Eazy E's Daughter ReeMarkable Honors His 54th Birthday With Photoshoot

Eazy E’s daughter ReeMarkable is honoring her father’s birthday with a photoshoot where she reimagines many his iconic photographs. The photographs which are being released Today, have been inspired by the infamous Hilton photo shot by photographer Ricky Powell in 1993, two years before his death. Ricky Powell had an agreement in place to interview the legendary Compton rapper, on serious grounds. But Eazy greeted him with open arms, fering him a rolled blunt as he entered the door, and so the legendary session was born.

ReeMarkable is following her father’s footsteps, not only by adopting his trademark look, but in pursuing a career as a character. As legend has it, Eazy-E’s career as rapper almost never happened, but such is faith. ReeMarkable has deliberately chosen to shadow her father’s likeness; he would have been 54 years old today, a few shades grayer than the rest his N.W.A comrades.

ReeMarkable is quoted as saying, “I’m ready to carry the torch my daddy left behind for me! This is for you daddy, Happy Birthday!” She goes into greater detail on Instagram in a long-winded post dedicated to her dad, which includes the photo set in its entirety (up above).

Check out her duet with Coco Vango titled “Bonnie & Clyde.”

Happy 54th, Eric “Eazy-E” Wright.

Jay-Z & Beyonce Ride The Bull In Lavish Video Shoot

It was reported that Bey and Jigga Man were shooting the sequel to “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” in beautiful lush Jamaica on the Tuff Gong ranch made famous by Bob Nesta Marley. TMZ uncovered pictures the couple touring on a motorbike in retrit jumpers. No greater metaphor exists for couples sticking through thick and thin, than a good motorcade, hands on hip. 

Fast forward to today, the couple are still shooting for their On the Run II tour, in the same getup, except in this case the motorcycle is outfitted with a giant bull skull and horns for added grit. 

TMZ reports that in between shoots, the pair have been “catered to hand and foot” by their production crew. s depict a bearded production assistant blocking the beating sun from their magisterial heads. They seem all too comfortable making on set demands, and why shouldn’t they. They foot the bill.

“03 Bonnie & Clyde” portrayed the couple in their honeymoon phase on a collision course with the law. This go-around they are seasoned and well-spent, so it goes to figure what they will choose to depict their romance, in the eyes the adoring public who want nothing more than to see this fairy tale persist through the ages.