Porter Robinson & Mat Zo Collaboration "Easy" Turns 3 Years Old Today | Your EDM

Do you remember the summer of 2013? Whether it was Zedd‘s meteoric rise into the mainstream with his ever-so-catchy “Clarity” or how Avicii shocked the scene with the folk-inspired tune “Wake Me Up,” 2013 was a year where many of electronic dance music’s talents began to shine with groundbreaking new music that have now become hallmarked as monumental tunes. One such song that fits this category just turned three-years-old and is one of the finest collaborations progressive house fans have ever had the pleasure of listening and dancing to.

Hot off their successes from “Language” and “The Sky,” Porter Robinson and Mat Zo (respectively) came together on a track that we all know and love as “Easy.” While on tour together, the two minds came together to work on an idea that Mat Zo had already been working on. This idea manifested in his debut album Damage Control as “EZ” and follows a entirely different direction from the version with Porter Robinson. The rest is history as that track became one of electronic dance music’s biggest anthems of 2013 and being played in countless shows years after its release.

Since the release of “Easy,” Porter Robinson went on to release his debut album Worlds and continues to play a special live version of “Easy” during his tours. Meanwhile, Mat Zo went on to form his own record label and just recently released his sophomore album Self Assemble.