Yuno Verse Gives Us A Glimpse Of His Highly Anticipated Project: Massimo’s Pigeon: WALLS OF WHITE

While we patiently wait for Massimo’s Pigeon, Yuno Verse has released “Walls Of White,” to give us a glimpse of what we’re about to experience.

Through his debut track, the talented artist gave our senses something exciting and mesmerizing blending chilled hip hop vibes with Paya’s breathtaking vocals, in a perfect musical creation. It all comes together as lyrics, melodies, vocals, and even visuals clash and become one allowing the soundscape to become a memorable one of a kind ride. Yuno’s journey has had a huge impact on this special track that just grabs you and pulls you into it in an instant. Close your eyes, let the music surround you and just allow Yuno’s dreams to inspire you to go after yours.


Watch Yuno’s story unfold in his latest release “Walls Of White”