Tessa Thompson's "Sorry to Bother You" Character Receives Backlash

Boots Riley’s Sorry To Bother You film has been in theatres for close to a month now and although the comedy centred around telemarketer Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) has received all kinds love, it’s also received some hate with critics going after Tessa Thompson’s character, Detroit. A lengthy review was posted that called Detroit more a symbol than a person.

“I can’t blame the characters for not taking her seriously, though, because at no point in the film are her values made plain to the audience,” the Bitch Media post wrote. 

Boots has taken some time to respond to the backlash (FYI the full letter has spoilers) defending Detroit and everything he thinks she stands for.

“She engages in actions and projects that have nothing to do with Cassius, and the things she does or believes are not the thing that makes Cassius change,” he writes. “Detroit is not a prize to be won in this movie. She fucks who she wants because she wants to and when she wants to.”

He adds: “I will put Detroit up against most the movies that do pass the Bechdel test and will confidently say that most them will not have a character close to as radical or feminist as she is.”

Tessa even chimed in herself saying her character did just what every character should: make you want to know more about them. “For me, the hat trick with any supporting character, no matter how well drawn they are —is they should leave an audience wanting to know more about them. @BootsRiley made a film about a lot big ideas & a question—& Detroit is both.”

Lil Xan Escapes An Angry Mob Of Teenage Tupac Fans

With every passing day, Lil Xan pinches himself in the left dimple. It’s only a matter time before the drop from heaven spells a hurt behind. TMZ has reported that Lil Xan has seen his comment on Tupac Shakur “escalate to real-life harassment,” with “real-life” teenagers taking up the cause.

According to a local police report, Lil Xan was eating at a Del Taco when a group high-school aged teens surrounded his table confronting him over the Tupac debacle which has plagued him weeks. Let’s put all this in perspective: Lil Xan calls Tupac “Boring” revealing a lack historical thinking, the entire hip hop community aged 30+ marks him dead, and now he can’t get a taco without a mob sticking it to him.

To make matters worse, the incident took place in the rapper’s hometown Redlands, California. The report obtained by TMZ also indicates that Lil Xan may have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong place, as an after school “girl fight” was reportedly taking place within proximity. Never the less, the hostile crowd began encroaching on his safety, and he made a dash for a local YMCA safe house where cops were eventually called to escort him to safety.