Question Of The Day: Where Does Cereal Go In Your Kitchen?

Some things are so routine and lackluster that you don’t even think about how you’re doing it —  until you realize that others do it differently than you.

One question for example that recently started a debate on Twitter was:

You may be surprised to learn that all folks aren’t the same.


Where does your cereal go? Hit the flip see the random places other people keep their cereal.

Rapper Chris Classic Puts H&M On Blast With New Track ‘Coolest Monkey In The Jungle’

Rapper Chris Classic has a lot to say when it comes to current events.

When the H&M controversy first hit the Black kid wearing a “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” hoodie, Chris was one the first to respond. He re-edited the ad campaign to change the monkey title to a king title. Check it out below.

Now Chris has more to say with his new track “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle.” Not only does he take on H&M, but he tackles the growing discussion on sexual assault, as well as his feelings about current rappers. Watch Chris spit politics below!

Chris has already spent time in the game and it seems like celebs like Tyrese have already been fans. The actor even went out his way to post about Chris on Instagram.


If you’re feeling Chris’ track, be sure to support and watch out for his next big project!






Listen To Adrian Daniel’s Intoxicating New Single ‘Deadly Attraction’

Brooklyn singer Adrian Daniel is back with another banger—and ladies, you’re going to love this one.

His new single “Deadly Attraction” will leave you fixated right out the gate. “My baby got eyes that’ll make your Christ unable to see,” Adrian begins, flexing his vocals over Jay Wright production. “My baby got a walk that’ll make the devil drop to his knees.”

Per usual, the alternative R&B rising star has us hooked. Get into his new single below and stay tuned for his FLAWD album, due March 2nd.

Adrian Daniel Upcoming Tour Dates:

Feb 22 – Hoxton’s – London, UK

Feb 24 – 1999 Club – Paris, FR

Mar 7 – World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA

Mar 8 – Songbyrd – Washington DC

Mar 10 – Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY

Mar 12 – Middle East – Boston , MA

Mar 13-18 – SXSW (ficial showcases TBA)

Soulja Boy Sued For Using Unauthorized Footage Of His Chauffeur In Music Video

It looks like Soulja Boy is the latest victim in a new lawsuit. According to The Blast, the SODMG rapper is being sued by a Las Vegas chauffeur who was filmed & put into the rapper’s music video without his consent.

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According to court documents, which The Blast were able to obtain, Kamilah Daily claimed that Soulja Boy hired the transportation company back in February 2017. Daily was to be the chauffeur for Soulja, his director, and manager around Las Vegas, which he did. However during the ride, Soulja Boy’s crew decided to whip out the video camera and start filming. While it didn’t look to be a big deal at the time, Daily later found out that Soulja Boy used the footage without his consent in his music video for the song “Bling” (see below around the :50 second mark).

Daily is now suing Soulja Boy for unspecified damages for the headache it caused him at work, and for the substantial distress and mental anguish it caused. He also sought an injunction against Soulja from continuing to distribute the footage.

Daily told the media publication, “I am a private person, so I have kept quiet about this whole legal matter with Soulja Boy. This video has circulated throughout social media outlets and was requested to be taken down. The video originally was taken down f one his YouTube accounts but keeps being reposted over and over again. I have driven A-list celebrities and their families and I never had to go through anything like this with them or had problems.”

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We’ll continue to keep you posted on this on-going case as more details unfold. Check out Daily’s “cameo” (if you can even call it that) around the :50 second mark below and let us know what you think.