Bill Cosby Denied Retrial, Wife Camille Accuses Judge Of Bias

Bill Cosby has apparently misplaced his first attraction to see his conviction overturned. According to CBC, the choose presiding rendered their determination on Tuesday after cautious consideration into the matter, inflicting Cosby’s spouse Camille to once more, accuse the choose malpractice & bias in opposition to her partner. Cosby’s spouse believes a confrontation with a pivotal pre-trial witness could have swung issues out favor.

Cosby’s protection workforce needs their shopper launched on bail whereas he recordsdata the a number of court docket injunctions in opposition to the choose’s presumptive “bias.” The 81-year previous is presently dealing with three to 10 years in a state penitentiary for sexually molesting a girl in 2004.

Bill Cosby has reportedly been given a single cell to himself, in addition to entry to a “dayroom” the place he can watch tv and eat his meals, considerably faraway from the anguish common jail life. Due to his authorized blindness, a number of inmates have been assigned to assist him full his each day work assignments. 

The subsequent step for Cosby if he hopes to overturn his conviction could be to file the identical grievance in a Superior State Court, though there’s a sturdy probability nothing will come it. The protection additionally filed complaints in opposition to the next three incidents within the trial, in concurrence with the movement to overturn his conviction.

1. “Let 5 different accusers testify.”

2. “Let the jury hear parts Cosby’s damaging deposition within the accuser’s associated lawsuit.” 

three. “Declare Cosby a sexually violent predator who remained a menace to the neighborhood.”

The Cosby saga is nowhere close to completed.

Bill Cosby Reportedly Living An Easy Life In Prison; Daily Phone Calls & Personal Guide

Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in jail after being convicted for drugging and sexually assaulting 60 ladies. According to TMZ, his time behind bars has been fairly straightforward as far as the publication studies that his days consist chatting with spouse Camille and touring the grounds with jail workers.

Bill is awaiting entry into basic inhabitants at Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution Phoenix in Schwenksville and earlier than he enters, his mornings begin f with a solo breakfast in his cell. After his meal, a guard has to switch him to his subsequent location (since he is legally blind) which may be the library or different amenities and by the point lunch or dinner comes round, he eats in a personal room or his cell once more. 

Cosby’s consultant, Andrew Wyatt, tells TMZ that Bill solely has good issues to say in regards to the ficers who’re taking care him, who’re described as very respectful. Also, the each day calls he receives from his spouse are mentioned to solely be about plans to enchantment his conviction. Bill nonetheless has to attend about one other week till he can obtain guests. 

Bill Cosby's Judge Not Stepping Down Despite Corrupt Accusations

Camille Cosby’s try at getting her husband’s choose faraway from his sentencing has failed. As beforehand posted, Camille and Bill’s authorized group wished Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill to step down claiming that he was ruling unfairly as a result of previous rivalry with the previous district legal professional.

According to  Page Six, Steven O’Neill has denied any bias and won’t be eradicating himself from the case. “No ‘grudge,’ animus, bias or prejudice could be claimed as a result of it doesn’t exist,” he wrote. “This court docket merely has no bias in opposition to any witness referred to as by the protection or the Defendant himself.”

He detailed how his previous political happenings with the previous district legal professional have all the time been public data and if it was such an issue Bill’s group ought to have stated one thing earlier, not days earlier than his sentencing. “Clearly, the defendant was conscious, or ought to have been conscious, the idea for the immediate movement in March 2018 on the newest, previous to the graduation the retrial,” he added.

Camille Cosby Fights For Investigation On Judge Set To Sentence Bill

We previously posted about Bill Cosby’s upcoming sentencing and how his wife Camille wanted a new judge on the case, after suspecting that Judge Steven O’Neill was sentencing Bill based on past political bias with former district attorney Montgomery County, Bruce Castor. According to Page Six, Camille plans on filing a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Board Pennsylvania just a few days before Bill’s sentencing. 

“My husband was improperly prosecuted in a trial presided over by an unethical judge who seeks to compound his unethical behavior by sentencing Bill Cosby, now 81 years old and unsighted, for a charge that the former DA and the judge’s rival, Mr. Castor, determined was unwarranted and would never be prosecuted,” Camille said in a statement. “This must be done not just for my husband’s sake, but for the sake the American people and the preservation our fundamental rights.”

Bill is convicted  three counts aggravated indecent assault and faces up to 10 years for each count. Bill’s sentencing takes place on September 24th and is expected to last two days. 

Bill Cosby's Wife Wants New Judge On Rape Case, Says Judge Can "Not Be Trusted"

Bill Cosby will be sentenced to prison on September 24th, but before the date comes around his wife Camille Cosby has penned a detailed letter asking for a new hearing, claiming that Bills’ current Judge, Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill, has ruled based on a long-standing political drama with the former district attorney Montgomery County, Bruce Castor.

According to Page Six, Bruce Castor previously dropped his investigation into Andrea Constand‘s 2005 assault claims on Bill and formed a non-prosecution agreement with Bill’s former lawyers. Bruce was later stripped his job and Montgomery County DA Kevin R. Steele took over, forgetting about Bruce’s previous move and went ahead by filing criminal charges against Bill – in agreeance with Steven O’Neill, based on past conflict. 

Bill’s lawyer Joseph Green has filed a motion today asking the jury to reconsider Steven O’Neill’s move convicting Bill  on three counts aggravated indecent assault. “The court should have disqualified itself,” Joseph writes, “due to the Judge’s personal knowledge and bias against Mr. Castor.”

Camille echoed the same opinion: “That this judge would hide his bias and decide that his rival, the former D.A., could not be trusted to give truthful testimony, shows that the judge let his own personal feelings override Mr. Cosby’s right to a fair trial. If a judge would do this in a case as high-prile as this one, then he cannot be trusted to be a fair judge for anyone else either.”