Mine
8. Back To The Jungle feat. Will Clarke
9. Tropical Storm Mango
10. Wet Cat (Sooo Wet) feat. Kill Frenzy & Ardalan
11. Midnight feat. Christian Martin
12. U R Here
13. Hold Them feat. Mohna

Infrasound Music Festival Just Dropped The Lineup To A Bass Head's Wet Dream | Your EDM

We like to think of Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Chicago, New York, and the like as capitals of dance music in the US – they get all the tours, they house a ton of the labels and artists, and they have some of the best festivals. However, many smaller towns across the country are putting up their hands and saying, “Hey, take a look at this…

Case in point: Infrasound Music Festival in Highbridge, Wisconsin. 2016 is not this fest’s first year, but damn, it might be its best. Sporting a lineup with the likes of Noisia, Shpongle and Alex & Allyson Grey, the smaller names are just as good as the headliners. Just for starters, we have Hatcha, Joker, Ivy Lab, Pantyraid, Stelouse, Jphelpz, Asa, Sorrow, Russ Liquid, Manic Focus, Mr. Bill [Live], Nostalgia, Grimblee vs Hecka … it’s just not fair. Not to mention two sets from EOTO.

As of today, weekend passes have surpassed 50% sold out and after today’s release, those numbers are expected to continue to climb exponentially. Go here before it sells out!

Infrasound Music Festival Just Dropped The Lineup To A Bass Head's Wet Dream | Your EDM

Check out the recap video from last year’s event below!

Baauer Finally Releases Debut Album "Aa" [Listen Here] | Your EDM

Well folks, the time has finally come. During what has seemed like a veritable eternity, trap legend Baauer has kept the entire bass music community and beyond waiting with baited breath for any sign of his debut album, Aa. During the past few months, several of its most notable singles have been uploaded with nearly universal praise. “GoGo!,” Sow,” “Day Ones,” “Temple,” and “Kung Fu” had all already seen the light of day in some form before the album’s official release last week, most of them coming as a more laid back, hip hop/grime-oriented tracks that display Baauer’s production prowess in a new light. Now, with the release of the full album, fans are finally able to catch a glimpse of the work that Baauer has been putting in behind the scenes.

Aa is comprised of 13 tracks, nearly every one set in a wide and expansive sonic environment similar to those in Rustie’s 2015 work, EVENIFYOUDONTBELIEVE. Songs like “Body,” “Pinku” and “Good and Bad” draw much of their energy and setting from heavily filtered vocals that are transformed into distant-sounding whispers. These shimmering, far-off elements are only made more impactful when paired up with Baauer’s sharp and unconventional percussion throughout the work. The result is a completely unique aural space and underlying feeling that maintains itself during the length of the album.

One of the most important elements of Aa was the sheer number of collaborations that Baauer employed. Not only did half the songs feature one or two vocalists, but they were crafted completely around their contribution. For these tracks, Baauer’s role became far less about his straightforward production and more about how well he could support the vocals as a secondary component. This aspect, combined with the fact that most of the songs were less than three minutes in length, made the entire work feel slightly less like a true display of Baauer’s songwriting potential and more of a step outside of what he’s known for creating.

Despite the unfamiliarity, however, there’s no question that the album is an excellent achievement both in the evolution of Baauer’s style and the level of production itself. From the gentle, percussion-less tracks to the most sophisticated and heavy-handed, the album is a wholly satisfying listen – unless what you were hoping for was an hour and a half of nonstop festival trap.

Stream Aa in full below.

Terravita X Riot Ten – I'm On It [Buygore] | Your EDM

Terravita is switching things up a bit for their newest EP release, opting to put it out on Buygore rather than Firepower. However, though the label might be different this time around, make no mistake that the quality is just as on point as ever.

Partnering up with Riot Ten gives us “I’m On It.” With Jon Spero on vocals as always, the track blazes through a unique 145 bpm flurry of synths and drums.

“I’m On It” can be found on the Fallen EP out April 22, but you can get it for free right now.

Terravita is on tour in April, check out dates and ticket links here.

Your EDM Premiere: Datsik – Tantrum ft. Trinidad James [Firepower] | Your EDM

We have some good news and some great news for you this morning. First, the good news: Datsik has a new EP coming out tomorrow, and that’s f*cking awesome. The great news: you can listen to “Tantrum” from the EP right here, right now.

Featuring Trinidad James on the vocals, “Tantrum” is a straight throwback to the dubstep styles of Datsik in the 2010-2011 era, when Excision, Datsik and Bassnectar were basically the biggest dubstep artists in the US. It has that old school swagger, that wobble and rhythm that we really fell in love with.

As genres, and sound design in general, began to evolve with new sounds entering the audiosphere, dubstep went through various changes and modifications – the rise and fall of “riddim,” more intricate sound design, dubstep-adjacent styles like bass house, etc.

While Datsik eschews most of the innovations made in the past couple of years, the production on “Tantrum” still could not be stronger, even when he’s throwing the style back a couple years for just a minute or two.

Datsik’s Darkstar EP is available now to pre-order on iTunes, and you’ll get “Tantrum” as an immediate download!

Exchange Destroyed 'Executioner' Style With Andy C | Your EDM

I always reiterate with the most humbled and grateful intent that those in the Los Angeles drum and bass scene are consistently spoiled by the amount of international talent that makes our beloved home a primary tour stop. Just a few weeks ago, our favorite Southern California venue Exchange LA nearly became a demolition site for the plethora of double drops alongside a variety of indisputable bass lines carrying enough magnitude to level a small village. Who, might you ask, would be responsible for such mayhem? Well, if you’re a junglist like me… you’d place it almost immediately. We’re talking about The Executioner himself, Andy C, a name entirely at odds with the concept of limits. His skill set knows no bounds, and if you’ve ever witnessed the onslaught of his legendary DJ sets, you know exactly what I’m speaking so fondly of.

As I entered the venue, I caught the one known as DJ Nightstalker start the night off with his darker neurofunk bass lines. His variety on the decks was immediately noticeable, as he transitioned with quick switches and neck-snappers in such a way that I genuinely questioned whether or not the rest of the crowd would last through the rest of the night with such a rinse out set as this. I’ve seen Bassrush resident Chris Muniz several times, but this night specifically he was definitely on his game and more. Ranging from tunes on the deeper side of the spectrum such as Black Sun Empire, State Of Mind and Enei, he consistently reminded the crowd of exactly what sort of night they were in store for.

Next up, we beared collective witness to Fallen and his undeniable mastery behind four decks. Now, normally I’d begin by reviewing a bit of his track selection. Unfortunately, that proves to be a bit difficult when 80% of his set was exclusive dubplates that not even your favorite DJ has heard yet. If you’ve never seen this man perform, I’d highly recommend you catch his next set as it will leave you wondering for the weeks that follow when exactly that tune he double dropped so flawlessly will finally be previewed online. His superb mixing and impeccable taste in tune choice left the crowd in awe time and time again, and myself (amongst many others I’m sure) could not picture anyone else doing a better support job than him.

Whenever I feel myself in a situation similar to one before Andy C takes the stage, time tends to move entirely too fast. I lose track of the hours on my phone, I drown out any responsibilities or worries at hand and get lost in the music – as I consistently tend to do at Exchange LA. Before I knew it, the lights dimmed, the strobes intensified, and Armanni Reign began to announce the beginning of what we’d all been so impatiently awaiting. Chills and goosebumps began to spread through my pores like the sub bass that partnered his first track. With each transition, a new one had already begun. With constant switches and mixes beyond comparison, Andy proved once again why he is the one and only true Executioner. Rinsing tunes ranging from those pioneered from the ’90s that he so tirelessly promoted all the way to the the smashers that stand so tall at the forefront of the label he runs today, he showed no mercy to the venue and all of its inhabitants. Needless to say, myself and the rest of the sold out venue were all in the same state of blissful trance.

Let Jamie K "Move Ya" With A Mighty Remix [Blend It Records] | Your EDM

I always get this sort of unfiltered eagerness and anxiety whenever I hear that Jamie K is putting out a new tune. I never know what to expect, and with that he’s had yet to let me or my playlists down. I’m serious, this UK bred DJ/producer has the quality of a rising legend who is just getting the ball rolling with his, thunderous and intoxicating sound.

His latest venture flips the hot original from TomCole & Dantiez Saunderson, “Move Ya’, into a tech house banger. Every element resonates this certain elegance and cascades into a perfect syncopation of vocals, percussion and bass.

Listen below and buy a copy for yourself at Beatport!

'Glasgow Underground 2016' Is An Album You Need To Hear [Toolroom Records] | Your EDM

Pioneers. That’s what they are. There’s no question that Toolroom Records is influencing a new generation of dance music by signing and showcasing talent of some of today’s most seasoned artists. Their showcase of Glasgow artists has always been an amazing compilation of the talent coming out of that city, but in all honesty I admit this brand new edition of ‘Glasgow Underground 2016‘ is the best one yet.

The minute I pressed play, I knew this was going to be a treat. It’s a perfect selection of their favorite labels and producers right now as well as 8 exclusive new tracks from Glasgow Underground’s own artists. It also includes three essential mixes that transport the fascination and charm of the scene right to your speakers. I could write a novel about this album to sing it’s praises, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll point out a few stand out tunes, like “Espectaculo”. This is tune that needs to be at every pool party, from Las Vegas to Ibiza, as Tobi Kramer, Guille Placencia, and George Privatti all worked their magic into this glistening, seven minute gem. 

Andres Campo‘s “Grey” is a dark, yet beautiful masterpiece that is just the right amount of eeriness to keep you in its rhythm. Oliver Dollar‘s main mix to “Love Me Or Leave Me” offers an ominous fusion of soul and tech house with an enchanting rhythm that you can’t help but groove to.

Finally, our main man Rene Amesz came through with a mighty remix to Andy MacDougall’s “Shaman” that still holds my pick as the best track of the compilation.

‘Glasgow Underground 2016’ has proven to be nothing short of an excellent album, packed with 4o of the hottest tracks in the Glasgow scene, that may just have a few of your new favorite tracks too!

If anything, make sure to listen below and stream the album on Spotify!


KRNE – I'll Be Good (Original Mix)

After following a darker theme with his previous few releases, KRNE brings straight up good feeling with his latest single, “I’ll Be Good.” Set to arrive April 1, 2016 on A-Trak‘s imprint, Fool’s Gold, the track is part of the label’s recently announced compilation album, Night Shift, which will feature an eclectic spread of contributors from Ookay to Tommy Trash to Alvin Risk and Madeaux, to name a few. The complete track listing can be found here.

Setting the mood with a funky, carefree vinyl-style beat filled with tasty retro horns and vocal samples, KRNE soon brings his signature futurism. Driven by his flawlessly mixed bass and drums, soaring saw chords develop and expand the uplifting, joy-ride vibe that is, as one SoundCloud listener astutely commented, “Exactly how I wanted it to drop.”