Lil Uzi Vert’s "P2" Continues The "XO Tour Llif3" Tragedy

Lil Uzi Vert has settled into the role a generational talent. That’s not to say the strength his catalog has ushered him there; such a verdict still remains to be seen. But few artists strike as whimsical a chord as Baby Pluto. Marching to the beat his own drum, Lil Uzi has continuously stood ahead musical trends. If anything, he played a pivotal role in creating a subgenre melodic hip-hop, synesthetic in its display parrotlike color. In the process he also happened to conjure a fantastical world around him, not unlike the reality-blurring fancies a morphine-induced coma patient.

To fully buy into the movement one must first unlearn everything they have learned about Lil Uzi Vert. For many casual fans, who might have jumped on board following the breakout success 2017’s “XO Tour Llif3,” the somber Luv Is Rage 2 closer became the definitive song his catalog. Produced by TM88 and loosely chronicling Uzi’s mental space during his emotional breakup with longtime girlfriend Brittany Byrd. The alchemical formula behind the “emo” genre, which rose to popularity in the mid to late two-thousands. Perhaps more relatable to the suburban consumer than other hip-hop themes tend to be, “XO Tour Llif3” soared up the charts, its nightmarish Lewis Carroll-esque production scoring the road to seven platinum plaques.

Lil Uzi Vert's "P2" Continues The "XO Tour Llif3"  Tragedy

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A song such magnitude becomes an instant milestone in a young rapper’s history book. It didn’t take long for many to elevate “XO” to benchmark status, the bar future releases must surpass in order for artistic evolution to continue. As such, many fans were completely blindsided upon receiving the long-awaited Eternal Atake only to discover “P2,” a full-blown sequel. Tethered to the original by shared musical and thematic elements, Uzi’s latest closer was arguably the boldest musical move his career thus far. One that showed a willingness to build on an existing narrative and revisit it with a renewed perspective. Suddenly, the similarities and differences become integral in understanding Uzi’s mind, a place otherwise guarded by cloudlike walls fantastical imagery.

If “XO Tour Llif3” is Point A, and “P2” is Point B, it seems fitting to make note any crucial differences. For starters, the first part is riddled with mentions substance abuse, with Uzi openly calling upon Xanax as a means easing the pain. “Please, Xanny, make it go away,” he pleads. “I’m committed, not addicted, but it keeps control me, all the pain, now I can’t feel it.” Despite the song’s lyrics being otherwise focused on material dominance and polyamorous capades, the aforementioned lyric makes his boasts feel closer to overcompensation than genuine flexes. Between the pained delivery and TM88’s haunting instrumental, it’s easy to analyze “XO Tour Life” as an emotionally devastating ballad. Even when he’s firing f lines that should feel celebratory, those darker elements keep the song within a stone’s throw celebratory.

Lil Uzi Vert's "P2" Continues The "XO Tour Llif3"  Tragedy

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While it retains several lyrical parallels to its predecessor, “P2” features no mention substance abuse — overt or otherwise. Given that Uzi expressed interest in kicking his Xanax habit back in 2016, it’s no surprise to see him steering away from using it as a means escapism here. The shift in perspective is evidenced within his cadence. Where “XO Tour Llif3” is a blurry, mush-mouthed, and pained — in other words, mumble-emo-rap– “P2” is blessed with clarity voice. Dejected though he may sound, his newfound dedication to enunciation should not go unnoticed. Not only does it speak to his growth as an artist, as a more intelligible delivery requires lyrical refinement, but also as a man. Without overtly saying so, one might conclude that he’s no longer turning to substances to combat feelings depression. It’s difficult to sincerely reflect on memories one does not remember to begin with, leading the emotional beats “P2” to resonate on a much more personal level.

So what compelled him to continue the “XO Tour Llif3” narrative to begin with? As an update, it checks f a few boxes. He’s still struggling with his fractured relationship, still turning to materialism for therapy. “She left me right on read now, I’m walkin’ with my head down / I gotta keep my head high, I got a whole ‘nother check, not talkin’ verified,” he raps, pivoting from pain to pleasure in one bar. Upon suffering from emotional shortcomings, he immediately looks to his own financial accomplishments for validation. Yet juxtaposed against TM88’s sorrowful beat, the flexes feel hollow; is he trying to convince us, or himself? Even when he attempts to reclaim agency in the chorus, flipping “XO’s” iconic hook and turning it on his partner, it feels unconvincing. Blame that on the palpable sense denial that seems to permeate the entire song.

With that in mind, it feels like “P2” is a critique on the culture Uzi seems to be celebrating. If everything is going so swimmingly, why is he choosing to close his album on such a sonically somber note? Perhaps he’s sending a message that not even success in the rap game can truly defeat the bad thoughts. Where “XO Tour Llif3” presented a landscape in which Uzi was forced to seek escapism from the pain, “P2” finds him wandering the streets in a reflective state, wondering where it all went awry. It’s important to note that Uzi remains driven by his failed relationship and no amount rap money can remedy that. By choosing to bookend his previous two albums with this now-ongoing series, it’s hard not to look at Uzi as anything short a tragic figure. One who wipes his tears with a stack hundreds. 

Lil Uzi Vert's "P2" Continues The "XO Tour Llif3"  Tragedy

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Kehlani Gets Racy in ‘Toxic’ Home Video

Kehlani is not letting quarantine contain her creativity.

While the pandemic has prevented her from shooting a music video, Kehlani is taking matters into her own hands. With the help of some red wine, she shot a video for her new single “Toxic,” which she directed and edited in her bedroom in an hour.

The racy clip finds the R&B siren putting on her own internet peep show. She switches outfits while smoking and twerking in front of her webcam in the grainy footage. “And that damn Don Julio made me a fool for you,” sings Lani while throwing it back.


Despite her breakup with YG, Kehlani maintains that the song is not about her ex. The singer recently delayed the release of her sophomore album due to the coronavirus. “to be transparent i HAD a release date. we’re unable to complete any of our plans or move forward with the album at the moment due to the pandemic,” she told her fans.

Watch Kehlani’s y home video below.

Kehlani Directs Her ‘TOXIC’ Video With Quarantined Resourcefulness

Kehlani isn’t letting the coronavirus pandemic stop her from shooting new videos. While stuck inside following the calls for social distancing, the Atlantic Records singer put together some simple yet effective visuals for her latest single “TOXIC.”

The “quarantine style” video features some grainy footage while relying on Kehlani’s seductive moves and poses to do the heavy lifting. The R&B songstress makes use of her own crib and wardrobe to get the job done, proving she doesn’t need a big budget or top-of-the-line director to captivate the attention of viewers.

Watch Kehlani’s “TOXIC” video above and download/stream the single here.

Kehlani Directs Her 'TOXIC' Video With Quarantined Resourcefulness

Kehlani Angry With Joe Budden After He Critiques Her YG Breakup Song

Is The Weeknd’s "Save Your Tears" About Selena Gomez?

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez‘s publicized breakup in 2017 appears to be the topic the former’s song, “Save Your Tears,” f his freshly dropped album, After Hours, according to fans. The eleventh track f After Hours is causing some major discussion on the Internet as fans question whether or not The Weeknd is referencing his relationship with Selena in the lyrics. The main factor that initially sparked speculation over the song’s true muse is the very first line “Save Your Tears,” in which The Weeknd sings, “I saw you dancing in a crowded room.” At first glance (or listen), the lyric is pretty vague and could be referring to basically anyone. However, it’s worth noting (fans believe) that one the songs f Selena’s most recent album, Rare, is called “Crowded Room.” This MUST mean something, right? Maybe, maybe not, but the coincidental use the phrase has fans reeling.

Fans have also been speculating that the album’s title track, on which he also mentions a “crowded room,” is about Selena, as well.

While these two tracks could possibly be about his famous ex, The Weeknd had fans much more certain that there’d be an undeniable Selena tune on After Hours when he registered the title, “Like Selena,” back in November. However, no such song appeared on After Hours, so fans will have to continue dissecting the less blatantly obvious cuts f the album.

Nick Cannon Admits To Jealousy Over Amara La Negra Boyfriend News

The friendship between Nick Cannon and Amara La Negra is real, but once upon a time, they could have cooked up something more. The Love & Hip Hop Miami star stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings and chatted about her career, but when Nick asked about her love life, she turned the tables on the media mogul. For the last few months, rumors have circulated that Cannon is in a secret relationship with model Jasmine Saunders, aka Golden Barbie. Amara wanted to know his relationship status, and Cannon claimed that he’s a single man.

Nick Cannon Admits To Jealousy Over Amara La Negra Boyfriend News
Jared Siskin / Stringer / Getty s

Then, Nick Cannon revealed that when he watched clips  Love & Hip Hop Miami, he was “a little lowkey jealous” when he saw that Amara La Negra had a boyfriend. “It’s not like you didn’t have your opportunities, right?” Amara asked him. She joked, “I mean, don’t test me, ’cause I’ll take it there.” Cannon then said she was making him uncomfortable as he was “moving in my seat,” adding that he was really just moving forward to get closer to her. “Don’t test me,” she added.

Aside from the flirt session, the pair talked about Amara’s music plans, how she stays away from drama in her real life while also spicing things up for reality television, and what it’s like now being single after debuting her relationship for Love & Hip Hop Miami. Check out Nick Cannon and Amara La Negra chop it up below.

Kardashians React To Birth Of Malika Haqq’s Son

The Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney and the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, all made sure to give Malika Haqq and O.T. Genasis‘ newborn baby boy, Ace Flores, a warm welcome into the world following his birth on Saturday. The famous family flooded the comments their close friend’s latest post, which shows little Ace’s tiny hand overlapping with his each his parents’ palms. Khloe, the closest the sisters to Malika, wrote, “My beautiful beautiful nephew!!!! Ace, we have been waiting for you.”

“He’s perfect!!!!” wrote Kim. “We can’t wait to meet him! Love you so much!!!” Kourtney followed suit, commenting, “Life is beautiful,” before sharing that she “can’t wait to smell him.” Kendall wrote, “congrats!!! love you,” while Kylie exclaimed,”Ace!!!!!! i can’t wait to meet him!!” Unfortunately, the Kardashian-Jenners will have to wait to do just that, as the coronavirus pandemic has led hospitals in California to ban visitors to labor and delivery wards, apart from the birth partner.

O.T. himself also commented on Malika’s post, writing, “My boy” with a blue heart, before sharing his own photo  his son’s precious face. The former couple have been on good terms since finding out they would be co-parenting together despite their breakup last summer. After Malika announced that she was pregnant with her first child in September, it was highly speculated that O.T. was the baby’s father, although Malika didn’t immediately confirm or deny. 

Kardashians React To Birth Of Malika Haqq's SonGreg Doherty/Getty s

The two them eventually revealed that the rumours were true at Malika’s baby shower last month, and O.T. has been by Malika’s side throughout the whole journey. Congrats to these two!

Kehlani Delays Album Over Coronavirus

While the coronavirus has caused the cancelation of everything from music festivals to sporting events, the pandemic is also impacting music releases.

Kehlani has announced that her long-awaited sophomore album has been postponed. “to be transparent i HAD a release date. we’re unable to complete any of our plans or move forward with the album at the moment due to the pandemic,” she told her fans on Sunday.

Music has taken a backseat as coronavirus fears grow. “not thinking about music at the moment, focused on how to just be a good citizen to society at this time. stay SAFE luv y’all,” added Kehlani.

Last week, she released her newest single, the breakup anthem “Toxic,” which was preceded by “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” and the Keyshia Cole collaboration “All Me.” She also recently revealed that she had finished recording the follow-up to 2017’s SweetSexySavage.

Kehlani is set to hit the road with her “Get Me” collaborator Justin Bieber on his “Changes Tour,” which kicks off May 14 in Seattle. It’s unknown if and how the pandemic will affect the touring schedule.

Kehlani is not the first artist to move her release. Cardi B recently announced that she was delaying her new single due to coronavirus. Meanwhile, most concerts and festivals have been delayed or canceled in the wake of the virus.

Waka Flocka Admits To Sometimes Feeling Like He Hates His Wife

Married folks will let you know that wedded bliss is hard work. People ten get infatuated with weddings and honeymoon periods, but when things get real, having a happy marriage will come with its ups and downs. Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera have been open and honest with their relationship journey from the breakups to make-ups to renewing their vows on reality television. Now that Waka is taking a step back from his rap career and attempting to shape the next stage his life, he shared on their new show Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka that he feels as if others are yanking on the reigns his life.

Waka Flocka Admits To Sometimes Feeling Like He Hates His Wife
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty s

In a clip, Waka stops by his mother Deb Antney’s home  to talk about what’s been plaguing him. “I want more,” he told his mother. “There’s too many dictators in my life and it’s my life.” Deb wanted him to explain what he meant. “I need more control over my life.” Still, Deb told him it doesn’t make sense. Waka replied that he lives “20 lives.”

“I got a lotta businesses], I got a career, I gotta be this role model,” the rapper continued. “I gotta be this father. This a lot, ma.” He admitted that although he’s stressed by being pulled in different directions, he hadn’t communicated with his wife. “‘Cause we gon’ bump heads. Sometimes she irritates me, sometimes she don’t. Sometimes I don’t wanna be in the house. Some days I wake up and] I hate my wife.” Watch the clip from Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka below.

Ne-Yo Thirsts Over Soon To Be Ex-Wife’s Instagram Post

Ne-Yo recently liked an Instagram post fro his soon-to-be ex-wife, Crystal Smith. Last month, the couple dropped several hints that their relationship was coming to an end and then Smith took things to the next level with a series  Instagram Story videos proclaiming her “bad b*tch” status to the world as a single woman. Ne-Yo and his estranged wife originally met in 2015 and wed the following year. Throughout their four-year marriage, they had two children Shaffer Smith Jr (born 2016) and Roman Alexander-Raj Smith (born 2018). Now, what was once a blissful relationship has Ne-Yo cyberstalking his future ex-wife Instagram posts. Ne-Yo Thirsts Over Soon To Be Ex-Wife's Instagram Post 

Larry Busacca/Getty s

The photo posted this past Wednesday features Smith rocking a plain grey, v-neck t-shirt as she hypnotizingly gazes into the camera. The post features a short caption that reads, “Character is shown when your world flips upside down. Grace is how you move after… #Solid,” followed by hair and makeup credits. The “Genesis” singer quickly liked the photo within hours it being posted. 

Since their announcement their divorce, Ne-Yo has been spotted partying on multiple occasions. Once with an eye-catching bellydancer and another instance with multiple models. That hasn’t stopped Crystal from enjoying her new-found single status, the aspiring entertainer was recently spotted getting close to Black Ink Crew: Chicago‘s very own Ryan Henry. 

While Ne-Yo might have taken some shots at Crystal Renay in his new song, “Pinky Ring,” discussing turning his soon-to-be ex-wife’s wedding ring into a pinky ring, Crystal Smith has returned the ring claiming not to be “money petty.” Notwithstanding the recent jabs, Smith has revealed that despite the status her relationship with Ne-Yo, he’s truly earned the title as a great father. 

According to The Blast, Crystal Smith has yet to ficially file for divorce. Check out her Ne-Yo liked Instagram photo in the post provided below. 

Kehlani Details ‘Toxic’ Relationship on New Single

Heartbreak hotel.

Following her split from YG, Kehlani delivers her heartbreaking new single “Toxic,” on which she details the toxic elements of her relationship. The self-penned track was produced by G.Ry (Drake, Summer Walker) and KBeaZy (Roddy Ricch, Juice WRLD) and features vocals from Ty Dolla $ign.

“All of this love is toxic / All these kisses and hugs ain’t no shit / You a damn drug, you’re toxic,” she sings before addressing her ex. “I was this way for you / Put the pussy away for you / Thinkin’ I would wait for you / And that damn Don Julio made me a fool for you.”

“Toxic” follows “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” which was inspired by her breakup with YG. Kehlani also recently released a video for “All Me/Change Your Life.”

Last month, she revealed that she has finished recording her new album, which follows her 2017 debut SweetSexySavage. She is also planning to hit the road with Justin Bieber on his “Changes Tour,” starting May 14 in Seattle.

Kehlani Announces "Toxic" Single & Shares Haunting Cover Art

Within these last few weeks, Kehlani has been laying low. It seems as if the world received much more from the singer when she was involved with YG as the couple made headlines. They were loved up on red carpets and at events, and for Valentine’s Day, Kehlani shared a series photos showing how YG went all out with teddy bears, rose petals, and plenty gifts to spare

Days later, Kehlani announced that her romance with the rapper was a wrap in a break-up song titled “Valentine’s Day (Shameful).” The singer shared that she’d went through her man’s phone and discovered some things that broke her heart, so she was once again a single woman. After removing one another from their social media accounts, neither party has spoken about the split. Yet, Kehlani is returning with another single that may shed light on how she’s been processing these recent turn events.

“Toxic” will reportedly drop tomorrow (March 12) at 10:00 a.m. PST and Kehlani shared the cover art on Wednesday (March 10) evening. She didn’t reveal too much information about the new single but fans have been speculating based on the look the cover art alone. Check it out below.

Ne-Yo Says Ex-Wife Returned Ring Because She’s Not "Money Petty"

Not long after announcing that he and his wife Crystal Smith planned to divorce, Ne-Yo stepped back into the music scene with a brand new single “Pinky Ring” featuring O.T. Genasis. The superproducer-singer-songwriter and his ex have been cordial in the media and during his visit to Pull Up with Joe Budden, Ne-Yo expounded on his personal life.

Ne-Yo Says Ex-Wife Returned Ring Because She's Not "Money Petty"
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty s

“‘Pinky Ring’ is a song about taking lemons and turning them into lemonade,” the singer said. “It is about a situation that anybody can use as an excuse to be down and feel a way, but instead, taking it and letting it be a positive thing. Not allowing it to bring you down.” Joe didn’t seem too satisfied with the answer and wanted to know what Ne-Yo did that led to the breakup with his wife.

“Without incriminating myself, without incriminating her and without putting any negative connotation on this… I will say that neither one us was exactly who we needed to be in order for this to last, and that’s why it didn’t. Bottom line,” Ne-Yo said. “That’s what it was. I own mine, she owns hers, and the craziest thing is there’s no beef, there’s no animosity, there’s no love lost because we both understand that.

Budden wasn’t convinced that there’s no beef between Ne-Yo and Crystal and called the singer “oblivious to what’s going on.” Ney-Yo disagreed. Budden later talked about his struggle with getting his engagement ring back from his ex-fiancé Cyn Santana and was surprised to hear that Crystal gave her wedding ring to Ne-Yo without a problem. Budden revealed he had to legally wait for the courts to rule on the matter.

According to Ne-Yo, Crystal isn’t the type person who would hold onto something in order to get back at him or make things difficult. “She’s never been petty like that,” Ne-Yo added. “She’s never been money petty like that. That’s not her.” Watch Ne-Yo and Joe Budden chop it up on Pull Up below.

Chris Rock Splits From Girlfriend, Megalyn Echikunwoke

Comedian, Chris Rock and his actress girlfriend four years, Megalyn Echikunwoke are ficially no longer. According to Page Six, multiple sources confirmed that the power couple discreetly ended their relationship a couple months ago without an ficial public announcement. Allegedly, the New Jack City actor was unwilling to fully settle down with Echikunwoke after struggling with the grievous divorce from his wife 18 years, Malaak Compton-Rock, that made ficial back in 2016. Now, the 55-year-old is back on the market as one the world’s most coveted single entertainers. Chris Rock Splits From Girlfriend, Megalyn Echikunwoke Allen Berezovsky/Getty s

Unfortunately for Echikunwoke, she’s had to see a lot her ex-boyfriend in recent memory and will have to see a lot more him in the near future. After stealing the show alongside Steve Martin at the 92nd annual Academy Awards ceremony with his audience-targeted jokes, Chris Rock made headlines across the globe for his performance. Now, with Chris Rock revamping the Saw movie franchise with the help Samuel L. Jackson and him taking on a mob boss role on one the most-watched television series in Fargo this upcoming season, the 36-year-old actress will have to endure the pain the post-breakup grieving process while he increases his on-screen time. 

However, despite Rock’s success, Echikunwoke has secured a bag her own starring in the television drama Almost Family and the Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish-led comedy film, Night School (2018)

In Chris Rock’s first standup special in over a decade entitled, Tamborine (2018), he opened up about his divorce from his ex-wife nearly 20 years. Rock painfully jokes:

“I had to pay for a lawyer to divorce me. That’s like hiring a hitman to kill you. I had to go through a custody fight for my kids. Just to see my kids, man. You don’t want to be a man in family court. You don’t want to be a black man in any court… Would I ever get married again? Not if it would cure AIDS.”

While it is unclear whether or not Chris Rock and Megalyn Echikunwoke’s decision to break it f was amicable, the two obviously shared a special bond that worthy treasuring for the last four years and have bright futures ahead them both. Check out the trailer to Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson’s, Spiral (2020), set to release in May in the video provided below. 

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Are Back Together

Breakup to makeup.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are back together. According to TMZ, the couple is “officially a thing again,” and have been together for several weeks.

While they’re romantically together, they’re not quite ready to put a title on their relationship. But Stormi’s parents regularly live in the same house and don’t see other people.

The reunion comes after the couple decided to take a break from their relationship last fall. The time apart was seemingly good for both parties and allowed them space.

“Travis and i are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi ‼️ our friendship and our daughter is priority,” tweeted Kylie following news of their split in October.

They continued to co-parent their 2-year-old daughter and even celebrate holidays together including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Earlier this year, they reunited for Stormi’s 2nd birthday party and went on a family trip to Disney World. Travis even sent Kylie flowers for Valentine’s Day, a sign that their relationship was on the mend.

The rapper, 27, and beauty mogul, 22, started dating after meeting at Coachella in April 2017. Kylie gave birth to Stormi in February 2018. The pair hit a rough patch last year when Kylie thought Travis was cheating on her, which he denied.

“We think the same and we have the same goals and passions in life,” Jenner told Playboy last year. “Besides the fact that we have good chemistry, we have a lot of fun together. You’re my best friend. Through all the ups and downs that every relationship has, we evolve together through them and keep getting stronger.”

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Are Back Together

After over three months speculation, TMZ reports that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are ficially back together again. The signs that the couple was going to reconcile soon were in the air since Thanksgiving. Travis and Kylie spent Turkey Day together, and then a month later they were spotted celebrating Christmas together as well. The online rumors intensified even further after the couple went to Disney together and reunited for their child Stormi’s second birthday. When Trav sent Kylie flowers on Valentine’s Day, and the latter hopped on Instagram to share a “mood” post, fans knew the two would be back together in no time. 

Sources tell TMZ that Travis and Kylie have been back together for weeks, although they have not put an ficial title on things yet. Still, they are allegedly exclusive, sleep under the same ro, and raise their child together. The source told the media site that the breakup benefitted both partners since their relationship got very serious very fast. Kylie got pregnant with Stormi not long after she and Trav first started dating. They both needed some space, and the move appears to have brought the couple back together stronger than before.