6ix9ine’s Former Associate Found Guilty of Kidnapping Rapper

A former associate of 6ix9ine’s has been found guilty in his kidnapping case.

On Thursday, a jury found Anthony “Harv” Ellison guilty of kidnapping in aid of racketeering. He was also found guilty of racketeering conspiracy and maiming and assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering.

Ellison, who was accused of kidnapping and beating Tekashi in summer 2018, was found not guilty of assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering. The jury did not reach a verdict on the firearms offense charge because Ellison was found not guilty of the dangerous weapon charge.

In addition to Ellison, Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack was found guilty of racketeering conspiracy and narcotics trafficking.

During his three-day testimony last month, Tekashi identified Mack and Ellison as the culprits in his abduction. He also testified that both men orchestrated the kidnapping after their relationship turned sour. Dash cam footage from the July 2018 incident shows Mack and Ellison pulling Tekashi out of his SUV, demanding money, and threatening to shoot him.

Tekashi was hospitalized after being pistol-whipped, but he testified that he initially lied about the kidnapping because he was embarrassed.

While Mack and Ellison face multiple years behind bars, Tekashi is expecting a reduced sentence in return for his cooperation. He was initially looking at a minimum of 47 years in prison, but could be released as early as next year.

Judge Denies R. Kelly’s Request for Release

R. Kelly will remain behind bars for now.

A judge has denied the singer’s request to be released from jail on bail. According to TMZ, prosecutors say Kelly is definitely a flight risk if he gets out of jail while his criminal case is pending.

Kelly’s legal team argues that the singer’s passport does not contain a single stamp showing travel because he rarely goes outside the U.S. However, prosecutors say Kelly wanted to travel to Dubai with his two girlfriends earlier this year after he was released on bail in Illinois.

Prosecutors also refute claims that Kelly won’t tamper with or intimidate witnesses, saying the singer “has a history of coercing women to write letters containing false and embarrassing allegations” so he can use them as blackmail.

Despite claiming that he is broke, prosecutors say Kelly continues to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties for his music. The government alleges that he’s redirecting royalties to the bank account of a childhood friend, but could easily redirect the money to himself.

Kelly’s legal team reports that he has suffered health issues including numbness in one of his hands, anxiety, and an untreated hernia while he remains in a Chicago jail. However, the government has not responded to those claims.

A Chicago judge has set a trial date for April 27, 2020 in the singer’s federal case where he is accused of child ography and obstruction of justice.

R. Kelly Says He’s Having Health Problems in Jail

R. Kelly’s health could be at risk.

The embattled singer says his health has been compromised while he sits behind bars in a Chicago jail where he awaits his various trials.

Kelly’s lawyer has filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, which outline the 52-year-old’s various medical issues, including numbness in one of his hands, anxiety, and an untreated hernia.

Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, claims the singer is not receiving adequate medical treatment in the facility and describes the conditions of his confinement as “stifling.” Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, the two women who lived with Kelly at Trump Tower in Chicago, are not allowed to visit him at the same time. According to Greenberg, Clary currently has visitation and Savage must wait before she can see Kelly.

“Although he lives and has lived with two lady friends, only one of them is allowed to be on his visiting list, and after 90 days he’s required to switch,” says Greenberg.

Kelly is currently being held without bail. His legal team promises the judge that he is not a flight risk. His passport does not contain a single stamp showing travel, because he rarely goes outside the U.S. Greenberg also says Kelly will not tamper with or intimidate witnesses if he is released.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Kelly was released from solitary confinement and is back in general population. A Chicago judge has set a trial date for April 27, 2020 in the singer’s federal case where he is accused of child ography and obstruction of justice.

XXXTentacion’s Murder Suspect Wants Out Of Jail; Asks Judge To Set Bond

It appears one the men accused murdering XXXTentacion believes he should be allowed out jail while he awaits trial. According to a report from TheBlast, suspect Trayvon Newsome’s lawyer is demanding the judge grant his client bond.

His lawyer states, “defendant is presently being denied bond. Defendant is entitled to bond as a matter or right, unless pro is evidence and the presumption guilt is great.” He believes Newsome is entitled to pre-trial release and is requesting a hearing be set.

Newsome has been serving time behind bars ever since August 7th 2018 when he was first arrested as a suspect. He is currently being charged with 1st degree murder and robbery with a firearm. The other men charged for the murder were Dedrick Williams, Michael Boatwright and Robert Allen.

A judge has yet to rule whether or not Newsome will be granted his wish for bond, but one has to think if it hasn’t happened yet, it’s probably unlikely to. Either way, we’ll be sure to keep you posted moving forward. Should a murder suspect be allowed out on bond or nah?

Juelz Santana Looking Swole In Latest Pic From Prison

It looks like Juelz Santana has been keeping busy in the weight room during his time behind bars. Over the weekend, the NYC rapper decided to share an updated pic himself from prison along with some fellow inmates, and he’s looking rather swole.

Unfortunately there wasn’t any caption to the pic, but from what we can see he looks to be in good spirits. Many Juelz’s fellow peers and rapper friends flooded the comments with their support. DJ Clue wrote “Free My Guy,” while T.I. added “Free Ju.”

If you forgot, Juelz is serving a 27-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to possession a firearm and controlled dangerous substance at New Jersey airport back in 2018. He recently welcomed a newborn son into his life as well, who he’s only met once since being in prison (see below).

We’ll continue to keep you posted on Juelz’ prison release moving forward. As now, he’s looking at an early 2021 release. 

Kodak Black Shares Reflective Statement From Jail Following Guilty Plea

Kodak Black is now one weekremoved from submitting a guilty plea in his federal gun case.

In a candid moment, the South Florida-bred artist took to social media to give fans an update on his stint behind bars. The visual comes courtesy a photo featuring Kodak’s fan mail and the usual commissary pickups: Ramen Noodles, Minute Rice, and mackerel fillets.

Under the photo, he begins to reflect on his most recent run-in with the law, citing his failure to stay out trouble and alluding to a higher being for the rhyme and reason behind his unfortunate circumstances.

“4 Months Ago I Was Jus Facetiming Da Baddest Females On Planet Earth , Na Im Makin Jail Calls Waitin On Mail Call,” he begins. “Ya Sometime I Come Off A Lil Arrogant But You`ll Be Too If You Was Young & Rich Comin Up Out Da Projects , Shiddd I Walked Out A Juvenile Detention Center To Millions Of Dollars #IMAGINEDAT .. On Da Real , Im Feelin Its Sumn God Wanna Show Me Or Want Me To Do Cause Im Steady Going Through Da Same Thing , Hopefully These Lessons Turn To Blessings. I Appreciate Ya`ll Screamin To Me Too LOVE.”

August 22nd marked the date that Kodak and his legal team switched from an originally not guilty plea to his current standing. He’s been in custody since Miami’s Rolling Loud Festival this year and is set to be sentenced on November 13th.

Murs Passes "The Breakdown" Torch To Page Kennedy: "Are Bars Enough To Make It In 2019?"

Los Angeles, CA – The Breakdown is back! For the first episode of 2019, former host Murs has passed the torch to rapper/actor Page Kennedy who asks: “Are Bars Enough To Make It In 2019?”

“There are so many amazing rappers who can bend words, hit you with the dopest metaphors and paint vivid pictures with their lyrics,” Kennedy begins. “But a lot of them are overlooked and remain as ‘underground rappers,’ especially in the internet age.”

Throughout the roughly 15-minute segment, Kennedy analyzes artists such as DaBaby, Tierra Whack, Megan Thee Stallion, Blueface, YBN Cordae, Joyner Lucas, Logic and more.

Watch the full episode above.

Adult Film Actress Pleads Guilty To Hiring Hitman To Kill Baby Daddy

A porn actress spent her 32nd birthday behind bars but that will likely be the first many trips around the sun that she’ll spend locked up. Porn actress Katrina Lynn Danforth admitted to the court that she put a hit on the father her children. Danforth, who’s from Idaho, pleaded guilty to illegal use interstate commerce in order to hire a hitman. 

Although it’s unclear why she placed a hit on her baby daddy, she told the court that she found a hitman to kill a man who was listed in the plea agreement as R.H. Her plans to have her husband murdered were done through an acquaintance who connected her with the hitman. But there was a major twist in her plans — the man she hired as a hitman was actually an undercover police ficer. 

From there, the police ficer began to crack down on her plans slowly. The plea agreement detailed the instructions to him which stated that “she had specific requirements that the hitman was to accomplish.” Clearly, she didn’t have much remorse about murdering him or anyone around him. She asked him to make sure the body was easily found and that she also “did not care if others who lived in the home were harmed,” aside from her own child.

As she continued to plot on R.H.’s death, Danforth sent the ficer $2,500 and a thank you card as a “down payment for the hit.” The $2,500 was half the money she owed for the hit. 

Danforth’s sentencing is set to take place on December 2nd. 

Free Market Coalition Urges the DOJ to Maintain PRO Consent Decrees

Several free-market-focused lobbying groups and organization have asked the Department of Justice to keep consent decrees that regulate ASCAP and BMI.

The coalition of organizations and lobbying groups feel the age-old regulations are required to address ongoing anticompetitive concerns.  In statements issued earlier today, the message was clear: the music licensing market is “inherently anti-competitive” and needs regulations to function.

Protesting parties include Frontiers Of Freedom, Citizen Outreach and Institute For Liberty, all of whom are stepping up pressure during a pre-decision commenting period.

and remain the collective performance rights behemoths in the United States.  And despite competition from multiple rival PROs, ASCAP and BMI remain the only PROs subject to the Department of Justice’s decades-old restrictions, with smaller SESAC striking a separate agreement.

Other US-based PROs include Irving Azoff’s Global Music Rights (GMR) and PRO Music.

Of course, a ‘free market’ sounds like the opposite of bureaucratically-controlled publishing rates — but Washington is rife with irony these days.

The consent decrees in question were imposed by the DOJ in the 1940s, and have been lambasted as out-of-date measures that restrict open-market music licensing.  The Decrees have been tweaked in recent years, and last year, the DOJ signaled a broader review of a range of consent decrees across numerous US industries.  Now, that review process is coming to a head — hence the stepped-up protests and input from various parties.

Of course, BMI and ASCAP have been rallying to release the Decrees, with limited success. In lieu of scrapping the measures, both PROs have asked for more limited decrees that include sunsetting provisions. Ditching the decrees would enable direct licensing with PRO licensees, including bars, restaurants, sporting arenas, and other establishments that currently pay statutory rates for public performances.

So why not let the free market simply dictate who pays what?

Well, the arguments against doing in 2019 are pretty similar to the ones advanced in the 30s and 40s. Simply stated: ASCAP and BMI control so much market share that they can’t be trusted to set fair rates for licensees.

Organizations like Frontiers of Freedom and Citizen Outreach maintain that the consent decrees “remain extremely relevant to a functioning marketplace.”

The Free Market Coalition’s joint letter to Attorney General William Barr appears on the Frontiers of Freedom website.

Rather than competing against one another to sell their products, the vast majority of songwriters and publishers have chosen instead to band together under the ASCAP and BMI umbrella (representing about ninety-five percent of all music) in order to collectively set a standard price for music.

This approach of music sellers colluding instead of competing recently led a Federal court to find that SESAC, the next largest music collective, with less than five percent of all music licenses, does possess market power. This finding resulted in the much smaller SESAC agreeing to an antitrust settlement with terms similar to the ASCAP and BMI consent decrees.

This sort of market power, collusion, and price fixing is antithetical to a traditional free market, yet it remains necessary for the music licensing market to operate efficiently. 

A$AP Rocky Released from Prison as Judge Deliberates; Trump Credits Pressure from U.S. Government

A$AP Rocky has finally been released from jail, but he’s not yet in the clear.

The judge who’s presiding over Rocky’s case made an exception and more or less granted him bail. Because Sweden doesn’t have a cash-based bail system and because authorities previously ruled A$AP Rocky to be a flight risk, he spent the vast majority of July—and the first days of August—behind bars.

It’s unclear what exactly prompted the judge and authorities to flip-flop on Rocky’s bail situation after what was, objectively speaking, a month of ample controversy, criticism, and pressure.

President Trump stated that his efforts, including calling Sweden’s prime minister, dispatching the lead U.S. hostage negotiator to Rocky’s trial, and sending a powerfully worded letter, did the trick. He may well be right; before this, it seemed highly unlikely that Rocky would be allowed to leave jail, let alone travel to the United States, before his trial’s conclusion. (He touched down in the States on August 2nd.)

A$AP Rocky took to Instagram to thank the many individuals who’ve been supporting him.

Rocky must appear in court when his verdict is returned. And if he’s found guilty, he will be required to serve his sentence. He faces a maximum of two years behind bars, though prosecutors have said that they’d recommend a sentence between six months and one year in length, provided the decision goes their way.

During this court case, which many expected to be a cut-and-dry, by-the-books display that proved Rocky’s innocence, prosecutors introduced new video footage and text messages that provided a different perspective. However, these same prosecutors admitted that the victim had been following and taunting Rocky and his crew before the alleged assault took place, and Rocky and his defense maintain that the altercation was the result of self-defense.

The court case’s verdict is expected to be announced on Wednesday, August 14th.

R. Kelly Promises To Stay Away From Minors, Rock A GPS Device If Released

R. Kelly‘s behind bars right now after he was hit with federal charges last month. He’s been in federal custody ever since after a judge denied him bond. The singer’s been begging to be released from prison where he’s currently placed in solitary. In an attempt to sway the judge’s decision, he said that he’d be on his best behavior and wear an ankle monitor if they give him bond.

R. Kelly Promises To Stay Away From Minors, Rock A GPS Device If Released
Ben Gabbe/Getty s

According to The Blast, the rapper is asking the judge to allow him out on bond in his federal case. The singer refuted claims that he’s a flight risk by explaining that his finances are incredibly tight. He also said that he’ll stay away from contacting or communicating with minors while also promising to wear a GPS monitor to track his movements. His team said, “Mr. Kelly no longer has the money or the entourage he once did to help him in his endeavors.”

The conditions he’s fering is to be monitored while under house arrest along with promises to stay away from minors. His team also made an fer to “make it virtually impossible to attempt to contact any witnesses without being caught” by giving Kells limited access to the Internet.

His lawyer added that the singer made every single court date between 2002 and 2008 during his last trial. They continued to argue that he was placed in the hole “because who he is, not what he has done.”


R. Kelly Case: Judge Grants Protective Order Over Evidence

R. Kelly‘s facing some serious charges that could put him behind bars for the remainder his days if convicted. The singer was hit with federal charges in connection to the sexual assault allegations that have hovered his career for the majority it. Kells continues to maintain his innocence in the case. But Kelly’s already been found guilty in the court public opinion. In order to prevent being “tried in the public domain,” the judge on the case has granted a protective order on evidence in the case, Chicago Tribune reports. 

R. Kelly Case: Judge Grants Protective Order Over Evidence
Ethan Miller/Getty s 

Attorneys on both sides the R. Kelly case have been ordered to refrain from detailing evidence in the case. Prosecutors the case told the court for the first time that said many the alleged victims never came forward with the exception one listed in the indictment who was included in Surviving R. Kelly. “The vast majority our evidence has never seen the light day,” U.S. Attorney Angel Krull told U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber.

The protective order, however, does make it difficult for Kelly and his two co-defendants from trying to shut down any public statements regarding the allegations from the witnesses or victims. Kelly’s lawyer pointed out that he found this problematic, saying, “Anything we do, we are going to be dragged back in (to court)” for any potential violations.

R. Kelly Insists There’s "Zero Evidence" Proving He Has Herpes: Report

R. Kelly‘s currently behind bars after he was hit with federal charges. Deemed a flight risk, Kelly was not granted bail by the judge on his case. According to The Blast, the singer wrote a lengthy letter to the judge pleading for his release. The singer’s team insisted that he isn’t a danger to the community nor is he a flight risk. But one thing that he also addresses is the allegations knowingly giving one his alleged victims an STD without disclosing that he has herpes. The singer’s asking to be released from federal custody or be granted bail.

R. Kelly Insists There's "Zero Evidence" Proving He Has Herpes: Report
Mike Pont/Getty s

“Currently there is zero evidence that Robert has herpes, knew he had herpes, or knew he could have herpes and recklessly conducted himself,” the letter reads. “ZERO evidence exists.”

Faith Rodgers, an alleged victim who hit Kelly with two lawsuits, has been working with the feds on Kelly’s case. However, Kelly’s team slammed Rodgers as a “disgruntled groupie who alleges she has herpes and got it from Robert.”

His team also claimed that the government illegally obtained the singer’s medical files as a reference for the herpes claims.

“The government alludes to having Robert’s medical records that they believe may nor may not demonstrate that he too may have herpes, but they did not disclose if they properly and/or legally procured same, if they have factually and scientifically established it’s the same strain herpes, or who had it first.”

The judge will likely respond to Kelly’s letter during his arraignment this Friday. 

Young Dro Arrested For Attacking Girlfriend With Banana Pudding: Report

Well here’s a story you won’t hear everyday. According to TMZ, ATL rapper Young Dro was arrested earlier this month (July 5) after allegedly throwing a plate banana pudding at his girlfriend during an argument at their home.

Dro and his girlfriend had reportedly been arguing over money when things started to escalate and the two started throwing food at each other. Both sides were launching whatever they could find with Dro throwing some banana pudding dessert.

Cops were eventually called to the scene, but despite the fact his girlfriend made it clear she didn’t want to press charges, the police arrested Dro anyways. As a result, he’s now facing two counts misdemeanor battery/family violence.

Unfortunately, Dro is still in jail too because he’s being held on a child support contempt order. The legal docs say he owes almost $41,000 in back child support, and needs to pay $10k to be released from custody. So what started as a food fight at his home turned into him sitting behind bars for few weeks. We’ll continue to keep you posted on his release moving forward. 


Soulja Boy Released From Jail Early

Soulja Boy is a free man.

The rapper was released from jail just before 2 a.m. PST on Sunday morning (July 14) as a result of his jail time expiring. The L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. tells TMZ that he was released 146 days early due to a combination of good behavior, time served, and overcrowding.

Soulja had originally been sentenced to 240 days in jail and 265 days of community service for violating his probation in April. The judge said he failed to do his court-ordered community service and even conspired to falsify evidence he had completed it. In February, cops raided Soulja’s home and found ammunition while investigating a claim from an ex-girlfriend, who said that Soulja had kidnapped her.

While he was behind bars, his kidnapping case was rejected by prosecutors. The Ventura County District Attorney declined to file charges against the rapper due to insufficient evidence. The alleged victim accused him of holding her captive for six hours. However, the case was dropped after a police investigation didn’t prove it.