This Tumbling Gymnast Is The Epitome Of Black Girl Magic


19-year-old Angel Rice is taking over the internet once again. In 2015, the young teen set a Guinness world record for the most double full twists performed in one minute. Videos her tumbling skills have gone viral in the past but her latest video is one for the win.

Rice has been tumbling since a young age. She’s also performed with All-Star Cheerleading as a power tumbler. She is the epitome black girl magic!

Stream ’90s Sitcom ‘Living Single’ On Hulu This Thursday

Hulu is taking #ThrowbackThursday to new levels this week. On January 11, subscribers to the video on demand service can stream the entire Living Single catalogue, per the announcement up top.

Living Single takes us back to Brooklyn, N.Y. in the ’90s as Khadijah James (played by Queen Latifah), Regine Hunter (played by Kim Fields), and more navigate the single life.

We’ll be tuning in. How ’bout you?

This Ode To Old School Music Is How We’re Bringing In Our Hump Day

Jay Versace is an old soul that is so beyond his years that even Earth Wind and Fire commented on his latest viral dance video that actually features their song “You Can’t Hide Love.”

Jay isn’t the only making the super old school cool again. Hit the flip to see the perfect response to give when your elders assume that you “don’t know nothing ’bout this.”

Some People Want To Eat Tide Pods And Now They Can

Oddly, there are people on the internet who desire to eat Tide Pods, despite the company warning that the miniature balls detergent are highly toxic and should not be ingested.  It’s turned into such a phenomenon that someone has gone as far as to come up with a recipe for edible pods. The recipe includes gelatin, soda, and condensed milk mixed in a pod made parchment paper. While the creator this edible Tide Pod hasn’t actually tested the recipe himself, he encourages others to give it a try.

If you dare, you can read the full recipe HERE.

Don’t believe that wanting to eat Tide Pods is a real “thing”? Hit the flip for pro.

Cardi B Reveals The Most Annoying Thing Offset Does

The past year has been highly eventful for Cardi B to say the least. She’s broke records, she’s made a lot money and got engaged to Offset. Since the engagement, the two became hip hop’s “it couple” with many major media outlets trying to bank in on their wedding. While both her and Offset have yet to publicly speak on any details the wedding, Cardi B recently spoke on the one pet peeve she has with her future husband.

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Cardi B sat down with Beats 1 host Julie Adenuga where they spoke on many topics including fashion, her upcoming album and more. Of course, Julie had to ask Cardi B about her relationship with Offset. During the interview, Cardi was asked about the most annoying thing he does when they’re at home. While you may think it could be leaving the seat up or something along that lines, Cardi’s response proves just how money oriented she is.

“When he buys food and he don’t eat it,” she said, “I’m a person that sees… the spending.”

Afterwards, Adenuga asked Cardi if she has any idea what their wedding song will be. While she admits that she has no clue what he’ll pick, her choice is a toss up between two iconic 80’s R&B stars.

“I’m not going to say it because I’m not gonna sound sensitive,” she said before Julie pressed her for a hint, “It’s between Al B. Sure and Grace Jones.”

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Throughout the interview, Cardi gives insight to her relationship with her family, her orange Bentley and much more. Watch the full interview below.