21 Savage's CD Version Of "A Lot" Reportedly Does Not Feature J. Cole

The individuals who pre-ordered 21 Savage’si’m > i used to be within the days previous to its launch had been in for a shock when the CD model arrived. They weren’t handled to a bonus monitor or something that nature however one the primary options from the undertaking was truly eliminated. 

Fans have began to react to a 3rd 21 Savage verse on the track “loads,” which options J. Cole in its digital model. Cole’s portion the track is one the standouts your entire album, opening up the tracklist with a bang. Unfortunately (or thankfully relying on how you are feeling in regards to the North Carolina rapper), Cole’s verse was reportedly not added to the CD model i’m > i used to be.

According to some followers, a 3rd verse was recorded by 21 Savage, which is admittedly fairly good. A low-quality video the part was uploaded to  by one fan who ordered the bodily copy. It’s probably that since J. Cole recorded his verse simply earlier than the album dropped, the label did not have sufficient time to mass-produce CDs with the adjustments to the intro track. Regardless, the monitor continues to be fireplace.

Have a hearken to the CD model “loads” right here and tell us which is your favourite.

Metro Boomin Launches 6-Hour Merch Run For "Not All Heroes Wear Capes"

Metro Boomin is taking much more steps in direction of creative autonomy by issuing a merch-run related along with his Not All Heroes Wear Capes challenge. The gadgets up for grabs on this fast-expiring shopper window embrace an assortment  rarefied t-shirts.

The fixture on the high the net store pitches a bundle that collectively an solely signed “Missing Person” poster that comes with a digital copy the album.

Other gadgets on the menu embrace “Boominati” hoodies and t-shirts, and three totally different baseball caps bearing distinct insignias pertaining to the lore the album, and his mysterious hiatus. There are additionally vinyl pressings, cassette tapes, and compact disc variations the album, all mockingly coupled with a digital copy as nicely.

If you select to purchase a baseball cap from the expiring catalog, you possibly can pair it with a sporty jacket bearing the “Silent Guardian” insignia. One hoodie within the chosen catalog contains a Webster definition heroism to go together with the album’s non-figurative theme. Metro Boomin is fering somewhat bit every thing in a PG-friendly “low cost.” Act quick, the clock is ticking.   

Cop your “Missing” proper right here proper now, and peep our assessment Not All Heroes Wear Capes proper right here.

Cam Kirk On Shelved “Metro Thuggin" Project: “I Wish The World Got To Hear”

Remember Metro Thuggin? The extremely anticipated joint mission between Metro Boomin & Young Thug that was introduced years in the past, however by no means noticed the sunshine day? Well it seems there’s a accomplished model the mission that the world by no means acquired to listen to. On Thursday afternoon, famed photographer Cam Kirk tweeted out an image what appears to be a whole rollout for the mission, with a CD, booklet & paintings for Metro Thuggin being displayed.

He stated that he needed the remainder the world to listen to what he has had the prospect to listen to, though don’t get your hopes up. “I want the world acquired to listen to Metro Thuggin]” he wrote together with the pictures.

The mission was anticipated for months again in 2014 and 2015, however was finally shelved after label issues and a doable beef between Metro Boomin and Young Thug. In reality, Metro talked concerning the delayed mission and stated followers ought to direct their questions on Metro Thuggin to the 300 label, alluding to them being the explanation it by no means surfaced.

Check out the image & tweet (beneath). Would you continue to be keen on listening to Metro Thuggin or have you ever given up on it? (Don’t get your hopes up that it is popping out although as a result of it in all probability wont be).

Eminem Channels His Inner-Dad, Drops CD Version Of "Kamikaze"

Eminem’s monumental “Kamikaze” release is now available for purchase in compact disc format. The album which is set to move 350K units in its first week will actually hit stores in the antiquated format Eminem’s adolescence. Makeshift electronic sections in department stores like Target and Walmart are excited to enter into a licensing arrangement with Em. My sources tell me there’s a hidden market for “traditional album sales” I’ve yet to see first hand. According to HHNM, the limited CD press is already out stock in a lot locations.

As documented by this enthusiastic Eminem/wrestling fan, the liner notes contain a “I Will Die Unconquered” infographic, as well as never before seen Aircraft nose art emblazoned on the CD itself. Over on his online shop, Eminem is also selling album art lithographs, a vinyl version the record, t-shirts, bombers, jackets, long sleeve shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, beanies and adjustable hats.

Eminem’s recorded CD sales from year’s past stack up with the very best. The Detroit rapper only ranks second in overall sales to artists like Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, in the tier right below the 250 million mark. If Eminem keeps putting, he has a chance to join the elusive company the 1st tier, sooner than you might think.

Eminem's "Kamikaze" 1st Week Sales Projection Updated To 400K+

Eminem’s sales figures might be even stronger than projected initially. The initially estimate had Kamikaze raking in $350,000 in its first week, but now those numbers have been adjusted to well over 400,000 units sold. The numbers have been compiled by Chart Data, one the Internet’s most trusted sources analytics.

The feat is quite impressive considering Eminem pulled the lever on the record when no one expected it, on Thursday-Friday at the stroke midnight. Eminem fans were anxiously awaiting his submission to the Venom soundtrack when surprise, Marshall delivered a full LP. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt that Eminem’s rap feudalism help generate a ton interest in the project, attention he would have likely garnered had he dropped another Revival. In comparison, Nicki Minaj only managed 185,000 copies sold with every trick in the book.

The longer the wait for Eminem’s anticipated response to Machine Gun Kelly, the likelier rap fans are to regurgitate his album, meaning Kamikaze could far exceed the estimated total, and keep its pace going into next week. Eminem has also demonstrated a willingness to do things the old fashioned way, in ordering a distribution deal in retail markets for CD editions his Kamikaze release.

Eminem "Kamikaze" Merch Is Now Available

Rivaling The Carters by releasing one the most surprising bodies work this year, Eminem clapped back at his critics by dropping what appears to be a return to form. Many his haters target the living legend for his age and experience, calling him “washed” but Em had a response to those people on Kamikaze, the project that he released from out nowhere last night. Alongside the new record, Shady decided he should give his most loyal fans a gift by releasing a new collection merchandise.

Available now on his ficial website, Marshall Mathers is putting on for fans physical music, as well as the real OG’s who still use cassette tapes, by fering CD’s, vinyls and cassettes his latest album. Kamikaze may not even be 24 hours old yet but fans are already touting it as one his better projects from the last few years. Those same supporters will likely be clamoring for some new merch to show their love for the artist, which they can now cop. A decent selection clothing is available too as caps, beanies, hoodies, jackets, and t-shirts are all on the site and considering the cooler months are just around the corner, we have to say the marketing strategy is pretty impeccable on that front. 

Check out the full capsule here and let us know if you’re checking out your cart with any new gear.

Travis Scott "Astroworld" Day 2 Merch Is Now Live

If you missed out on the first drop yesterday but you’re still interested in getting some Travis Scott merch, you’re in luck because the next batch products has just become available. Earlier this week, it was announced that La Flame would be releasing a 28-piece capsule collection to coincide with the release his long-awaited album Astroworld. With us only a few hours away from the ride our lifetimes, we suggest you get your gear ordered quickly because just like yesterday’s shirt, hoodie and cap, these will be gone in the next 24 hours.

Introducing three new pieces to the collection, fans have the option copping a hoodie, a long sleeve t-shirt or a skateboard deck. Or, if you’re a diehard fan, you’ve probably already bought all three. Going head-on into a theme park feel, Travis’ Astroworld-branded merch features sayings like, “Look Mom I Can Fly,” and “The Sights Are Vivid.” Much like yesterday’s release, each purchase comes with a pre-order code for tickets to a future Travis Scott tour. The long sleeve features glow-in-the-dark graphics, instantly turning you into the coolest kid in the club when you put it on.

Check out the new pieces on the artist’s website and let us know if you’re copping anything from today’s drop. Astroworld arrives in just a few hours!

Travis Scott "Astroworld" Merch Available Now For 24 Hours

If you’re as hyped as I am for Astroworld to finally drop, you’ll be excited to know that the first collection from his new merch capsule has ficially released. If you’re messing with some the pieces, though, you better hurry because they’re only available for a very limited time.

Announcing yesterday that the 28-piece collection would be sold over a period 9 days, with each item only being available for a very limited amount time, the first 5 products have ficially been unveiled. Trav tweeted about the ficial drop, letting everybody know they have only 24 hours to cop before the merch is never available again so, I repeat, if you’re into it, this could be your last chance. 

Today’s shirts are the dark variety, embracing the “night” theme the alternate album cover with a black t-shirt, hoodie, and cap available. Of course, all them have Astroworld branding with “Wish You Were Here” embroidered. Also available are a vinyl and physical CD copy the album, which will be shipped in 6 to 8 weeks. If you read the fine print, each purchase comes with a presale code for an upcoming tour, allowing his most loyal fans to be among the first to cop tickets.

I’ve already bought my t-shirt (and I’ll probably get another one tomorrow tbh.) Are you planning on copping from today’s drop? Check out the merch here.

Drake Lost Out On Over $500,000 Dollars In Physical Sales Of “Scorpion”: Report

Drake’s wildly successful new album, Scorpion, has been available on streaming services since June 28, but that’s not when the physical copies were released. In fact, the CD form the album wasn’t released until two weeks later on July 13, a move that not only cost him at least $500,000 dollars, but has left music retailers and label execs analyzing this decision to not release CD’s right away.

According to Billboard, who spoke with attendees at the annual convention Alliance Entertainment, they said if Scorpion would’ve came out on CD’s the same time as it hit digital service providers, he would have sold 250,000 to 300,000 copies its debut week. But since the CD hit stores two weeks late, Drake is selling fewer copies, and he’d be lucky if he gets between 50,000 to 80,000 copies its first week in the U.S.

“What Drake is doing is walking up to a table and seeing two bags money, one with $100,000 on it and one with $500,000 on it and choosing to leave the larger bag money on the table,” says a music retailer, assuming $2 per CD in royalties.

Some label execs say the delay physical copies helps prevent pre-release leaks and some amount piracy. One major-label head said that Drake is likely more interested in the bragging rights being a top-streamed artist than in banking at least half a million more in physical revenue.

So who knows why Drake chose not to release the physical copies the same day as the streaming release, but it definitely ended up costing him another half million in his bank account. But then again he probably wouldn’t even notice that chump change.

Read the in-depth breakdown right here on Billboard.

Best Buy Has Officially Stopped Selling CDs

If you were old enough to buy music while CDs were the primary form consumption, you probably strolled through the Best Buy music section at least a couple times. As July 1st, the CD section, which has grown increasingly smaller in recent years, no longer exists in the store.

We knew this was coming. It was first reported that Best Buy would stop sales compact discs back in February. According to Billboard, CD sales were down 18.5% in North America last year, and Best Buy, once the most powerful music merchandiser in the U.S. was only bringing in approximately $40 million annually from CD sales. The store will continue to sell vinyl for at least the next two years, as part an agreement they have with vendors. There will likely be an increase in turntables in the music section in the near future.

Target, another major CD destination, has yet to pull the plug on the format, but the store has been hinting at some major changes. Earlier this year it was reported that Target was looking to put its CDs on consignment, meaning they’d only have to pay labels for copies that actually sold. Target is known for including exclusive bonus tracks on select releases. Nicki Minaj’s upcoming album Queen is expected to have Target bonus tracks on copies sold at the store.

RIP Best Buy’s CD section. Let us know some the CDs you remember buying in the comments below.