Oklahoma Teacher Arrested For Threesome With Student & Other Woman

A teacher in Oklahoma is facing some serious charges over allegations sleeping with a student. According to The New York Post, Joyce Churchill was taken into police custody and charged with rape. The volleyball coach at Berryhill High School was accused having a threesome with a student along with another woman who allegedly used to work in the district.

The student claimed that Churchwell invited him over to her house last school year where they had an alleged menage a trois. Casey Roebeck, a rep for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, said that the student “admitted that this encounter had taken place at the teacher’s home along with another adult female — a former teacher at the district.”

Churchwell would later turn herself into authorities after a warrant was issued for her arrest where the charged her with rape. However, her arrest has led to the police to believe there might be more victims affected. Police found out that she had been messaging another student.

The school revealed in a statement that Joyce Churchwell has been placed on leave absence in wake the allegations. “The Berryhill School District takes the safety its students very seriously and does everything it can to provide a safe learning environment,” the statement reads. “The district is currently cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation these allegations and will take appropriate action when the investigation is completed.”

Wais P Teams With Statik Selektah For ‘Chinchilla’ EP

Brooklyn’s Wais P has linked up with producer Statik Selektah for an EP titled Chinchilla. The Showoff Records release joins the latter’s growing list of a collaborative projects, which include past team-ups with MCs such as Bun B and Curren$y in 2019.

The new eight-track project includes contributions from Paul Wall, Termanology, Nem$ and Haile Supreme. Production is handled entirely by Statik.

Check out Wais P and Statik’s Chinchilla stream, cover art and tracklist below.

1. You Never Know f. Haile Supreme
2. So Easy f. Termanology
3. Time Is Money
4. My Lane
5. R.N.L.
6. No Rules f. Nem$
7. Walk On By
8. Mourn f. Paul Wall

"Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Season 3 Trailer Brings Hell To The Forefront

The witch is back. Netflix’s Chilling Adventures Sabrina took the popular 90s sitcom and morphed it into an entertaining thriller. Starring Kiernan Shipka as the teenage witch Sabrina, the third season the show is ready to make its debut. Netflix released a new trailer for the series, which gives fans a glimpse at life for the eponymous character.

In the trailer for the third season, Sabrina is plagued by the fact her boyfriend Nick sacrificed himself to the fiery depths hell in order to stop Lucifer himself. Sabrina and her friends decide that they need to save Nick, which involves a plan where Sabrina would become the queen hell. That sounds like a very horrific job title. Nick is currently possessed by Lucifer, which means a battle for the vacated throne hell will be underway. Hell is under new management, and Sabrina is ready to make create a clean slate after she attempts to defeat Caliban. New characters appear in the trailer in the form cult-like Midsommar looking hipsters and old friends make a brief appearance in the trailer as well. Netflix’s Chilling Adventures Sabrina season three is set to premiere on January 24.

Kevin Durant Reveals His Top Five Hardest Players To Guard

Kevin Durant is one the best scorers the NBA has ever seen although as right now, he is being sidelined with an Achilles injury. It remains to be seen when we’ll see Durant back on the court but luckily, he is still very much active on social media. Durant’s show The Boardroom has amassed quite a bit popularity as late and fans have been tuning in every since episodes began to air. Recently, Durant took to The Boardroom’s Twitter account where he answered questions submitted to him by fans.

One the questions was regarding who he thought some the toughest players to guard in the NBA were. Durant gave five names including LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Lou Williams, Paul George, and even Joel Embiid.

Players like LeBron and Kawhi shouldn’t come as a surprise but the other three might shock some people. Williams is a big fensive threat but is mainly known for his contributions f the bench. George and Embiid are great players but they aren’t in the upper echelon the NBA like LeBron and Kawhi are. Either way, we’re sure Durant’s comments will drum up some conversation. After all, these answers are based on his own personal experience.

#DXCLUSIVE: Tha Chill Recruits MC Eiht, Kurupt & More For "I Got The Hook Up" Video

HipHopDX Premiere – On the heels of Compton’s Most Wanted’s first album in 13 years Gangsta Bizness, Tha Chill is back with a new video for the solo single “I Got The Hook Up.”

The track comes from his forthcoming album FOHEAD, which is all part of the CMW vet’s master plan for the new year.

“I’m settin’ up my 2020 with new music and I revamped my label BOOMDOCZ,” Tha Chill tells HipHopDX. “I’m just in a new mind state right now with life. I feel like I need to just flood the game with everything straight from the heart. ‘I Got The Hook Up’ is in no reference to my playa partna Master P and his legacy.”

Chill adds, “It’s the first single from my new album set to drop in March 2020 and it’s just me in my natural habitat, doin’ wha I do and where I’m at with it. My bros MC Eiht, Kurupt, BL, Weazel Loc, AG and the homies pull up to the house and we go up. That’s what we do — live the free spirit and stay out the way.”

“I Got The Hook Up” will be available on Friday (January 17) on all digital platforms. FOHEAD drops in March and he says the features are “bananas as well as unexpected.”

Watch the “I Got The Hook Up” video up top.

Wifisfuneral Recalls Aftermath Of Stroke Caused By Mixing Cocaine & Adderall

Wifisfuneral opened up about his struggles with drugs in an interview with VladTV.

After detailing how he got into using prescription pills, the Alamo Records artist told DJ Vlad about his worst experience with drug abuse. Wifi revealed his mixing of cocaine and Adderall led to him suffering a stroke, which he’s still dealing with the effects of to this day.

“I was really mixing the two ’cause I really was just like, ‘Yo, fuck this, I don’t wanna be here,’” he recalled. “And I caught a stroke the second time I overdosed … Whole left side of my body was done, stiffed up like I couldn’t move it.”

Wifi described what he was feeling during his stroke and how a friend ended up saving his life.

“I was blessed [to not be paralyzed for life], but I definitely felt locked,” he explained. “Like face stiff, this whole left side of my body was literally completely stiff. I couldn’t move it. I was freaking out so bad. I was literally wobbling. I could only move on my right leg.”

He continued, “My boy that was there at the time, he got so paranoid that he damn near almost broke my kneecap because he tried to pop my knee back into place so I could kinda cut the blood circulation and at least hold my shit until I went to the hospital. And had I not did that, they honestly said that I was gonna flatline.”

The stroke changed Wifi’s life, particularly his ability to walk. Although he can still move around, the left side of his body isn’t functioning properly.

“If you see how I walk and shit, like in general, I don’t know if people peep this when they’re around me, but I literally drag myself when I walk,” he said. “The right side of my body, I can move it completely fine. My left side, it’s hard for me. I don’t walk like how a normal person walks. I walk normally with my right leg and I literally drag my left leg.”

Despite the extreme result of his second overdose, Wifi overdosed again during 2017’s Boy Who Cried Wolf Tour. The third time appeared to be his wake-up call as he noted he finally did “chill the fuck out.”

Wifi is coming off the release of his Ev3rything Sucks EP, which dropped in December.

How Mac Miller’s "Red Dot Music" Unlocked His True Potential

“You was easy mac with the cheesy raps, who the FUCK is Mac Miller?” 

In November 2018, the unfinished legacy Mac Miller was memorialized by a prominent cast his peers. To say the evening was emotional can’t begin to describe it. A celebration sprayed with a mist sorrow. A coronation with the stench resignation. As much as everyone tried to drum up good feelings and memories it was nearly impossible to ignore the 300lb knot in all our throats and barbed wire wrapped around our stomachs. In a tragic fashion, the music world suffered a terrible loss. One its brightest stars faded to black. I’ll never forget the looks on the faces those in the crowd. 

I had seen that look before. A sight so visceral, it was like something reached out and touched you. I didn’t quite grasp why my uncle cried when 2 Pac died. 10 year-old me was conscious enough to digest his music but not cognizant enough to grapple with his gravity. In the days that followed, everyone bore t-shirts wielding his likeness and quotes he said while still breathing. His face superimposed with Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Muhammed Ali. A year later I remember watching the television in silence as images screamed through in colored pixels for Biggie’s precessional crawling through the Brooklyn streets. The path lined heavily with onlookers hoping to catch a fleeting glimpse hip-hop’s chosen one. It was here I first realized how connected people became with artists. Not to say that Mac is Pac or Biggie, but for some soul out there, Mac was a distant friend, a voice to null the drudgery life. Even as I write this, it still seems strange to be referring to him in the past tense.   

How Mac Miller's "Red Dot Music" Unlocked His True Potential

A makeshift Mac Miller memorial in Los Angeles, September 2018 – Katharine Lotze/Getty s 

Rewind back to 2018, at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre on that somber Wednesday night. Friends and fans communed the rapper once known as “Easy Mac.” Hundreds looked on while hundreds thousands watched live stream. The most gripping moment came when Action Brunson took the stage to perform “Red Dot Music.” With what I’m sure was a heavy heart Bronson consummated the celebration by delivering the song which created the Mac Miller we mourn but was writing on the wall for his inescapable fate. Yet without the Excalibur moment that was “RDM,” we would not have The Divine Feminine nor Swimming or the soon to come Circles.

Pittsburgh native Mac Miller grew into an independent hip-hop star with Blue Slide Park, his freshman album. It was the first independently-distributed debut to top the US chart since 1995. The project’s success didn’t nullify its aversion. Some critics took aim at the album and Mac was sincere about how that affected him in a 2013 interview with Billboard. He said, “You’re 19, you’re so excited to put out your first album, you put it out — and no one has any respect for you or for what you did.”On his promethazine (or lean) addiction, Miller said this: “I love lean; it’s great… I was not happy and I was on lean very heavy,” Miller says. “I was so fucked up all the time it was bad. My friends couldn’t even look at me the same. I was lost.” 

Miller’s follow up album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off produced in part by Pharrell Williams and Diplo, etched his name onto the stone tables 21st-century rap. The best way I can describe the album is as a dark inspiration. A now drug-addicted Miller delivered a further sunken sort expression. Diving deeper into oblivion by the day, Miller was now, perhaps, fueled differently by this poison. It verified him. The first cobblestone on his road to crafting a legacy. No more “cheesy raps,” like “Knock Knock” and “Donald Trump.”

If Miller’s maturity as a rapper could be surmised in one song, the delineation would come at “Red Dot Music.” The track is forthright in addressing central themes in Mac’s life and career. The record is an earthquake that terminated Easy Mac and out its ruble survived Mac Miller. For better or for worse, this is who grew to become a universally-loved figure in the hip-hop community. It was a shot real hip-hop injected directly into the veins anyone who felt Mac was simply another white boy garnering more acclaim outside rap’s wall than inside it. An allegory his inner torment. The silent battle he chose to face alone. It is an underrated but integral part Miller’s story arc. “Red Dot Music” was where he demanded – no, he took, his respect. But growth is pain. Progress is pain. And in the end, the scars his transformation were maybe too much to bear. 

In an interview with Billboard, Miller said his favorite part the song was the hook where he says: 

“They looking down, keeping watch ’til I’m dead (I said it must be the drugs)

So how’d I get this red dot on my head? (I said it must be the drugs)”

Chilling to read, is it not? The root his demise came from his own lips, not just in “RDM” but ten. As he battled with drugs and alcohol Miller spoke frequently bouts with vices in his music.  

“Think I can see a fucking halo bout to meet my maker brought a double cup draino and soda for the flavor…” 

I remember scrolling through twitter the day the news broke Miller’s death. This song was mentioned by masses who suggested it got them through a rough time in their lives. He gave so much to his craft. You can hear the overflow his blood and tears leak from every song. As I’ve stated in prior pieces, true artistry begins at the point full vulnerability and transparency. Both come with a heavy price for artists and musicians. For them, drugs become tranquilizers that ease the skeleton’s voices bouncing f the closet walls, for a moment.    

“I said it must be the drugs

I said it must be the drugs

I said it must be the drugs

I said it must be the drugs

I said it must be the drugs

I said it must be the drugs

I said it must be the drugs

I said it must be the drugs”

The fact he used “must be the drugs” as a mantra is chilling because drugs are what took from us. Later in the song, he says:

I said it must be the drugs that got us thinking crazy shit

Looking up into the clouds where the angels sit

They looking down, keeping watch ’til I’m dead

So how’d I get this red dot on my head?”

The red dot marks an impending doom Miller feels will befall him sooner or later. No matter what he does. The heavens have a target on him.  

On a 2014 track titled “What Do You Do” Milled said, “A drug habit like Philip Hfman will probably put me in a cfin.” 

In a Vulture interview published a day before his death, Miller discussed the immense pressure he and other artists feel from the public. “I used to rap super openly about really dark s–t because that’s what I was experiencing at the time,” he continued “That’s fine, that’s good, that’s life. It should be all the emotions.”

How Mac Miller's "Red Dot Music" Unlocked His True Potential

Mac Miller performs at the Smokers Club Festival on April 29, 2018 – Scott Dudelson/Getty s

In 2018, Miller released the single “Self Care.” In this track, the rapper addresses the state his mental health and the now undeniable effects his substance abuse. He looked to acknowledge that change is needed to live a better life. Though he would pass shortly after this, it presented that things were on the up-and-up. 

Miller made a lot music about appreciating life for what it is. Accepting its realities and living with the best you can. I theorize Mac wanted to say these words himself, but it was more pround coming from a third party:

“You can’t match your killer with that wigger

I’d rather attack Tigger or Jack Triller

He got track fillers for a album

If he had Jigga on an ad-sticker

Wouldn’t go cat litter where I’m from

Malcolm, I knock the thoughts f your balcony

King, you’re from a home funny bones

Not like quite the one I’ve known

You look like, before you punched in flows

You were struckin’ blows, bloody nose for your honey row

In the lunchroom gettin’ yo money stole

You’re a bully’s Best Day Ever

With them Nike’s on your feet

Coming through Blue Slide Park

I’m gon’ rob this chump

On a party on Fifth Ave like he Donald Trump

Nigga give me that shit

I liked you better when you was Easy Mac

With the cheesy raps

Who the fuck is Mac Miller?”

Loaded Lux said these lines in the outro “Red Dot Music.” It gave a voice to the inner thoughts hip-hop fans across the spectrum who questioned how thorough this goy kid from Pittsburgh was. In this soliloquy Lux slew the old Mac Miller or Easy Mac. By the artist’s own request. As Loaded Lux alludes, people loved the image the primitive Mac more than his substance. As time passed that changed. He made believers out  countless eventual listeners who detested the “Best Day Ever” version Miller.  

Miller told Billboard: “I was too worried about the legacy that I would leave behind — how I would be remembered if I died. That was my whole thing. Like, you never know, man, so I’ve got to make sure I make all this music so when I die there’s albums and albums,” he said when talking about his fear dying. 

How Mac Miller's "Red Dot Music" Unlocked His True Potential

Mac Miller performs at Camp Flog Gnaw on October 28, 2017 – Rich Fury/Getty s

Miller’s passing rocked the music world. Though he could not finish life’s race, his legacy will trot on by way his catalog. The permutations his voice shall forever live in the hearts those who loved his music. Vexed by the battle an internal tug–war, Mac gave himself in the purest way for us, his fans. “Red Dot Music” and other songs like “Self Care” opened the doors and debate needed for mental health-probing in hip-hop. Songs followed such as Logic’s “1-800-273-8255,” addressing suicide. The tragic nature his death is a wound hip-hop won’t soon forget but I hope that his final inspiration was to encourage someone who feels like they are barely holding on to seek help. I want that person, if they are reading to know, you are never alone.

Reebok Is Bringing Back Shaq’s OG Black & White Shaqnosis From 1995

Following news that a “Year Of The Rat” rendition  Shaquille O’Neal’s classic Shaqnosis sneaker will be released next week, Reebok decided to give fans the silhouette even more a treat by ficially dropping the OG colorway.

Reebok Is Bringing Back Shaq's OG Black & White Shaqnosis From 1995


Coming in its original Black & White colorway, this revamped edition the Shaqnosis is pretty much identical to the design that sneaker designer Jonathan Morris cooked up for sneakerheads 25 years ago. The Hexalite material found in the forefoot syncs up with the Ultra Hexalite material in the heel to give you ultimate cushioning for all occasions, whether you’re driving down the court or driving to a club that’s lax with their dress code. Either way, getting your retro basketball sneaker steez up and running should be no issue if you plan on adding this grail to your collection. Just make sure you balance out the hypnotizing structure on the upper with a solid color in your ‘fit — chill with the polka dot prints!

Shop the Reebok Shaqnosis in OG Black & White right now for $140 USD at select retailers and online. Take a look at a few more pictures the spiraling silhouette from different angles below:

Reebok Is Bringing Back Shaq's OG Black & White Shaqnosis From 1995



Reebok Is Bringing Back Shaq's OG Black & White Shaqnosis From 1995



Reebok Is Bringing Back Shaq's OG Black & White Shaqnosis From 1995



Reebok Is Bringing Back Shaq's OG Black & White Shaqnosis From 1995



Reebok Is Bringing Back Shaq's OG Black & White Shaqnosis From 1995



50 Cent Responds To "Power" Episode Criticism: "Next Week’s [Worse]"

If you weren’t a fan this week’s episode Power, you may not want to tune in to next week’s display. Or, if you feel like torturing yourself, you may actually be into it. 50 Cent has heard the criticism surrounding last night’s episode the show and he’s ficially fired f his response, telling folks that next week is going to be even worse.

50 Cent Responds To "Power" Episode Criticism: "Next Week's Worse]"
Mike Coppola/Getty s

After dropping an entire episode basically centering on Angela’s sister, which “nobody asked for” as one fan put it, 50 Cent is not hearing any more complaints about his ultra-popular drama show. Power is nearing its series finale before branching f into a number spin-fs but loose ends need to be tied after several seasons storylines kept us on our toes. Sharing a couple photos from a recent event regarding another one his television ventures, Fif reminded his loyal audience that they can’t just “flip on him]” when they feel like it. “Y’all don’t like POWER this week, don’t worry next weeks worst,” wrote the rapper. “Nah for real y’all gotta chill out.”

50 Cent is currently working on promotion for his upcoming ABC show For Life, which will focus on the story Isaac Wright, a lawyer who was wrongfully convicted being a drug kingpin. He promises the new series will be just as fire as Power is/was. Will you be giving it a shot?

Omarion Talks Break Up With Apryl Jones: "Some People Grow Out Of Each Other"

Mr. Unbothered himself hasn’t said much about his ex Apryl Jones entering into a relationship with his B2K bandmate Fizz. Omarion did sit down with Vlad TV months ago and shared that he didn’t have any feelings about the romance budding between the mother his two children and his old friend, adding that if they’re happy, then that’s all that matters.

Omarion Talks Break Up With Apryl Jones: "Some People Grow Out Of Each Other"
Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty s

Omarion was applauded for how he’s handled the situation, and on the heels the rumors that Apryl and Fizz have broken up, Madame Noire shared their recent interview with the singer. Aside from asking him about the next Millennium Tour, the outlet also probed Omarion about the drama surrounding his personal life.

“In my self-reflecting, I realized that maybe I would take it too far. Maybe I would go further and there would be certain consequences that wouldn’t just affect me, but it would affect my kids,” he said. “Really, when you take a step back and you really know yourself, you’re able to make better decisions. So to be honest with you, I just did a lot self-reflecting and I realized, a lot situations and circumstances are really out your control. The only power you have is the way that you react. In order to really get a grip on that, you almost have to go through all the emotions. You have to go through the ups and downs to really be able to root yourself and focus on what’s important.”

He added, “I just made the decision to be respectful to my kids and to be respectful to myself because it’s like, everybody is like, ‘I would respond like this,’ or ‘I would respond like that,’ but what happens after that? And then also, it’s like, what am I here for? Am I here for that? No. I’m here for my kids. Truly.”

As he approaches his 20th year in the music industry, Omarion has examined various aspects his personal and pressional life. “Everyone is not in the industry or doing something long enough to where they ask themselves, ‘Why am I doing this?'” he said. “This will be my 20th year in the music industry. So at that time, I was asking myself a lot questions. I just had kids. I was like, why am I doing this?… I would really attribute Apryl] not understanding to lack communication and upbringing. I was raised a little bit different than she was raised and I think that is really, at the end the day, always a thing in relationships. It’s just miscommunication and different love languages. So that’s what I would really attribute it to. People grow and some people grow out each other. I would say that is, from my perspective, truly is what happened.” 

You can read his interview with Madame Noire in its entirety here.

Memphis Bleek Recalls Challenging Nas In Rap War

New York, NY – During his time on a recent episode of Drink Champs, Memphis Bleek described his part in the infamous Nas and JAY-Z beef and recalled feeling like he could take on Nas in the booth.

“I was on fire at that time! Feeling myself, nuts hangin’ in the hood,” he recalled.

Besides being JAY-Z’s protégé, Bleek explained what brought him into the beef in the first place.

“N*gga hit me like, ‘Yo, n*ggas dissed you! The whole hood talking about it,’” he remembered. “Nas said, ‘I’ll let a slug melt in your hat’ — or some silly shit. [But] he wasn’t talking about me. Come on! No, it wasn’t about me.”

Joining the fight, Bleek took aim at Nas with his 2000 single “My Mind Right,” with lyrics alluding to Nas’ 1996 It Was Written album.

“And only a few fit in, your lifestyle’s written/ So who you supposed to be, play your position,” he rapped.

At the time, Bleek recalled truly believing he could take on Nas, bar-for-bar. Unsurprisingly, this part of the story made the whole room erupt into laughter, with Bleek himself joining in.

“And in your mind, you thought you could take Nas?” Drink Champs Co-host N.O.R.E. tried to clarify.

“Yeah! What you mean!?” Bleek laughed.

Bleek also recalled JAY-Z stepping back in after Nas responded with “Stillmatic.”

“Then, when he shot back, that’s when Hov was like ‘Yo Bleek, chill, I got this,’” he said. “And I was like, ‘Alright big homie, hold it down!’”

However, Nas‘ “Ether” shook the Roc-A-Fella crew, Bleek reflected.

“It was like a body dropped,” he said.

Despite being one of the most notorious rap beefs in history, Bleek definitely enjoys laughing about it now.

See his full episode above.

Russell Westbrook Welcomed Back To OKC With Awesome Tribute Watch

Russell Westbrook made his return to Chesapeake Energy Arena on Thursday night for the first time as a member the Houston Rockets and he was greeted with a roaring, standing ovation from everyone in the building. Westbrook, who spent his first 11 seasons in Oklahoma City, was also honored with a chilling, two-minute tribute video that played before the Rockets’ starting lineup was introduced.

From his thunderous dunks and clutch moments to his f-court playfulness and charitable efforts, it was the perfect montage to welcome Russ back to OKC. Check out the tribute video in the tweet embedded below.

The raucous crowd had Westbrook firing on all cylinders from the jump, as “MVP” chants filled the arena prior to tip-f. It was a hero’s welcome and Westbrook applauded the organization and the fans for their efforts on Thursday night.

“Man, some things you can’t put into words, just because I’ve been here so long, so many great memories, great people,” Westbrook said, per ESPN. “Obviously, the best fans in the world, because they come with it, and tonight they came with it.

“The organization, Sam Presti], Mr. Clay] Bennett, they do an amazing job just making you feel home. And I felt like I was home.”

Westbrook led all scorers with 34 points, but it was the Thunder who took control the game from the start en route to their 113-92 victory. Though the outcome wasn’t what Houston was hoping for, James Harden had to admit it was an incredible atmosphere in OKC last night.

“That was dope. Obviously, we got smacked, but it was a dope environment,” said Harden. “Oklahoma City, as usual, showed mad love to Russell and everything he’s done for those 11 years he was here. Obviously, an unbelievable fan base, and it was just a beautiful thing to see.”

Kenny Atkinson Divulges On Kevin Durant’s Injury Status Amidst Rehab

Kevin Durant is one the best scorers in the NBA and his talent makes him one the most valuable players in the entire NBA. Unfortunately for him and fans everywhere, he suffered a ruptured Achilles during the NBA Finals. An Achilles injury is one the hardest setbacks to recover from but Durant has been hard at work to make sure he can come back better than before. The Brooklyn Nets star has been tirelessly training to regain strength in his leg and he’s even been able to take some shot.

During a media scrum today, Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson spoke about KD’s recovery and what we can expect over the next few months. As he explained, we probably won’t be seeing him on the court this season.

Kenny Atkinson Divulges On Kevin Durant's Injury Status Amidst Rehab

Al Bello/Getty s

“I don’t think there’s been any thought there,” Atkinson said according to Bleacher Report. Atkinson went on to say that Durant is “progressing fantastically” which should be great news for Nets fans everywhere. 

The Nets are currently on a seven-game losing streak which goes to show how much the Nets could use KD right about now. Kyrie Irving has also been injured which doesn’t exactly help matters. Fortunately for Nets fans, both players will be back next year which means their reign terror can ficially commence.

A$AP Rocky Thinks Drake’s Friend Preme Looks Like Tupac In This Pic

Upon first glance, you would think that Drake travelled back in time to have a chill session with one  rap’s biggest legends ever. The picture that the Torontonian posted today to his social media priles shows him wearing a white bucket hat during a video shoot with his boys. The man he’s sitting next to is known mostly for his joint record “Jackie Chan” with Post Malone, as well as for being Drake’s best friend. Preme doesn’t always resemble Tupac Shakur but, for some reason, he looks nearly identical to the late icon in this shot. A$AP Rocky made the connection in the comments.

Celebrating Preme’s birthday with a gracious post online, Drake sent his well wishes to Preme on his big day. “Happy MORE LIFE day to my brother who always has truth and belief on deck for me and fends everything I do because we have always had the same vision,” wrote one the best-selling artists the decade. Carnage echoed that message but A$AP Rocky felt like pointing out what we were all thinking. Homeboy seriously looks like Pac.

“At first glance my n***a looked like pac in 96,” typed Flacko in the comments, bringing up a good point. Preme would never be mistaken for a Tupac imposter on the regular but, in this shot, there is no denying the similarities.

Join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to Tupac Shakur Preme.

A$AP Rocky Thinks Drake's Friend Preme Looks Like Tupac In This Pic

Memphis Bleek Thought He Could Take Nas In Battle, Hilarity Ensues

NORE’s REVOLT podcast Drink Champs is one , if not the, premium archives hip-hop history. Most recently, NORE sat down with former Roc-A-Fella rapper Memphis Bleek, who held it down with some truly enjoyable stories from his run. In fact, he doubles-down on his position as the instigator the Jay-Z and Nas beef, which ultimately leads to one the podcast’s most genuinely hilarious moments.

Explaining his own role in sparking Jay-Z and Nas’ beef, Bleek takes it back to the era when it all popped f. “I was on fire at that time, feeling myself, nuts hanging in the hood,” reflects Bleek, around the 37:26 mark. “N***a hit me like, ‘yo n***as dissed you Blizz! The whole hood talking about it…Nas] said ‘I’ll let a slug melt in your hat’ or some silly shit. He wasn’t talking about me! Come on! No, it wasn’t about me!” By now, the laughter is already setting in. “So I went to the studio,” he continues, referencing his “Mind Right” track. “I got him, and that was it.” 

Memphis Bleek Thought He Could Take Nas In Battle, Hilarity Ensues

Bennett Raglin/Getty s  

Straight faced, NORE attempts to make sense the whole thing. “In your mind, you thought you could take Nas?” asks the Drink Champs host. “Yeah!” says Bleek, a sly smile on his face. Before long, the room’s entire population is laughing uproariously, Bleek included. “Yo, what you mean!” he asks, his own laughter intensifying. “N.O. you a fool! Yo yo a fool! He said ‘in your mind!'”

“I was ready for all the smoke,” continues Bleek. NORE maintains that if Nas or Jay were to attack him on wax, he’d sit that one out entirely. “Then when he shot back, that’s when Hov was like ‘yo Bleek chill, I got this.’ I was like ‘alright big homie hold it down!'” Sadly, Bleek claims that “Ether” was a harsh wake-up call for the ROC boys. “It was like a body dropped,” he remembers. “We were like, ‘yo do we gotta get our gun and kill that n***a?! N***as wanted to kill Flex, stop playing that shit! It’s real though, it’s hip-hop. It ain’t the fact that it was good or not – that shit just rang f.”

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