Christina Milian Reportedly Engaged In Altercation With Bar Bouncer

According to a latest report by TMZ, actress and musician Christina Milian was not too long ago concerned in a brawl with a bouncer outdoors a Los Angeles institution. 

The disagreement is alleged to have taken place shortly after Milian and a bunch mates together with mannequin and tv character, Nicole Murphy, left a Bruno Mars live performance this previous Tuesday. The group made its option to the Figueroa Hotel in downtown Los Angeles to proceed the evening’s festivities however have been confronted with a substantial impediment. TMZ stories that regardless of the very fact Nicole and some Christina’s friends have been allowed into the bar moments earlier than, a bouncer barred Milian’s entry as a result of the final name had already been introduced. Witnesses declare that after she was denied entry, Milian threw a drink on the bouncer who then proceeded to seize her, selling two close by males to intervene sparking the altercation.

The authorities have been purportedly contacted and responded to the decision, although it’s unclear whether or not Milian or resort employees filed a report. Representatives for Milian refute the declare that Milian threw a drink on the bouncer and keep that the aforementioned males weren’t half Milian’s social gathering. A consultant for Figueroa Hotel has mentioned the scenario “was unlucky and was subtle by resort employees and safety to the easiest their skill.”

G-Eazy Avoids Jail Time After Pleading Guilty To Drug and Assault Charges

According to a report obtained by TMZ, pictures the bouncer G-Eazy punched during his Coke-spree have been made public. Cops in Sweden have released images the bouncer’s battered scalp, and allegedly the hundred dollar note G-Eazy used to snort his fair share  “Katy Perry.”

G-Eazy was arrested after getting into the scuffle and was detained after admitted he assaulted an ficer the law during his arrest. According to Aftonbladet in Sweden, he has ficially pled guilty to charges drug possession and assault emanating from the incident. The good news is that his admission guilt carries with it a dismissal  the charges, allowing him to leave the country for his scheduled tour date in neighboring Copenhagen, Denmark. The dismissal also precludes him from facing any jail time. Bare in mind, European drug policies are noted for their leniency.

The fact that G-Eazy’s punch was intended for a different target may have played a role in his dismissal. The haymaker punch was allegedly intended for a fan taking pictures G-Eazy within a designated VIP zone. Check out the damage in the link provided below.