Boosie Badazz Tearfully Announces His Dog’s Death After Car Accident

The loss a loved one is difficult for anybody to process. It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve put into the streets, losing one your friends, family members, or even a pet is a tough thing to go through. Boosie Badazz may be a veteran in the rap game, known for his authenticity and ten-nonsensical mannerisms, but he’s still got a heart and that means when he loses someone, it’s gonna hit him. The Baton Rouge rapper had grown close to his dog over the last little while and yesterday, he announced that his little friend had unfortunately passed away.

Boosie Badazz Tearfully Announces His Dog's Death After Car Accident
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Boosie explained the situation as only he can, telling his followers that the beautiful Boozilla is no longer with us. “My dog just got ran over n died in the car with me on the way to the vet,” wrote the experienced vocalist. “Nobody call me for 3 days period FUCK THE WORLD. RIP BOOZILLA.”

Boosie is a family man, constantly showing f his kids and his home life to the world so it’s sad to see somebody close to him get taken away. After witnessing the accident, Boo attempted to do the right thing, bringing his pooch to the vet’s fice but it was too late. Join us in sending your love and positivity to Boosie Badazz and his family.

Boosie Badazz Hit With Two Felony Charges Related To Recent Arrest: Report

Things aren’t looking too good for Boosie Badazz. Back in April, just a week after he dropped his Badazz 3.5, Boosie was arrested in Newnan, Georgia. He was pulled over by police for allegedly coming close to hitting another vehicle, and when ficers searched the car Boosie was driving, they reportedly found over $20K in cash, marijuana, a vape pen, a handgun, and suspected THC oil.

He was taken into custody on charges possession marijuana, possession a schedule one drug, possession a firearm during the commission a crime, and failure to maintain a lane while driving. Now, TMZ reports that months later, Boosie has been hit with two felony charges related to the incident as the District Attorney has included possession less than an ounce marijuana and possession a controlled substance. The gun possession charges have been dropped.

Boosie Badazz Hit With Two Felony Charges Related To Recent Arrest: Report
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With Boosie at the time his arrest was Antonio Allen, a former free safety for the New York Jets who reportedly was working as Boosie’s security guard. Allen was also detained at the time and is facing the same two felony charges that Boosie was given. TMZ reports that if the men are convicted, they are looking at up to a year behind bars.

Boosie Badazz Explains Why He Thinks Nipsey Hussle’s Shooter Killed Him

Nipsey Hussle‘s death has been well-documented with detailed reports and security footage the moments leading up to his shooting. We’re still processing his loss and his peers are also strung up on the situation. It is believed that Eric Holder, the man suspected killing Hussle, was motivated because snitching allegations that were made. However, Boosie Badazz thinks a different story isn’t being told. 

Boosie Badazz Explains Why He Thinks Nipsey Hussle's Shooter Killed Him
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During a new portion his interview with DJ Vlad, Boosie spoke about Nipsey Hussle and specifically, the day his murder. The Baton Rouge legend believes that if the shooting were because snitching accusations, things would have gone differently. Instead, Boosie is convinced that Nip was killed because jealousy. “He was hypnotized with hatred, bro,” says the rapper about Holder. “His girl took a selfie with Nipsey. He ain’t never seen her that happy in her life.”

He went on to reference a video that allegedly shows Holder embracing Hussle from a few years ago, which has since been proven fake. “Why would you go and kill Nip, dog? If you know you’re a rat, him telling you you’re a snitch was not the total reason. Not even close to the reason why he killed Nipsey Hussle. He been wanted to kill him. He been hated on the boss. He wanted to rap.”

What do you think Boosie’s take? Do you agree or is he overthinking it?

Boosie Claps Back At Haters Over Topless Pool Party: "Suck A D**k N Die"

Boosie Badazz tried to replicate Trouble’s pool party that had the internet in shambles last week. You know, the one with Alexis Skyy and the cucumber challenge… Need I say more? Anyhow, Boosie hosted a topless pool party his own and from the recap he shared, it was very lit. But given that Boosie is a magnet for criticism, he seemed to get a lot hate over the pool party. While he typically posts videos his rants, this time, he hit the Notes app to let f a lengthy statement.

“Everybody who got something to say about my Boosie Estates topless pool party can ‘SUCK A DICK N DIE,'” he wrote. “Yall bad built bitches just mad y’all wasn’t there n YALL n***as just mad cause y’all girl n baby mommas was there LIT.”

But Boosie’s rant wasn’t just towards the people who weren’t invited. It was towards a world that has doubted him for so long. From his humble beginnings, he’s managed to become Southern rap royalty and worked damn hard to get to the position he’s in today.

“WHY R U MAD CAUSE IM LIVING !!] DO U KNOW MY STRUGGLE? I WORKED HARD FOR EVERYTHING I GOT !!] IM FROM CDT WE TURN UP WITH NOTHING, SO HOW U THANK WE GO ACT ON 70 acres stupid MFS. N y’all sayin I need a woman mind ya biz,” he continued before diving into a sub-rant about why he doesn’t trust women.

At the end the day, the moral the story is “MIND YA BUIZNESS.”

Boosie Explains How He Connected YNW Melly With His Lawyer For His Murder Case

YNW Melly became one the hottest artists 2018 but he hasn’t even been able to witness it, for the most part. The rapper’s currently facing a double murder charge for his alleged involvement in the murders YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. Although he’s maintained his innocence, he’s still behind bars and has been denied bond. He’s reportedly facing the death penalty but he’s been connected with a lawyer that got another rapper f on similar charges, Boosie Badazz. He recently sat down with Vlad to explain how that connection came about. 

Boosie Explains How He Connected YNW Melly With His Lawyer For His Murder Case
Jerritt Clark/Getty s

People once chanted “Free Boosie” like they do “Free Melly.” Boosie Badazz feels for Melly and his current situation which is why he connected Melly with Jason Williams, the lawyer who got the Louisiana rapper f his murder charge a few years ago. Boosie explained that he’s kept in contact with Melly’s mother since Melly’s incarceration. He said while other lawyers reached out to Melly’s family, Boosie was adamant that they hire Jason Williams.

“I told him who to go get. I’d be talking to his mom. I was just reaching out it letting it be known that you need to get Jason Williams … Jason in the new Johnnie Cochran,” he said.

Boosie Badazz also describes his own experience beating a murder charge and dropping $250K for his legal defense in his murder case. Peep the full video below. 

Boosie Badazz Admits He Disciplines His Kids With "A Good Ol’ Fashioned Ghetto Whooping"

Boosie Badazz sat down with VladTV for a recent interview and opened up about his parenting style, which has come under fire before. This time, the Baton Rouge-bred rapper revealed how he disciplines his children.

The 36-year-old began by explaining how he makes sure to reprimand them in front of their siblings. Then he admitted he still uses physical punishments to get them to behave.

“I’m a fun daddy, but I discipline them too,” the father of seven said. “I don’t beat them too bad, but I beat they ass. I give ’em a good ol’ fashioned ghetto whooping. I chew ’em out in front of their other brothers and sisters. They don’t like that. You don’t like to get embarrassed in front of your brothers and sisters.

“Other than that, if they out of line I beat they ass. Like, I beat my kids’ ass. And sometimes it falls back on me because I play with my kids a lot.”

When asked if he’s concerned about how that could be perceived in 2019, Boosie responded with, “I can’t really talk about how bad I beat ’em.”

Boosie became a target of social media’s wrath in 2017 when he implied he was getting his then 14-year-old son oral sex for the his birthday. Following the backlash, Boosie insisted it was nothing more than a harmless joke.

“I was just clowning on Instagram,” he told TMZ at the time. “I ain’t gonna get him no head. I ain’t gon’ bring nobody, gon’ get him no head but if he wanna get some head from a girl, he’s 14 years old. I’m cool with it.

“Yeah, fucking at 14, so you know … Fucking is popular at 14, 15 years old. That’s when they be in heat. You know, but I’m not just gonna bring a girl to give him head. You know but from what I know, he got head before.”

Boosie later claimed nobody could be the father he is in an Instagram post.

“Most of you men coming at me don’t do shit for your kids smh,” he wrote in part. “U will never understand a bond with a child because your child has no respect for you n your absence in they life n they don’t trust you at all .Your babymoma is they father, mother n best friend.

“While you typing words to me u should be writing an apology to your child for being U (a sperm donor). Y’all can never be the daddy I am.”

Revisit the post below.

View this post on Instagram

Everybody in my Dm Sayin I'm a poor father etc. well you're wrong about that .Im there for my kids from the youngest to the oldest.If you don't think kids r sexually active at 14 you better wake up it's 2017. Where I'm from girls were pregnant at 13 and 14 on the regular.They had no daddy to talk to them about what's in boys ,the streets r STDs etc.I have a relationship where I can talk to my teenage kids about anything .Most of you women in my Dm who r coming for me never had a father figure in your life,never had a bond with your dad or just don't want to face reality that it's 2017 n kids r sexually active at that age.Its up to us as parents to have sit downs with our teenagers to learn what they r going through in all aspects of there life.Most of you men coming at me don't do shit for your kids smh U will never understand a bond with a child because your child has no respect for you n your absence in they life n they don't trust you at all .Your babymoma is they father ,mother n best friend. While you typing words to me u should be writing an apology to your child for being U (a sperm donor). Y'all can never be the daddy I am. I had shows Thursday to Monday this week n today it was time for me to take the majority of them back to Louisiana. Well check this out , I'm tired ass fuck right now. I could have put them on a plane are got someone to drop them off to Louisiana. Instead I'm in a sprinter right now driving them to Louisiana having fun with them on our last day together for a couple months. Muther fuckers that's what real daddies do.🖕🏿🖕🏿

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Boosie Badazz Explains Why He Beats Up His Children

There is no denying that Boosie Badazz is a controversial dude. The Baton Rouge native has spoken at length about his legal history, including when he was facing the death penalty several years ago. The rapper is now in the clear but he continues to do things that make people shake their heads. Just this weekend, he attended the Cucumber Party that was hosted by Trouble and YFN Lucci, sharing a video Alexis Skyy completing the challenge in an extremely graphic fashion. Boo regularly sits down to chat with hip-hop commentator DJ Vlad and today, a new video was uploaded from their sit-down conversation pertaining to the artist’s parental skills. The duo specifically spoke about how Boosie disciplines his children, which will surely prove to be head-scratching to some.

Boosie Badazz Explains Why He Beats Up His Children
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

The cancer survivor told listeners that when his children are acting up, he’s not afraid to take measures to warn them for next time. “I chew ’em out in front their other brothers and sisters,” says Boosie about what he does when one his kids is out line. “They don’t like that. You don’t like to get embarrassed in front your brothers and sisters. Other than that, if they out line I beat they ass. Like, I beat my kids’ ass. And sometimes it falls back on me because I play with my kids a lot.”

Vlad wanted to make sure Boosie’s message didn’t get misconstrued so he gave the rapper time to elaborate. He only made things worse though. “I can’t really talk about how bad I beat ’em,” said Boopac, suggesting that sometimes, it can get pretty ugly.

Do you agree with Boosie’s parenting skills? Are we even fit to judge what he’s doing in his household?

New Music: T-Pain feat. G-Eazy ‘Girlfriend’

T-Pain is looking for some freaky action on his new single “Girlfriend” featuring G-Eazy.

On the A1 Bentley-produced track, the “Masked Singer” winner is on the prowl for a ménage à trois. “Me and my girl need a girlfriend and it might be you,” sings T-Pain.

Gerald imagines a threesome with his model girlfriend (“The three of us could make a movie, your decision”), but makes sure to keep it on the DL: “Just sign this NDA, look, it’s that simple.”

T-Pain has been open about his relationship with his wife of 16 years, Amber Najm. “A lot of people were saying me and my wife were swingers and that we had like a Will-and-Jada kinda open marriage,” he told TT Torrez in 2013. “I was just telling them that me and my wife just sleep with other girls together. It’s not like we can just go off and have relationships with other people. People were assuming we got married for nothing. Just ’cause we smash every now and then don’t mean we got an open marriage.”

“Girlfriend” follows T-Pain’s album 1UP , which he released in February featuring Lil Wayne, Tory Lanez, Boosie Badazz, and Russ.

Alexis Skyy Addresses Cucumber Video & Alleged Fight In New Footage

So, things got a little crazy in Atlanta this weekend. When Trouble announced that he was hosting an all-out pool party, we were expecting it to get pretty wild but this is seriously next level. We previously reported on the viral video Alexis Skyy participating in the Cucumber Challenge, which was extremely graphic and NSFW. The clip clearly shows Fetty Wap‘s ex-girlfriend penetrating a woman with a cucumber before sticking the vegetable in her mouth and going to town on it. It was posted by rapper Boosie Badazz, who has since deleted the footage. Well, it didn’t take long for Alexis Skyy to speak out about the video, also addressing a fight that she was allegedly involved in at the same party.

Taking to Instagram Live, Skyy explained that she is not the woman in the fight video that is circulating around the web. However, she didn’t deny her involvement in the Cucumber Challenge clip. She did explain herself though. “Y’all talking about this goddamn cucumber. This girl was a fucking porn star,” says Alexis before claiming that she actually requested the sexual favor. “The girl is a whole porn star, she’s the one that told me to put it in there, I was like ‘wow.’ The alcohol was in our systems and we were just having a good time.”

Given the graphic nature the video in question, we will not provide a link to it.

Boosie Badazz Captures Graphic Video Of Alexis Skyy’s Cucumber Challenge

Where to begin. On Sunday evening, reality star and Fetty Wap’s baby mama Alexis Skyy became a trending topic on Twitter after videos her reported recent antics began to circulate on social media. Alexis and her new boyfriend, Trouble, threw a #CucumberChallenge-themed mansion party in Atlanta that turned into all-out debauchery. Of course, in this day and age where social media runs rampant, guests captured every moment. It was…a lot.

The pool party found a number guests showing f their summer bodies including Alexis who streamed her best, and craziest, moments in her Instagram Story. However, there was one clip that she failed to show, but Boosie Badazz did the sharing on her behalf. Apparently, there was a cucumber contest to see who could get the most graphic with the vegetable, and Alexis went all out. In the video, a woman is laying on her back as Alexis penetrates her with a cucumber. Alexis then takes it out and thrusts it into the woman’s mouth.

The video was quickly deleted by Instagram because it goes against their policies, but that didn’t stop people from snagging it and sharing the clip on Twitter. It quickly went viral, as did another video showing the party ending with a fight. According to the women involved, they got into an altercation with Alexis and beat her up. However, Alexis later stated that she’s not the person in the video and didn’t fight anyone. 

Also on the scene was Reginae Carter with her best friend Zonnique Pullins, Tiny Harris’s daughter. YFN Lucci was one the hosts the event, so it isn’t surprising to see Reginae on the scene. Yet, considering how disgusted she was with social media’s cucumber antics, this was the last place people expected her to be.

E-40 Decodes The Riddle: On Mac Dre, “Practice Makes Paper"

To the uneducated cynic, the Golden State Warriors introduced their The Town insignia as a parting gift to the Oakland faithful they would soon be leaving for “greener” pastures. For as long as the Warriors have been an NBA dynasty-in-the-making, prominent fans such as E-40 have been forced to endure talks a relocation bid to San Francisco.

While such plans have regrettably come to fruition, the Warriors’ alternate kit does bear the fruit an oak tree on its crest, representing the godsend that is Oakland’s grassroots culture – but as E-40 has chosen to define it, and he is after all GSW’s most decorated fan, The Town is at its best, when the sum its parts are working in a neighborly capacity. That includes Vallejo, California, where E-40 first established “The Click” on a smelting patch in his own backyard.

From Vallejo to the rest the World, E-40 has made it his mission to share the spoils with his pupils Nef The Pharaoh and OMB Peezy, his old cronies, as illustrated by last year’s Connected and Respected LP with B-Legit, but also in his acknowledgment Mac Dre, whose accomplishments ran parallel with his own, despite the marked differences in execution and “proverbiage.”

To mark the occasion E-40’s latest barnstorming project, Practice Makes Paper, the man himself was kind enough to delve into his past, in an effort to clear up a few misconceptions. Practice Makes Paper is listed as a double LP with contributions from the likes Scarface, Sada Baby, Tee Grizzley, Boosie Badazz, Fabolous, and more – or as he put it, “the artists he was buzzing to work with.”

I hope you enjoy the following as much as I did.

E-40 Decodes The Riddle: On Mac Dre, “Practice Makes Paper"

Jerod Harris/Getty s

HNHH: First all, thank you for taking the time. You’ve been wading through New York traffic, haven’t you?

E-40: Yeah. I’m moving around but this New York traffic is insane.

It’s not like that around your way?

We got traffic in The Bay but not like New York. It’s insane. So what’s the latest and the greatest? What’s cooking?

I’m good, thank you. This is a big week. You’re in New York. This is album twenty-six and counting.

Nah, this is more than album twenty-six.

More than twenty-six?


I stand corrected.

I think it’s album twenty-eight but it depends what you call a collab and what you call a solo, whether it’s an EP or an album.

I know some artists approach “the mixtape” with a different mindset, but I think a project is a project. I’ve lost count. The debut record, as it were, is no longer made to be an opening statement, from the artist to his and her intended audience.

What is a mixtape?

I believe a mixtape is what the artist makes it. Sometimes an artist will put out a mixtape to circumvent a contractual agreement, perhaps? Or rather, the experimental artist who might opt for a mixtape before reverting back to “album mode,” playing for keeps.

That’s true. A lot times, a mixtape is harder to make than an ficial tape. On a mixtape, you’re experimenting. You’re putting on the songs that you think are too left for the album. You take it and put it on a mixtape and then the mixtape becomes a phenomenon. When you’re doing an album, you want to be as creative as you can but in a way that’s not going outside your jurisdiction or your envelope. I’m in the studio thinking “let me do something different,” and sometimes those songs don’t make the album, so you put it on the mixtape and it’ll wind up everyone’s favorite song. Personally, I have yet to do a mixtape but I tell people that maybe one day I will. A mixtape is pretty much an album nowadays.

Your new album, Practice Makes Paper, is the second act your Definition trilogy, is it not?

I wouldn’t say a trilogy. It can be labeled as such if you add up all the songs. Nowadays, four or five songs is considered an album. There’s no such thing as an EP anymore.

I think “project” is the go-to nomenclature in Hip-Hop nowadays.

I’m talking about as far as billboard goes. I think that four songs or better is considered an album I believe. I’m not for sure. I know a lot but I don’t know everything. Practice Makes Paper is a double album. There are twenty-six songs. It’s a double album by way CD’s I pressed. You can only have a certain amount on each CD so I put thirteen on one CD and thirteen on the other. On iTunes, you can put fifty songs on your thing or however many you want.

Personally, I believe the short form allows artists to be more active, would you say?

First all, your budget is lower. People only listen to the first four or five songs, ya feel me? Streams mean a lot and you stream more when you consistently listen. That’s why people minimize that. You could have a fanbase tripping by putting out a single or two every year or have a fanbase that sees you drop an album every year with hella slaps on it and is well-produced, then, that fanbase will stick with you forever.

E-40 Decodes The Riddle: On Mac Dre, “Practice Makes Paper"

Ronald Martinez/Getty s

Let me ask you some questions. “Jesus Christ had dreads, so shake them” was so, so impactful. Can we touch on the significance that line, for just a moment?

It was difficult and I was speaking truthfully. If you read the Bible, his hair was like wool. It was tough, African hair bro. Sometimes they got different kinds dreads, sometimes they let them do what they do and they come out to be OG dreads. That was a difficult saying. “Jesus had dreads. I ain’t got none but I’m planning on growing them,” I wasn’t really planning on growing them. I just did it for the interview and people started asking “Are you really going to grow dreads?”

People are way too literal.

To this day, people think I didn’t do it. I had them for three years so when I show them they say “Okay, he really had them. He wasn’t lying.” I’m not one to be controversial before my album comes out. That’s not my forte. That’s not how I get down.

This was before you came out with Grit & Grind, right?


You always found neat ways to sneak your message into the song without coming across heavy-handed. That’s always been my read on the situation.


That line, “Jesus Christ had dreads so shake them,” could effectively change someone’s worldview, and yet, you’re not forcing the issue faith, etc.

Yeah, I just wanted to say “so shake em.” That was one those lines. It’s all about being different. You don’t have to be like everybody else because everybody sound alike. Everybody got the same two flows. I like to poke out like nipples and stick out like a turd in a punch bowl.

I’m definitely gonna have to quote you on that. There’s this misconception that you and Mac Dre did not get along. How did everybody get it so wrong?

When things are untruthful, I don’t even entertain it. We both came up in the eighties. I came out in ‘88, he came out in ‘89. He had a song called “Too Hard For The Radio,” and I had a song called “The Shit That Will Fuck With Your Brain” and “Mr. Flamboyant.” I was older than Mac Dre. He knew my brother D Shot. My cousin made a song about Mac Dre. I didn’t tell him to do it, he just did it. I ended up getting into it because I had my cousins back. I didn’t even entertain it like that. I always felt we were both dope.

We both were dope. We both had our own thing. That’s how that all happened. When Dre went to jail around ‘93 I believe, I continued my career. There were a couple times on the phone where I would talk to Dre. It was nothing but love. We were past that. From 1993 all the way to to this day, nobody can resurface a song where Mac Dre was saying “Fuck 40.”

I don’t think people see it any other way.

I’m going to tell you some real shit that a lot people don’t know. My cousin Turf Talk…

Who’s on “Gasoline” right?

He’s on “Gasoline” too. He was on “It’s a Slumper.” That was his song. They went crazy f that song. “Shake your dreads,” all that. Basically, I’m in Atlanta, working on my album My Ghetto Report Card so Lil Jon came up with the “dum diddy-dum diddy-diddy-dum-dum,” you know, inspired by Run DMC. Lil Jon was playing around on the MPC when he came with that, then I put the drumbeat to it and was like “oh shit!”

We’re talking “Tell Me When To Go,” right?

Yeah. I did a verse and Keak Da Sneak did a verse. So Lil Jon was like “Man, this shit is jamming. It’s a hit. You got it.” I didn’t mention anything about any that shit until Jon said “You gotta say what’s going on. Where you at in the Bay.” It just so happens that a lot the things going on were things that Dre was saying. He was in the thick it.The hyphy movement was his movement. He’s the face it. Everybody knows it.

Boosie Badazz Slams Starbucks’ Breakfast: "Get Out The Fucking Biscuit Business"

Boosie Badazz isn’t impressed by Starbucks’ breakfast offerings.

The outspoken rapper criticized the coffee company’s menu social media, singling out the biscuits in particular. In his Instagram video rant, Boosie was upset Starbucks didn’t provide him with any jelly.

“I just left stupid ass Starbucks, right,” he said. “And they selling sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches, bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. But they do not serve jelly with their biscuits. Bitch, get out the fucking business. Get out the fucking biscuit business, Starbucks, please.”

He continued, “Serve yo fucking coffee and yo chillattes and whatever the fuck you serve and get out the muthafuckin’ biscuit game. If you don’t have jelly for yo biscuits, you need to be out the fucking business, the breakfast business game. Starbucks, get the fuck out the game — for breakfast.”

Boosie also included a jab in the post’s caption.

“STARBUCKS YOU TRYIN TO DO TO MUCH,” he wrote. “#sitdown n fuck with coffee beans mfs ‼️UGLY ASS MF.”

Instagram has turned into Boosie’s favorite platform for rants. This year, he’s used it to do everything from putting American Airlines on blast to sharing his unique take on the Jussie Smollett case.

Here’s What Young Thug Thinks About Lil Nas X Coming Out As Gay

When Young Thug released the cover art for Jeffery, people were quick to criticize him for rocking a dress, and some concluded he was gay simply because of his clothing.

During a new interview with the No Jumper podcast, Thug was asked about Lil Nas X who recently came out as gay and what he thought since he experienced a similar type of backlash. Simply put, Thugger didn’t exactly think it was a smart idea.

“I feel like he probably shouldn’t have told the world, because these days — muthafuckas is just all judgement,” he says. “Muthafuckas is just judging. It ain’t even about the music no more. Soon as the song comes on everybody’s like ‘this gay ass nigga. Niggas don’t even care to listen to the song no more.”

View this post on Instagram

TSR Staff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ #LilNasX recently came out to the world on the last day of pride month, sharing that he’s gay. While a lot of people applaud him for telling the world, #YoungThug feels as though he shouldn’t have been so transparent. _____________________________________ Thugger’s reasoning is that he feels as though people will no longer LISTEN listen to Lil Nas X’s music and will instead focus on his sexual preferences. _____________________________________ “I feel like he probably shouldn’t have told the world, because these days—motherf***ers is just all judgement,” he tells @NoJumper. “It ain’t even about the music no more,” he adds. “Soon as the song comes on everybody’s like ‘this gay a** n****’”. _____________________________________ Thugger also spoke on how he thinks he’d be a better president than Kanye West. As we all know, Kanye has voiced his interests in running for president someday. According to Young Thug, he’d be a better president than Ye because—click the link in our bio to read the full story & check out the full interview @NoJumper

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Nas X came out on June 30, the last day of Pride month. He said he was inspired by the love he felt at the Glastonbury Festival during his performances with Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus. Subsequently, he fired off a handful of tweets making his sexuality clear.

“some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone fwm no more,” he wrote. “but before this month ends i want y’all to listen closely to c7osure.”

The 20-year-old rising star thought he “made it obvious” he was gay with the aforementioned track and the cover art for his debut EP, 7. While he’s received plenty of support, he’s also faced criticism from some of his peers, including Boosie Badazz.

Thug and Nas X recently teamed up with Billy Ray for another “Old Town Road” remix featuring Mason Ramsey.

Check it out below.

Boosie Goes Off About How Lion King Brought Him To Tears, Meek Mill Co-Signs

Boosie Badazz is constantly making headlines for his hot takes on Instagram. Many them have been controversial, ten resulting in some sort backlash, but everyone might be able to agree on his latest take. The remake  Lion King is set to hit theatres across the world this Friday and ahead its reminder, Boosie wanted to remind everyone that even the biggest gangstas have shed tears to the original Lion King.

“N***as actin’ like they all gangstas. N***a, if you watched Lion King as a child, you shed tears, n***a. ‘Cause that bitch made me cry,” he said. “And I know every n***a that I had asked around me when I was a child, that bitch made them cry… When Scar dropped that n***a f that motherf — aye, bruh. C’mon, dawg. You gotta keep it real.”

Although Boosie did have a point, one the people in the background said that he didn’t watch Lion King until he was older. Boosie proceeded to clown the individual.

Meek Mill hopped in the comments afterward to co-sign Boosie’s sentiment. “Especially when ya daddy really got killed … that shit hit you,” Meek wrote with several laughing emojis. With the remake set to come out this week, we’ll have to see if Boosie and Meek think the film is on par with the original. 
Boosie Goes Off About How Lion King Brought Him To Tears, Meek Mill Co-Signs

YFN Lucci & Reginae Carter Cozy Up At The Club, Sparking Makeup Rumors

Last we heard Reginae Carter And YFN Lucci’s tumultuous relationship, the two were broken up once more, with Reginae Carter unfollowing Lucci and deleting all their pictures together on Social media sites. The whole fiasco occurred over a certain #cucmberchallenge video posted by Boosie Badazz, and Lucci’s suggestive (?) “🙃” underneath,” to which Reginae replied “you a clown,” before proceeding to go through the typical notions a petty breakup. But now, it seems that they’ve reaffirmed their “break-up-just-to-make-up” reputation, as the two were seen looking a liiittle too friendly with one another at the club. 

It’s pretty safe to assume from the video above, that Reginae and Lucci are pretty much back together, or if not, are at least “working things out.” This is not unusual the couple, who’s on and f relationship is usually the topic headlines. Just a week ago, a video surfaced Lucci pouring drinks into some girls’ mouths at the club, to which his friend posted an apology to carter over. “I apologize for Bein a Bad influence on BaBy Brudda kause I know yall got real love for each other!” read the caption the tagged story post. He went on to claim that he had “literally made everybody take dem shots and drive dem boats,” in an attempt to concince Reginae that his buddy wasn’t at fault for entertaining women at the club. Whether she believed him or not, something seems to have calmed her down though.