Would You Eat At A Place That Charged White People Twice As Much As Minorities?

They say the only way to get White People to realize injustices is to hit them where it hurts — their pockets.

Obviously, Chef Tunde Wey New Orleans got them memo. Last month, Chef Wey opened his pop-up stall in the Louisiana’s Roux Carre venue and listed the price for the Nigerian food as $12. But when white people walk up to order, they were asked whether they want to pay $30.

According to Wey, the method behind the chef’s madness was that “It’s two-and-a half times more than the $12 meal, which reflects the income disparity” between whites and African-Americans in New Orleans. Statistics show that the median income for African-American households in New Orleans fell from $32,332 in 2000 to $27,812 in 2013 — while the median income for white households in the city remained roughly the same, $61,117 to $60,070.

So how did White customers react to the experiment? Wey says, “Some them are enthusiastic, some them are bamboozled a bit by it. But the majority white folks, nearly 80 percent, decided to pay.”

The ficial food stall, called Saartj, is a reference to a 19th-century black South African woman infamously advertised as a “freak show” in Europe. The irony.

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Aidonia & Govana Stay Fresh On The Golf Course In “Breeze”

While many hit the Golf course to score hole-in-ones, Jamaican Dancehall artists Aidonia and Govana perfect their game in designer threads in the music video for their blazing single, “Breeze“!

Directed by RD Studios, the duo step on the green in Gucci kicks, and turn up with the ladies and dancers like a 2018 version “Caddyshack“. They keep it laundry fresh for a single that has been a hot commodity since its release in December.

Mariah Carey-Ology: We React To Mimi’s Most Epic (And Shady) Quotes This Week

Mariah Carey graced the public spotlight again with a revealing interview for V magazine on Wedesday.

The singer is currently working with Roc Nation to conjure up new music, and Mimi briefly reflected on her process up to that point.

Since this is a Mariah Carey interview, it’s wonderfully filled with touches shade, call-outs and clarification on who Mariah Carey is…just in case folks didn’t know.


Ms. Carey reflected on everything from the Grammys, to Jay-Z, to gospel singer Kierra Sheard. Swipe through for our reaction to some the most hilarious and inspiring moments!

DeMar DeRozan, Kevin Love And Kelly Oubre Jr. Talk About Depression

Last week, DeMar DeRozan opened up about the steps he takes to maintain his mental health.

Earlier this week, Cavs big man Kevin Love responded to DeRozan’s article with one his own.

Now, Wizards young gun Kelly Oubre is joining the conversation.

“I’m really good at keeping a poker face,” Oubre Jr. told The Players’ Tribune. “Because when I was growing up my dad always told me ‘don’t let anybody see you weak.’ Nobody sees that I’m weak, but deep down inside I am going through a lot. Hell is turning over.”

He added: “I feel like people who are on the outside looking in don’t really understand because they see us as superheroes, but we’re normal people, man. We go through the issues that normal people go through times 10.”

Friday Facts: Watch This Vintage Video Of Dame Dash When You Feel You Need To Boss Up

Dame Dash may be wicked in his approach sometimes, but he ten makes sense when he talks.

Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, Dame was the go-to guy to get the wisdom from. He may have given it to you harsh, but his passion was part the delivery. Check out this vintage video the former Roc-A-Fella star schooling a young DJ Clue, Lenny S. and more about how to boss up, even in a group.

Happy Friday.



Ever Heard The 9-1-1 Call Nicole Brown Made When O.J. Broke Down Her Door? Listen Here…

Nicole Brown called 9-1-1 twice, reportedly on the night October 25, 1993. Above, you can hear Brown tell the dispatcher that O.J. Simpson broke down her door to get in. You also hear O.J. yelling in the background. When Nicole tries to tell The Juice that the kids are sleeping, you hear him scream, “You didn’t give a sh*t about the kids when you was sucking his d*ck in the living room! They were here! Did you care about the kids then?”

O.J.’s Fox Special The Lost Confession?, where he discussed how Brown’s murder might’ve went down if he did it, airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. EST.

Start Your Weekend With DJ Scribz’s Dancehall Mixtape!

We’ve made it through the mid-week, so the weekend is right around the corner! Why not start a party now?

Jamaica’s DJ Scribz wants to start a lituation with his “Cruise Control” Dancehall mixtape.

Featuring tracks from some Dancehall’s biggest stars, turn your home or fice into your private club, and let the music hit you in the right places.

If you’re loving DJ Scribz’s selections, check out his previous mixes here for even more fun.


Where My Girls At: 15 Girl Power Songs To Get Your #InternationalWomensDay Started

Today is International Women’s Day which means it’s time for the ladies to be more amped and empowered than ever. To get your day started, here are 15 Girl Power anthems that will set International Women’s Day f right!


Beyonce – “Run The World”

Hit the flip for more girl power anthems!

LOL: When Flexin’ For The ‘Gram Goes Wrong

Bow Wow got clowned for months because he decided to stunt for social media — but what about the non-celebs who get caught flexin’?

It’s all fun and games until ish gets real:

And when it comes to IG live — stay woke:

Hit the flip for more times when flexin’ for the ‘gram was a total fail.

Can You Blame Him? Rachel Dolezal’s Son Is Over His Mama’s Ethnic Antics

Rachel Dolezal is back at with her transracial foolery and Netflix is giving her the opportunity to share her story with the world — but don’t tell Mo’Nique.


Not only is no one really here for Rachel’s personal life, but even her own son is done with his mom’s transracial way living:

The Rachel Divide is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival before arriving on Netflix on April 27.


Will you be watching?

Go Awf! FedEx & UPS Battle It Out By Getting Crunk To The Ying Yang Twins

If there was ever any beef between the delivery companies FedEx and UPS, it’s now time to squash it once and for all.

Thanks to a squad dancers, including The Williams Family, we will determine who has the better moves. A battle the ages goes f in the clip below!


Who do you think won? FedEx? Or does UPS have the game on lock? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

#TBT: Here’s Why Kandi Burruss “Felt Like Crap” The Night Biggie Smalls Died

Remember when the Notorious B.I.G. dissed the ladies Xscape in his song “Just Playing (Dreams)”?

Well, he tried to apologize to Tiny, Kandi, LaTocha and Tamika on this day in 1997 at the infamous Vibe party that happened the night he died.

Tiny went over and heard what B.I.G. had to say, but Kandi was not here for it.

A little after midnight, that same night, the Notorious B.I.G. was murdered as he left the Vibe party. At least one out the four ladies got to hear him apologize in person.

Rest In Peace to the GOAT. Hit the flip to hear the track that started Biggie’s beef with Xscape.