Boosie Badazz Drops ‘Talk Dat Shit’ Album

Boosie Badazz is celebrating his birthday by giving a gift to fans. The Baton Rouge-bred rapper has released Talk Dat Shit, a follow-up to his Bad Azz Zay collaboration with Zaytoven.

Talk Dat Shit is Boosie’s first solo release since March’s Badazz 3.5. The LP is comprised of 18 tracks.

Check out Boosie’s Talk Dat Shit stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Boosie Badazz Drops 'Talk Dat Shit' Album

1. Intro
2. Put Em Up
3. Suck a Dick
4. Nasty Nasty
5. Southside Baby
6. Str8 Goon Soft Heart Tho
7. Anythang
8. The Ones I Know
9. Burden on My Heart
10. Dreams to Reality
11. Yes U Are
12. Another Chance
13. Weed Head X4
14. Raindrops
15. Wonderland
16. Murder
17. Louisiana
18. Dreams Come True

Boosie Badazz Celebrates Death of An Old Adversary

Are there no limits to Boosie’s backlash? One would think that publicly wishing that one an airlines’ airplanes crashes would be the peak that you could reach on the scale 0-to-Boosie, but even Boosie has outdone himself with his latest headline-making remarks.

It was while on Instagram Live that he made reference to an old friend-turned-enemy, alluding to 2010’s song “Betrayed” where he raps: “First time you fuck with me dog I let them killas go/I’m down and dirty cause a nigga heard me/Geefus supposed to be dead but I let him slide cause he ain’t worth it.”

Boosie Badazz Celebrates Death  An Old Adversary

Bennett Raglin/Getty s

Addressing someone f-camera, Boosie revealed that Geefus most recently passed away, dying in sleep tobe exact. His reaction? To declare that “God is] good”

“That boy died in his sleep the other day, man,” he began. “That boy outta here, man. That boy outta here, man. That boy died in his sleep. God is] good …] God is] good.”

He added: “Fresh outta jail. Fresh f 10 years and you die in your sleep. Lord Jesus, you are a good man.”

“God wouldn’t let him slide, huh?” his associate would question in response.

“God ain’t let you slide,” Boosie responded. “And this n-gga was my homie.” He would conclude by basking in the karma it all and acknowledging the fact that he didn’t even have to touch his former pal to exact revenge.

Boosie Badazz Praises Jesus After Friend-Turned-Foe Dies

Boosie Badazz released a track in 2010 called “Betrayed,” which revolved around a former friend of his who allegedly tried to rob the Baton Rouge-bred rapper.

“First time you fuck with me dog I let them killas go,” he spit in the song. “I’m down and dirty cause a nigga heard me/Geefus supposed to be dead but I let him slide cause he ain’t worth it.”

According to Boosie’s recent Instagram Stories, the man he was rapping about recently died in his sleep — and Boosie thanked his higher power for taking the man’s life. He also noted his friend-turned-foe had just been released from jail after serving 10 years.

“That boy died in his sleep the other day, man,” he said. “That boy outta here man, that boy outta here, man. That boy died in his sleep. God [is] good. Fresh out 10 years and you die in your sleep. Lord Jesus, you are a good man.”

He added, “God ain’t let you slide…and this nigga was my homie. God ain’t let you slide. The boy done fucking died in his sleep. God is good.”

Check out his comments below.

Boosie Badazz Thanks God After Former Friend Who Tried To Rob Him Dies In His Sleep

It’s very rare for someone’s death to be celebrated especially in a public manner but such is the case for Boosie Badazz who posted a video to Instagram that sees him praising God after a former foe passes away. The “Mind Of A Maniac” rapper is seen in the clip below speaking on the update and detailing how the unidentified man died in his sleep, something he’s happy about. 

Boosie Badazz Thanks God After Former Friend Who Tried To Rob Him Dies In His Sleep
Bennett Raglin/Getty s

“N*gga tried to rob me back in the day. You know the ni**a I said that he is supposed to be dead but I let him slide. That ni**a died in his sleep Quavo,” he said, looking away. “That boy died in his sleep the other day man. That boy outta here man, that boy died in his sleep God is good, boy. Fresh out jail. Fresh f two years. And you die in your sleep. Lord Jesus you a good man. God ain’t let you slide, and this n*gga was my homie. God ain’t let you slide.”

It’s unclear when the attempted robbery took place but that’s all in the past now. Watch the full Instagram clip below. 

Yungeen Ace Drops "Step Harder" Mixtape

Jacksonville’s Yungeen Ace has released his new mixtape Step Harder Cinematic Music Group. The 16-track project features collaborations with Boosie Badazz, Lil Durk, DeJ Loaf, Stunna 4 Vegas and NoCap.

“My whole life I’ve felt like nobody believed in me, like I was trash,” Ace said in a press release. “Not my music, but like my life ain’t mean anything. I know that’s how everybody in Jacksonville feels because it’s not a place you can make it out of and they don’t value life there, everybody disposable.”

He continued, “It’s not a city like NY or LA where everybody is expecting the next big thing to come out of there, feel me. But what I’m saying is it don’t matter if nobody sees the greatness in you as long as you can see it in yourself. I always knew I was going to be great.”

Check out Ace’s Step Harder stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Yungeen Ace Drops "Step Harder" Mixtape

1. Melvin Baby
2. Step Harder
3. Freestyle
4. Bad Bitch (Remix)
5. Aggravated f. Lil Durk
6. Bando
7. In Love f. DeJ Loaf
8. Come Get Me
9. Up with Who f. Boosie Badazz
10. Blame It On The Streets
11. Like a Soldier
12. Use Me
13. Brand New f. Stunna 4 Vegas
14. Make Me Feel
15. Top Killa
16. Streets Diary f. NoCap

Boosie Is Big Mad After Waiting In Line For The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes is one the biggest fast-food chains in the United States and this past summer, they took the country by storm with their chicken sandwich. After just a few short weeks, the sandwich was discontinued but on Sunday, it came back in all its glory. There has been a lot hype surrounding the return the sandwich and as you can imagine, people were going to Popeyes in droves yesterday, just so they could get a taste the item.

One the people who wanted to see what the sandwich was all about, was none other than Boosie Badazz. Boosie has never been one to shy away from telling people how he really feels about something and with the chicken sandwich, it was no different. In the hilarious clip below, Boosie explains how the sandwich really isn’t all that good and that he’s upset he had to wait just under 50 minutes in line for it.

“This bitch regular man,” he proclaims while holding the half-eaten sandwich up in disbelief. You can hear some Boosie’s friends laughing in the background as he goes on his rant, which just tells you how amusing his displeasure is in this instance.

There are many people out there who agree with Boosie when it comes to Popeyes’ elusive sandwich, while others swear by its existence in a manner that loosely resembles religious worship. 

Do you agree with Boosie on the merits the sandwich or is he f on this one?

Meek Mill Explains Exactly Why Being A Rapper Is A Dangerous Job

If you listened to Boosie Badazz‘ latest project, Bad Azz Zay with Zaytoven, you probably heard track 2, “Dangerous Job.” On the song, Boosie explains exactly why it’s dangerous to be a rapper, even mentioning Meek Mill‘s recent stint in prison over a “probation violation” for popping a wheelie. Boosie wasn’t lying, either. We constantly hear about rappers getting into trouble with the law and it would be lazy to conclude that it only occurs because the content in their songs.

Meek Mill recently sat down as a panelist at the Players Coalition Town Hall where he broke down exactly why being a rapper is dangerous. Now, Meek knows first hand from his own experiences throughout his career. He explained to the other panelists that his life is at risk just because he’s famous and in Philly, he’s aware the ruthlessness in the streets.

“If I was in Miami, and it was time to go to the club tonight. Me, I would go to the club. A rapper’s job is dangerous. We lose our lives, we get shot at. I would go to the club,” he said. “Now, you tell me you want to go to the club in Philly]. You know 9/10 why] I wouldn’t go? When you come outside, ain’t no police outside. So what we gotta turn to? Our friends that got gun license. You got to survive, just to stay alive. So if it ain’t safe — me, I got money, I got resources, I got a back-end so I don’t have to resort to criminology but I know, I come from that life. I’m not that far away.”

Check out the entire Player’s Coalition Town Hall below. 

Boosie Hypes Tracklist For Upcoming Album "TALK DAT SH*T"

Boosie Badazz should be protected at all costs. Arguably the funniest rapper on the planet, the beloved Baton Rouge rapper has been making headlines through his various antics and jokes. But lest we forget, the man has forged his path by delivering authentic raps time and time again, and it looks like he’s about to set it f once more. Come November 14th, on his birthday to be exact, Boosie is set to unleash Talk That Shit, which may or may not feature his recently previewed “Megan Thee Stallion” impression.
 Boosie Hypes Tracklist For Upcoming Album "TALK DAT SH*T"

Marcus Ingram/Getty s

Clocking in at a respectable eighteen tracks, Boosie’s new project has yet to unveil any featured guests. Given the respect with which he moves, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few familiar faces crop up. Thematically, expect a wide variety ground to be covered; hilarious though he may be, Boosie never shies away from getting real, expressing his own sense vulnerability and guilt. It wouldn’t be surprising to see similar topics explored on Talk Dat Shit.

Check out the full tracklist below, and be sure to support Boosie when he drops on November 14th.

1. Intro
2. Put Em Up
3. Suck A Dick
4. Nasty Nasty
5. South Side Baby
6. Str8 Goon St Heart Tho
7. Anythang
8. The Ones I Know
9. Burden On My Heart
10. Dreams To Reality
11. Yes U Are
12. Another Chance
13. Weed Head X4
14. Raindrops
15. Wonderland
16. Murder
17. Louisiana
18. Dreams Come True

Boosie Badazz’ Impersonation Of Megan Thee Stallion Rapping Is Spot-On

Few people are having a stronger year than Megan Thee Stallion. Alongside DaBaby, the two artists have absolutely catapulted into superstardom, making names for themselves and ensuring that they will stick around for a long time to come. With her Hot Girl Summer trend, Meg appealed to women around the country who were just trying to enjoy themselves in the sun, taking over a market that was thirsting for more rap content. The Southern beauty is still capitalizing on the success her Fever mixtape, teasing some new video footage on the way with Hype Williams. If ever she wants to take a hiatus though, Boosie Badazz has got her covered because it turns out that he does a pretty stellar impression the H-Town Hottie. 

Boosie Badazz' Impersonation Of Megan Thee Stallion Rapping Is Spot-On
Bob Levey/Getty s

It’s usually worth it to check out Boosie’s live-streams on social media. The legend is ten pulling some crazy stunts or just talking recklessly with his fans, making us all laugh hysterically from time to time. During a recent session with his supporters, he teased a song that he would like Hot Girl Meg to feature on and he even came through on her verse already. 

Spitting her signature flow and rapping as if he were in the woman’s mind, Boosie actually killed his attempt at mimicking Megan. We’re not sure anybody could have done a better job. Give the man his credit. Watch below.

Boosie Badazz Is On The Hunt For Cinnamon Toast Crunch At His Daughter’s School

If you’re not following Boosie Badazz on Instagram, you’re slacking. The legendary Baton Rouge rapper doesn’t hold back his thoughts and feelings on the ‘Gram. While it’s probably not the greatest thing for his PR team, his fans definitely appreciate the humor he sprinkles in while documenting his real life. He’s shared wise words about Starbucks’ flaws in the breakfast game and assured gangstas across the world that there’s no shame in admitting they cried during Lion King.

Boosie Badazz Is On The Hunt For Cinnamon Toast Crunch At His Daughter's School
Paras Griffin/Getty s 

The ‘Gram is also a place where Boosie Badazz celebrates fatherhood and shows f his kids. The rapper recently took to the ‘Gram where he revealed he pulled up to her school to find Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Unfortunately, his daughter didn’t receive any the cereal.

“Lyric ain’t get her Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I’m so mad because I wanted her Cinnamon Toast Crunch,” he said. “Lyric is spoiled,” he added.” Lyric clearly wasn’t with the slander as she refuted that she didn’t don’t he wanted the Cinnamon Toast Crunch that badly.

Just because he didn’t get his Cinnamon Toast Crunch, doesn’t mean he’s bitter about it. The rapper also pulled up to the school to surprise his daughter’s classmates with doughnuts. He shared another post on Instagram where he expressed his love for parenthood and being around for his kids. Check it out below. 

Boosie Badazz Connects With Zaytoven For "Bad Azz Zay" Project

Boosie Badazz has teamed up with Grammy Award-winning producer Zaytoven to release a new album titled Bad Azz Zay. The LP is the follow-up to Boosie’s solo project Badazz 3.5 and Zaytoven’s Chief Keef collaboration GloToven, which both dropped in March.

The duo’s latest effort is comprised of 13 tracks. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tokyo Vanity makes the lone guest appearance on the album.

View Boosie and Zaytoven’s Bad Azz Zay stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Boosie Badazz Connects With Zaytoven For "Bad Azz Zay" Project

1. Elevation
2. Dangerous Job
3. Church On Monday
4. Where You From
5. Real Niggas
6. My Soul
7. Excuse Me
8. Dance & Talk That
9. Boosie Party f. Toyko Vanity
10. Check Up
11. Stalkin
12. Cold Days
13. Pray For Me

Boosie Badazz Wants To Make 6ix9ine-Inspired Movie With Gangbang Scene

Leave it to Boosie Badazz to even attempt something like this. The Southern icon doesn’t care about how people perceive him. He’s not trying to appeal to a crowd that wouldn’t normally know about him, which is what makes his behaviour so appealing. His IDGAF attitude is something that we wish we all had inside us. The rapper, formerly known as Lil Boosie, has already made several comments about Tekashi 6ix9ine and his current trial. When he was personally being targeted by the feds, Boosie promised that he would never rat out any his homies — even when he was facing the death penalty. Things worked out in his favour but, obviously, he has a lot to say about the rainbow-haired snitch. In fact, Boosie is even planning out an upcoming movie about the 23-year-old.

Boosie Badazz Wants To Make 6ix9ine-Inspired Movie With Gangbang Scene
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

Already, the rapper is thinking some graphic scenes for his visual project, noting that he wants to portray what he believes will go down with 6ix9ine in prison. “69 IS GOING TO BE GETTING FUCKED BY SOME GANGBANGERS IN MY MOVIE,” wrote Badazz in a social post. “I NEED SOMEONE TO PLAY THE ROLE OF HIM N THE GANGBANGERS.”

In case you know anybody with multicolour braids, let them know about this unique opportunity. Maybe 6ix9ine himself will be released from police custody soon so he can take this role on himself.

Will you be watching this?

Boosie Badazz Tearfully Announces His Dog’s Death After Car Accident

The loss a loved one is difficult for anybody to process. It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve put into the streets, losing one your friends, family members, or even a pet is a tough thing to go through. Boosie Badazz may be a veteran in the rap game, known for his authenticity and ten-nonsensical mannerisms, but he’s still got a heart and that means when he loses someone, it’s gonna hit him. The Baton Rouge rapper had grown close to his dog over the last little while and yesterday, he announced that his little friend had unfortunately passed away.

Boosie Badazz Tearfully Announces His Dog's Death After Car Accident
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

Boosie explained the situation as only he can, telling his followers that the beautiful Boozilla is no longer with us. “My dog just got ran over n died in the car with me on the way to the vet,” wrote the experienced vocalist. “Nobody call me for 3 days period FUCK THE WORLD. RIP BOOZILLA.”

Boosie is a family man, constantly showing f his kids and his home life to the world so it’s sad to see somebody close to him get taken away. After witnessing the accident, Boo attempted to do the right thing, bringing his pooch to the vet’s fice but it was too late. Join us in sending your love and positivity to Boosie Badazz and his family.

Boosie Badazz Hit With Two Felony Charges Related To Recent Arrest: Report

Things aren’t looking too good for Boosie Badazz. Back in April, just a week after he dropped his Badazz 3.5, Boosie was arrested in Newnan, Georgia. He was pulled over by police for allegedly coming close to hitting another vehicle, and when ficers searched the car Boosie was driving, they reportedly found over $20K in cash, marijuana, a vape pen, a handgun, and suspected THC oil.

He was taken into custody on charges possession marijuana, possession a schedule one drug, possession a firearm during the commission a crime, and failure to maintain a lane while driving. Now, TMZ reports that months later, Boosie has been hit with two felony charges related to the incident as the District Attorney has included possession less than an ounce marijuana and possession a controlled substance. The gun possession charges have been dropped.

Boosie Badazz Hit With Two Felony Charges Related To Recent Arrest: Report
Paras Griffin/Getty s

With Boosie at the time his arrest was Antonio Allen, a former free safety for the New York Jets who reportedly was working as Boosie’s security guard. Allen was also detained at the time and is facing the same two felony charges that Boosie was given. TMZ reports that if the men are convicted, they are looking at up to a year behind bars.

Boosie Badazz Explains Why He Thinks Nipsey Hussle’s Shooter Killed Him

Nipsey Hussle‘s death has been well-documented with detailed reports and security footage the moments leading up to his shooting. We’re still processing his loss and his peers are also strung up on the situation. It is believed that Eric Holder, the man suspected killing Hussle, was motivated because snitching allegations that were made. However, Boosie Badazz thinks a different story isn’t being told. 

Boosie Badazz Explains Why He Thinks Nipsey Hussle's Shooter Killed Him
Patrick Fallon-Pool/Getty s

During a new portion his interview with DJ Vlad, Boosie spoke about Nipsey Hussle and specifically, the day his murder. The Baton Rouge legend believes that if the shooting were because snitching accusations, things would have gone differently. Instead, Boosie is convinced that Nip was killed because jealousy. “He was hypnotized with hatred, bro,” says the rapper about Holder. “His girl took a selfie with Nipsey. He ain’t never seen her that happy in her life.”

He went on to reference a video that allegedly shows Holder embracing Hussle from a few years ago, which has since been proven fake. “Why would you go and kill Nip, dog? If you know you’re a rat, him telling you you’re a snitch was not the total reason. Not even close to the reason why he killed Nipsey Hussle. He been wanted to kill him. He been hated on the boss. He wanted to rap.”

What do you think Boosie’s take? Do you agree or is he overthinking it?