OMG: A Charity Benefits From Guy Saying ‘Gucci Gang’ 1 Million Times

No matter how you feel about Lil Pump‘s song “Gucci Gang,” there’s no denying how infectious it is. It’s liable to make folks randomly chant the words, simply because its catchiness.

One YouTuber, Graham The Christian, took the song’s repetitive nature to a whole new level when he said the word “Gucci Gang” 1 million times over live streaming. He did it over the course 15 consecutive days, allocating over 17 hours most days.

Graham decided to donate his proceeds from the streaming to Red Nose Day charity. They help children in poverty by serving meals, providing essential medical services and helping with housing, as well as education. Graham ended up raising over $10,000 for the organization.

If you have the patience to sit through Graham’s process, you can check out his video below!

These Hidden Messages In Black Mirror Season 4 Will Totally Blow Your Mind

If you ever wondered about the theory that each Black Mirror episode exists in the same Universe, then season 4 the hit Netflix show may prove the theory to be true. There were so many hidden messages, a.k.a. Easter Eggs, in the latest season that makes it clear that everything in the Black Mirror-verse is connected.

For example, the “Metalhead” episode in season 4  had a “San Junipero” postcard on the table. Season 3’s “San Junipero” is one the more popular episodes the entire series.


Want your mind blow? Hit the flip for more and let the conspiracies begin.

Real NBA Smoke: Aaron Afflalo Swings Off In Middle Of Game

What has NBA players feeling so froggy lately?

After the Rockets vs. Clippers viral episode last night, and more throughout the weekend, Orlando Magic veteran Aaron Afflalo didn’t waste any time talking with Serbian big man Nemanja Bjelica.

Still not clear why, but the Compton native went straight for the Timberwolves foward’s dome before getting caught in a headlock.


Please don’t screw up those guaranteed checks, fellas.


Kendrick Lamar Reportedly In Talks For New Publishing Deal Worth $20-40 Million

It looks like Kendrick Lamar is in for a big payday soon. According to Billboard, the TDE rapper is reportedly in talks for a new publishing deal and he could be looking at well over $20 million dollars.

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Sources tell Billboard that Top Dawg & the TDE label are considering fers between $20 million and $40 million dollars, depending on the terms the deal. One bidder has fered $28 million dollars, one source said, meanwhile another source cited a $23 million fer that included $11 million dollar signing bonus. It’s unclear what the terms TDE are asking for or wanting, but it’s safe to say K. Dot is about to get PAID.

Kendrick is coming f the success his critically-acclaimed DAMN. album, which has been nominated for a Grammy for “Album Of The Year”. The album, which also topped Billboard’s album the year list, garnered total album sales 1.13 million units last year, with the addition 2.63 million track sales. So in total, that would mean Kendrick has generated 9.5 million album consumption units throughout his entire career. 

This report comes just a couple weeks after finding out that Kendrick will be executive producing the forthcoming Black Panther soundtrack, which is led by the songs “All The Stars” & “King’s Dead.” 

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While it’s strictly a rumor at the hour, representatives from Warner Music Group and Top Dawg Entertainment declined to comment on the story, thus providing more speculation to the truth these fers.

We’ll continue to keep you posted if any further developments arise.