Tech N9ne Blasts Woman Who Slid Into Wifey's DM & Alleged Love Child

Offset isn’t the only famed rapper dealing with fake baby mama issues. The Missouri born rapper Tech N9ne had to deal with some issues his own after a woman had the audacity to slide into his girl’s DM and say she was taking care Tech’s baby, that he was trying to keep quiet. 

The unknown woman probably didn’t expect Tech to sound f the way he has, because he jumped to Instagram to post a photo he and his loving lady blasting the fake news the other woman tried to spread. “Bitches say Alot ill shit to my chick in her DM to try and darken our everlasting light but yesterday an unknown bitch sent a pic a new born baby sayin I was PAYING her to keep it quiet and she was tired hiding a baby boy that was supposed to be mine!,” he captioned the picture. 

Needless to say, Tech vehemently denied the sad attempt and called the woman a demon who is trying to separate he and his leading lady. Check out the full post below.