Cardi B’s Former “Muscle” Busted For Selling Crack: Report

It appears one Cardi B’s “muscle” guys were busted for selling crack yesterday. PageSix reports that Brooklyn native Jeffrey Bush, who allegedly served as “muscle” for Cardi during her Queens strip club brawl last year, was arrested yesterday at his Williamsburg home for selling $12,000 worth crack cocaine. Police say they found a bag “believed to be crack” along with pills, pot, a scale, and nearly $15,000 in cash.

Bush pleaded not guilty at an arraignment Thursday afternoon in Brooklyn federal court and was held without bail with prosecutors arguing that his connection to Cardi B made him a “flight risk.”

“Based on the defendant’s prit from just the crack sales … as well as the celebrity connection with Cardi B], he has myriad means at his disposal to enable his flight,” a detention memo states.

It was last August when Bush & Cardi hurled bottles Champagne at two bartender sisters at Angels Strip Club in Queens, New York. One sisters was allegedly thought to be sleeping with Cardi’s husband Offset, so Cardi and her “muscle” took action. Reports say one the sisters had her head slammed into the bar. As a result, the hip-hop star and Bush have both pleaded not guilty to charges including attempted assault, harassment, conspiracy and criminal solicitation. The case is still pending though.

Bush is due back in court for this drug charge on Sept. 10th.

Nicki Minaj’s Homegirl Rah Ali Throws Mad Shade At Cardi B’s Best Friend

You all know about the feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj at this point. The two celebrated female emcees have been going at each other for much the last year, privately sending subliminal messages that some fans have been able to decode. While they both refuse to speak on the other in interviews, they appear to be doing a lot bickering behind the scenes. Nearly one full year has passed since a shoe was thrown at an NYFW party, resulting in Cardi B walking out with a knot on her forehead, and there are still headlines being written about it. Earlier this week, Star Brim, Bardi’s dancer friend, revealed to the world that she would have evened the odds if she were in the building when Rah Ali, Nicki’s sidekick, threw punches at her bud. Now, Rah is reportedly digging back with some words her own.

Her statement comes the all-knowing celebrity gossip website TMZ, who apparently got word that Rah Ali is not happy about what was said about her during Star’s debut podcast. On Keepin It Bute, Star said that she would have “spanked” Rah if she were present at the party. She also said the same about Nicki, but elaborated that her security is so strong that she’d probably never get through. Now, Rah Ali is coming through with her own message. 

According to TMZ, Rah Ali believes that by dragging her name through the mud, Star Brim thinks she can cash in on her fifteen minutes fame. She reportedly says that, instead worrying about the fight from last year, she should figure out how to make a career outside the strip club. Ouch.

Are you team Rah Ali (Nicki) or team Star Brim (Cardi)?

Evan Turner Suggests Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Conspiracy Theory

Popeyes debuted their brand new chicken sandwich this week and the fast food game hasn’t been the same since. In fact, the world may never be the same.

Ever since the Popeyes chicken sandwich burst on the scene, chicken connoisseurs have gone to great lengths to debate which fast food chain reigns supreme, with everyone from Chick-Fil-A to Shake Shack to Wendy’s jumping into the fray. The Popeyes hysteria has gotten so out hand that they are now struggling to keep up with the demand at a number locations across the country.

“Many our restaurants have seen a high demand for the sandwich, with guests excited to give it a try,” a rep for Popeyes said earlier this week. “A few restaurants have temporarily sold out the sandwich, and we are working to make sure they receive more as soon as possible.”

Not everyone is marching blindly into Popeyes’ great chicken sandwich phenomenon 2019, however. For instance, Atlanta Hawks veteran Evan Turner is staying all the way woke, suggesting that maybe this is all a grand scheme to distract Americans from some shady government business.

Turner tweeted the following on Thursday:

“A conspiracy theorist would try to argue that the “Popeyes chicken sandwich” phenomenon was created to distract us from something that the government is doing…I’m goin to stick with shake shack until things get sorted out”

Something tells me that conspiracy theory isn’t going to slow Popeyes momentum heading into the weekend.

#DXCLUSIVE: Brazilian Rap Phenom NIKO IS Links With Curren$y For "3rd World Money" Video

HipHopDX Premiere – Brazilian artist NIKO IS has recruited Curren$y for his “3rd World Money,” video, which was shot partly in Texas, New Orleans and Florida. Directed by Trapsolutely, the visual finds the two veteran MCs chillin’ and smoking spliffs as they swap potent verses.

“Open new doors to perception,” NIKO says to HipHopDX. “How much does it take to feel rich? How much does it take to feel safe? Third world money, recorded with love and peace. Survival of the chillest. Cheers. I hope you live a 100 years.”

#DXCLUSIVE: Brazilian Rap Phenom NIKO IS Links With Curren$y For "3rd World Money" Video


“3rd World Money” was produced by Thanks Joey and recorded partly in São Paulo, Brazil. It comes from NIKO’s latest project UNIKO, which boasts features from longtime collaborator Talib Kweli, Tego Calderon and, of course, Spitta Andretti, among others.

Watch the “3rd World Money” video up top and revisit the UNIKO album stream below.

Big Sean Shares Message On Pay Inequality For Black Women

If you’re unaware, yesterday was “Black Women’s Equal Pay Day,” which marks the occasion when black women finally earn as much as white men do in a single calendar year. Research shows that black women who are employed in full-time make 61 cents for every dollar that white, non-Hispanic men earn. Since we are nearly nine months into 2019, that means it’s taken black women nearly 20 months to earn what white men make in 12 months.

With that said, Detroit rapper Big Sean is trying to make a change and he’s doing so by spreading the message pay inequality for black woman on social media last night.

“August 22nd is Black Women’s equal Pay Day! a black Woman has to work 9 months more than a white man to make the same pay as them, that’s unacceptable, y’all deserve more! 🖤,” Sean captioned the post last night.

This comes just days after Sean made a generous donation $100,000 dollars for the boys & girls club Detroit. With that money, Sean will provide a full music studio for students in his community, making Sean on some “king shit” as Royce Da 5’9” says.

Check out Sean’s message about black women pay (below) and sound f in the comments.

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Jordan Brand will be releasing multiple “FIBA” Air Jordans in the coming weeks in celebration the 2019 Basketball World Cup, including an exclusive Air Jordan 12.

The kicks, priced at $190, will make their retail debut today, August 23, starting at 10am ET. The FIBA 12s will also be available in grade-school ($140), pre-school ($80) and toddler ($60) sizes.

Check out the early purchase links in the tweets embedded below.

As seen in the newly unveiled photos, the FIBA 12s will come in a white tumbled leather supported by gold accents and university red detailing about the inner lining, heel and branding on the tongue. Additionally, the flags the countries competing in the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup can be spotted on the 12’s mudguard if you look closely, while Chinese symbols run down the heel tab.

The 2019 FIBA World Cup, taking place in China, is scheduled to tip f on August 31, with the championship game taking place on September 15. Continue scrolling for additional images the FIBA 12s.

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Royce Da 5’9" Calls Out Lord Jamar & DJ Vlad Over Eminem Disrespect

By now, you’re likely aware Lord Jamar and DJ’s Vlad recent batch interviews, in which Eminem appeared to be the primary topic discussion. It’s no secret that neither men seem to hold Eminem in high esteem, or even mild esteem for that matter. Yet the conversation always tends to shift back to Slim, especially when both men sit across from one another. Now, in response to all the blatant disrespect, Royce Da 5’9″ has taken to Instagram to address Jamar and Vlad directly. 

“If people knew how much money he made f this shit they’d probably look at it different,” says Royce, at the onset a livestream. “Especially Lord Jamar. You a legend in the game, you part a legendary group. You going and sitting in this man’s couch, sitting in this man’s chair, and you running up these views cause you got so much controversial shit to say about one fuckin’ person. Vlad] walks away with the cheque and you walk away craving attention. I don’t even like seeing n***as in that space. I don’t like seeing you in that space brutha.” 

“Talking about Em like ‘real n***as don’t listen to his music,'” explains Royce. “First all, you not the measuring stick who’s real, who’s cool. I don’t know what you think about us over here, or you think about me. I understand you said you respect 50, but the other n***as know who I don’t respect. I don’t care about none that shit. You don’t have to respect me just don’t disrespect me. I don’t want no problems with nobody and I don’t want to have to fuck nobody up.” 

Royce Da 5'9" Calls Out Lord Jamar & DJ Vlad Over Eminem Disrespect

“You’re not cool to me, you’re not tough to me, you’re not the measuring stick what street n***as listen to,” says Royce. “I don’t look at you like no type street n***a. I look at you the same way you look at Marshall. You say he talk about a bunch shit he don’t do? I feel like you rapped about a bunch shit you never did, and you still ain’t doing. What’s really the difference?”

He also takes a moment to address Griselda, the Buffalo-based crew Eminem just inked a Shady Records distribution deal; you may recall that Conway was recently the subject a controversial VladTV interview. “Those are my n***as, so if I go on your show and do an interview with you and I know that you don’t fuck with Griselda, I’m not seeing your side,” continues Royce. “You keep bringing my name up on the show like ‘Royce would never come on the show and say anything bad about Marshall.’ You goddamn right. I wouldn’t say anything bad on your show about any my friends.”

After explaining that cultural unity can never be achieved amidst such a divisive discourse, he invites both men to cover a different conversation topic altogether. “We respect what you do,” says Royce. “I respect Lord Jamar and what he stood for in the culture…I wish you nothing but the best bro. But your opinion don’t mean nothing. You can not like shit from here to across the street, we don’t fucking care, neither does anybody else bro. I hate to put it to you like that, cause I don’t mean no disrespect. But you really have a false sense what’s really going on out here in the world. You really think you can speak for real street n***as and real cool n***as? You are not cool! What have you done cool?”

“Please tell me one line you have said in your career that qualifies you to critique a top tier lyricist?” he continues. “I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like his music, the motherfucker is in everybody top 5. You don’t get there just by being a white rapper.” He addresses that doubters will likely brush his words f as biased, despite the fact that he’s approaching it strictly from a lyricist’s perspective. “There’s a small community motherfuckers that went to the hip-hop shop before we got on,” he explains. “We was the backpack n***as. All use, we listened to Em’s album. Everybody in the hood was listening to Em’s album, that was into lyrics.” 

“Every real n***a ain’t street and every street n***a ain’t real,” he says. “Every n***a in the hood ain’t a street n**a that only want to listen to Jeezy. Every n***a that sit his broke ass on DJ Vlad couch don’t qualify to speak for real n***as. Ya’ll n***as ain’t fuckin’ cool man, ya’ll goy as fuck!” 

Be sure to check out the full video below – there are plenty gems to be found, shared by a true legend in the game. Clearly, Bad Meets Evil ties run deep, and we can only hope the pair link up for a new album before long. Respect to Royce for keeping it real, as expected.  

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Dolphins Coach Plays Jay-Z Songs At Practice To ’Challenge’ WR Kenny Stills

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills is among those who have criticized Jay-Z in the wake his partnership with the NFL. Earlier this week, Stills questioned comments Jay-Z made during the partnership’s introductory news conference, and said he wished the hip-hop mogul would have reached out to him, or Colin Kaepernick, beforehand. 

Just one day after Stills stated his opinion, Dolphins head coach Brian Flores decided to play a series Jay-Z songs throughout practice in an effort to “challenge” the veteran wideout. On Thursday, following the team’s 22-7 victory over the Jaguars, Flores explained his reason for doing so.

“It was a challenge to Kenny to perform regardless whatever is going on outside,” Flores said playing the Jay-Z songs, per ESPN. “I would say, and I said this to him, he hasn’t performed up to that level over the course training camp, or as I’ve seen. So that was the challenge — to get open, catch the football and make plays for this team, regardless what’s going on outside this building.”

According to ESPN, Flores addressed the team after the media picked up the story, and told the players that he supports Stills and the protest.

Says Stills:

“We talked about it in-house and he handled it in-house.

For the most part, I think it was him seeing if I could handle if people were going to heckle me or play Jay-Z in another stadium if I could be mentally strong enough to handle that sort treatment. I’ve been dealing with this since 2016 — music, boos, racial slurs. So I don’t think a little Jay-Z music is going to ruffle my feathers that bad.”

The Dolphins will kickf the 2019 regular season with back-to-back home games, starting with the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, September 8, followed by a matchup with the division rival New England Patriots in Week 2.

Wendy Williams Cancels 4 More Tour Stops; Atlanta Stadium Issues Statement

Wendy Williams For the Record…Umm Hmm! tour has completely tanked since she’s now cancelled four tour stops. She first rescheduled some shows at the top the month and was seen partying until early hours in the morning instead. Two weeks later her New Jersey tour stops were cancelled due to “conflicting schedules” and now another set shows in Atlanta are f the docket. 

Wendy Williams Cancels 4 More Tour Stops; Atlanta Stadium Issues Statement
Robin Marchant/Getty s

Page Six reports that both Atlanta shows were set to take place at the city’s Symphony Hall on September 6th and 7th. The venue has provided a statement on their reason for the cancellation detailing how the “purpose the tour has been sidelined” by the numerous headlines. 

“We always want to be able to give the fans the best show ever. With that said, the same excitement, intensity and headlines that fueled Wendy Williams and Friends presents For The Record Umm Hmmm Comedy Tour has also fueled the cancellation the scheduled show,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, the goal and purpose the tour has been sidelined by the headlines. The show may be canceled, but Wendy’s commitment and love for all the fans that support her and continue to support her never will. It is our utmost goal to return to the marketplace in the future. Ticket holders can receive refunds at the point purchase.”

We can only hope Wendy picks things up and her shows start bringing in the crowds she’s used to so no more cancellations are announced. 

TIDAL Threatens to Sue the Entire Country of Norway – Digital Music News

Once again, Jay-Z has found himself embroiled in controversy, at least indirectly.

Though, unlike the one with the NFL, this one could have international ramifications.

Tidal, the music streaming platform part-owned by the famed entertainer, is now threatening legal action against the government of Norway.  Officials in the country have been investigating whether the company had manipulated listening statistics for a pair of albums that Tidal held exclusive rights over.

The albums in question are Beyonce’s Lemonade and Kanye West’s Life Of Pablo, and the issue relates to the way the platform calculates royalty payments.  If Tidal did in fact manipulate how many times the two albums were streamed on the platform, it would adversely affect royalties for other artists on the platform.

That’s flat-out fraud, and hence the Norwegian investigation.

Incidentally, Tidal was actually founded in Norway.  In 2015, Jay-Z bought the company and changed the name.  Three years later, Dagens Næringsliv, which is a Norwegian business newspaper, first made the allegation of widespread manipulation. Then, Tono, which is the copyright collection society in Norway, requested that the government investigate the matter.

All of this eventually led Okokrim, which is Norway’s economic crime unit, to officially launch an investigation.

Making the case even more interesting is the fact that it is Tidal’s office in Poland that is threatening legal action over the investigation.  The Polish unit insists that, because Okokrim’s investigation is not sufficiently justified and excessively aggressive, it violates an investment treaty that Norway and Poland have signed.

Tidal Poland says that it is willing to meet with representatives of the Norwegian government to try to settle the matter.  But if the matter is not resolved within 6 months, the case will be referred to an ad hoc international arbitration tribunal as well as to Norwegian courts, as specified in the treaty that the two countries signed.

How this will all end no one knows, but some are wondering if Jay-Z might find himself asking for help from President Trump. After all, if Jay-Z can form a partnership with the once-hated NFL, anything is possible.  And who knows: perhaps there’s a role for Greenland in all of this.

Latest Music Industry Gigs: AXS, Kobalt, Dualtone, Napalm, Beatsource

Here’s a recap of recent executive shuffles — including both hirings, in-house promotions, and exits — from across the music industry.

If you have a job listing to share, we’re all ears. Send us a note to 

If you’d like to post a job on our Job Board, just send us a request to 

AXS—Shaun Eidson and Stephanie Streeter

AXS has added two former Eventbrite executives to its sales team. Shaun Eidson will serve as AXS’s Vice President of Sales for Music, and Stephanie Streeter will become Senior Director of Sales for Music.

Kobalt—Ann Tausis

Ann Tausis has been promoted to Kobalt Music Group’s CEO of Neighboring Rights. Tausis has worked for the London-based organization since 2013.

Warner Records—Claudia Butzky

Claudia Butzky has been named Senior Vice President of Brand Partnerships, Strategic Marketing & Commercial Sync Licensing. Butzky previously held an executive position at RCA Records.

Dualtone—Lori Kampa, Whitaker Elledge, and Joey Luscinski

Entertainment One’s Dualtone has promoted three of its employees to vice-presidential positions.

Lori Kampa will now serve as Senior Vice President of Radio Promotion. Kampa has been part of the Dualtone team for 15 years.

Whitaker Elledge will assume the role of Vice President of Artist Development. Elledge previously served as Senior Director of Artist Development.

Joey Luscinski has been tapped as Vice President of Production, having previously served as Senior Director of Production.

Napalm Records—Bram Teitelman and Natalie Camillo

Napalm Records, an Austrian record label, is continuing to establish a presence in North America.

Bram Teitelman has been hired as Marketing Manager, and Natalie Camillo will serve as Public Relations Manager. These employees will be based out of Napalm’s new office in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Beatsource—Alain Macklovitch

Alain Macklovitch, known professionally as A-Trak, has joined Beatsource’s Board of Managers. A-Trak is an award-winning disc jockey, and Beatsource is a digital-service platform for open-format DJs.

Audoo—Chris Herbert and Rick Riccobono

Chris Herbert and Rick Riccobono have joined Audoo’s Advisory Board. Audoo is a London-based music-technology startup that aims to facilitate the payment of royalties by monitoring the songs that are played in commercial settings.

StubHub—Dan Jones

StubHub has hired Dan Jones to serve as Vice President of International. Jones was formerly Senior Vice President of Ancestry.

Columbia Records—Azim Rashid

Azim Rashid has accepted the role of Senior Vice President and Head of Urban Promotion at Columbia Records. Rashid most recently worked for Roc Nation, and he has experience with companies including the Alternative Distribution Alliance and Universal Music Group.

Stem—Mike Vaughan

Stem, a music distribution and label services platform, has added Mike Vaughan to its Board of Directors. Between 2011 and the start of 2019, Vaughan was Venmo’s COO.

RCA Records—Tarek Al-Hamdouni

Tarek Al-Hamdouni has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing, RCA Records. Al-Hamdouini will continue to oversee RCA’s digital-marketing initiatives.

Paragon Media Strategies—Zach Gilltrap

Zach Gilltrap, an Audio Imaging Producer with 20 years of industry experience, has been hired by Paragon. Gilltrap will continue to work as a Producer for Colorado Public Radio while serving Paragon on a part-time basis.

Nicole Murphy Returns With Sexy Instagram Share After Antoine Fuqua Scandal

Nicole Murphy landed in some controversy last month when she was spotted making out with director Antoine Fuqua who was very much still married to actress Lela Rochon. At first, Nicole stated how they were just “family friends” but after realizing that Antoine was by no means single, the 51-year-old issued an apology. 

“Without going into the entire situation, I want to apologize to my family, and to Lela and the Fuqua family for what transpired,” she said. “It was not my intention to be in this situation. I do not condone women kissing or interacting in anyway inappropriately with a married man. I too was once married and I would never intentionally undermine another woman, despite what has been written.”

Now just a few weeks since the incident, Nicole is back to regular scheduled programming on her Instagram feed since sharing a sexy image her posing during a workout. Unfortunately, the share has sparked a string troll worthy comments. “You back please don’t kiss my hubby oooooooo,” one user commented, while another added: “Stay away from married men pls.”

After Nicole was put on blast for her kissing moves, other acts came forward to accuse her doing the same thing with other married men in the past.

Lil Uzi Vert Agrees To Pay College Student’s $90K Tuition Under Certain Conditions

One college student may have just gotten his big break provided by none other than Lil Uzi Vert. The rapper recently shared that he has been enduring a rough time as his grandmother, the woman who raised him, has been ill in the hospital for months now. He expressed that while he’s been flexing his wealth on social media lately, internally, he’s struggling quite a bit.

Uzi knows the pressure being stressed, so when a college student half-jokingly, half-seriously asked for the rapper to pay his tuition, Uzi was ready to make it happen. “Can you pay for my college tuition?” the man yelled to Uzi as the rapper walked by with his entourage. Surprisingly, Uzi turns around and asks, “How much is your college tuition?” The man tells him he’s a student at Temple University and it costs $90K. “I could pay for that,” Uzi says, tentatively. “But, this is the thing, though. If I pay for your college tuition, are you gonna finish college or are you gonna bullsh*t?”

“Nah,” the guy replied. “One hundred percent, I don’t bullsh*t. I’ll finish.” Uzi wanted to know what his Instagram name was and the man told him. “Make sure you show me all your transcripts. Everything. Show me all your papers and everything and you can get $90,000 from me…if you don’t show me, you won’t get $90 grand. You gotta show me pro.”

The college student promised he would send Uzi all the information he requested. Hopefully, he doesn’t miss out on this opportunity and follows through with Uzi.

Powers Pleasant Drops "Life Is Beautiful" EP Featuring Joey Bada$$, G Perico & More

Pro Era DJ/producer Powers Pleasant has stepped into the foreground with his debut EP Life Is Beautiful. Powers first told HipHopDX about the eight-track entry during a Joey Bada$$ show in Denver last year and now, it’s finally come to fruition.

Boasting features from Joey, G Perico, Buddy, A$AP Ferg, IDK, Denzel Curry and The Underachievers, among others, the project is a wild rollercoaster ride of West Coast gangsta rap, East Coast boom bap and raw, in-your-face anthems.

As for the title Life Is Beautiful, Powers chose it very carefully.

“It’s a reminder to stay positive and to see the best in everything and not get brought down by things that might not be positive,” Powers tells DX. “It’s about keeping your eyes on the prize through the sun and the rain.

“‘Life is a beautiful’ is a common thing I used to say a lot. People would think I was saying it for everyone else, but a lot of time I was saying it to myself, to see the beauty in everything. There’s definitely been some challenges and some ups and downs, but me saying that consistently and doing that got me through it.”

Combined with the cover art — which was inspired by Malcolm Browne’s iconic photo of a self-immolating monk — the project is a well-thought-out juxtaposition of the positives and negatives of life.

“That’s me in the photo actually,” he says. “That’s funny. Nobody really notices. That [photo] was the inspiration for the cover, and I think I’m kind of a pyro so I think fire is cool. The monk, positivity and protest — it’s a lot of different things in one. Then there’s the skull in the background and it’s kind of distorted.”

The album’s lead single, “Can’t Fucc Wit It” featuring G Perico and Buddy, recently got the video treatment and the song itself is a clear standout. Powers says he made the beat in one night.

“I was at a session with G Perico and it was my first time working with him,” he explains. “I’m from New York, but he came through like super L.A. with the Jheri curls dripping and a shower cap on. He’s like 100 percent himself.

“So, he came in and I think I was playing some beats. It was cool and he rapped over one beat. It was dope, but I was like, ‘Nah, I gotta to give him some real crazy West Coast shit.’ I just fed off the energy of his vibe and I made that shit in one night.”

Powers, who just signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV, has his eyes firmly set on the future.

But for now, check out the Life Is Beautiful album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Powers Pleasant Drops "Life Is Beautiful" EP Featuring Joey Bada$$, G Perico & More

  1. Sway’s Intro
  2. Vintage Chanel f. Joey Bada$$ & Kirk Knight
  3. Please Forgive f. Denzel Curry, IDK & Zillakami
  4. Can’t Fucc Wit It f. G Perico & Buddy
  5. Pull Up f. Joey Bada$$ & A$AP Ferg
  6. Hit My Line f. Jay Critch, Joey Bada$$ & AKTHESAVIOR
  7. Purified f. Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly & Aaron Rose
  8. Pull Up f. The Underachievers & Joey Bada$$ (Beast Coast Remix)

Jidenna Delivers "85 To Africa" LP

Jidenna has dropped a new album titled 85 To Africa. The “Classic Man” creator’s latest work is the follow-up to 2017’s Boomerang EP and his first studio LP since The Chief, which was released that same year.

The Epic Records artist’s sophomore album features 11 songs. Guests include GoldLink, Fela Kuti’s son Seun Kuti, Mereba, St. Beauty and Mr. Eazi.

View Jidenna’s 85 To Africa stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Jidenna Delivers "85 To Africa" LP

1. Worth The Weight f. Seun Kuti
2. 85 To Africa
3. Babouche f. GoldLink
4. Tribe
5. Sou Sou
6. Zodi f. Mr. Eazi
7. Sufi Woman
8. Vaporiza
9. Pretty & Afraid
10. Jungle Fever
11. The Other Half f. St. Beauty & Mereba