Michael Jordan Tears Up While Unveiling New Clinic In Charlotte: Watch

Michael Jordan is one the most iconic athletes that has ever lived and after winning six championships with the Chicago Bulls, it’s easy to understand why. The NBA legend continues to do work f the court in his retirement and is mainly known for his massive Jordan Brand with Nike. He is also the owner the Charlotte Hornets and continues to do some charitable work in the communities throughout North Carolina.

According to the Charlotte Observer, his next big philanthropic venture has come in the form a $7 million donation to bring medical clinics to disadvantaged neighborhoods. Today, Jordan was on hand for the grand opening the Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic which has already helped 300 patients. During his speech, Jordan got emotional as he began to shed a couple tears.

“I stand here before you as a proud parent, son, obviously a member this community. My mother, my brothers, my daughter, my grandson, we all represent the name ‘Michael Jordan,’” the NBA Hall–Famer said. “As you can see, it’s a very emotional thing for me. To be able to give back to a community that’s supported me over the years.”

The $7 million pledge is one his largest and will also go towards a second clinic in Charlotte. As you can tell, Jordan is still doing great things well after his career in the NBA.


The Game Responds Following Claims He’s Exploiting Nipsey Hussle’s Name

Nipsey Hussle and The Game had a very close relationship but ever since the passing the Crenshaw native, many have wondered just how close they actually are. The Game went from posting daily about Nipsey following his passing to dedicating the beginning the week to #MarathonMondays. Recently, The Game announced his new label, Prolific Records, which was inspired by Nipsey Hussle’s face tattoo. However, many didn’t look at it that way.

Immediately after announcing the label and rolling out the merch, which reportedly sold out in half an hour, fans began taking issue with Game using Nipsey’s name for prit. A member All Money In even took to Instagram to blast The Game for even pulling a move like that.

The Game has since posted a lengthy message, not only defending his actions, but making it clear that he hasn’t used Nipsey’s name without the approval from his family, namely Blacc Sam.

“The use the world ‘Prolific’ by myself is the only way helping to carry on my bro’s legacy,” he wrote. “Out love for Nip, Blacc Sam and his immediate family etc. I purposely did not include any pics Nip nor his likeness & directed all traffic to @themarathonclothing as I’ve done since bro’s passing. I’ve spoken closely to ‘Blacc Sam’ every step the way & have had his blessing with things I’ve done to help honor bro’s name and continue his legacy.”

Peep his full post below.

The Game Responds Following Claims He's Exploiting Nipsey Hussle's Name
Via Instagram

Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Release Locations Revealed

A third iteration the “Shattered Backboard” Air Jordan 1 is ficially slated to release on October 26, and it looks like a good amount Foot Locker locations will have the sneakers in stock.

Check out a screen grab the Footaction and Foot Locker release locations below, and click here to see which Foot Locker stores in your area will be selling the Shatter Backboard 3.0s next weekend.

The latest Shatter Backboard AJ1 features the familiar black and orange color scheme utilized on the original Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard” and the “Shattered “Away” joint that followed. The 3.0 is highlighted by a glossy, crinkled leather that is designed to resemble the look a shattered backboard.

In case you missed the back story behind Jordan Brand’s “Shattered Backboard” line, each the sneakers are inspired by the orange and black jersey that Michael Jordan wore during a 1985 exhibition game in Italy, during which MJ threw down a dunk that broke the backboard.

“Glass was everywhere. The backboard exploded. I’m looking at his eyes, his ears…looking for little bits glass,” remembers Howard White, VP Jordan Brand. “In the moment, it was wild. It was a little scary, because we didn’t know where the glass was going. They were playing and then there was that moment. I don’t know any moment where one can detect something otherworldly has happened, but that one has become something grand. For MJ, though, it was just a moment in the game.”

The kicks are slated to drop on October 26 for the retail price $160. Check out some additional photos below  Sneaker News.

Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Release Locations Revealed

Sneaker News

Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Release Locations Revealed

Sneaker News

Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Release Locations Revealed

Sneaker News

Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Release Locations Revealed

Sneaker News

Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Release Locations Revealed

Sneaker News

Japanese Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Fan Flies To U.S. To Meet Group, Gets Stranded

You gotta applaud anyone who’s willing to risk it all to make their dreams come true. Unfortunately for a Japanese rapper, his plans to hand Bone Thugs-N-Harmony his CD didn’t end up as planned. According to Fox 8, Ryo Muranaka flew from Japan to America to meet Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in Cleveland. “I thought I could get in the US in exchange for my CD,” Muranka said. “No. No plan. One-way ticket.” Muranka added that he considers Bone Thugs his “heroes.”

Muranka wasn’t met with the welcome in America that he thought he’d receive. It turns out, he ended up getting his luggage robbed and was broke. What’s worse is that he reportedly sold all his belongings in order to travel to America in the first place. He was found by local activists  James Norton and Kwas Bibbs who found him and helped him out a little bit.

With Muranka’s temporary permission to be in the U.S. expired, he’s now getting help from U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Marcia Fudge who are trying to help him find a solution.

However, his trip wasn’t unsuccessful. After catching wind his story, Layzie Bone briefly met Muranka and put him up in a hotel. Later on, Krayzie Bone also heard about the story and reached out.

“I commend him for his determination and passion for what he’s trying to do because I can relate. I’m quite sure he heard our story and how we pursued Eazy-E and this is what inspired him,” Krayzie Bone told HipHopDX. “But I will also say this to other fans and artist that are looking to do the same thing as us or this gentleman did — follow your dreams by all means, but you have to be very careful when you go to places you know nothing about.”

He added, “We’re not from the suburbs, we’re from the ghetto. The area we grew up in is not nice by any means, and I’m just thankful all they took from him was his luggage and not his life because it gets real like that. So, be very careful and have some kind plan.”

Live Nation's Download Festival Madrid 2020 Is Canceled

Yet another music festival has been canceled.

Live Nation’s Download Festival Madrid has announced that the event will not be returning in 2020.  Organizers are trying to redevelop the event, though for now, things look to be on permanent hiatus.

The festival is one of a number of Download events that take place across the world. For the last three years, the Caja Magica has hosted this particular edition. The inaugural 2017 festival was especially successful, with more than 100,000 people attending.

The most recent edition of the festival took place this past June. Among those who performed there were Tool, Scorpions, Sabaton and Slipknot.

The festival organizers issued a statement along with the announcement. They said that, while they would have liked to announce the 4th edition of the festival, they have not “achieved all the conditions that we believe a festival of this nature requires,” so they have decided to go on hiatus while they try to redevelop the concept.

They added that, as they “evaluate different options,” they hope to bring fans the “best experience possible,” in line with what 250,000 people have seen in the last three years.

Download Festival Madrid has been one of the main rock festivals in Spain.

Among the many stars that have performed at the festival is Linkin Park, which featured one of the last performances of singer Chester Bennington before he died. Other performers have included:

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Guns n’ Roses
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Judas Priest

The flagship Download Festival has taken place in the United Kingdom every year since 2003 in Donington Park. Other Download Festivals have taken place in Japan, France and Australia.

The Madrid edition of the Download Festival is not the first that has gone on hiatus. The French festival, which had been staged in Paris since 2016, went on hiatus this year. It was scheduled to return next year, but it was also canceled.

Jonah Hill Reportedly Dips From "The Batman" Talks

With Joker continuing to forge an unstoppable path, news its counterpart The Batman is starting to heat up. With the recent development that Zoe Kravitz would be joining Robert Pattison as Catwoman, many began openly speculating on who might take the caped crusader to task. Rumors that Jonah Hill was in the mix to portray Oswald Cobblepot himself, better known as The Penguin, began to shape. And yet, it was not to be. A new report from Complex indicates that while Hill was indeed “in talks,” the Oscar-nominated actor has since bowed out.

Jonah Hill Reportedly Dips From "The Batman" Talks

Andreas Rentz/Getty s

Apparently, the talks between Warner Brothers and Hill’s camp “broke down,” though it’s unclear what proved to be the deciding factor. Now that Hill is no longer in the mix, the studio has once again returned to the hunt for their two villains, going so far as to express interest in none other than Seth Rogen. Though negotiations have yet to kick-f, the idea that comedically-inclined actors like Hill and Rogen are being considered is a revealing insight in itself.

Do you think Seth Rogen could take up the Cobblepot mantle? Perhaps the film will feature a subplot centering on Gotham’s black market cannabis industry. Look for the freakin’ bat, as he’s so lovingly referred to in the Arkham games, to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.


Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Yeezreel" Coming Soon: On-Foot Images

Adidas will be releasing a trio colorful Yeezy Boost 350 V2s this Holiday season, which will include both reflective and non-reflective colorways. Among them, the electric “Yeezreel” colorway featuring a volt upper with dashes black and grey across the primeknit construction, and a glow-in-the-dark sole.

Adidas has not yet announced ficial release details for any the three upcoming Yeezy Boost 350 V2s, but it is believed that the “Yeezreel” joint will be releasing in December, alongside the “Yecheil” colorway. The purple “Yeshaya” iteration is rumored to debut in January.

For those wondering, Yeshaya was an eighth century Prophet Israel, and the name means “God is Salvation.” Similarly, the Hebrew name Yechiel means “May God live” and Yeezreel (Jezreel) translates to “God will sow.”

Check out some additional on-foot images the Yeezreel Yeezys in the IG posts embedded below.

Andre Iguodala Comes To LeBron James’ Defense Over China Issue: Watch

LeBron James has been facing a ton scrutiny over the last week due to his lack opinion on the China situation with the NBA. It all started when Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey sent a tweet that showed support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. James appeared to scold Morey for putting the players in a compromising position and then went on to say that he didn’t want to get involved in the affairs another country.

Since then, James has been criticized from all sides and now, he is finally receiving some support. During an interview with Hot 97, Andre Iguodala spoke about the China issue and how there seems to be a double standard at play.

“It’s interesting in this situation with China, they’re shoving a camera in our face and be like, ‘No you can’t say no comment we need you to speak on this,'” Iguodala explained. “They ready to attack LeBron for making a statement because they don’t like his statement, they feel like he should have took another stance. But when he’s home and he makes a stance about… and it’s like, ‘No this is not your place to make that statement.’ That was just mindblowing. That’s what bothered me the most.”

Iguodala’s perspective is one that hasn’t been shared thus far so it’s interesting to listen to what he has to say. The former Warriors star certainly makes a great point although, on the flip side, LeBron is a player who has built his brand f being more than an athlete. With that in mind, we expect him to make political statements at this point, so his lack opinion came f as disappointing to many fans.


Snoop Dogg Joins Madden 20 As Playable Character In "Superstar KO" Mode

Madden 20 gamers will now be able to “Moss” cornerbacks and safeties as Snoop Dogg in the new “Superstar KO” mode update. The Long Beach legend joins the likes other hip-hop stars such as DJ Khaled and Lil Yachty, both whom can be used as QBs.

Check out the unveil Snoop in the IG post embedded below.

Superstar KO, an online exclusive mode, features eight pre-made base teams, each which features different strengths and weaknesses and condensed playbooks. For instance, a run-heavy team, an air-it-out shotgun fense, and another filled with defensive studs. 

Snoop Dogg Joins Madden 20 As Playable Character In "Superstar KO" Mode

Players will take part in a mini draft prior to the start the game, with the ability to add three players to their roster. These players include current stars like Christian McCaffrey and DeAndre Hopkins, as well as legends like Jerry Rice and Lawrence Taylor. 

As for the gameplay: there are no special teams or game clock. Each team gets one turn on fense (starting at the 25 yard line), and whoever has the highest score moves on to play another game with their squad. If the teams are tied, the game moves into an interesting overtime situation where each team gets three fensive plays to gain as many yards as possible.

Stormi Webster Prefers Travis Scott’s Music Over Kylie Jenner’s "Rise & Shine" Song

If you partake in the scrolling rituals social media you’ve probably come across a meme regarding Kylie Jenner. The viral share began when a clip showcased the beauty mogul going into her daughter’s room at her Kylie Cosmetics fice and is seen singing to Stormi telling her to “rise and shine” in a melodic manner. 

After tons re-shares and fan renditions the three words, it seems as though Kylie Jenner got her hands on an ficial song and tested it out on her daughter, Stormi Webster. In the clip below, you can see the one-year-old smiling and dancing to the song while Kylie cheers in the background but things quickly changed when little Stormi opted to hear her dad’s music instead. After having her few seconds fun, Stormi asks her to mom to “have daddy sing.” 

“Daddy’s girl 🙄🙄😍,” Kylie captioned the clip, while Travis Scott commented: “😍 wild ❤️”

In other Travis and Kylie news, reports suggest that the Kardashian family really want to couple to get back together since reports claim they’ve broken up. “Travis might not be perfect, but he’s a great partner and dad,” a source said. “Everyone would be upset if Kylie can’t figure things out with Travis.”

Kevin Gates & Dreka Gates’ Anniversary Cake Is Must-See & Very NSFW

It’s safe to say that Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka are quite the freaky couple. On a damn-near weekly basis, the Baton Rouge rapper reminds us how he uses mangos and peaches to practice giving oral , also going into several more his odd habits. After releasing his solid album I’m Him, Gates has continued to find his name in the headlines for all the wild things that exit his mouth. Just yesterday, he told a story about what motivated him to lose weight. “I had my shirt f and I was holding my patna’s baby and his baby tried to suck on my breast,” said the recording artist, deciding to shed some pounds shortly after. Today, he’s celebrating his wedding anniversary with Dreka and, in order to ring in a new chapter in their lives, Dreka copped him a pretty crazy cake.

Kevin Gates & Dreka Gates' Anniversary Cake Is Must-See & Very NSFW
Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty s

The elaborate design shows both them laying in bed with the caption “Still Going Hard” underneath. Complete with removable bed sheets, Dreka showed us all what was underneath the covers and we can’t say we were surprised. Removing the satin sheets, she can be seen grabbing Gates’ junk with one hand. Whoever gets that piece the cake might want to consider rinsing their mouth directly afterwards.

Hopefully, their young children don’t come across this when they’re cruising through their socials. Happy anniversary, Kevin and Dreka!

Kevin Hart’s Ex-Business Partners Denied $1 Million During Court Battle

It hasn’t been the greatest year for our favourite comedian, Kevin Hart. First, he was the victim a tape leak. Then he got sued by his former business partners at iGo Marketing & Entertainment for ”screwing them out millions” but got into an almost fatal car accident before the verdict was made. To top it all it f, the comedian lost the court battle, owing the business $701,593 in total. 

Kevin Hart's Ex-Business Partners Denied $1 Million During Court Battle

 Frazer Harrison/Getty s

iGo claimed that they had a 3 year deal with Kevin Hart, which states that the comedian would promote their work along with other celebrities. He was to be paid partly in currency, and part in stock options. However, in 2015, Hart terminated the deal, which led the business to believe that he owed them 15% his earnings during the 3rd year, and for the value his remaining stocks. For that reason, they sued for breach contract and won. $701.593 apparently wasn’t enough for the business, who filed a suit seeking no less than $1.8 million, while claiming that the judge underestimated the loss. Kevin Hart argued that there was never any written agreement with iGo Marketing & Entertainment, and that when parting ways, he did not actually owe them 15% earnings.

The judge refused iGo’s claim for $952,793.54, but demanded ”that the defendants shall remit payment to the plaintiff in the total amount $701,539.73 within sixty (60) days the date this Order.” Kevin Hart may have lost the court battle, but the business’ attempt to seek a million dollars from the comedian failed. 

Kanye West’s "Jesus Is King" Trailer Has Arrived: Watch

It looks like Kanye West’s forthcoming project, Jesus Is King is set to arrive in the near future. Over the past few weeks, there’s been talk surrounding the album, mainly because it failed to arrive on time. It was later revealed that there was an accompanying film to go along with the album but as you know, there’s nothing that’s ever certain with Kanye West.

Kanye West's "Jesus Is King" Trailer Has Arrived: Watch
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty s

October 25th will actually be the release  Jesus Is King which is set to be released on IMAX. A trailer for the film dropped on YouTube and other social media platforms earlier today. The clip includes a Christian take on ‘Ye’s 808 & Heartbreaks opener, “Say You Will” by a chorus while a camera zooms into a staircase. The trailer also contains an exerpt from the book Mark.

In the words Jesus Christ,
“The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom God is at hand, repent and believe in the gospel.”
Mark 1:15 

As Kanye’s been taking his Sunday Service act across America, he recently made a stop at Howard University where he stated that the album, Jesus Is King would be released along with the film on October 25th. It’s unclear if that date stuck but we’re excited if it is. In terms the excerpt from the bible, he reportedly previewed the album and read scriptures, stating Mark 1:15 as his favorite. 

Snoop Dogg’s Dog Unsuccessfully Shoots His Shot At Megan Thee Stallion’s Dog

Megan Thee Stallion has been all over the place this year. As one  music’s fastest rising stars, people want to know what she’s all about and the best place to find that out is through her social media pages. Right f the bat, you’ll realize that the H-Town Hottie loves to show f her twerking ability. You’ll also peep that she’s friends with a lot the music industry’s hottest talents. Another thing that’s pretty clear through her online presence is the fact that she has an insanely cute dog.

Showing f her pupper 4oe to the world, Megan Thee Stallion is clearly in love with her pooch. We all are. Snoop Dogg‘s pet managed to find his way on social media and, considering the fact that they’re the same breed, he instantly fell in love. Since he doesn’t have thumbs though, he couldn’t send a direct message to Megan for 4oe to see what was good. Instead, the doggo got Snoop to shoot his shot for him but, unfortunately, things didn’t exactly work out.

Sharing a video to his page, Snoop Dogg hilariously spoke for his precious pup, directing the message to Hot Girl Meg. “You wanna holla at Megan Thee Stallion’s dog? Man, Megan Thee Stallion’s dog ain’t fucking with you! You too low-budget cuz, back up,” said Snoop. He went on to add that 4oe isn’t looking for “no old ass n***a like” him. Hilariously enough, Megan responded in the comments, saying that 4oe is down to “go get some girls together.”

Do you think 4oe and Juelz would make a cute dog couple?

The Beatles Release a Monstrous Box Set: 23 Vinyls, 46 Remaster Songs

For fans of the Beatles, Christmas will be coming a little early this year.

On November 22nd, the Fab Four will be releasing a new box set of all their remastered singles.

The box set is entitled The Singles Collection and will include 46 remastered songs presented on 23 7” vinyl records. What’s more, the singles will come within reproductions of the original international sleeves.

The Singles Collection will also include an exclusive double A-side single that features both “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love” as well as a book of photos and ephemera. The book further comes with a set of essays written by Kevin Howlett, who is a noted Beatles scholar.

Formed in Liverpool in 1960, the Beatles are considered by many as the most influential rock band of all time. They were certainly among the most successful, with sales of 800 million records worldwide, with 178 million of these coming in the United States.

Interestingly, of the 46 songs included in the box set, 20 of them reached no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which is still a record.

The news of the new box set comes less than a month after the release of another Beatles box set.  This one features a remixed edition of the group’s classic album Abbey Road, which came out a little more than 50 years ago. Produced by Giles Martin — the son of the original producer George Martin — and engineer Sam Okell, the remixed edition of Abbey Road also includes demo recordings, alternative takes and surround-sound mixes.

Abbey Road was the 11th and last studio album for the group before they split up.  While at first the record was panned by a number of critics, history has judged it as not only one of the best Beatles records, but also one of the best albums in rock history.