Facebook + Instagram Music Is Expanding Deeper Into Europe

Facebook has announced it is rolling out music across its platforms to more countries in Europe. Instagram Music is now available in over 30 European countries.

Facebook and Instagram users in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Romania, and Slovakia can now use these music features. Music from “a vast catalog of international and local songs” can be added to personal videos and live feeds.

People in these seven countries can now add songs to their Facebook and Instagram Stories. This feature mimics services like TikTok – which is eating Facebook’s lunch in the younger demographic.

Lip Sync Live on Facebook is also now available in these countries. Friends can follow along with a performance in real-time and see the lyrics as you sing. Lip Sync Live is available when choosing to go Live on Facebook. The feature displays the name of the artist and song with links to their official Facebook pages.

Finally, the roll-out also includes sharing music on a Facebook Profile. Facebook users can add videos with music in a new music section. The Instagram ‘music questions’ sticker is also rolling out to these countries. Fans can respond to questions with a sticker featuring a song from the music library.

Facebook says it is looking forward to expanding all of these features to even more markets. The strategy makes sense, obtained from a summer Facebook meeting.

While these features a great for emulating the TikTok experience ⁠— they’re hardly a reason to convert from one social media platform to another.

TikTok’s explosive growth is from Facebook’s massive sphere of influence. When asked about his strategy in dealing with TikTok’s growth, Zuckerberg says the company plans to target areas where TikTok hasn’t caught on yet. Expanding Facebook and Instagram music features means lessening TikTok’s influence in those regions. Meanwhile, TikTok has from Facebook since 2018.

Nicki Minaj’s Brother Still Faces Life In Child Rape Case After Losing Bid In Court: Report

Nicki Minaj‘s brother, Jelani Maraj, has been convicted  predatory ual assault on a child and child endangerment but he’s been trying to have the conviction set aside. He and his legal team claimed there was misconduct among the jury when they turned over the verdict but it appears the judge just wasn’t biting. According to Newsday, Maraj’s request was denied by the State Supreme Court Justice Robert McDonald. 

Nicki Minaj's Brother Still Faces Life In Child Rape Case After Losing Bid In Court: Report
(L-R) Micaiah Maraj, Carol Maraj and Jelani Maraj attend 2015 Dress For Success Something To Share Gala — Chance Yeh/Getty s

It’s been nearly two years since Maraj’s conviction after prosecutors successfully accused him ually abusing and raping his stepdaughter from 2015 to 2017 from when she was 11-years-old. He denied that any the allegations were true and essentially claimed that this was extortion to get money from Nicki.

However, David Schwartz, the lawyer for Maraj, said that “there was clear jury misconduct.” He argued that social media and news articles influenced the jurors decision.

State Supreme Court Justice Robert McDonald ruled that “not every misstep by a juror rises to the inherent and prejudicial level at which reversal is required.” He added that Maraj nor his legal team met the “burden pro that any misconduct here created a significant risk that a substantial right the defendant was prejudiced.”

Maraj’s mother, Carol, called the ruling “unfair.”

“The jurors admitted that they were swayed by TV, radio, the bloggers … listening to what the comments were. Can you tell me why juror misconduct was not proven today? … This is ridiculous,” Carol Maraj said.

Future’s Baby Mama, Joie, Thrives After They Announce They’re Not Back Together

Rumors started circulating that Future may have gotten back together with his baby mama, Joie Chavis, when he was spotted on her birthday vacatio. Joie went on an extravagant week-long trip to Turks & Caicos with her friends, where they stayed in a stunning villa. It’s unknown how long Future joined the group for because he only made a single appearance in her Instagram story throughout the heavily-documented vacation. People’s suspicions that Future and Joie were dating again were further fueled by her posting a diamond-encrusted watch that she received as a birthday gift

However, these rumors were dispelled on Saturday, when Future announced that he’s single amidst some publicized drama involving a fan. The Wizrd rapper reacted to a woman’s Instagram story with the heart-eyed emoji and she flexed the compliment by posting a screenshot it on her Twitter. Some blogs covered this interaction, which resulted in a frustrated Future. He told the woman that what she did was “mad corny sweetie” and vowed to never engage with fans over social media again. This situation also elicited Future to reveal that he is single and ALSO that he doesn’t lie. “What’s the problem?,” the unproblematic king asked. 

Well, Joie is back from vacation and back on her grind regardless. The health blogger has been updating followers her daily routines, which involve grabbing some celery juice and attending stiletto exercise classes. She got the vacation, the watch and her adorable son, Hendrix. What’s the problem? 

Future's Baby Mama, Joie, Thrives After They Announce They're Not Back Together

Future's Baby Mama, Joie, Thrives After They Announce They're Not Back Together

Future's Baby Mama, Joie, Thrives After They Announce They're Not Back Together


Apple’s New iOS 13.2 Beta Includes 230 New Emoji Varients

With Apple’s release the iOS 13.2 beta earlier this week, users gained access to a plethora new emojis. The new iOS update includes 59 new unique emojis, but when accounting for other variations like skin tone, gender and more, there are 230 variations new emojis. This beta is the first time users have been able to use the emojis previewed by Apple earlier this year for World Emoji Day. 

The surplus new options includes new animals such as a service dog, an otter, a skunk and more. The update also incorporates a key focus on inclusivity. The full breakdown on the Emojipedia website says, “Now on the iOS emoji keyboard, a choice three options is available: woman, person, or man. Unlike other implementations, Apple’s gender options are not contained within a submenu on the emoji keyboard and are instead shown side by side on the top level. This means a gender-inclusive fice worker, singer, vampire or merperson can now be sent, alongside the previous options available for women or men.”

There is no ficial date for the full iOS 13.2 release, and presumably, the emojis implemented in this beta are subject to change based on user reaction before they are fully available to the public.

Dad 3D-Prints His Son A Lamborghini Aventador

Everyone wants to drive a Lamborghini, but not everyone’s dad is able to build them one. Sterling Backus has been blowing up on the internet this week after 3D-printing a drivable replica Lamborghini Aventador. Autoblog says Backus built the car after his son mentioned wishing to drive one while playing Forza on his Xbox. 

Backus is the chief scientific ficer at KMLabs in Boulder, Colorado and spent $20,000 to build the car. He hand-built a steel chassis and took a LS1 V8 from a Corvette to give the ride power. He was able to get the panel layout form GrabCAD, an online design community.

The biggest obstacle Backus had to overcome was an issue where the car would melt in the sun. The 3D-printed plastic simply wasn’t strong enough. To fix this, he wrapped carbon-fiber on the parts and covered them in epoxy. 

All-together, it must have taken a remarkable amount time to get to where the project is today. Apparently, the front brake air intake itself took 52 hours to finish. Backus says he hopes the car serves as an educational tool for Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) programs. You can check out the ficial FaceBook page for the car here.

Cardi B’s Loses Attempt To Dismiss Blogger’s $1M Lawsuit Over Death Threats

Cardi B will have to face Latasha K, the blogger who accused the rapper causing her to receive death threats and defamation, in court over Latasha’s $1M countersuit against the rapper. According to The Blast, a judge has sided with Latasha K after Cardi B filed a motion to dismiss the case in court. The two had a hearing but Cardi B’s attempt to have the case dropped was ultimately denied. 

Latasha’s $1M countersuit came after Cardi initially sued her and Starmine Ebony Jones for calling her a prostitute, claiming she had herpes, talking about her child, among other things. Cardi sued them for defamation and ordered to have the videos removed fline. However, Cardi also took to social media where she tore them a new a*shole, essentially discrediting Latasha as “a blogger lady” and claiming she had false sources. Ultimately, Latasha said that Cardi defamed her and was subject to gang-related threats. She also said that she needed to move residences and said that she’s lost money due to a decline in subscribers and advertisements. Latasha claims that she’s suffered emotional and financial distress.

In her motion, Cardi denied defaming Latasha by arguing that labeling her a “hoe” or a “dumb bitch” is nothing more than name-calling. She’s continued to deny all wrongdoing. We’ll keep you posted on the case.

Cardi B Refuses To Apologize For Recent Rant: "I Said What The F*ck I Say"

For some people, two the most difficult words to say are “I’m sorry.” Everyone knows what it’s like to make a mistake and need to apologize for your actions, but getting around to saying those two words are ten met with resistance. Last week, a clip Cardi B‘s Instagram Live went viral after she cussed out Access Hollywood and accused them manipulating a soundbite to make it seem as though she said she was a bad mother. 

An irate Cardi shouted, “The f*ck?! Then y’all n*ggas gonna use what I said, chop it the f*ck up, chop it up, and try to make me look like I’m some wack ass mom. Get the f*ck out here!” The show later deleted the post about the rapper and as the days progressed, people called for Cardi to apologize for her scathing words.

The Invasion Privacy rapper took to her Instagram Live once again to share a few thoughts about issuing that apology, and to summarize her answer: it’s not going to happen. “I’m not going to motherf*ckin’ apologize for sh*t, because if I said it when I was upset, I said what the f*ck I say,” she stated.

“Everybody say sh*t when they upset…People say all type crazy sh*t, so when I say crazy sh*t, people just want to highlight it because they hate me. They ask every single blogger, ‘Oh my God, can you please talk about how Cardi said, this-this-and-that?’…If you think that it’s wrong, it is what it is, but I ain’t gonna apologize for you.”

Cardi added that in the past when she has apologized for her actions, people continued to throw her mistakes in her face, so she doesn’t see the point. Check out the clip below.

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PlayStation 5 Officially Announced: Here Are The New Features

After months rumours, Sony has ficially introduced the next generation PlayStation, the PlayStation 5. The new console will be launched during the 2020 Holiday season, and will embed a lot new and improved features. 

The PlayStation blog explained how the company will be adding two key innovations to the new console.

The first innovation involves haptic feedback, which will replace the ”rumble” technology to the console. This will give the controller a more realistic and lively experience. There will be a wide range feedback depending on the situation. For example, crashing into a wall will feel different than tackling a player on the football field.

The second feature will be adding adaptive triggers. This innovation will allow players to feel the physical sensation shooting a gun on Call Duty for instance, or accelerating an f-road vehicle through the unsteady tracks. 

Moreover, Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 will be more eco-friendly, as it will produce much less energy than the PlayStation 4. Sony President and CEO, Jim Ryan, stated on the company’s website, ”if just one million users enable this feature, it would save equivalent to the average electricity use 1,000 US homes.”

Are you excited for the PlayStaton 5 launch? Let us know what you think about the new features.

In case you missed it, Playstation recently announced a cut to their monthly subscription service.

Chalamagne Bombards Forest Whitaker With Questions About His Lazy Eye

You should all know by now that Charlamagne the God, the face The Breakfast Club, does not hold back as an interviewer. The man is one the most educated people when it comes to the entertainment and music industries, working in this business for years. He’s likely conducted thousands interviews in his career and, these days, he’s not about to filter his thoughts. If he wants to ask about somebody’s lazy eye, he’s going to do so. If he feels like clowning you to your face, you better be able to take it. Last week, Forest Whitaker stepped into the room for his Breakfast Club interview and during the sit-down, questions about his eyelid kept coming up. The internet community is not entirely pleased with how Charla behaved with the actor.

The iconic actor has a condition called ptosis according to blog site HipHopLately, and Whitaker’s fans are upset that Charlamagne would press him about the memes pertaining to his dropping eyelid. “Is it a condition?” asked the radio host on air. “Because after 11 PM my eye does the same thing. And I always say when it happens ‘I’m looking a little Forest Whitakery right now.'”

People are saying that Charla was “disrespectful” and “rude” for mentioning the actor’s eye. Do you agree or is it all fair game when you head to The Breakfast Club?

"Jackass" Comedian Rip Taylor Dies At 84

Jackass comedian, Rip Taylor, also known as ”The Confetti King” was reported dead this past Sunday in Beverly Hills, by his publicist Harlan Boll. 

Rip Taylor’s unique and joyful humour was pround, and in some ways revolutionary. From comedy specials to game shows, the flamboyant comedian was constantly surprising the public, and creating new ways to look at comedy by just improvising and being himself. One his most memorable big-screen appearances was in the 1993 motion picture, Wayne’s World 2.

He is known for throwing confetti, which initially began as an accident. In an interview for the Classic Television Showbiz, the comedian describes his dull experience on the Merv Griffin show doing prop. The jokes were evidently not up to his standards– he found them ”dumb” so he decided to cut up the joke cards and throw them away like confetti. When the scene first reached the masses, it blew up and became in some way his trademark, expected at the end every performance. 

Although he typically kept his personal life private, he unknowingly opened doors for many gay comedians and actors in Hollywood, at a time when it hadn’t yet been accepted across television screens.

He didn’t expect to be remembered by name, as he was ten known more through his physical comedy – throwing confetti, crying, performing at strip clubs, and so on.  

Today, we honour Rip Taylor, as the revolutionary and outlandish comedian he was. May he rest in peace, and may his family find strength in the good memories, as he lives on eternally through them. 

This Year’s Worst Halloween Candy Has Been Determined

Each year, you end up getting some Halloween candy that you just don’t want. It’s inevitable. We all have our favorites and, for the most part, ain’t nobody choosing candy corn over a delicious Reese’s peanut butter cup. Still though, you’re bound to fill up your stash with some stuff that will end up in the garbage. Although Halloween is at the end this month, a survey conducted by CandyStore.com has determined the best and worst candies for this year’s spooky season and, unsurprisingly, candy corn took the final spot on the list.

For the last few years, circus peanuts have been sitting pretty as the unanimous decision for the worst Halloween candy all time. Personally, I’d rather walk away with peanuts than black licorice or an apple, but that’s just me. In 2019 though, all was made right in the world because a poll conducted with 30,000 participants has found that candy corn should be banned forever from the orange-and-black holiday.

This Year's Worst Halloween Candy Has Been Determined
Taylor Hill/Getty s

As Complex points out, it’s pretty crazy that candy corn ended up in the top spot over circus peanuts but, as expected, the former throne holder now moves down to the second-worst candy all time. Peanut Butter Kisses rank third.

As for the best candies, obviously Reese’s peanut butter cups were found to be the most popular. Snickers and Twix followed closely behind, with other candy bars rounding out the Top Ten. Are you surprised?

Sony Cuts Monthly Price Of Playstation Now By 50%

Sony is cutting the price its game-subscription service in half. A monthly subscription to PlayStation Now will cost $9.99, down from $19.99 originally. The new price point now falls in line with Microst’s Xbox Game Pass and the upcoming Google Stadia Pro. Users who pay quarterly will see a price drop from $45 to $25, and yearly subscribers will pay $60 instead $100.

Sony is also adding a handful new titles to the service. Grand Theft Auto 5, God War and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End are all being added to the service’s line-up over 800 titles. The new titles will be available for three months, from October 1, 2019 until January 2, 2020.

In the announcement on Playstation’s website, the company said “Starting today, PS Now will be fered at a more compelling price that is comparable to other entertainment streaming services on the market. Current customers will see this new pricing reflected in their next billing cycle… We currently have the largest game library any console game subscription service, with more than 800* games available. Starting today, we’re adding more blockbuster content that includes some the most highly played and critically acclaimed PS4 games ever.”

The company also released a video trailer for the new update you can check out below.

Cardi B Announces She’s Deleting Her Social Media Accounts

Take advantage the time you have with Cardi B online because soon, we will be feeling her absence. One the brashest personalities in the game, Cardi B is unafraid to speak her mind, which is part the reason why her fans love her so much. Her essence is her brand. That’s what’s so special about the Bronx-based superstar. She’s just being herself, having fun on a daily basis and getting paid to do it. You love to see it. Unfortunately, the fact that she can never keep her mouth shut comes back to haunt her sometimes, making her a constant victim gossip websites and rumors. She’s getting fed up her privacy being taken advantage so she’s decided that, after her birthday, she will be shutting down her social media accounts.

Cardi B Announces She's Deleting Her Social Media Accounts
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty s

Ironically making the announcement on Twitter, Cardi B told everybody that this is the last week they’ll be able to see her on the platform. After noting that she may have been shadow-banned by Instagram, the star ultimately had enough every single social medium because she told the world she’s leaving. “You see I been workin my ass f doing my shit .I go out I do press run people took my kindness for weakness I felt violated I said how I felt now I am THE INDUSTRY WICKED WITCH AGAIN. This is why I don’t be talking or socializing cause it always end up bad for Cardi,” she said. “After my bday ..I’m deleting my social media accounts for a while cause a bitch just OVER IT.”

In case you’re unaware, Cardi B will be turning 27-years-old on October 11, meaning that this is her final week on social media for a while. She ended the rant by reminding fans that she simply cannot be canceled, explaining that the media will always try but that she’s keeping it ten toes down and locking in for her next album.

Will you miss her? Be honest.

Akademiks Resurrects Rap Alter Ego & Drops Nicki Minaj Diss

DJ Akademiks has decided to take his grievances with Nicki Minaj to wax. On Thursday (October 3), the Everyday Struggle co-host unleashed “Take Care Babe” as his response to the Instagram DM wrath he and Nicki exchanged last month.

He teased the track a day prior Instagram, revealing his Lil Ak alter ego was back in effect.

“The return of LIL AK. 10.18.2019. HYPEBEAST OTW,” he wrote in the cation. “We taking all lyrical fades too… might have to drop a diss song too to set the tone out here… lmk who need a lyrical annihilation from LIL AK. The pen is itching.”

The track kicks off with, “Don’t be playing, don’t be playing like you know me/Tell Nicki she can fuck me on her IG,” a clear reference to their IG fight.

He addressed the situation during an episode of Everyday Struggle in September.

“Nicki’s having a breakdown,” Ak said. “She’s at the point where the shoe that nearly connected with her dome that was thrown by Cardi got her out of whack. She’s now threatening bloggers. I though Nicki wanted to have a conversation, or at least bring me to Queen Radio to defend … I thought she was on the brink of calling me ‘cocksucker of the week.’”

Akademiks Resurrects Rap Alter Ego & Drops Nicki Minaj Diss

Ak revealed Nicki threatened him and accused him of having romantic feelings for Tekashi 6ix9ine. 

“last time I was in the studio was 69 he told me he could tell you were really hoping he was gay in real life & that you really tried to touch him in that pool,” her DM read. “The reason you mad is due to me and him being close before he went to jail. I didn’t mean to hang out with your ‘boyfriend in your head.’ I only meant to do a dope song. Please post that part too Alvin and the Chipfunk. You gon be HURT.”

Check out the “Take Care Babe” diss up top.

B.o.B Goes Off In NSFW-Rant Over Lack Of Support: "You Don’t Give A F*** About Me"

B.o.B had a hell a run at the beginning the decade but his career didn’t manage to sustain that well. Although he’s talented in his own right, over the past few years, he’s made some claims and decisions that clearly rubbed people the wrong way. These days, it seems like his name is barely mentioned unless it’s attached to some sort controversy. This ultimately impacted the trajectory his career and now, he’s taking an issue over the lack support he’s received over the years.

In a video posted to social media, B.o.B completely lashed out over the lack support he’s received over the years. He seemingly takes aim at his fanbase and the music industry that ultimately let his career fade away over the years.

“I fuckin’ hate you fuckin’ n***as. You n***as ain’t supporting me worth shit while I was fuckin’ living. And now that I’m fuckin’ dead, you wanna talk about ‘Oh I love B.o.B., I love all his music,” he said. “Fuck you, fuck you. You fuckin’ bitch. You ain’t support shit. And you don’t give a fuck about me and you don’t fuckin’ know me,” he continued. “Suck my fuckin’ dick. You bitch. You don’t care about none the shit I fuckin’ said and none the shit I fuckin’ did.”

Peep the video below.