Stevie J. Declares His Love For Faith Evans On Their Anniversary

While there are folks out there wondering whether the City Boys or the Hot Girls are having a better summer, Stevie J. and Faith Evans are living their best lives on vacation. The couple has recently been on the receiving end  break up rumors after social media sleuths claimed that the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram. However, the husband and wife assured reporters that their marriage was just fine as they were spotted recently at ESSENCE Fest.

The unlikely pair shocked fans when it came to light that they married on a whim in Las Vegas. Stevie was a producer for Bad Boy Records and worked on a number  tracks for Faith’s late ex-husband, Notorious B.I.G. Stevie and Faith have weathered the storms accusations that Stevie, who has developed a reputation as a reality television playboy, couldn’t remain faithful, but it looks as if Faith has set him on the right path.

“Happy Anniversary FRJ ⚜️ Truth is – the one you love is always near, you’ll never know,” Stevie wrote in an Instagram post. “Just love each friend or loved one wholeheartedly & unconditionally. The universe hand delivered My Angel, supremely honored. This life yours hasn’t been easy though you carried your cross without complaints now lay all your cares on my shoulders, please. Amen.”

Meanwhile, Stevie continues to battle it out in court with his ex and former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-star Joseline Hernandez over their daughter Bonnie Bella.

Safaree’s Ex-Girlfriend May Have Sent Subliminal Tweets About Erica Mena

A seemingly innocuous tweet by Erica Mena has turned into a subliminal shady exchange between Safaree’s fiancée and his ex-girlfriend, Gabrielle Davis. Yesterday, Mena ruffled a few feathers when she tweeted, “You notice it’s always the super bitter butt hurt females most the time that claim they don’t wanna get married.” After receiving a bit backlash, the reality star followed up by explaining that he tweet wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular. “I actually tweeted this f having conversations with females who claim this,” she said. “You clearly see how hurt and bitter they are. It’s an instant observation I got and I know it’s a common one. Sad because deep down you know they don’t really mean it.” 

Recently, Safaree and Mena had a very brief breakup following accusations that he’d been texting his ex-girlfriend, Gabrielle Davis. In the texts, some which went back to November 2018, Davis allegedly attempted to cease conversations by bringing up Mena, but Safaree told her to stop talking about his girlfriend. When Davis mentioned that he was getting married, he reportedly stated that he wasn’t. The following day Mena wrote on her Instagram that she was single and shared an Instagram Live a room filled with roses, many which she destroyed. Within days the couple was back together and they’ve returned to sharing their love with the masses on social media.

Davis has been mum since dropping the scandalous texts—that is until many believe she responded to Mena’s marriage tweet. “Bitter bothered b*tches always quick to point a finger 😂 like I’m over here minding my business,” Davis wrote. ‘I’m not willing to marry someone who is willing to marry anyone… watching two leftovers trying to make a whole meal 🍿”

Meanwhile, Mena continued to receive judgment for her remarks, so she issued out a tweet to her critics: “You don’t have a pot to piss in but enjoys watching me and mine.” She also wrote on her Instagram Story, “It’s probably best you be more concern on getting your green card back after getting caught smuggling than you are about me or what I tweet,” she wrote. “Being homeless and alone in Jamaica has to suck. I’m sure your brain damaged doesn’t help either.”

Davis responded to one part the comment by writing, “I was in a bad accident …. far from brain damaged I found out I may have early stages MS but what does it say about you to be making fun someone in that situation? I have nothing to hide I don’t have to make up stories about my life. I keep it REAL.”

Safaree Reveals Custom Line Of Vibrators Sex Toys (NSFW)

Safaree’s new business venture has finally come to fruition — and it’s definitely not for everyone.

On Monday (July 15), Doc Johnson Enterprises revealed the Love & Hip Hop: New York personality is now the cover model for a new line of vibrators appropriately titled the Anaconda.

Of course, the name is a reference to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda album. Nicki and Safaree famously dated for over a decade but suffered a nasty breakup in 2014.

According to the package (no pun intended), the vibrator is 12 inches long and comes “with Removable Vac-U-Lock Suction Cup.”

The company unveiled the product at the ANME Trade Show as explained in the caption.

Safaree fielded several offers after a video of his penis went viral in February 2018. He ultimately signed the deal with Doc Johnson worth millions of dollars last August. As part of the agreement, the company is able to use a life-size mold of Safaree’s manhood.

Doc Johnson’s Instagram bio claims they are the “#1 Largest Pleasure Products Manufacturer” in the country. Safaree is likely a very happy man right about now.

Jill Scott Advises Against Doing The #CucumberChallenge: "It’s Gonna Make Things More Challenging For You"

You’ve probably seen at least one the videos circulating the net in the past few weeks, with the latest #trend: the #cucmberchallenge. We’ve all seen our share viral video challenges, but this one takes things to a whole new NSFW level. The challenge involves sharing your reflexes… or lack there, with the internet, with the help a cucumber. Reginae Carter has openly called it “degrading,” saying it’s “not cute,” but then again – she was probably salty that it had caused her dramatic breakup with YFN Lucci after he commented underneath one the explicit videos. Opinons are like ass holes though, and you know Amber Rose was about to weigh in on her opinions regarding the matter. In an opposing statement to that Reginae’s, Rose advised against shaming girls who were participating in the challenge, encouraging others not to get in their feelings just because their man finds someone else sexy. Now though, Jill Scott has spoken up to give her own thoughts on those participating, warning them that taking part will “make things more challenging” for them.

“Hey, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this for a minute. I’ve noticed the cucumber challenge,” Jill starts f the video. She goes on to explain that though she did a similar stunt on change – when she went viral for her racy suggestive performance – hers was for “a performance.” “I am an actor,” she said, “you putting a cucumber down your throat benefits you…how?” “First all, its not very sanitary. Second all, it’s not a real person, it’s an inanimate object.” She warns that  it will make things more challenging for them, explaining how since her own video came out the performance – “which I did not want to come out,” she specifies – things have been “more challenging” for herself. “This is your auntie,” she concludes the video, urging to “erase it, don’t do it.” Sound f on your personal opinions the challenge and those taking part.

Joe Budden’s Ex Tahiry Hints At Ending His "Lonely Boy Summer"

Although Joe Buddenis now single, we’re not certain he may be ready to minge. A recent photo him surfaced on social media and was since reposted by TheShadeRoom with the caption “#LonelyBoySummer.” The post itself showed side-by-side photos Budden texting while submerged in a pool by himself vs. a picture G Herbo and his bae living their best life together in a pool as well. Budden added the captions “summer in my mind” vs. “summer in real life” hence hinting that the single life may not be what it’s cracked up to be. Yet upon reposting, Joe Budden’s on-and-f again ex, Tahiry, chimed in on the post shared by TheShadeRoom with a comment that seems to hint she may be able to change Joe’s relationship status. “Lmao,” she first wrote. “Joe know what time it is! Lmao,” Now we are not sure what time it is, but knowing the history these two, it may mean a second go at their romance. 

To note, months ago, we reported on the rumored breakup  Joe Budden and Cyn Santana. The couple had reportedly nixed public traces each other by deleting all photos together and unfollowing each other on social media accounts. Previous reports further confirmed their split was due to a huge fight which caused the couple to part ways. Despite the split, the duo still shares a son named Lexington Budden, born in December 2017. Considering 


YFN Lucci & Reginae Carter Cozy Up At The Club, Sparking Makeup Rumors

Last we heard Reginae Carter And YFN Lucci’s tumultuous relationship, the two were broken up once more, with Reginae Carter unfollowing Lucci and deleting all their pictures together on Social media sites. The whole fiasco occurred over a certain #cucmberchallenge video posted by Boosie Badazz, and Lucci’s suggestive (?) “🙃” underneath,” to which Reginae replied “you a clown,” before proceeding to go through the typical notions a petty breakup. But now, it seems that they’ve reaffirmed their “break-up-just-to-make-up” reputation, as the two were seen looking a liiittle too friendly with one another at the club. 

It’s pretty safe to assume from the video above, that Reginae and Lucci are pretty much back together, or if not, are at least “working things out.” This is not unusual the couple, who’s on and f relationship is usually the topic headlines. Just a week ago, a video surfaced Lucci pouring drinks into some girls’ mouths at the club, to which his friend posted an apology to carter over. “I apologize for Bein a Bad influence on BaBy Brudda kause I know yall got real love for each other!” read the caption the tagged story post. He went on to claim that he had “literally made everybody take dem shots and drive dem boats,” in an attempt to concince Reginae that his buddy wasn’t at fault for entertaining women at the club. Whether she believed him or not, something seems to have calmed her down though.

Cassie Is Ready To Face Motherhood & Wants Daughter To Be Inspired By Her Music

This last year has been transformative for Cassie Ventura. She and Diddy broke up after being together for over a decade, she’s introduced the world to her new beau Alex Fine, she’s recently announced that she’s expecting her first child, and she dropped two new songs after a lengthy hiatus from music. The 32-year-old has reclaimed her life during a time that many people expected her to retreat and fall f, and she shared pieces her journey with the magazine L’ficial.

“My priorities have absolutely changed, not just for creating an amazing future and life for my daughter, but because I want her to be proud me,” Cassie said. Both she and Fine shared with their followers that they’re expecting a daughter, a challenge that Cassie cannot wait to face. “I’ve heard people say that they’re nervous to raise females in today’s world, but I’m excited! I can’t wait to see her grow, learn and challenge the world right back!”

“I want to be] the kind role model that shows her that she can be whomever she wants to be and that she has all the love and support in the world,” the singer continued. “I hope to make her understand the bigger picture in life and that you don’t have to solely be one thing in this world. I want her to know that she can choose. My music is just part a legacy that I wish to leave behind, for her and other women to be inspired by.”

Tupac’s Breakup Letter To Madonna Could Reach $300K Bid At Auction

Tupac Shakur’s breakup letter to Madonna is finally going up for auction, and someone will be paying six figures to own it. Gotta Have Rock and Roll, the company behind the auction, has set the opening bid at $100,000 and estimates the winning offer could end up at $300,000.

The bidding for Pac’s letter begins next Wednesday (July 17). The auction will proceed after years of legal drama involving Madonna, who was attempting to prevent the item from being sold.

Madonna recently lost an appeal to block the sale. A New York State Appeals Court ruled she cannot pursue claims against Gotta Have Rock and Roll as well as her former friend and art consultant Darlene Lutz, who was in possession of the letter until consigning it to the aforementioned memorabilia company.

Pac’s handwritten letter to Madonna was penned in 1995. In the note, the late rapper ended their relationship over concerns about dating a white woman and how it would affect his image.

Check out the auction here.

Tupac’s Love Letter To Madonna To Be Auctioned, Read It Here

If you happen to have any Tupac memorabilia laying around, you may be sitting on a fortune. In the last few months, items related to late rapper Tupac Shakur have found their way to auction blocks. In January, a raunchy, hand-drawn photo created by Tupac fetched $21K at auction, and we previously reported that his prison identification would soon be sold to the highest bidder. Now, a love letter that the rapper reportedly wrote to pop icon Madonna is next on the list, and despite her exhaustive efforts to keep it away from the public, Madonna has lost all appeals.

According to TMZ, the letter was written by Tupac to Madonna while he was behind bars. For years the future the love note has been up in the air, but it’s being reported that it will be auctioned and is expected to bring in a hefty sum. Incredibly, the opening bid for the three-page love letter stands at $100K, and there are rumors that it’s expected to come in at $300K.

In the letter, it’s obvious that Tupac has a deep love for Madonna, but he eloquent expresses why a relationship between them wouldn’t work. He opens the letter apologizing for his recent behaviors and letting her know that their ethnic backgrounds are a contributing factor to their breakup.

Here is the letter in its entirety:

“I’ve waited a long time 2 finally write this mainly because I was struggling to find all the answers so that I wouldn’t leave any unanswered questions. First and foremost, I must apologize to you because like you said I haven’t been the kind friend I know I am capable being. Not because I am evil or because you weren’t worthy but at the risk sounding over dramatic, the effects racism make it difficult for a young black male to properly show affection for an older white woman. Can u understand that? For you to be seen with a black man wouldn’t in any way jeopardize your career, if anything it would make you seem that much more open & exciting. But for me at least in previous perception I felt due to my “image” I would be letting down half the people who made me what I thought I was. I never meant to hurt you. As a matter fact I was honestly stuck on you but I got scared. I didn’t want to be another “toy” or another one many. Also, I read somewhere in an interview where you said “I’m f to rehabilitate all the rappers & basketball players” or something to that effect those words cut me deep seeing how I had never known you to be with any rappers besides myself. It was at this moment out hurt & a natural instinct to strike back and defend my heart & ego that I said a lot things I have since come to regret.

But you know how f*cked up society can be. If it wasn’t then I could openly show you how I felt anytime, anywhere and you in return could show your support for me in the open not just anonymously. Can you feel me? In the time since, as u can see, I have grown both spiritually and mentally. It no longer matters how I’m percieved. Please understand my previous position as that a young man with limited experience with a extremely famous sex symbol who also happens to be known to every man, woman, and child in the world. Please remember me not for my shortcomings but for the good times and the magic that we shared (assuming course that I meant anything 2 u). Now my outlook is different everyone is judged and treated not by their color or fame but on how they treat me and because you have been so kind even in the midst my craziness I fer my friendship once again this time much stronger & focused. If you are still interested I would like to further discuss this with you but some it couldn’t wait. I felt compelled to tell you…just in case anything happened 2 me.

Please be careful Madonna. Everyone is not as honorable as they seem. There are those whose hearts bleed with envy & evil. They would not hesitate to do you harm! Let my 5 bullets be pro that!

P.S. If there is any information you can share with me regarding Jack & crew please do. It could very well be a matter Life & Death.



He ends the letter asking her if she would come to visit him in prison. He wants to talk face-to-face because “this experience has taught me to not take time 4 granted.” He closes with a heart.

Russell Westbrook Approves Of Miami Heat Photoshop On Instagram

Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder appear to be on the verge a breakup in the aftermath the blockbuster trade that sent Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers. Following that trade, Westbrook, his agent Thad Foucher, and Thunder GM Sam Presti reportedly began exploring trade options that appealed to both parties.

Among the teams interested in acquiring the eight-time All Star is the Miami Heat, and it is has been reported that Westbrook is certainly open to teaming up with Jimmy Butler in South Beach. A further sign that Westbrook would approve a trade to the Heat came Instagram on Wednesday when he liked an illustration himself in a hot pink Heat jersey featuring the caption, Russ to Miami?”

Russell Westbrook Approves Of Miami Heat Photoshop On Instagram

Westbrook averaged a triple-double for the third consecutive season last year, averaging 22.9 points to go along with 11.1 rebounds and 10.7 assists per game. The Thunder finished with a 49-33 record, but were eliminated by the Portland Trail Blazers in five games in the first round.

Now, OKC is ficially in rebuild mode and it’s only a matter time before Westbrook’s 11-year tenure with the franchise comes to an end. The trouble is, Westbrook recently signed a massive five-year, $205 million contract extension. He is owed $38.5 million in the 2019-20 season and a total $171.1 million over the next four seasons, which includes a $47 million player option when he will be 35 years old.

In addition to the Miami Heat, the Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Minnesota Timberwolves and Orlando Magic are reportedly in the mix for a Westbrook trade.

Reginae Carter Looks Just Like Her Grandma In TB Photo Of Lil Wayne & His Mama

Last we heard Reginae, she had had her most recent (and as usual, very public) breakup with on-again-f-again rapper boyfriend, YFN Lucci, at the end last month. This time, Lucci had commented with an emoji under a “cucumber challenge” video posted by jokester Boosie Badazz, but the simple upside down smiley was enough to set her AWF and reply “you a clown,” under the comment, before unfollowing him and deleting all their pictures together on her social media. Now though, Reginae is in different spirits it seems, as she took to Instagram last night to share an epic TBT photo her father, Lil Wayne, with his mother, – Reginae’s grandmama – and fans can’t help but notice a family resemblance. 

Captioned with a simple “❤️,” the picture sees a very young looking Lil’ Weezy, dressed to impress in a grey Bart Simpson etched sweater, a long (circa early 200s) icy chain, and a bright red durag atop his signature braids. Tunechi was all smiles as he posed with his mama, Jacida “Cita” Carter, who was donning an – as one user by the name @moegotti86 named it – “old town road button up.” Fans were quick to notice that Reginae seemed to bear quite a bit resemblance to her g-ma, with one user by the name @mspoohbaybeee88 commenting “Now that’s who you look like… Cita👀👀👀,” and another commenting: “You ms Cita twin.” Others, instead saw Reginae’s resemblance to the young Wayne, saying “Literally your whole face. I really don’t know why people call you and Toya twins.😭😭They be forgetting Wayne real face,” and another user keeping it short and sweet with, “Ya daddies twin!!” What do you guys think?

Reginae Carter Looks Just Like Her Grandma In TB Photo Of Lil Wayne & His Mama

Reginae Carter Looks Just Like Her Grandma In TB Photo Of Lil Wayne & His Mama

Reginae Carter Looks Just Like Her Grandma In TB Photo Of Lil Wayne & His Mama


Stevie J & Faith Evans Deny Breakup Rumours During Trip To Essence Festival

Just a couple weeks ago fans were sure that Stevie J and Faith Evans had called it quits just before their one-year wedding anniversary. Stevie had shared a number cryptic tweets on Twitter writing how “ones insecurities can damage them,” as well as, “cherish what you love just know nothing will last forever.”

It looks like those rumors can now be put to bed since TMZ caught up with the couple as they headed out Essence Festival in New Orleans and looked to be pretty okay. The publication asked them if there was trouble in paradise, leading Stevie to kiss Faith on the cheek asking “what does this look like?” 

Finally, after admitting that she thinks she’s in love Faith added: “You can’t believe everything that you hear.”

Stevie J & Faith Evans Deny Breakup Rumours During Trip To Essence Festival
Frazer Harrison/Getty

A while back Stevie J got real personal during an interview about their relationship and how things have changed since they’ve gotten married.  “I got to put in more work, know what I’m saying?” He then explained where the work is being put when he added, “I upped it from three to five times a day,” clearly talking about their sex life. 

“I knew he was going to go there with it. I already knew,” Faith responded. 

Post Malone & Young Thug Drop "PG Rated" Version Of "Goodbyes" Video

Post Malone has had a pretty productive first week the month, shortly after dropping the audio for his breakup anthem with Young Thug, “Goodbyes” on the 5th the month, Malone took to sharing the – pretty graphic – music video with fans as well. The original, R-rated video, featured a violent, knife-laden fight scene between Post’s posse and a rival gang. Intended to be a “literal take on the metaphorical struggle between love and mortality that Post touches on with the song’s lyrics,” the clip did not hold back in terms creative expression. And now, 2 days after the video’s release, Malone returns yet again with an alternative version the clip, this time with a much more family-friendly makeover. 

The PG-Rated remodel, shows Post embodying the immortality emotion, by portraying a love-crazed zombie in a video that has a retro feel to it. Malone impassionately wanders around a small town for most the video, in search  his soulmate. He is eventually lead to a bar where Young Thug is performing for a crowd, tand happens to find said soul-mate there. In a touching sentiment, as others hastily flee at the sight the zombie’d Malone, the girl stays put while Post lovingly sings directly to her.

A Series Of Cryptic Tweets By Stevie J Has Fans Thinking Him & Faith Evans Broke Up

Just last month, we reported that rapper, Stevie J, was filing for custody his daughter, Bonnie Bella, with Joseline Hernandez, after he accused Joseline  purposely cutting Bonnie out his life since she moved to Miami with Bonnie to live with another guy. Stevie claimed that he’s now more financially and mentally stable to care for his daughter, since being married to Faith Evans, calling on his family, adult children and extended family as great resources for his daughter’s well being. Now, however, rumors have been circulating the Interwebs, that Stevie’s relationship with his wife has privately ended. 

Stevie J , 47, and his wife 1 year, Faith Evans, 46, started sparking breakup theories after fans noticed that the two unfollowed each other on social media. As well as that, Stevie took to Twitter in the AM yesterday, to post a series cryptic tweets seemingly hinting at trouble in paradise. “Ones insecurities can damage them,” he wrote, as well as: “cherish what you love just know nothing will last forever.” These peculiar tweets come only a week after the couple shared a preview them celebrating Juneteenth together, clearly still boo’ed up whilst spending the holiday together in San Jose. 

Birdman’s Discusses Privacy & Says Relationship With Toni Braxton Is "Straight"

The relationship between Birdman and Toni Braxton wasn’t one that fans thought would last, but the couple is going strong. There have been breakup rumors as late, especially since they haven’t shared any plans tying the knot anytime soon, but Birdman insists that he and Braxton are doing just fine. HollywoodLife caught up with him recently and when they attempted to pry about his relationship, he let it be known that private life is f limits.

“Straight. She’s straight. We good,” he said. “I ain’t the one to give my life like that. I feel my life is my personal life, especially with my kids. I’ve never been the kind man to exploit my kids on social media or my personal life. I only use it for business, movie driven, that’s all I ever use it for.”

Fans also shouldn’t expect to see him making an appearance on Braxton Family Values anytime soon. “No!” he said while laughing. “I stay f the media business! My personal life — I don’t believe everybody should have exposure to that. I’ve never been that kind man and I never will.”

Birdman's Discusses Privacy & Says Relationship With Toni Braxton Is "Straight"
Craig Barritt/Getty s

Meanwhile, the hip hop producer has a new film coming out that will be released through Cash Money/Groundwurk Studios titled Tazmanian Devil. The movie is said to be about a “19-year-old Nigerian immigrant who moves to the U.S. and struggles to balance his conflicting desires to join a college fraternity and bond with his estranged father.” A release date has yet to be announced.