Mitch Trubisky Lit Up By Adam Schefter For Complaining About Criticism

Mitch Trubisky has been one the most scrutinized quarterbacks in all the NFL this season thanks to his lackluster play with the Chicago Bears. Last season, he wasn’t the most impressive player but he looked as though he could do some serious damage this year with a full season being a starter under his belt. Instead, Trubisky has been one the biggest disappointments in the league this year and it has been pretty detrimental to the Bears who sit at a record 3-5.

Trubisky recently spoke about dealing with criticism and how he has turned f the TV’s in the Bears facility because he is sick and tired people ripping him to shreds. During the latest episode ESPN’s Get Up, Damien Woody laced into Trubisky for his comments while insider Adam Schefter went on a bit a rare rant his own.

“If you can’t handle some criticism, then you don’t need to be the quarterback,” Schefter said.

The entire panel couldn’t seem to believe that Trubisky would say something like this so publically considering how it’s a pretty embarrassing admission. When you’re the quarterback, you’re going to have to deal with people saying bad things about you and so far, Trubisky doesn’t seem like he can handle himself very well.

Dwight Howard Has Lakers Fans Singing His Praises After Hot Start

Dwight Howard has been privy to quite a bit criticism over the last few years due to his lackluster play out on the court. He has bounced around the league and many people have claimed he is “washed.” Despite this, Howard saw fit to return to the Los Angeles Lakers, the team that in a way, kicked f his decline from prime-hood. Howard is well aware the narratives that exist surrounding him and this time around, he is trying to prove people wrong and decimate the criticism against him.

Coming f the bench, Howard has been lights out for the Lakers and while he might not be a scoring machine, he is doing all the little things right. The team is 6-1 and is atop the league’s standings in part because his contributions. On Tuesday night, Howard came through with a huge block on Coby White the Chicago Bulls, which led to Lakers fans ficially stating their appreciation for Dwight.

Howard has been an easy player to make fun over the last few years but this season, you have to admit that he has improved significantly. He desperately wants to make an impact with this Lakers team especially when you consider how they have a great chance at winning a title.

If you’re Howard, you can’t help but feel good about yourself knowing people are starting to change their tune regarding you.

LeBron James Sarcastically Addresses His Haters After Triple-Double Performance

Coming into this season, there were various questions surrounding LeBron James and whether or not he could continue to be one the best players in the world. So far this season, LeBron has completely silenced those critics by putting up great performance after great performance. Last night, the Lakers took on the Chicago Bulls and James completed his third straight triple-double which propelled the team to a 118-112 victory. Despite his age, LeBron continues to show people he is one the greatest to ever do it.

With the win, the Lakers are now the first team in the NBA with six wins and are in first place in the Western Conference. After the game, LeBron was feeling himself and took to Twitter where he fered a bit sarcasm towards his detracters. 

LeBron has been well aware the narratives against him but they don’t seem to bother him all that much. All he has to do this season is go out and be about his business while dishing the ball to superstar players like Anthony Davis. The Lakers are a real contender this year and the six-game winning streak is further pro what they can accomplish.

As the season goes on, it will be intriguing to see if the Lakers can keep it up or if their lack depth will force them to fall f.

Miami Dolphins Announce QB Change Ahead Of Dallas Cowboys Game

The Miami Dolphins are moving on to second-year quarterback Josh Rosen, who will replace veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, following a pair blowout home losses to start the season. The team announced the move on Thursday afternoon, just days before their matchup against the 2-0 Dallas Cowboys, in which Miami is a 22-point underdog. 

Rosen, the former 10th overall selection, went 3-10 in 13 games for the Arizona Cardinals last season, completing 55% his passes for 2,278 yards, 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. In his two appearances this season, after the fate the game had already been decided, Rosan has completed eight his 21 pass attempts for 102 yards with zero touchdowns and two interceptions.

According to ESPN Stats & InfoJosh Rosen will be the 21st different starting QB for the Dolphins since 2000, when Dan Marino retired. The only teams who have had more starting QBs during that span are the Cleveland Browns (29) and Chicago Bears (23).

The Dolphins acquired Rosen from Arizona in exchange for a second-round pick and a 2020 fifth round pick after the Cards drafted Kyler Murray No. 1 overall. The way things are looking, Miami will likely be in position to draft another QB, such as Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa, with the first pick in the 2020 draft, but first they’ll get to see what they have in Rosen.

That said, Miami’s uninspiring playing, including a 59-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens and a 43-0 drubbing at the hands the New England Patriots, doesn’t bode well for his chances to succeed. 

Mitch Trubisky Savagely Roasted By NFL Fans After Abysmal Debut

Last night, NFL fans across the world were in pure bliss as the first game the regular season took place. Unfortunately, the game was only entertaining if you’re a defensive coordinator or enjoy the painstaking process watching paint dry. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears by a score 10-3 and neither quarterback had a phenomenal game. Aaron Rodgers had one touchdown pass in the second quarter while Bears QB Mitch Trubisky finished with an interception and nothing else.

Trubisky made 26 45 passes while throwing for 228 yards. The quarterback couldn’t seem to get anything going and it forced the Bears to rely way too much on their defense. Fans were starting to get incredibly frustrated with Trubisky as he couldn’t muster up a single productive drive. With just four minutes left in the game, he led the team down deep into Packers territory but threw an interception to effectively end it.

The Bears were Super Bowl contenders heading into this season but Trubisky’s performance against a questionable defense has people rethinking their predictions. NFL supporters flocked to Twitter last night and this morning where they have been roasting Trubisky for his play.

You can find some the more entertaining comments below.

Air Jordan 1 Satin "Black Toe" Officially Unveiled: Release Info

If you’re a fan Jordan Brand and more particularly, the Air Jordan 1, then you know all about the “Black Toe” Chicago colorway. It’s one the most iconic versions the shoe and if you’re a sneakerhead, it is one those must-haves for your collection. As we march into the late stages the Summer, Jordan Brand is looking to give women a better chance at copping the “Black Toe” model, while also giving it a bit a twist. 

Yes, that’s right, the Air Jordan 1 High OG “Black Toe” model is now being dressed in its own Satin version which will be hitting store shelves on Saturday, August 17th for $160 USD. The shoe has the exact same color blocking as the original shoe, it’s just that the materials are different on this particular model. So far, the shoe is looking pretty great and if you’re a female sneakerhead looking for some kicks this Summer, these are certainly the way to go.

Jordan Brand ficially unveiled the shoe over the weekend and it can be seen in all its glory in the images below.

Will you be copping these?

Air Jordan 1 Satin "Black Toe" Officially Unveiled: Release Info

Jordan Brand

Air Jordan 1 Satin "Black Toe" Officially Unveiled: Release Info

Jordan Brand

AEW Announces Weekly TNT Show Coming In October: Details

All Elite Wrestling, more commonly referred to simply as AEW, will make it’s TNT debut on Wednesday, October 2, just two days before WWE’s first SmackDown Live show on Fox.

The inaugural AEW-TNT broadcast, starting at 8pm ET, will take place at the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. Ticket pricing and an on-sale date for the event will be announced at noon on July 29 AEW’s social media accounts.

As part Wednesday’s press release, AEW promised to provide fans with “real sports analytics” to go along with their growing roster wrestlers who will be given “freedom to explore their characters and highlight their athletic abilities.”

“Focused on fast-paced, high-impact competitions, AEW fers fans more athleticism along with real sports analytics. Wrestlers are also given freedom to explore their characters and highlight their athletic abilities. Introducing statistics to wrestling for the first time ever, AEW will raise the stakes for its matches and deepen fan engagement by tracking each competitor’s wins and losses as wrestlers pursue championships. Their moves and damage to their opponents will also be analyzed on-air to provide insights into their winning streaks.”

AEW’s current pool talent includes former WWE stars such as Cody and Brandi Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley (aka Dean Ambrose), as well as The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson), Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page.

The company’s next event, All Out, is scheduled to take place on August 31 at the Sears Center in Chicago. You can stream the action B/R Live.

Chicago Alligator "Chance The Snapper" Has Been Caught

Imagine taking a nice walk through the park and checking out the turtles in the pond when BAM! An alligator appears from out nowhere. What the heck would you do? Would you calmly walk away? Run back to your crib? Parts Chicago’s Humboldt Park have been shut down this week after a wild alligator sighting. According to CNN, the reptile was just chilling around the park for a week, leaving locals frightened and unsure what to do. The gator was even affectionately nicknamed Chance the Snapper, a play on the city’s hometown hero Chance the Rapper. Well, Chano has ficially been captured and Chi-Town residents have nothing to fear for the time being.

Chicago ficials brought in an alligator expert from Florida to help them safely handle Chance the Snapper, who is approximately four to five feet long. The city is under the impression that somebody who once owned the alligator dumped it in the lagoon but there are no suspects yet regarding that. It is illegal to own an alligator in the state Illinois.

Chance the Snapper was last seen by somebody in the park on Thursday last week. He has been safely caught though and a press conference will be held today with more details.

Madden 20 Ratings: Four Players Earn Coveted 99 Overall Ranking

EA Sports has today revealed the Madden 20 player ratings, highlighted by four superstars who earned the coveted 99 overall ranking.

Among them: Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack, Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Donald, and Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner. 

On the fensive side the ball, Antonio Brown and Julio Jones both check in at 98 overall, while Rams running back Todd Gurley is the highest rated running back at 97.

Top 5 WRs: Hopkins (99), Brown (98), Jones (98), Beckham Jr (96) and Michael Thomes (95)

Top 5 RBs: Gurley (97), Ezekiel Elliott (94), Le’Veon Bell (92), Melvin Gordon III (92), Saquon Barkley & Christian McCaffrey (91)

Top 5 TEs: Travis Kelce (96), Zach Ertz (93), Delanie Walker (92), George Kittle (90), Greg Olson (89)

When it comes to quarterbacks, the reigning NFL MVP, and Madden 20 cover star, Patrick Mahomes sits at Madden mountaintop. The Kansas City Chiefs’ 23-year old signal caller boasts a 97 overall rating, one point higher than six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. Philip Rivers (94) Drew Brees and Andrew Luck (both 92) round out the Top 5 QBs.

The highest rated team in Madden 20 is the Philadelphia Eagles (89 overall). The Miami Dolphins are bottom the barrel with an overall rating 74.

Madden 20 is slated to release on August 2. Click here to check out the full player ratings.

Osundairo Brother Wished Jussie Smollett A “Speedy Recovery” After Alleged Attack

You know the Osundairo brothers who were hoaxed into Jussie Smollet’s alleged hate attack? Well it turns out one the brothers texted the Empire actor his well wishes the day the purported attack. On Monday night, the Chicago Police Department released a mountain documents and visual evidence regarding the lawsuit, which reportedly included a text message between the two parties.

“Bruh say it ain’t true,” Abimbola “Abel” Osundairo wrote to Jussie in a text. “I’m praying for speedy recovery. S–t is wild,” he added.

To add to that, Osundairo’s text was sent on January 29th, likely after news the incident spread on news outlets that very day. If you forgot, the “Empire” star was accused paying Osundairo and his brother Olabinjo to help stage the hate crime attack near the actor’s Chicago apartment, but maybe this is them covering it up with this staged text? Or maybe Jussie was telling the truth all along and they were just his trainers?

Smollett faced felony charges for allegedly staging the hate crime attack, but the charges were later dropped in a shocking move by prosecutors. We’ll continue to keep you posted with any further updates.

R. Kelly’s Accusers Set To Testify By Grand Jury: Report

New reports by The Blast indicate R. Kelly might be in more trouble than he already is. That is because his accusers are preparing to testify to a grand jury this week to support the several indictments the federal ficials are preparing against the shamed singer. Sources tied to the investigation and in direct contact with The Blast shared that the witnesses will be in Chicago to deliver their testimonies in relation to R. Kelly’s alleged crimes. The precise ordeal involves R. Kelly and affiliates flying out underage girls all over the country so Kelly could allegedly engage in sexual activities with them.

R. Kelly's Accusers Set To Testify By Grand Jury: ReportE. Jason Wambsgans-Pool/Getty s

The stated accusations coupled with the witness testimonies would strengthen the case enough to result in charges sex trafficking and child exploitation. Thus far, the federal ficials have garnered a considerable amount evidence against R. Kelly with regards to this case and this includes plane tickets, text messages, and receipts which support the travel purchases made by Kelly’s team to fly out the underage girls. Furthermore, New York investigations traveled to Atlanta to collect more testimony in support these federal cases. We expect the indictments to be granted shortly after the testimony finishes in Chicago.

Jussie Smollett’s Case Files To Be Unsealed According To Judge

When Jussie Smollett’s criminal case (regarding the alleged staged homophobic attack on himself) was dropped, his case was sealed by the court meaning no one could see the details surrounding the dropped charges. NBC Chicago now reports that a judge has ruled for the case to be unsealed, after hearing oral arguments from different parties. 

Jussie Smollett's Case Files To Be Unsealed According To Judge

Media attorney Natalie Spears was one to argue that they needed to unseal, detailing how there’s no point to keeping the case a secret since it was so public. “There is no way to secrete the fact Jussie Smollett’s arrest. At this point it is widely and publicly known from here to Helsinki and back,” Nicole stated. “No potential employer, let alone anyone with a pulse, does not know about Jussie Smollett’s arrest at this point.”

However, lawyers for Jussie fought in favour keeping the documents sealed. “The root this problem is not Mr. Smollett,” Brian Watson argued. “The root this problem is that the media, Mrs. Spears’ clients, created publicity, and now her clients want to use that against someone who wants to get their rights back.”

Now that the case will be unsealed, it’s only a matter time before details surrounding the inner court happenings makes its way to the media. 

Carson Wentz Says Back Still Isn’t Completely Healed: "This Stuff Takes Time"

At the end last season, Carson Wentz suffered a stress fracture in his back which took him out for the remainder the season. Nick Foles stepped in for him and the rest is history as the Eagles made it to the playfs and even won a game against the Chicago Bears. Since then, Foles signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars which cemented Wentz as the team’s franchise quarterback. The QB spoke to the media on Monday about his injury status and how his recovery is going. Overall, it’s been a slow process.

“It’s still getting there. It’s still getting there,” Wentz explained. “Some this stuff just takes time, but that’s not really the main concern, it’s just kind how I feel. I feel pretty good with where I’m at.”

There have been questions surrounding Wentz as to whether or not he can make it as a franchise quarterback considering all the injuries he’s sustained in his young career. Wentz understands those doubts but is ready to prove people wrong.

Carson Wentz Says Back Still Isn't Completely Healed: "This Stuff Takes Time"

Stacy Revere/Getty s

“I get it. I get it,” Wentz said. “I’m looking forward to putting those (questions) behind me. I understand it’s a part this league, it’s a physical league and things happen. But it’s one those things that’s out my control, and I look forward to putting that behind me.”

Only time will tell whether or not Wentz can lead the Eagles to one the best records in football like he did just two seasons ago.

R. Kelly’s Reps & Joycelyn Savage’s Parents Can’t Agree On "Neutral" Meet Up Spot

TMZ has simply realized that Joycelyn Savage is definitely open to assembly along with her mother and father, after breaking contact inside the final couple years. The bother is, each R. Kelly‘s staff (repping Joycelyn) and her mother and father (representing themselves for essentially the most half) can not agree on a hard and fast location. A couple of hurdles grasp within the stability.

For starters, if R. Kelly desires to retain any management over the state of affairs, the assembly must happen in Illinois, as a result of he isn’t allowed to depart the state. On the opposite hand, The Savages appear prepared to cowl the gap however do not wish to stray too removed from Joycelyn’s ailing grandmother whose residence lies on the skin.

The Savage’s have been the primary celebration to set their tips earlier than R. Kelly’s staff ever consented to the thought. According to the TMZ report, “a impartial location” is non-negotiable and was because the concept a meet-up was first implanted of their heads. Her guardian’s ficial stance on the matter was voiced by the household lawyer Gerald Griggs.

For the report: no assembly has been organized as this second, and by regulation, Griggs cannot drive the powers-to-be to make it occur. Kelly’s personal publicist ducked for canopy when requested the identical query.

R. Kelly Accuser Claims She Was Forced Into "Talking Like A Little Girl"

R. Kelly accuser Asante McGee detailed his abusive behaviors in direction of in a tell-all editorial piece revealed by NBC News this afternoon. Within her exposé, McGee elucidated the abuse in a number of definable classes: their home life, the sexual transgressions, and most unusual to her transcripts, Kelly’s infantilizing language, putting her in the identical regard as the kids he allegedly molested inside the identical quarters. The following excerpt from the editorial completely illustrates her level.

R. Kelly Accuser Claims She Was Forced Into "Talking Like A Little Girl"

Chance Yeh/Getty s

“I additionally by no means had any concept that he actually appreciated minors; I used to be not an adolescent, I used to be nowhere close to an adolescent. The solely small pink flag was that, once we have been collectively, he at all times needed me to speak like a little bit woman,” she confessed. “He would inform me what to say, I might repeat it, and he would maintain telling me “No. Do it totally different, do it a little bit ster,” till I received to the voice that he needed. I assumed it was odd, however then I assumed that possibly it was only a function play for him.”

Later on within the piece, McGee would admit to a number of keynotes that might assist her come to her senses over his charismatic authority. She says her breaking level occurred when R. Kelly forcibly locked her in a van for hours, a second recognition tying her narrative with these accusers outlining a dungeon locked chambers constructed into his Atlanta and Chicago houses.