A$AP Rocky & Juicy J Are Taking It Back To 94'

The nineties nostalgia wave continues like a Fox Kids binge. While many recognize the early nineties years as one hip-hop’s glorious eras, many today’s talents have looked back to projects like Illmatic, The Chronic, Doggystyle, Enter The Wu-Tang, and Life After Death for inspiration. That’s not to say that rappers today aren’t putting out quality material; there simply lacks a certain sonic aesthetic driven by a zeitgeist long gone. However, there are those intent on recreating the iconic vibe, the legendary Juicy J among them. After all, his collective Three 6 Mafia burst onto the scene in 1994, so memories the early-game grind aren’t exactly lost on him.

For his endeavours, Juicy has tapped A$AP Rocky, who seems unhinged to linear timelines; the man seems to have one toe in past waters, while the other makes ripples in the future. In any case, Rocky and Juicy J have linked up to revisit 1994, and perhaps stop by the Ace Ventura Pet Detective premiere mid-voyage. While we’re not sure if this collaboration is meant for Juicy or Rocky, we’re merely glad it exists at all. As somebody who enjoyed the experimental stylings  Testing, more Rocky is surely a welcome notion.

Shout out to Juicy J for this one.

Donald Trump Endangers The U.S.'s 2026 World Cup Bid

U.S. soccer fans who were hoping for a “slight return,” will have to have wait and see if their President’s words were in violation a strict FIFA code. The U.S. Soccer Federation has been campaigning with Mexico and Canada on a joint North American bid for the hosting privileges the 2026 World Cup. Decisions the like are ten made several years, to incur the costs preparation. 

In tweeting his support the bid, Donald Trump may have committed illegal tampering. FIFA rules prohibit “any undue influence on the outcome,” for their decision making process. The irony is that a cleaning house never occurred after FIFA broke their own mandates in 2015. The FIFA Corruption Scandal uncovered several accepted bribes from high ranking ficials, one which counted towards the 2010 South Africa bid to the tune $10 million.

FIFA issued a statement pointing to the general rule book, in response to Trump’s public endorsement: “As a general rule, we cannot comment on specific statements in connection with the bidding process.”

“We can only refer to the FIFA Regulations for the selection the venue for the final competition the 2026 FIFA World Cup, and in particular to the Bid Rules Conduct incorporated therein.” Their statement does not necessarily read as a denunciation, but if the proposed bid falls through, we’ll know where to point. Thank you Mr. President.