50 Cent Has A Villainous Laugh At Jay Bling Over Post-Brawl Footage

Few things in life are inevitable. Death, taxes, and the gleeful gallows humor  a villainous 50 Cent. Should anything even remotely flagrant transpire under his watchful Sauron-esque gaze, 50 wastes little time in fering up his signature brand commentary. Naturally, when a report surfaced that T.I. and Floyd Mayweather were involved in an altercation sorts, with Floyd’s DJ Jay Bling having taken a few lumps as a result, 50’s take was right around the corner.

50 Cent Has A Villainous Laugh At Jay Bling Over Post-Brawl Footage

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Following the release a post-brawl video, which finds Jay Bling leaving the restaurant with his shirt in literal tatters, 50 took to Instagram to fer up a few thoughts. Given his own sordid history with Floyd Mayweather, it’s likely 50 feels that Jay Bling’s misfortune is transferrable unto his big boss, if only by association. Did you expect a sympathetic take from the man who willingly calls himself Fty? Think again.

“Hahahahahahaha Fool be running his mouth like he think he Floyd, then gotta be in the club,” writes 50. “Smh my man you gotta mind your business. @jaybling look like they whooped you out your clothes.LOL.” Strangely enough, Fif paints a what-if scenario sorts – what might have happened if Floyd were indeed the recipient the attack? Check out Fif’s commentary below.

Mary J. Blige Says Cardi B “Deserved That Sh*t" After Polarizing Album Of The Year Victory

Cardi B kicked f the BET Awards last night with a performance alongside Offset; however, this wasn’t her only appearance. Some fans were left upset after Cardi was awarded Album the Year at the BET Awards for her latest project, Invasion Privacy. Cardi was able to beat out Ella Mai, Meek Mill, The Carters and Travis Scott. Many took to Twitter to express their concern over the results.

TMZ caught up with Mary J. Blige after the show who expressed her support for Cardi, saying she “deserved that s***… God bless Cardi, She’s amazing.” Blige also played a major role in the awards ceremony, receiving the lifetime achievement and, like Cardi, performing several her most popular songs. Lil Kim and Method Man joined her on stage to perform their respective verses in the hits. In fact, the usually steely 50 Cent even fered up some praise to the legendary singer, praising her for leaving the stage in ruin

You can find a complete list nominees and winners here

Watch The Game Freestyle Over ‘Old Town Road’

Hot off the release of his new single “West Side,” The Game unleashed a fiery freestyle.

During his visit to the L.A. Leakers on Power 106, the Compton rapper came through like a hurricane, kicking off the 10-minute session with Tupac’s “Can’t C Me.” “Tell Kendrick I passed the torch and I meant it,” he raps. “Your top 10 no match for my top 5 / All you ni**as is lucky / Will Smith after Pac died.”

The “Bad Boy in a Death Row shirt” continued over Royce Da 5’9″‘s “Boom,” where he name checked Lil Wayne, Lil’ Kim, and Lil Pump. Next up was Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm,” where he put the Grammys on blast (“Took my little horn and gave that motherfu**er to Missy”) and shouted out Rihanna.

With the 1942 in his system, a drunk Game then went brazy with a freestyle over YG’s “Go Loko,” followed by Mustard’s “Pure Water,” where he shouted out his former G-Unit affiliate 50 Cent (“Shout out to 50 / I owe that ni**a money and he f**k with me”).

After Young Thug’s “The London,” the West Coast veteran capped it off with Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” “Dre signed a ni**a / I was fresh out of Compton / He ain’t been back in 10 years till I brought him,” he raps.

Game is now gearing up to release his final album Born 2 Rap and recently dropped his new single “West Side.”

Adrien Broner Ready To Fight 50 Cent Over Alleged Debt

As 50 Cent continues badgering people for their alleged debts, there’s one person who evidently refuses to bow down to Fiddy’s demands — Adrien Broner. 

After Broner accused Fiddy of blocking him on social media earlier this week, 50 claimed he owed him money.

The light welterweight boxer then hopped back on Instagram and scoffed at 50’s directive to “have something for me by Monday.”

“50 Cent I’m throwing another 20,000 tonight nigga and I ain’t giving you shit on Monday,” he posted along with a middle finger emoji.

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50 quickly replied, “Fuck you AB, we still mad about that money you made us lose on ya fight. Yeah I blocked your ass because you fucking up the money.”

He also said in the comment section, “Have Something for Me by Monday.”

Broner fired back and said he’s ready to square up with the tough-talking Power exc.

“Fuck you too @50cent and we can fight to solve our differences,” he wrote. He added, “I ain’t got shit for you @50Cent.”

Check out Broner’s posts below.

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Tupac Shakur Estate, Tom Petty Estate, Soundgarden & More Suing UMG Over 2008 Fire

Los Angeles, CA – The bombshell New York Times Magazine article published last week about the devastating Universal Studios Hollywood fire 11 years ago has reportedly sparked a lawsuit.

According to Rolling Stone, the Tupac Shakur Estate, Soundgarden, Tom Petty’s ex-wife Jane, Hole and Steve Earle have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a class against Universal Music Group. They are seeking damages related to the 2008 blaze.

The suit accuses UMG of negligence, as well keeping the extent of the damage concealed from the artists affected by the fire while “simultaneously pursuing litigation and insurance claims to recoup losses.”

The suit insists UMG accepted settlement proceeds and insurance claims valued at $150 million. Now, the class wants damages worth half that as well as any additional losses.

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Although the fire was covered extensively at the time it occurred, the sordid details weren’t revealed until the NYT ran its story. The article claims 500,000 song titles were destroyed, including master tapes and unreleased material from Tupac Shakur, Eminem, 50 Cent, Louis Armstrong, The Roots, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Chuck Berry, Elton John, Nirvana, and Janet Jackson.

The suit argues all potential members of the class “have an expectation that under their recording agreements with UMG there will be a 50/50 sharing of revenues derived from” the use and release of their work. It also claims UMG “violated good faith and fair dealing in all those contracts by allegedly failing to take reasonable measures to preserve and maintain those recordings.”

Furthermore, it states UMG issued a “systemic and fraudulent scheme of misrepresentation and misdirection” in the aftermath. It includes quotes UMG gave to media outlets such as “We only lost a small number of tapes and other material by obscure artists from the 1940s and Fifties.”

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In the wake of the damning NYT story, UMG denied the severity of the incident. But, UMG CEO Lucian Grainge fired off a letter to his employees earlier this week imploring them to be as “transparent” as possible.

“We owe them answers,” he wrote in part. “I will ensure that the senior management of this company, starting with me, owns this.”

While the suit doesn’t name any particular albums or songs that were destroyed, The Roots’ Black Thought told HipHopDX in an exclusive statement the master recordings of two classic Roots albums succumbed to the blaze — Do You Want More?!?!??! and Illadelph Halflife — and referred to the NYT article as “depressing.”

“We had a couple classics destroyed in the fire as well,” Black Thought told DX. “In short, that was the most depressing article ever. Not ‘EVER,’ but it was pretty heavy. I remember when it went down.”

50 Cent Asks Court To Tack On Extra $5K To Teairra Mari’s Debt

The ongoing feud between 50 Cent and Teairra Mari has been on social media display for the world to see as both artists have trolled one another for months. Just to recap: Teairra named 50 Cent in her revenge porn lawsuit against her ex after the rap mogul shared the leaked video her sexual encounter. She claimed that he was somehow involved in the conspiracy to leak the footage, but a judge thought otherwise. The singer was ordered to cough up $30K in fees to Fifty, but according to Teairra, she hasn’t had the money to pay up.

Since that time, 50 Cent has publicly argued that Teairra is just trying to get out paying him the money she owes. This has sparked an online disagreement between the two that has included memes, insults, and incessant trolling. According to The Blast, Fifty is asking the judge to tack on another $5K to the money Teairra owes because she has failed to deliver his cash by the deadline. The exact number the sanction he’s requesting is $4,842 and 50 cents.

Teairra’s financial records have been examined by a judge and when she was asked about her income, she said she was broke. A judge has yet to rule on this sanction request.

Young Buck Comes For "Fofty" With 50 Cent Diss Track

It appears Young Buck has finally had enough of 50 Cent’s Instagram antics. On Friday (June 21), the G-Unit alum unleashed a diss track aimed at his current nemesis.

Titled “Foofy Freestyle,” the track is set to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” instrumental and touches on the IG bullying Buck has suffered at the hands of Fiddy and 50’s lack of a relationship with his kids.

“This not our first falling out, know how to handle it now/Banks gone, ain’t nobody there to settle it now/Them other niggas need verses from whoever around,” Buck raps. “Come on, Foofy—this Instagram shit done got goofy.

“Let’s focus on them $2 million that nigga robbed me/Let’s talk about them bitches you burnt, them hoes chargin’/You know what I learned? How not to be a father!”

Elsewhere in the track, Buck claims he saved the Power exec from an altercation with Floyd Mayweather and takes credit for writing 50’s “Too Rich” single. Although Buck was removed from G-Unit in 2008, he and 50 reconciled in 2014.

But at some point, their relationship went south again and Buck has been at the mercy of 50’s online badgering for months. In multiple posts, he accuses Buck of having a relationship with transgender women, something he evidently sees as a problem.

Check out the “Foofy Freestyle” above.

50 Cent Fan Trolls Young Buck In Public Over Alleged Transgender Relationship

A seemingly aggressive 50 Cent fan pulled up on Young Buck while he was grocery shopping and wanted to talk about his beef with the Power exec.

When Buck politely told him to stop filming him, the person behind the camera got more confrontational and asked about his alleged transexual relationship.

“What’s up with you and 50,” he asked. “He said you fuckin’ with trannies, is that true? Hold on, we about to scrap. Is that true?”

Buck said off-camera, “I got something in the car,” to which the man replied, “Yeah, I got something in the car, too. I got something in the car, too.”

From there, the video cuts off.

50 has been relentless when it comes to Buck. For months, he’s been publicly terrorizing the G-Unit affiliate for an alleged relationship with a transgender female.

Most recently, Fiddy (or Fofty, as he’s also known) shared a throwback photo of Buck distancing himself from a transgender female.

“Yo this is true, I remember this day,” he wrote on June 6. “and this fool was dating a boy on the low.”

Evidently, 50’s fans now feel comfortable enough to confront Buck in public. According to The Blast, 50 had the confrontation posted to his Instagram page, but it has since been deleted.

50 Cent Fan Runs Up On Young Buck Asking About Alleged Trans Lover

If you’ve been paying attention to 50 Cent‘s latest moves on social media, you’re well aware the stunts he’s been pulling to pocket as much money from his enemies as possible. At one time, Fiddy and Young Buck may have been friends. The two were collaborators in G-Unit, working closely together and contributing to some the most iconic moments in hip-hop history. All that is behind 50 Cent though because these days, he just wants to get paid for elevating Buck’s career. The Power producer isn’t exactly patient when it comes to getting paid. He either gets his change by Monday or he’ll be calling you out and exposing all your dirty secrets to the world. Fif alleged that his former ally Young Buck had been in a romantic relationship with a transgender woman for three years, which Buck has denied, and now he’s got his fans running up on the artist too.

50 Cent Fan Runs Up On Young Buck Asking About Alleged Trans Lover
Bryan Steffy/Getty s

In a new video reposted on Fif’s page, somebody can be seen confronting Buck while shopping for groceries. He’s with an unidentified woman when the man approaches Buck, asking what’s going on with him and 50. Buck repeatedly asks the man to stop filming their exchange, which the man does not respect. He then asks if it’s true that he’s sexually attracted to trans women before Buck threatens him and says he’s got something in the car if they really want to fight.

This whole situation has gotten way out hand at this point. People are disrespecting the man’s privacy and potentially ruining his day by running up on him in the grocery store. Either Young Buck needs to pay up or he can expect his near future to be filled with moments like this.

"Power" Star Naturi Naughton Will Miss Her Character’s Penthouse As Show Comes To An End

50 Cent‘s executively produced series Power announced its ending last month, closing up shop after six strong seasons. While many will miss the drama, and questionable money moves the show depicts, actress Naturi Naughton who stars Tasha St. Patrick will miss her sweet penthouse digs. 

“The sets are going to be destroyed,” Naturi toldPage Six. “I’ve] got to take something from my character Tasha’s] penthouse — something from her closet, something from the living room. I would] take the whole kitchen if I could.” On a more realistic level, Naturi revealed that she’ll probably grab “something from Tasha’s makeup kit” as a keepsake, course. 

"Power" Star Naturi Naughton Will Miss Her Character's Penthouse As Show Comes To An End
Liliane Lathan/Getty s 

As we previously posted, the final season  Power will premiere at Madison Square Garden on August 20th with a performance by 50 Cent himself and stars Omari Hardwick, Rotimi, Naturi Naughton, La La Anthony, Joseph Sikora and more will be in attendance.

“This show was not designed to go 10 seasons,” series creator Courtney Kemp said how the death  Kanan pivots Power towards an eventual conclusion. “It was not designed to go 15 seasons. It’s not a crime procedural or a sitcom. It’s a closed-ended story that really begins and, in some way, ends with Ghost,” 

50 Cent Declares The "Bow Wow War" Has Come To An End

As the iconic comedy film The Hangover once proved, sometimes a bender can have consequences. Such was indeed the case during 50 Cent‘s adventures in Atlanta a few weeks back, which found him, Trey Songz, Dave East, Lil Duval, and Bow Wow painting the town in exuberant fashion. It didn’t take long for the motley crew to end up at a strip club, where a hazy narrative kicked in. Upon making it rain in gales, 50 Cent apparently witnessed Bow Wow scooping up the fallen loosies like a man possessed. Given 50’s budding reputation as a kneecapping debt-collector, Bow Wow found soon found himself on the receiving end a Fty scorned.

50 Cent Declares The "Bow Wow War" Has Come To An End

Prince Williams/Getty s

Luckily, the diplomatic prowess Ant The Ladies Man came through to mediate the situation, and 50 made sure to bring the “Bow Wow Wars” to an amicable end. “So I just got f the phone with my man Ant,” begins 50, in a state the union sorts. “He called me telling me Bow Wow reached out and actually gave him the money, so we cool and shit. But I was about to do something to that n***a. That n***a stole my motherfuckin’ money. You know what I mean? You throw the money for the dancers and shit, and this n***a picking the money up and taking it home with him?” At this moment, 50’s face falls, his disappointment in Bow Wow’s strip club etiquette evident. Still, he’s taken it upon himself to exercise forgiveness, and continues declaring the armistice. 

“Now that I’ve got my money, I’m wishing Bow Wow peace, happiness, all the blessings that can come to him,” says 50, with a laugh. “But ya’ll leave him alone! He feeling all kind pressure. Motherfuckers on his page like ‘you owe 50 money motherfucker! You better pay!'” He proceeds to act out Bow Wow’s flustered demeanor, a brief glimmer  character acting chops once displayed in “Things Fall Apart.” 

Given that Fty is known for pressing the issue until one’s body literally begins to give out, it would appear Bow Wow dodged a bullet. He made sure to slide into Fif’s comments, quoting Denzel Washington’s iconic turn as Alonzo Harris in Training Day – you already know which line.

50 Cent Begins Feud With Adrien Broner: "I Blocked Your Ass"

Whenever 50 Cent‘s “Fty” senses start to tingle, you know there’s some bad news around the corner. The New York rapper has been on a tear as late, crossing paths with some the world’s most entertaining celebrities and demanding a percentage from them. During his new role as hip-hop’s resident debt collector, Fiddy has taken aim at Teairra Mari, Young Buck, Randall Emmett, Jackie Long, and so many more. His most recent spat against Bow Wow appears to be nearing an end so Fif needed to find a new target. He ended up settling on his good friend Adrien Broner, realizing that he might owe him some money.

The boxer took to social media to call out 50 Cent for blocking him on Instagram, telling him that he might need to borrow a million dollars soon. When news got back to Fiddy though, he was not impressed. “Fuck you AB, we still mad about that money you made us lose on the fight,” joked Curtis on his own page, rubbing in the loss. “Yeah I blocked your ass because you fucking up the money.” 

Commenting on his own post, Fif added some more, thinking it’s about time he gives Broner an ultimatum. “IM STARTING TO FEEL LIKE YOU OWE ME AB. So have something for me by Monday,” he wrote.

Uh oh. You better pay up AB because when it comes to 50 Cent’s wrath, you don’t want to be on the wrong side. Broner does pack a powerful punch though…

Dream Doll Rocks Natural Hair While Teasing Upcoming Single

Dream Doll recently unveiled two fire things, her natural tresses and new look which looks incredible, as well as a teaser for a song that is sounding really good right now. The former reality television star shared the latter in a post dedicated to her 2.1 million followers, further sharing details on her new do as well as the new song. The photo was captioned with the following: “New 🎶 Coming soon❗️❗️Outfit: @fashionnova Hair cut & colored by @arrogant_tae123” Hairstylist Arrogant Tae has previously been linked to rap comrade Nicki Minaj. While the hair looks nice, we’re even more so excited about the new track. Though as we wait, you can watch the rapper’s vlog which mentions her new hair-do below.

Aside from this, the latest news surrounding Dream Doll involved her beau, YBN Almighty Jay. The duo was spotted enjoying each other’s time as YBN Almighty Jay fered Dream Doll some toe nibbles. Furthermore, Dream Doll was also the unfortunate victim 50 Cent‘s hilarious trolls. The female rapper became the laughing stock 50 Cent’s fice after a video her surfaced wherein she was wiping out in Balenciaga shoes. The slippery crocs caused Dream Doll to fall hard on the ground and nearly shattering her ankles.

50 Cent’s Fed Up With His New Bentley Mulsanne: "I Want My Money Back"

Screwing over 50 Cent in any sort fashion will never work out for you. Over the past few months, Fif’s had his issues with people who owe him money and he typically airs them out on social media until they pay him back. Unfortunately, no one’s safe from Fty’s wrath including the people that work for him. Earlier today, the rapper took to Instagram to call out Bentley. No, the luxury car brand doesn’t owe him money but he wants his money back for his recently purchased Bentley Mulsanne. 

Fif’s completely fed up with his new Bentley Mulsanne that he purchased from Manhattan Motors. The rapper shared a clip himself riding in his vehicle, going f on the car dealership and the vehicle itself. “I want my money back Bob come get this shit man. I should leave it in the middle the street in front Manhattan motors & fuck up traffic,” he captioned the post.

“This shit is a piece shit,” Fif said. “I got this shit from Manhattan Motors. Manhattan Motors sent me a fuckin’ lemon, man. Shit feel like it’s an old ass man car, man. My old Mulsanne is WAY better than this shit,” he continued. “This shit feel like it has transmission issues. I’m takin’ this shit back,” he added.

Peep the clip below. 

Lloyd Banks Announces "Hunger For More" 15th Anniversary Concert

It’s rare to hear from Lloyd Banks, the punchline king content to hold his title from afar. Quiet and reserved compared to many his fellow lyricists, Banks has remained respected in the eyes his fanbase; though many would likely appreciate a new project from the G-Unit legend, they understand and respect that it’s destined to come at his own pace, if at all. Still, the memories live on through his myriad freestyles and studio cuts, especially his debut studio album The Hunger For More. 

With features from The Game, Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and Young BuckThe Hunger For More encapsulates an era which many look back on with fondness. A studio album with mixtape qualities, Banks proved himself a ble solo artist during a time when 50 Cent reigned atop the charts, and it’s safe to say that time has been quite kind to the project. And what a time it has been. Fifteen years, to be precise.

To celebrate the milestone, Banks has decided to honor the occasion with a rare concert. On July 6th, Banks will be performing at the Sony Hall in Manhattan. Should you be interested, be sure to check out tickets right here. Given Banks’ reclusive nature, expect this one to sell out fast. By all means, sound f in the comments about your favorite Hunger For More tracks. With fifteen years hindsight to work with, did Banks deliver a classic?