White Woman Body Slammed In Popeyes Parking Lot After Calling Employees N-Word

One woman was body-slammed onto the concrete outside a Popeyes after a fiery argument turned nasty. According to ABC7, the woman was disputing a charge on her bill at the Columbia, Tennessee Popeyes when things began to get heated. This is when the woman allegedly used the N-word, which sent the employees, mostly African American, into a rage. Video can be seen the employees responding to the racist word, with the cameraman stating, “This ain’t no place to say the N-word.” The cameraman was referencing the fact the store has several African Americans inside at the time she allegedly used the N-word. You can hear the woman claiming that she has family that works for the law. 

After the woman finally decided to leave the establishment, she was pursued by several employees. One man grabbed her and body-slammed her to the ground viciously. The woman’s attorney said the employee’s actions weren’t justified.”If she said something that she regrets, it doesn’t give a grown man the right to chase her into the parking lot as she is trying to leave the store, and body slam a 55-year-old grandmother down on the concrete,” he said. The attorney also said the woman suffered nine fractures, including six broken ribs and a broken knee. Police arrested 29-year-old Deriance Hughes, who faces aggravated assault charges.

Russell Wilson & Ciara Plan On Having Eight Kids

Ciara and Russell Wilson have three kids, but according to Ciara, the couple is nowhere close to finished building their family. The singer spoke with Extra on Friday and mentioned that more kids may be on the way.

“Oh, you know, if you ask him, we’re talking eight babies… you know, we’ll just go one day at a time, but I definitely do look forward to having more kids… we got time for that.”

A day earlier, the couple showed their bond with an elaborate Jay Z and Beyoncé costume.

The couple also celebrated their wedding anniversary with a trip to Fiji recently.

“Yes, we were in Fiji,” Ciara told Extra. “I was thinking about South Africa. We went to South Africa the year before, which was our ficial honeymoon because we didn’t get to do a proper one after we got married, but we did go to Fiji… and that was really fun! It was a short, quick trip for us, but really good.”

Ciara also commented on her work as the beauty brand ambassador for Ipsy. “Hopefully, people walked away feeling inspired and encouraged if they needed some encouragement, and also feeling good about self-love,” she said. “You want to have the attitude you wear the makeup, the makeup doesn’t wear you.”

Nationals’ Sean Doolittle Declines White House Invitation

Washington Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle will not be attending the White House with the rest the team after their World Series win. Despite wanting to spend as much celebratory time with his teammates as possible, his aversion to Donald Trump has caused him to skip out on the team’s trip Monday. Dolittle spoke to The Washington Post about the decision. 

Nationals' Sean Doolittle Declines White House InvitationElsa / Getty s

“There’s a lot things, policies that I disagree with, but at the end the day, it has more to do with the divisive rhetoric and the enabling conspiracy theories and widening the divide in this country. My wife and I stand for inclusion and acceptance, and we’ve done work with refugees, people that come from, you know, the ‘shithole countries,’ ” Doolittle said, referencing comments Trump has made about Haiti, El Salvador and African nations. Doolittle continued, “At the end the day, as much as I wanted to be there with my teammates and share that experience with my teammates, I can’t do it.”

“I have a brother-in-law who has autism, and Trump] is a guy that mocked a disabled reporter. How would I explain that to him that I hung out with somebody who mocked the way that he talked or the way that he moves his hands? I can’t get past that stuff,” Doolittle added.

The team is scheduled to make their trip to the White House on Monday.

New Jersey College To Receive $28 Million For Slavery Reparations

The Princeton Theological Seminary has received what’s believed to be the largest grant $28 million for slavery reparations. According to CNN, the new move will be carried out over the course five years and will give out five doctoral fellowships and 30 new scholarships to descendants people who were enslaved and marginalized groups. 

New Jersey College To Receive $28 Million For Slavery Reparations
Alex Wong/Getty s

The money will also contribute to the hiring new scholars and programs that teach the history slavery, as well as the renaming certain locations on campus after prominent African-Americans. The changes will cost about $1 million a year. “These responses are intended as acts repentance that will lead to lasting impact within our community,” John White, dean students and vice president student relations said. “This is the beginning the process repair that will be ongoing.”

CNN notes that the Seminary did not own slaves and was not built by slaves but it did receive financial contributions from Southern sources such as slaveowners and congregations that are directly tied to slavery.

“The Seminary’s ties to slavery are a part our story,” M. Craig Barnes, the seminary’s president, said in a statement. “It is important to acknowledge that our founders were entangled with slavery and could not envision a fully integrated society.” 

Deezer Might Have an IPO In the Next 12-15 Months, CEO Says

Hans-Holger Albrecht, who is the CEO of the music streaming service Deezer, once again signaled his plans for an IPO.

He says that the company will go public sometime in the next 12-18 months, with the exact time being dependent on market conditions.

In 2015, Deezer was planning an IPO that it hoped would raise close to $330 million for the company. But it backed out of it after failing to convince investors.

In an interview with The National, Albrecht pointed to other successful music IPOs, including that of Spotify, which in April of last year received a valuation of more than $26 billion. He believes that Deezer is “the right size” to issue an IPO “if everything goes well.”  Exactly what that means is unclear.

Deezer has some big investors, including Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who in August of last year invested 1 billion Saudi riyals ($270 million) in the company. Warner Music, Sony, Universal as well as telecommunication company Orange and French tycoon Xavier Niel also have interests. At the time of Alwaleed’s investment, the company was valued at about $1.1 billion.

Albrecht insists that the company does not need to raise more money at the moment, but he also insists that they could if they wanted to.  He categorized Deezer as being “well-funded” and in “a very fortunate situation.”

Deezer began operations way back in 2007. It currently has 14 million active monthly users spread across 185 countries. The company’s catalog includes over 56 million songs as well as other content.

Last October, Deezer entered both North Africa and the Middle East, and they are expecting significant growth in the coming months from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE.  It is in markets like these — markets that are small for Spotify, Apple and Amazon — that the company sees itself succeeding.

Montgomery, Alabama Makes History By Electing First Black Mayor

History was made Tuesday when the capital Alabama, Montgomery elected its first African American mayor, Steven Reed. He defeated businessman David Woods by a decisive margin, earning about 67% the vote in Tuesday’s mayoral runf.

“This election has never been about me. This election has never been about just my ideas. It’s been about all the hopes and dreams that we have as individuals and collectively in the city,” Reed said in his victory speech.

“We’re a city that wants to move forward and a city that wants a vision for the future, and a city that wants to see better opportunities across the board,” Reed added.

Reed was already the first black probate judge elected in Montgomery County and was one the first to issue marriage licenses to gay couples in the state. His father, Joe Reed, is the longtime leader the black caucus the Alabama Democratic Party.

Reed will replace current Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange, who has served since 2009 and did not seek reelection. Check out some the reactions from people on Twitter (below).

Dwyane Wade Surprises Jr NBA Player After Scoring Triple-Double: Watch

This past weekend, the Jr NBA World Championships were hosted in Orlando, Florida and some NBA stars were in attendance to check out the young talent that was participating in the tournament. Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade was among one the biggest stars at the event and he was completely awestruck by the performance a young player for Africa/Middle East named, Marouf Moumine. In the game Wade got to watch, Moumine went f as he picked up a triple-double and was able to score 28 points, 21 rebounds, and 12 assists.

After the game, Wade went up to Moumine and spoke to him through an interpreter about his performance. Moumine was extremely gracious towards and Wade and seemed a little starstruck over being approached by such a legend. The two even took a selfie together before Wade had to leave.

“It was a joy to watch him play. …] He’s definitely one the most talented kids I watched play,” Wade went on to say. This is high praise when you consider how Wade has seen a lot kids play over the years.

The Jr NBA initiative is great as it allows kids from around the world to show f their talents and get looked at by scouts they otherwise wouldn’t even get exposure to. It will be interesting to see if we Moumine at the next level in the future as its clear he’s already starting to impress people.

Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize Winning Author, Dead At 88

It is being reported that Toni Morrison, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner, has passed away at the age 88. According to TMZ, her publisher confirmed the news. 

Perhaps best known for her best-seller Beloved, which was released in 1987, Morrison was a celebrated writer and she was viewed as one the great minds in literature. A cause death has not been revealed but she is said to have been surrounded by loved ones when she passed last night. Jazz and Paradise followed Beloved in what can be considered a loose trilogy, with Beloved being made into a film starring Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover.

Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize Winning Author, Dead At 88
Jemal Countess/Getty s

Morrison was awarded a Presidential Medal Freedom while Barack Obama was in fice, further solidifying her great impact on the African-American experience.

In her life, Toni Morrison published eleven novels, nine non-fiction pieces, five children’s books, two plays, two short stories, and one libretto. She additionally worked extensively on essays and university papers. She won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1993 and she made history by becoming the first black woman to ever win the award. 

She is survived by two children. Rest in peace to Toni Morrison, one the greatest authors all time.

Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize Winning Author, Dead At 88
Alex Wong/Getty s

Ronald Reagan Racism Exposed In Newly Unearthed Richard Nixon Conversation

New audio surfaced earlier this week two American presidents sharing a laugh over a racist remark. In audio obtained by The Atlantic, Ronald Reagan is heard using racist language in reference to African delegates at the U.N. during a conversation with Richard Nixon. The conversation occurred in 1971 before Reagan became president and while Nixon was still in fice. In the conversation, Reagan’s heard referring to the African delegates as monkeys, a term that carries heavy racial connotation.

Ronald Reagan Racism Exposed In Newly Unearthed Richard Nixon Conversation
Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty s

“Last night, I tell you, to watch that thing on television as I did,” Reagan told Nixon who replied, “Yeah.” “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries—damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!” Nixon got a good chuckle out that statement. 

The whole conversation stemmed from Reagan’s feelings towards the Tanzanian delegation dancing at the General Assembly. It came after the U.N. voted to withdraw Taiwan, a country that Reagan strongly supported. Nixon later recounted the conversation to Secretary State William Rogers without omitting Reagan’s nasty comments.

“As he said, he saw these, uh, these cannibals on television last night, and he says, ‘Christ, they weren’t even wearing shoes, and here the United States is going to submit its fate to that,’ and so forth and so on,” he’s heard saying in the newly surfaced audio recording.

Jidenna Drops New Singles ‘Tribe’ and ‘Sufi Woman’

All hail the Chief. Over two years since his debut album, Jidenna returns with a pair of new singles, “Tribe” and “Sufi Woman.”

Over trap drums, the Chief reps his “Tribe.” “Put your pride in the trash bin / Too much ego in the captions / Don’t get swept up like a Tesla / You ain’t really need the gassin’,” he raps.

On the Afrobeats-inspired “Sufi Woman,” Jidenna sings about a woman who seduces him with her mystical charm. “You’re a lion, but you walk around so unassuming,” he sings.

The songs serve as the first offerings from Jidenna’s sophomore album, 85 to Africa, which arrives on Aug. 23. The album was inspired by his journey across the Atlantic Ocean after unexpectedly being evicted from his rental home. Watch the trailer below.

UK Watchdog Expresses Serious Concerns Over Live Nation's MCD Acquisition

Live Nation recently received approval from Irish regulators to purchase MCD Productions, a Dublin-based concert-promotion company.

Accordingly, the deal seemed set to go off without a hitch—until recently, that is, when U.K. watchdogs indicated that the acquisition might fail to receive government approval.

Stated in short, the acquisition was to derive from funds raised by Live Nation and MCD’s two owners, Denis Desmond and Caroline Downey, who own Gaiety Investments (LN’s partner in the acquisition); the former individual has served as Live Nation’s U.K. and Ireland chairman since 2015.

The acquisition, which was publicly announced in 2018, encountered a snag when the aforementioned watchdog, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), took issue with the deal’s potential impact on ticket sales. Specifically, CMA officials indicated that an acquisition/merger between Live Nation and MCD could limit music-promotion competition in Northern Ireland.  Now, Live Nation and MCD officials will need to convince the CMA that this isn’t the case.

Hovering in the background is a damaging leak demonstrating that Live Nation division Ticketmaster is actively feeding scalpers — then double-dipping on the profits.  All of which has been denied, of course.

Denis Desmond released a statement that indicated, in more words, his desire to cooperate with the review and allete the concerns of regulators.

The CMA also investigated Live Nation over its 2017 acquisition of the Isle of Wight Festival.  That deal was eventually approved.

Live Nation, which earned more than $10 billion last year, has a long—and internationally focused—history of acquisitions and strategizing. In 2015, Live Nation opened a branch in Germany, and in 2016, Live Nation bought Big Concerts International, which was, at the time, South Africa’s largest concert promoter. In 2017, LN bought Blue Stone Entertainment, a prominent Israeli concert-promotion company, in addition to acquiring numerous music festivals and other organizations.

This could be quite the kibosh if regulators refused to play ball.  That stated, if any company has the resources and experience to quell the concerns of U.K. regulators, it’s Live Nation.

Chadwick Boseman Responds To Wakandan Letter By "Black Panther" Superfan

There are fans, then there are superfans and then there are super super fans. Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman came across possibly one his biggest fans when he got word a letter written in Wakanda code by a boy named Ben. Chadwick shared the image to his Instagram feed that sees Ben holding his handwritten note up for the camera. “Dear Black Panther my name is Ben,” it read. “I am your biggest fan. Could you please write back,” it reads. 

“How cool is it that Hannah Beachler created an incredible alphabet for #BlackPanther and now I’m getting fanmail like this? Thanks for letting me know you’re my biggest fan, Ben. You’re awesome and your letter means a lot to me,” Chadwick wrote in response to the letter. 

The Wakanda language is inspired by African languages as well as Arabic and Chinese, thanks to Hannah Beachler the film’s production designer. 

In other Black Panther news, we previously posted on the exciting update that the film’s director Ryan Coolger has begun writing the script for the second film. “Mr. Coogler is just only in recent weeks sitting down at his keyboard and beginning to outline the movie,” MCU’s Kevin Feig stated.

Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou Privately Arrange Custody Agreement

Last week Djimon Hounsou complained that he wasn’t able to see his son as frequently as he wanted, clearly blaming his ex Kimora Lee Simmons. “It would have been nice to see my son for father’s day,” he previously stated, detailing how he doesn’t remember the last time he saw Kenzo. “To at least talk to him, right? Like all fathers, right?”  

Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou Privately Arrange Custody Agreement
Frederick M. Brown/Getty s

Sources close to Kimora clapped back, calling Djimon’s statement far from the truth since Kimora allegedly holds an open door policy but Djimon doesn’t find time to see his son regularly. Since the personal family matters have been aired out, The Blast now reports that Kimora and Djimon are privately working out a custody agreement and attorneys for both the stars have been on the phone since Wednesday working on a visitation agreement that will detail when and where each parent will have time with 10-year-old Kenzo. 

The only small issue in the matter is that Djimon travels outside the U.S. to his home grounds  Benin, West Africa. Being as Kenzo is primarily with his mother in the states, Djimon may conflict with his son’s routine. Both parents want to find a common ground for Kenzo to enjoy time with his mother and father, drama free.

PATTA x Air Jordan 7 Collab Releasing Again This Weekend

The PATTA Air Jordan 7 collab is slated to launch globally this Saturday, June 15, following the initial release that took place last month in Amsterdam. 

The limited edition kicks, priced at $200, will be available at select Jordan Brand retailers and Nike SNKRS.

PATTA x Air Jordan 7 Collab Releasing Again This Weekend

PATTA Air Jordan 7/Nike

According to Patta’s Guillaume Schmidt and Vincent van de Waal, the Air Jordan 7 was the ideal silhouette for this partnership for several reasons. 

“It was a golden era for hip-hop and a big year for me, a lot very important albums that I still carry with me came out between ’92 and ’96. And aesthetically, those years had such colourful imagery and strong connections to black empowerment. The VII and its geometric patterns also have a reference to Africa,” says Schmidt, a native Suriname who grew up an hour from Amsterdam in basketball-crazed ‘s Hertogenbosch.

“The VII apparel was out this world. The products that we worked on come straight from a short Jordan clip from Barcelona that became super famous. It features a segment where Michael walks past a huge billboard himself where he’s got the shoes on, and that image has been forever etched in my memory,” says Gee.

Continue scrolling for the ficial images.

PATTA x Air Jordan 7 Collab Releasing Again This Weekend

PATTA Air Jordan 7/Nike

PATTA x Air Jordan 7 Collab Releasing Again This Weekend

PATTA Air Jordan 7/Nike

PATTA x Air Jordan 7 Collab Releasing Again This Weekend

PATTA Air Jordan 7/Nike

PATTA x Air Jordan 7 Collab Releasing Again This Weekend

PATTA Air Jordan 7/Nike
PATTA x Air Jordan 7 Collab Releasing Again This Weekend
PATTA Air Jordan 7/Nike

Elementary Teacher Allegedly Held Mock Slave Auction With Black Students

There are some things that should just never happen and this is one them. According to a report by WWNY 7 News, an elementary school teacher has been placed on administrative leave after instructing students to conduct a mock slave auction. A mother one the children involved in the class exercise has spoken out about just how problematic the situation was.

“He and another African American child were put up in the middle the class and told they were now slaves,” said Nicole Dayes about her 10-year-old son. “The teacher then started the ‘bidding’ by assigning prices to the Caucasian students. After the winning bid was placed, my son was then told how slaves would take the slave owners’ last name and what he was to call the slave owner by. Then my son and the other ‘slave’ were instructed to call the Caucasian child by ‘master’ and the child’s last name.”

Elementary Teacher Allegedly Held Mock Slave Auction With Black Students
Sean Gallup/Getty s

It’s important for children to learn about the history slavery but this… this is not the way to do it. As noted by Complex, the teacher in question has been placed on leave after exhibiting “poor judgment.” “The Watertown City School District has received complaints from parents that a fourth grade teacher exercised poor judgment in teaching a recent lesson,” wrote the district in a statement. “The teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation into the matter. The school district will not be providing additional comments until the investigation has been completed.”

You may recall that in April, a similar incident happened in Jacksonville when a teacher used racist language and played “slave games” in class.