Gwyneth Paltrow Roasted Online For Naked Instagram Post

Gwyneth Paltrow is one the more interesting Hollywood actresses out there although it’s not always for the best reasons. Paltrow has come under fire for her website and lifestyle brand “Goop” which has promoted some questionable and dubious products in the past. The actress used to be married to the lead singer Coldplay, Chris Martin, and people made fun her, even more, when she called their break up a “conscious uncoupling.”

Now, those who follow “Goop” are questioning her once again after an NSFW image was posted on the brand’s Instagram account. The image depicts a blond woman on a hill, completely naked. The woman has her backside to the camera and you can completely see her butt. This prompted people to comment with some suspicion as to whether or not the woman is Paltrow or another model.

Gwyneth Paltrow Roasted Online For Naked Instagram Post

Amy Sussman/Getty s

One person in the comments was unamused by the photo saying “nothing appealing about her back”. Other commenters felt as though the woman was emaciated, saying “her rib cage is showing.”

With this photo in mind, it’s clear that “Goop” is trying to be as provocative as possible in a day and age where clout chasing gets you further up the social ladder. We’re sure Paltrow doesn’t mind all the attention, even if it is a bit negative.

Kanye West Reflects On Kid Cudi & His Work On "808s & Heartbreak"

If you were to look at some the most influential hip-hop artists the last 20 years, Kanye West and Kid Cudi would probably be at the top your list. Kanye changed the game when it came to production and melodies, while Kid Cudi’s flow laid the foundation for a lot the music you hear today. In a recent retrospective from Complex, multiple artists were interviewed about Cudi and his impact on the music industry. As you can imagine, Ye lent some words to the piece and reflected on what it was like hearing Cudi for the first time.

“When I first heard Cudi, his voice, his melody, his subject matter, and the combination him putting the melody with the rap in a way that I hadn’t really heard since Bone Thugs felt really new,” West explained. “When I heard his mixtape, I said I wanted to write with him.”

Kanye West Reflects On Kid Cudi & His Work On "808s & Heartbreak"

Andrew H. Walker/Getty s

Kanye also went into a bit deep dive on how he linked up with Cudi for the recording  808s & Heartbreak. This particular album is littered with Cudi’s influence and Kanye was quick to pay homage to the man who helped put together one his most groundbreaking works.

“I remember working on ‘808s & Heartbreak’ and he was sitting in the front area in the Hawaii studio. I was on the laptop, and he was like, ‘OK, this is what I got… In the night I hear them talk.’ It went somewhere else and, course, I put the pop—‘the coldest story ever told,’ which came] from me listening to country music and Coldplay,” West remembered. “How that happened is how we’ve written music together over the years.”

It’s pretty incredible to hear Ye get so deep on Cudi’s influence. His comments speak to what Cudi has accomplished as an artist, especially when it comes to his role in crafting today’s sound.

Spotify Faces Billions In Potential Damages for Infringing 243 Eminem Songs

Eminem publisher Eight Mile Style has filed a massive copyright infringement lawsuit against Spotify — and questioned the legality of the entire Music Modernization Act in the process.

The massive lawsuit, filed Wednesday (August 21st) in the U.S. District Court in Nashville, alleges that Spotify grossly infringed upon hundreds of works by Eminem.  Those include classics like “Stan,” “Lose Yourself,” “Without Me,” “The Real Slim Shady,” and “My Name Is,” among many others.

In terms of damages, Spotify could be held directly liable for infringing 243 different works, at $150,000 a pop.  But the suit also claims a piece of Spotify’s profits as a result of such infringement, with billions in Wall Street-pumped valuation potentially counted as damages.  The complaint specifically calls for comprehensive damages that go beyond statutory infringement penalties, with “advertising revenue and the value of the equity interest Eight Mile was deprived of by virtue of the infringement.”

Spotify is currently worth about $26.2 billion.  All of which brings the theoretical damages incurred in this case into the billions, depending on how a judge and jury read this one.

Digital Music News was quickly tipped of the suit by Eight Mile’s lead litigator Richard Busch, a longtime critic of Spotify’s payouts (or lack thereof) to publishers and songwriters.  Busch notes that Spotify is not only failing to pay Eight Mile, but they’re not even accounting properly for billions of plays.

“Spotify has not accounted to Eight Mile or paid Eight Mile for these streams but instead remitted random payments of some sort, which only purport to account for a fraction of those streams,” the .

Beyond those infringements, the suit also finds that Spotify flouted the recently-passed Music Modernization Act, while questioning the Constitutionality of the law itself.

Specifically, the MMA prohibits any copyright infringement action against Spotify after January 1st, 2018, a strange rule that has likely cooled other lawsuits.

“The MMA’s retroactive elimination of the right of a plaintiff to receive profits attributable to infringement, statutory damages, and attorneys’ fees, is an unconstitutional denial of due process (both procedural and substantive), and an unconstitutional taking of vested property rights,” the filing states.

Incidentally, Busch was raising red flags about the MMA prior to its passage into law, with the litigation prevention clause just one area of concern.  Busch, who previously represented Bluewater Services and songwriter Bob Gaudio in a similar action against Spotify, is now stepping up his MMA protests with a formal legal complaint.

In terms of Spotify’s alleged non-payments, Eight Mile has pointed to some seriously negligent royalty accounting.  For example, the complaint notes that Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” was placed into a “Copyright Control” bucket by the streaming giant, a category reserved for works that cannot be easily matched.

The only problem with that, of course, is that “Lose Yourself” is one of the most memorable songs of the 2000s, and Eminem’s popularity on Spotify is on par with Bruno Mars, Coldplay and Taylor Swift.  So how could they possibly not find the rightful owners and pay them?

Unfortunately, playing dumb is patently illegal under the MMA.  Eight Mile states that Spotify simply “did not engage in the required commercially reasonable efforts to match sound recordings with the Eight Mile Compositions as required by the MMA.”

The full complaint can be found .





Ed Sheeran Has the Highest-Grossing Tour of All Time

Ed Sheeran is dividing and conquering.

The singer’s “Divide Tour” has broken the record for the highest-grossing tour of all time. According to figures from Billboard Boxscore, the global trek has grossed a whopping $737.9 million and sold 8,503,496 tickets.

Since launching in Turin, Italy, on March 16, 2017, Sheeran has played 246 shows across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and North and South America. His Aug. 2, 2019 show in Odense, Denmark pushed him over the edge, grossing $6,862,620 in one night.

The record was previously held by U2. The band’s “360° Tour” grossed $736.4 million during its 2009-2011 run. They are followed by The Rolling Stones’ “A Bigger Bang Tour” ($558 million), Guns N’ Roses’ “Not in This Lifetime… Tour” ($529.6 million), Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams Tour” ($523.3 million), AC/DC’s “Black Ice World Tour” ($441 million), and Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet Tour” ($408 million).

Sheeran’s record-breaking trek, which comes in support of his 2017 album Divide, has nine dates left before wrapping on Aug. 26 in Ipswich, England, with a projected gross of $770-775 million.

Last month, he released his No.6 Collaborations Project. The star-studded project, which features collaborations with Cardi B, Eminem, and Travis Scott, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Analyzing The Frank Ocean Business Model

An artist in every sense the word, Frank Ocean- born New Orleans’ Christopher Edwin Breaux- has all but shed his earthly vessel. He exists in a space that is increasingly hard to retain in the era instant communication. When he appears at events such as The Met Gala to shoot behind the scenes photos for Vogue or links up with Flacko at Paris Fashion Week, it instigates a commotion amid ordinarily composed music consumers. For music industry pressionals, he occupies a unique space a “sacred cow.” Failure to treat his work with the gravitas that the world demands weighs heavy on the mind. Handled with the care and respect a priceless heirloom, it’s a uniquely enble position to be in. But rather than being some astral being that descended from the stars to etch his name in musical history, this mystique was established by more than transcendental talent alone. In reality, the evergreen career Frank Ocean has been fortified by his business acumen and diligence in protecting his brand.

Years before he’d become a bastion high art in hip-hop & R&B, Frank Ocean was a fledgling artist waiting for his big break. Uprooting from his native NOLA to LA in the pursuit prosperity, what began as a brief stay gave way to finding some like-minded outliers in Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future. In conjunction with discovering a collective, Frank’s time in LA would lead to a slew songwriting gigs that saw him write songs for artists that varied from John Legend to Brandy. After penning two tracks for her Human LP in 2008, Brandy took note the unbridled creative energy and exhaustive attention to detail that he’s applied to all aspects his output and public dealings ever since. “I’m like, ‘Dude, you’re special,'” she remembered. “‘Please know that you’re special.’ And he’s so meticulous and he needs everything to be on point and that’s when I knew that if he was gonna be an artist, he was gonna do it his own way. He trusted his gut, he trusted his instinct, and I’m just really proud that we are blessed by his talent.”

Analyzing The Frank Ocean Business Model

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty s

A further three years on from this ringing endorsement, Ocean would stake his claim as an artist deserving the world’s collective gaze on Nostalgia, Ultra. Split between original compositions and adaptations tracks from Coldplay, MGMT and The Eagles, everything from the evocative songwriting to the art direction— which features his “dream car” a 1980’s BMW E30 M3— felt like one cohesive entity. In the wake its release, Frank Ocean went from a hyped up-and-comer to a hot commodity. Upon turning in two spellbinding performances on Watch The Throne, Frank’s in-built artistic compass ultimately led him to rebuff Kanye’s fer to help him with his debut album. “As much as I want to work with you…I kind want to do this without you,” he stated. “I kind want this to be done without you. I kind want to do it on my own.”  Pleasantries aside, there was no “kind ” at work. Frank had the album already conceived in his mind, and the resulting Channel Orange would act as the turning point. Bolstered by nothing other than thoughtfully-curated features from Andre 3000 and Earl Sweatshirt and sparing guitar from John Mayer, his 2012 debut saw Frank exact his unique vision. True to himself at all times, the sonically-orientated risks on the record coincided with the release an open letter confessional that would endear him to millions the world over. “BASEDGOD WAS RIGHT”, proclaimed Frank Ocean, on Independence Day 2012. Released on a day that celebrates a nation’s emancipation from tyranny, it was a symbolic date for Frank to tell the world that he’d once been in love with a man and was openly bisexual.

Steeped in a genre that still harbors a parochial relationship with homophobia, the short-term gamble speaking his truth panned out in ways that extend far beyond his musical wheelhouse. It inspired thousands around the world. But like that, Frank began his gradual retreat into self-imposed exile that would last for the better part four years. Save for auspiciously popping up on tracks from like minded creatives like Kanye and Tyler, Frank bided his time as he prepared to usher in his next era. During this time, he carried his works in progress around with him rather than committing it to online permanence. As he told The New York Times, the reason for this was to retain complete and indisputable control over his legacy: “I’d rather the plane goes down in flames and the drives go down with me than somebody put out a weird posthumous release.”

Analyzing The Frank Ocean Business Model

Edward Berthelot/Getty s

Then, as if by magic, the floodgates opened. Released as an audio-visual project through Apple Music on August 19th 2016, Endless was a conceptual piece that took us deep into the psyche Frank Ocean. Met with bewilderment by some and rapturous praise by others, what we didn’t yet know was that it was equal parts a precursor to the main attraction and a true masterstroke cunning, contractual intellect. Although the news was reported at the time, the rationale behind Endless’ rollout and the journey to Blonde’s release a day later seemed innocuous. However, it was the kudos he received from ASAP Rocky during an interview with Power 105’s Angie Martinez that really drilled home the level ingeniousness at work:

“He had a deal and he didn’t put out an album in four years. And with his deal, he literally figured out how to get 20 million, make the funds apply to a whole different album, get out his deal, all in one round.  Do you know how embarrassed the record industry was? That man figured out how to finesse the music industry and people don’t talk about that. It took that man two years to do that shit. Then Blonde- he already got 20-million-dollar check from Apple for that and he didn’t have to give any it back to his label cos he already gave them Endless.”

Where others toe the line, Frank Ocean remains in a constant state lateral thought. It’s exactly what led him to hatch this plot and deliver his masterpiece in the first place. “It started to weigh on me that I was responsible for the moves that had made me successful,” he explained to the New York Times. “But I wasn’t reaping the lion’s share the prits, and that was problematic for me.” Now independent in every sense the word, Frank’s resolve to carry the burden his artistic, aesthetical and administrative affairs has paid f to the nth degree. It even made the public unveiling his Instagram account into a newsworthy event. By granting his audience brief, incendiary bursts content that gives them plenty to theorize on and dissect for years at a time, Frank has created a self-sustainable model from which anyone making their first tentative steps into the music industry could harvest endless wisdom.

Paradigm Talent Agency's Chairman Walks Away From UTA's Acquisition Offer

Several days ago, rumors pointed to United Talent Agency’s (UTA) intentions of buying out rival Paradigm Talent Agency.

Sources speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, for example, said talks were “real” and had “heated up lately.”  Yet, several large hurdles remained as both sides went on the record stating such a deal never existed.

Now, to shut down the buyout rumor, Paradigm’s top boss has stepped in.

Yes, UTA had wanted to purchase Paradigm.

In an e-mail sent out to employees yesterday, Sam Gores, Paradigm’s Chairman, confirmed acquisitions talks between both top talent agencies did exist.  Yet, before they could go any further, he walked away.

Paradigm’s roster includes Coldplay, Shawn Mendes, Halsey, and Imagine Dragons, among many others.

In the e-mail, Gores explained,

UTA made an offer to acquire Paradigm that would have represented one of the largest talent agency transactions in the history of our business.

The offer was made for both the Talent/Literary and Music divisions…  After careful consideration and in consultation with leaders of both the Music and Talent/Literary executive groups, I have made the decision to shut down discussions and not make this deal.

The acquisition talks first started after Endeavor, WME’s parent company, filed to go public two weeks ago.  This will help the talent agency – considered one of the ‘Big Four’ alongside CAA, UTA, and ICM Partners – raise much-needed capital to further eclipse its rivals.

Founded in 1992, Paradigm has ten offices in the U.S., Canada, and the UK.  If the acquisition went through, UTA would’ve become one of the world’s top talent agency, if not the top.

According to sources speaking with Deadline, Paradigm decided to reject buyout talks over a potential “clash of cultures.”  Yet, both talent agencies’ top executives had gotten along well.

Gores added,

There are reasons why a combination like this would have made sense for both agencies, but in the end, what is more compelling for us is how unique the culture at Paradigm is and how powerful our independent path can be.

Expressing his disappointment over the rejected acquisition, Jeremy Zimmer, UTA’s CEO, said,

We admire Sam and the business he and his colleagues have built.  We’re disappointed we didn’t come to an agreement.  But we wish him and everyone at Paradigm the best.


Featured image by Paradigm Talent Agency.

Royalty-Free vs. Royalty-Based Music Explained

If you’re a person in a creative line of work, then odds are that audio and video play an important role in your output.

The following guest post comes from Michael Dowson, Associate Video Editor of Motion Array, a proud partner of DMN.

Videos are now a commonplace way to showcase everything from professional achievements to personal milestones.  While we all enjoy the sight of our biggest victories playing out on the screen in front of us, getting the right audio sample for this video may prove to be a bit tricky.

Academy Award winning composer Aaron Copland wrote one of the seminal essays on the subject back in 1940. In the essay, he talks about five critical ways in which music serves the screen.

  • Creating a more convincing atmosphere of time and place.
  • Underlying psychological refinements.
  • Serving as a kind of neutral background filler.
  • Building a sense of continuity.
  • Underpinning the theatrical build-up of a scene, and rounding it off with a sense of finality.
Source: No Film School

Not only does music give a sort of psychological background, but it also adds value and builds a deep emotional tension that translates to the video having a much greater psychological impact.  All of this leads us to the big question, where can you get a hold of the perfect music for your video?

Well, for most amateur and professional video creators out there, it’s a toss up between royalty free or royalty-based music, depending on the scope and budget of their project. Let’s take you through both these types of music.

Royalty: What It Means and How Royalty Free and Royalty Based Music Are Different

What is Royalty Based Music?

One of the biggest legal binds in the world of music are royalties. This is a sum of money paid to the creator or composer of the music by a third party who is interested in using his music for personal or commercial purposes. In fact, royalties can be the highest mode of earning for many musicians.

If you take a look at the Billboard list of highest-paid musicians, you’ll see that a vast majority of their earnings come from royalties.  This is a list that includes Metallica, who earned $8.7 million from recorded music royalties, Ed Sheeran, who earned $11.5 million from recorded and music publishing royalties, and the likes of Lady Gaga, Roger Waters, The Weeknd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Coldplay.

There is no fixed amount when it comes to royalties, as it’s really difficult to put a price on creative work.  In the US, there is a statutory rate set by the US Congress, but of course, record companies are free to re-negotiate and fix their own rates.  The whole process is massively complicated and changes from time to time and country to country.

The key difference between these types of music is eponymous. In the case of royalty based music, the musician will be paid a sum of money, either at the time of acquisition or on a periodic basis, in exchange for permission to play and use their song.

What is Royalty Free Music?

On the other hand, royalty free music involves no payment of royalties to the musician or composer.  However, there may be a one-time payment to the provider of the royalty-free music, after which you can use it for your personal and professional needs.

While most royalty-based music is composed by famous musicians, royalty free music has mostly been created by session artists who aren’t very well-known outside of the industry.  In terms of ownership, royalty based music is usually owned by the artists or the record labels who have signed the artists.  However, production music libraries are more often than not the owners of royalty free music.

It is also much easier to gain access to royalty free music, with a number of top music libraries such as Motion Array, Purple Planet, and Hook Sounds offering audio clips online at very reasonable prices.

Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to personal or small budget professional videos, you should definitely opt for royalty free music. Not only is it available at a cheaper rate, but it will usually be the kind of music that not many have heard of. So, you can choose the right tone and melodies that reflect the emotions you are trying to portray in your video.

Royalty free music is the perfect choice for wedding videos, birthday videos, anniversary montages, university projects, and short-films. Royalty based music is usually the preferred choice of people who want to gain better publicity through the music of a famous artist, which is why many high-budget events and movies often opt for royalty based music. This is also tied into the end purpose of the video or film, with a bigger budget available for films that are looking to make a profit and view royalty based music as a profitable addition.

However, if you’re creating a video without the profit factor to keep in mind, then royalty free is the way to go!

The Most Streamed Artist of All Time – Who Dominates the Charts?

Tracking down the most streamed artist of all time is like finding a needle in a haystack. Between the dozens of different streaming services and lack of transparent reporting, it’s hard to nail these numbers down.

So let’s set some guidelines here. We’ll be looking at the most streamed artists on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube over the last few years.

Spotify made this easy last year when the music streaming service . The service revealed streaming data over the last ten years, with the likes of Drake and Ed Sheeran topping the lists.

Top Artists on Spotify’s Global Top 200

 Rank Artist Country Total Streams
 1  Drake CAN 23 billion
 2  Ed Sheeran  UK  16.76 billion
 3  The Weeknd CAN  16.50 billion
 4  Rihanna BAR 12.85 billion
 5 Eminem USA 12.50 billion
 6  Ariana Grande USA 11.8 billion
 7 Justin Bieber CAN 10.44 billion
 8  Coldplay UK 10.17 billion
 9  Post Malone  USA  9.90 billion
 10  Kanye West  USA  9.82 billion

Drake is by far Spotify’s most streamed artist of all time, though Ed Sheeran is giving the Canadian a run for his numbers.

Most Streamed Artist on Spotify By Year

  • 2008: The Killers – Human
  • 2009: The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
  • 2010: Eminem, Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
  • 2011: Don Omar, Lucenzo – Danza Kuduro
  • 2012: Gotye, Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know
  • 2013: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us (featuring Ray Dalton)
  • 2014: Pharrell Williams – Happy (from Despicable Me 2)
  • 2015: Major Lazer, Mo, DJ Snake – Lean On
  • 2016: Drake – One Dance
  • 2017: Ed Sheeran – Shape of You
  • 2018: Drake – God’s Plan

What about Apple Music?

Getting data from Apple Music is a little bit more tricky. Apple keeps its official numbers close to its chest, so we only have ranking information here. The service also launched in 2015, so we don’t have ten years of data to examine like we do with Spotify.

Still, looking at the 2017 and 2018 data paints a pretty good picture of top artists.

Top 10 Most Streamed Artists — Apple Music 2017

1. Drake
2. Kendrick Lamar
3. Taylor Swift
4. Ed Sheeran
5. The Weeknd
6. J. Cole
7. Bruno Mars
8. Migos
9. Future
10. Post Malone

Top 10 Most Streamed Artists & Albums — Apple Music 2018

1. Drake — Scorpion
2. Post Malone — Beerbongs & Bentleys
3. Cardi B — Invasion of Privacy
4. Migos — Culture II
5. Travis Scott — ASTROWORLD
7. Post Malone — Stoney
8. Chris Brown — Heartbreak on a Full Moon
9. J. Cole — KOD
10. Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd & SZA — Black Panther The Album

Apple chose Drake as its top artist of 2018, with JuiceWRLD as its top break-out artist of 2018.

Apple likes to use its data to make clever points, too. Case in point: this year, Apple celebrated International Women’s Day by revealing the top female streaming artists of all time.

Top 10 Female Streaming Artists — Apple Music

1. Ariana Grande
2. Taylor Swift
3. Rihanna
4. Beyoncé
5. Nicki Minaj
6. Cardi B
7. Adele
8. Sia
9. Lady Gaga
10. Halsey

Once again, no numbers here, but that’s to be expected with Apple Music.  In addition to the top streaming female artists, Bad Bunny is the top streaming Latino artist on Apple Music.  Singer Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio rose to that point thanks to hosting six episodes of Trap Kingz, the first Spanish-language Beats 1 Radio show.

What about YouTube?

YouTube’s contribution to this list is interesting since it’s a free service that everyone in the world can access. While Spotify and Apple Music are freemium/premium services, all of YouTube’s content can be experienced without a YouTube Music subscription. That leads to some interesting chart-toppers for the most streamed music videos of all time.

Most Streamed Music Videos Of All Time — YouTube

(It’s worth noting that number five on this list isn’t a music video at all. It’s a Russian children’s cartoon that has taken the world by storm.)

1. Luis Fonsi — ‘Despacito featuring Daddy Yankee’ | 6.2 billion views
2. Ed Sheeran — ‘Shape of You’ | 4.2 billion views
3. Wiz Khalifa — ‘See You Again’ | 4.1 billion views
4. Mark Ronson — ‘Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars’ | 3.5 billion views
5. Masha and the Bear — ‘Recipe For Disaster’ | 3.5 billion views
6. Psy — ‘Gangnam Style’ | 3.3 billion views
7. Justin Bieber — ‘Sorry’ | 3.1 billion views
8. Maroon 5 — ‘Sugar’ | 2.9 billion views
9. Katy Perry — ‘Roar’ | 2.8 billion views
10. Taylor Swift — ‘Shake It Off’ | 2.7 billion views

Whew, that’s quite a bit of discrepancy between YouTube and streaming music services like Spotify and Apple Music. Looking at ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake, it still hasn’t crossed 1 billion listens on YouTube despite being over a year old.

Some of the songs on the list were also boosted by other events.  Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ was featured in Furious 7 as a touching tribute to the late Paul Walker.

Ed Sheeran’s "Game Of Thrones" Fate Has Been Revealed

While last night’s “Game Of Thrones” premiere left the world abuzz, a few shrewd viewers caught a little lighthearted Easter Egg. If you recall, Ed Sheeran made a small cameo last season, which found the singer facing backlash for some reason, despite the fact that musicians have been appearing in Thrones for a minute; members Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Sigur Ros, and Mastodon have all held it down with cameo appearances. Yet it would appear the writers have decided to respond to the backlash with a cheeky reference their own. During a scene in which Bronn gets down and dirty with three prostitutes, one them wonders about “Eddie,” and the tragic fate that befell him. 

Looks like Ed Sheeran‘s character, the appropriately named “Eddie,” found himself in Jaime Lannister’s army at some point after meeting Arya Stark. Upon sacking Highgarden, Jaime’s Lannister forces ultimately crossed paths with a Daenerys Targaryen scorned, who proceeded to rain Fire and Blood upon the Lannister forces – Eddie presumably among them. Luckily, the singer’s survival instinct pulled through, though he did find himself disfigured for his troubles. In last night’s episode, a few chatty prostitutes took a moment to reflect on poor “Eddie,” claiming his face was burnt to a crisp, right down to his eyelids. 

Despite the fact that he likely looks like a stened version The Hound, Ed Sheeran took to Instagram to chime in on his character’s gruesome fate. Ever the optimist, I might say. “Thanks Game Of Thrones,” he writes. “I knew I was a survivor.” While he fought bravely, it’s almost more interesting to discern that poor Eddie was on a first name basis with some King’s Landing’s prominent working girls. Perhaps he penned a Westerosi version “A-Team” prior to his maiming. We’ll never know.

Ed Sheeran's "Game Of Thrones" Fate Has Been Revealed


Big Boi To Join Travis Scott & Maroon 5 For Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

Atlanta, GA – Maroon 5 made an enormous announcement over the weekend relating to the band’s Super Bowl LIII halftime efficiency. On Sunday (January 13), the pop group shared an Instagram video revealing Outkast luminary Big Boi has joined the lineup.

Daddy Fat Sax will carry out alongside each Maroon 5 and Travis Scott at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium on February 5.

Scott’s participation yielded a wholesome dose of pushback from these boycotting the NFL for its therapy of former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick. JAY-Z reportedly tried to speak Scott out of collaborating, whereas Meek Mill took his considerations to Twitter.

Big Boi’s involvement has already elicited related outcomes. But, it seems just like the ATLien is trying ahead to having the ability to signify for his hometown. He posted Maroon 5’s video as properly with the caption, “#SBLIII ATL let’s get it!”

According to a 2015 interview with ESPN’s The Dan LeBatard Show, Outkast as soon as turned down a suggestion to carry out on the Super Bowl. Big Boi revealed it was finally André 3000 who determined in opposition to it.

“We had been speculated to carry out on the Super Bowl,” Big Boi stated. “But we had two songs, ‘The Way You Move’ and ‘Hey Ya’ and Dre didn’t need to break up the songs up. He didn’t need to lower the songs. He wished to do each songs. They was like, ‘Y’all can’t do it.’”

Maroon 5, Scott and Big Boi observe within the footsteps of Prince, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and Madonna who’ve all beforehand carried out through the famed halftime present.

Twitter is lighting up with reactions to the announcement. Some followers want organizers would simply ditch Maroon 5 for Outkast, whereas others are upset Big Boi signed on in any respect.

Check out a few of the reactions beneath.

Pharrell Channels A Pharaoh As He Steps Out On The Chanel Runway

The man who does not age, also called Pharrell, was one the stunning fashions to strut down the Chanel runway final night time in New York for Chanel’s 2018 Metier d’Art.

To be sincere, it is about time the legendary music maker hit the cat stroll. After Kid Cudi, Playboi Carti, Steve Lacy, Theophilus London, Dev Hynes, A$AP Nast and Octan walked Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton debut, it sparked extra on the concept not simply fashions can mannequin, as properly. 

Pharell got here out in an all gold outfit match with boots, expressive pants, and a rhinestone-mosaic collar, in addition to some Cleopatra eyeliner. The Chanel collaboration is nothing new because the “Frontin” singer was beforehand the primary man to mannequin one their purses a number of years again, linked for an Adidas collab and even designed a capsule assortment set to drop subsequent 12 months. 

In different Pharrell information (again to his music-making that he is recognized for), he simply dropped f a brand new observe with Coldplay’s band members beneath their new moniker, Los Unidades. The music is fairly good with Chris Martin’s clean vocals coming by completely on prime a clap-worthy beat – test it out right here. 

Drake Is Officially Spotify's Most Streamed Artist Of 2018

Drake’s reign is way from over and his streaming numbers are a mirrored image that. The rapper held onto the highest place on the Billboard Hot 100 for a big portion the yr and Scorpion broke almost each streaming document upon its launch. As we strategy the top the yr, Spotify has launched their year-end “wrapped” charts and Drizzy tops a number of their lists.

Drake will not be solely essentially the most streamed artist 2018 with eight.2B streams, however the rapper can also be now the most-streamed artist on the platform ever. Scorpion is Spotify’s most streamed album whereas “God’s Plan” is the platform’s most streamed music the yr. Drake had beforehand held the title for essentially the most streamed artist the yr in 2015 and 2016.

Post Malone, XXXTENTACION, J Balvin, and Ed Sheeran spherical out the highest 5 most-streamed artists on the planet. Drake, Post Malone and XXXTENTACION additionally dominate essentially the most streamed songs the yr. XXXTENTACION’s “SAD!” follows “God’s Plan.” Post Malone nabs the third and fourth positions with “rockstar” ft. 21 Savage and “Psycho” ft. Ty Dolla $ign earlier than Drake rounds it out with “In My Feelings.” Post Malone and X additionally be part of Drake for most-streamed albums. Post Malone’s beerbongs & bentleys and X’s ? take the second and third most streamed albums the yr. 

Migos additionally seem on the record because the fourth most-streamed teams at #four.

Peep the record beneath.

Most-Streamed Artists

  1. Drake
  2. Post Malone
  4. J Balvin
  5. Ed Sheeran

Most-Streamed Female Artists

  1. Ariana Grande
  2. Dua Lipa
  3. Cardi B
  4. Taylor Swift
  5. Camila Cabello

Most-Streamed Songs

  1. God’s Plan – Drake
  3. rockstar (feat. 21 Savage) – Post Malone
  4. Psycho (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – Post Malone
  5. In My Feelings – Drake

Most-Streamed Albums 

  1. Scorpion – Drake
  2. beerbongs & bentleys – Post Malone
  4. Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa
  5. ÷ – Ed Sheeran

Most Streamed Groups

  1. Imagine Dragons
  2. BTS
  3. Maroon 5
  4. Migos
  5. Coldplay

Spotify Reveals Its Most Streamed Artists, Albums & Songs Ever

Spotify is one the preferred streaming providers, having launched 10 years in the past. In honor the event, the corporate has listed essentially the most profitable works on their platform, specifying essentially the most streamed artists, albums and songs.

The sweethearts Spotify customers come as no actual shock. Drake reigns on the prime, adopted by Ed Sheeran, Eminem, and the Weeknd. In phrases music streaming, Justin Bieber is listed extra ten than different artists, though his work did not hit the lists prime 5 tracks. Ed Sheran’s “Shape Of You” claims the final word spot. Drake’s “One Dance” claims the second slot, adopted by the Chainsmokers’ “Closer,” and Post Malone’s “Rockstar.”  

View the complete lists under, together with the preferred albums. 

Top-streamed artists all time:
Ed Sheeran
The Weeknd
Kanye West
Justin Bieber
Calvin Harris
Ariana Grande

Most-streamed songs all time:
Ed Sheeran – “Shape Of You’”
Drake – “One Dance”
The Chainsmokers – “Closer” f/ Halsey
Post Malone – “Rockstar” f/ 21 Savage
Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”
Major Lazer and DJ Snake – “Lean On” f/ MØ
Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee – “Despacito” (Remix) f/ Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber – “Love Yourself”
Justin Bieber – “Sorry”
The Chainsmokers – “Don’t Let Me Down”

Most-streamed albums globally:
Ed Sheeran – ÷
Justin Bieber – Purpose
Drake – Views 
Ed Sheeran – x
Post Malone – beerbongs & bentleys
The Weeknd – Starboy
Drake – Scorpion 
The Weeknd – Beauty Behind The Madness
Post Malone – Stoney
Kendrick Lamar – Damn

Total time streamed on Spotify: 16,858,080 years

Total tracks now on Spotify: 40M+

Total playlists now on Spotify: 3B+

The Most-Streamed Songs, Artists, and Albums on Spotify

So, who’re the highest artists on Spotify?

On October 7th, 2008, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, together with a bunch of different executives, launched a paid subscription for his or her fledgling streaming music service.  They had introduced and confirmed licensing offers with main music labels.

Ten years later, the service now has over 180 million month-to-month energetic customers, with round 46% – or 83 million – paying for a subscription.  According to the corporate, Spotify has paid over €10 billion ($11.5 billion) to rights holders.  The streaming music service now has over 2,000 genres.

To have fun the milestone, Spotify has revealed a brand new checklist trying again on the previous ten years.

A Decade of Discovery.

Breaking down the most-streamed tune every year, The Killers’ ‘Human’ took the highest spot in Spotify’s inaugural 12 months.  In 2009, the respect went to The Black Eyed Peas for ‘I Gotta Feeling.’

In 2010, Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘Love The Way You Lie’ emerged because the most-streamed tune.  A 12 months later, Don Omar and Lucenzo’s ‘Danza Kuduro’ took the highest spot.  In 2012, Gotye and Kimbra’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ was the most-streamed tune, adopted by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ ‘Can’t Hold Us’ that includes Ray Dalton the subsequent 12 months.

Thanks to the success of Despicable Me 2 in theatres, Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ grew to become Spotify’s most-streamed tune in 2014.  Then, in 2015, listeners on the service streamed Major Lazer, MO, and DJ Snake’s ‘Lean On’ essentially the most.  Drake’s ‘One Dance’ was the most-streamed tune in 2016, adopted by Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ a 12 months later.

Breaking down the top-streamed artists, Drake took the highest spot.

Ed Sheeran, Eminem, the Weeknd, and Rihanna rounded out the highest 5.  Kanye West was the 6th-most streamed artist on the platform, adopted by Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris, and Ariana Grande.

Looking on the most-streamed songs on the service, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ stays #1.

Drake’s ‘One Dance,’ Spotify’s 2016 most-streamed tune, got here in at #2.  The Chainsmokers and Halsey’s ‘Closer’ took the third spot, adopted by Post Malone’s ‘rockstar’ that includes 21 Savage and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud.’

Will Ferrell Enlists James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel, & More For Cancer Charity Event

Laughter could make the ache go away, or no less than that is what individuals say. Will Ferrell is taking that motto to coronary heart, and is throwing his Best Night Of Your Life charity occasion for most cancers survivors. Proceeds from the occasion go to Cancer for College, which awards scholarships to most cancers survivors. For Best Night Of Your Life, Ferrell has enlisted an ensemble solid comedians alongside his associate for the charity occasion Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith.

Among the names gracing the stage for the occasion are Jerry Seinfeld,  Michelle Wolf, Jerrod Carmichael, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel, Samantha Bee, Conan O’Brien, Jim Jefferies, Brody Stevens, Zooey Deschanel, Kumail Nanjiani, and extra.  Chad Smith has additionally assembled musical acts for the occasion, which is able to embody performances by Coldplay’s Chris Martin,  Duff McKagan Guns N’ Roses, Stefan Lessard Dave Matthews Band, the Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghfer, Brad Paisley, and Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready. Ferrell launched a trailer for the occasion, the place he wears an apparent disguise and sells the manufacturing to the viewers. “I hope he does Ron Burgundy,” states the disguised Ferrell. Will Ferrell’s Best Night Your Life will happen on Saturday, October 6, on the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.