Conor McGregor Claims Donald Trump Might Be The GOAT Of The USA

Twenty-twenty is a big year for politics in the United States America. Later this year, the Democratic party will have chosen their candidate who will go to battle against President Donald Trump in the general election. It remains to be seen how the election will go down, even with all the criticism surrounding Trump. While many speak out against the president, there are still plenty people who are ride or die for him. As it turns out, one those people is none other than UFC star Conor McGregor.

Yesterday, Trump celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day by talking about himself and his accomplishments as President. That’s when McGregor jumped into the comments section to express his love for the 45th president the United States.

“Phenomenal President. Quite possibly the USA 🐐,” McGregor wrote. “Most certainly one them anyway, as he sits atop the shoulders many amazing giants that came before him. No easy feet. Early stages term also. Incredible. Congrats and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day America.”

McGregor’s comments were met with a mix support and strong disagreement. There is no denying both McGregor and Trump are polarizing people. Perhaps that’s why they attract each other. Either way, we’re sure some McGregor fans won’t be too impressed with these comments.

UFC’s Dana White Reveals Plans For Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent

UFC’s cash cow Conor McGregor is back in the mix following his impressive return to the octagon at UFC 246 this past weekend, where he defeated Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in under a minute. Even before McGregor’s TKO victory fight fans were giddy with excitement over who his next opponent could be, and the speculation has ramped up even more following the dominant performance. 

However, according to UFC President Dana White, there is only one option: Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

UFC's Dana White Reveals Plans For Conor McGregor's Next Opponent

Steven Ryan/Getty s

Although fans would love a Conor McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal ‘BMF’ title fight or the trilogy with Nate Diaz, White says the Khabib rematch is the right fight to make. As we know, their first clash at UFC 229 in October 2018 ended with a massive melee and some lengthy suspensions after Khabib submitted the Irish superstar.

Their feud has died down considerably since then, but there’s no doubt that both sides would pick up right where they left f.

“We’re looking at Hagler-Hearns,” White said, per ESPN. “We’re looking at like Ali-Foreman, Ali-Frazier. This is a massive fight with global appeal. It’s the fight you make, it’s the fight that makes sense. It’s for the 155-pound title.

“If Conor and Masvidal fight, neither one them even has a title. Although Conor does want his BMF title. He doesn’t have a world championship. So Khabib is the fight to make. It’s huge for Khabib’s legacy, too. If he beat Conor McGregor, then he beats Tony Ferguson, then he beats Conor McGregor again, I mean this is how this kid, when he retires, he’s 30-something-and-oh and he’s beaten all the best.”

Of course, this is assuming the undefeated Lightweight champion retains his title against Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 on April 18. Should that be the case, White believes the McGregor-Khabib rematch could set a UFC record for most pay-per-view buys, and even rival the McGregor-Mayweather boxing match in terms prit. 

Floyd Mayweather Teases "Mayweather-McGregor 2" In 2020 After UFC 246

After UFC 246 and Conor McGregor‘s victory over Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Floyd Mayweather made it clear he’s looking for another match against McGregor in 2020, as reported by Complex.

In a captionless post on Instagram, Mayweather uploaded a photoshopped promotional flyer that alludes to “Mayweather-McGregor 2” happening in 2020. 

Earlier this month, McGregor told ESPN that he doesn’t expect Mayweather to crossover to an MMA fight: “He’s not going to do a mixed martial arts bout like he said. It was supposed to be me boxing then we do a mixed martial arts bout. That’s what was said and it came out his mouth as well. It was not written, but it was a verbal agreement. Obviously that’s not going to happen, and I’m not going to push him on that, either.”

On the contrary, Dana White says he plans on involving Mayweather in the MMA’s plans this year: “Listen, we’re doing something with Floyd. We’re doing something with Floyd,” White said on Saturday prior to McGregor’s fight. “And, umm, you know … I don’t know. It’s like, tonight’s the night the fight, you got the Khabib fight coming, and there’s just so much going on … Floyd is in our plans, and we are in Floyd’s plans this year, and we’ll end up doing something.”

Conor McGregor Knocks Donald Cerrone Out In 40 Seconds At UFC 246

Saturday night, Conor McGregor returned to the UFC octagon to face f against Donald Cerrone in UFC 246’s main event. Marking his first fight since October 2018, McGrgeo quickly adapted, making a clear example Cerrone in 40 seconds with a single knock out.

It was to the tune a strike with his shoulder immediately after the opening bell. He followed it up with a few more strikes, a high kick, and a left hand to seal the deal. 

“I made history here tonight. I set another record. I’m the first fighter in UFC history to get knockout victories at featherweight, at lightweight and now welterweight,” McGregor said post-match. “Donald holds the record for the most head kick knockouts so I was very very happy to get one myself. Thank you all for the support.”

As for Cerrone, the American fighter had no issue in giving McGregor’s strategy its due credit. 

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” Cerrone said. “He busted my nose and it started bleeding and I stepped back and he head kicked me …] I love this sport and I’m going to keep fighting.”

LeBron James Reacts To Conor McGregor’s Recent Admission

LeBron James is one the most physically gifted athletes in the world and continues to dominate the NBA, even at 35 years old. In order to stay so physically active, you need to be training your body every single day. It’s clear that LeBron has invested a lot time and effort into his health which is something a lot other athletes admire him for. One those athletes is none other than Conor McGregor who will be competing this weekend at UFC 246. 

In a recent interview, McGregor spoke about LeBron and how his efforts made him realize that he needed to take better care his body. LeBron was asked about McGregor’s recent admission and the Lakers superstar had quite a bit to say about how health affects everything he does.

Via HoopJab:

“To be in all honesty, I play the game and I train my body. I put the work into my body to hope to inspire other athletes around the world – other great athletes. If I’m able to rub f on Conor and other athletes that feel like it’s beneficial to them, I think that’s a pretty cool thing. It’s humbling for one.

“I take my body very seriously. I’m just trying to maximize my career and see how long I can continue to play the game that I love. It starts with the body. It ends with the mind. If the mind is sharp, then you can go a lot longer than you may think. That’s what it’s all about. You’ve got to be disciplined. It’s all about discipline, as well.”

With UFC 246 going down on Saturday, it will be interesting to see if McGregor’s health regimen has helped him become a better fighter. Perhaps LeBron will get some the credit if he wins.

Conor McGregor Explains How LeBron James Inspired His Health Regimen

Conor McGregor is finally making his way back to the Octagon this Saturday as he takes on Donald Cowboy Cerrone in UFC 246. Fans have been waiting for this fight for a while now and McGregor will have the opportunity to show people that he’s still a top tier fighter. Recently, McGregor spoke to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani about the lead up to the fight and what’s been going on in his life. McGregor dropped a few gems and even spoke about his health and how he pays a lot more attention to it now.

In fact, McGregor says LeBron James was a huge source inspiration for him. McGregor spoke about how LeBron used to spend a lot money on his health which made the UFC fighter stop and think about his own expenditures. Now, McGregor can be found investing in himself a lot more.

“I read something about LeBron James a while back, about maybe a year ago, that he spent $1.5 million annually on his health. His everything, his nutrition, his training, his everything. And I spent nothing,” McGregor said. “I was like that’s not the way to do this. But I drop money on a blatant car, or a watch, you know what I mean? I spend on myself, on my health and my fitness and that’s helped me. Then you acquire more (money). You acquire even more then, when you’re sharp and that’s what I am now.”

This Saturday will be a true test whether or not McGregor’s efforts to get his health in check, have paid f. Do you think he can beat Cowboy or is he a goner?

Conor McGregor Introduces Reebok’s New Sneaker: Zig Kinetica

Reebok has today introduced their newest sneaker, the Reebok Zig Kinetica, with the help UFC superstar Conor McGregor. The announcement, which comes just days before McGregor’s highly anticipated return to the octagon, marks the next phase in Reebok’s “Sport the Unexpected” campaign, celebrating bold risk takers who reshape culture by being anything but expected. 

“I absolutely love these, the grip, the stability. I feel the connection from the sole to the material,” says McGregor. “I’ve been around with Reebok a long time now, and each launch, the energy level is climbing. Now we are exploding.”

Reebok’s ZigTech technology, originally introduced on 2010’s ZigPulse silhouette, set a new standard for innovation, function and disruptive design. Zig Kinetica is built around a distinct zigzag-shaped, energy-return sole that channels and returns kinetic energy using a three-part system:

  • Floatride Fuel: Energized bouncy foam helps deliver cushioning feel for everyday needs
  • Zig Energy Shell: Channels and returns kinetic energy, while providing a bold aesthetic
  • Zig Energy Bands: A unique outsole that expands and contracts like a rubber band to provide spring-like response

The kicks are ficially slated to launch on February 21 for the retail price $120. Continue scrolling for additional photos.

Conor McGregor Introduces Reebok's New Sneaker: Zig Kinetica


Conor McGregor Introduces Reebok's New Sneaker: Zig Kinetica


Conor McGregor Introduces Reebok's New Sneaker: Zig Kinetica


Conor McGregor Introduces Reebok's New Sneaker: Zig Kinetica


Conor McGregor Hints At Mayweather MMA Fight, Pacquiao Boxing Match

Conor McGregor seems more focused than he has in a long time leading up to his clash with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 246 this weekend, which is good news for fight fans who are hoping he stays committed to competing three times in 2020. Although McGregor has a clear vision for the next stages his UFC career, he hasn’t neglected his ambitious boxing goals either.

During a recent interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, McGregor revealed that he had an fer to box Manny Pacquiao but the timing just wasn’t right. He also floated the idea getting in the ring with Paulie Malignaggi, who he sparred with (and had a war words with) in preparation for the Floyd Mayweather spectacle. 

It remains to be seen which fight gets done first, but McGregor tells Helwani that he will box again and he intends to hold a boxing world title before it’s all said and done. Check out his thoughts about the potential bouts in the video clip embedded below.

As far as Floyd Mayweather is concerned, McGregor says he is still owed a rematch… this time inside the octagon. 

“I know I’d beat Floyd if we rematched and when we rematch… It was supposed to be me boxing, then we’ll do a mixed martial arts bout. That’s what was said, and it came out his mouth as well. It was not written, but it was a verbal agreement.”

We all know Floyd would never agree to get in the octagon with McGregor, but it certainly seems like it’s just a matter time before the Irish superstar crosses over into the world boxing once again. 

Conor McGregor Reveals Massive Payday From Khabib Nurmagomedov Fight

Conor McGregor‘s return to the UFC is set for this Saturday, January 18, as he faces f against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in a Welterweight bout in the main event UFC 246. Ahead the highly anticipated showdown, McGregor sat down for a nearly hour-long interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani where he touched on a number topics including the changes he has made from the infamous Khabib fight until now.

In regards to how much money he is expecting to pull in this weekend, McGregor estimates that his total earnings will reach a whopping $80 million. While discussing the potential for a historic payday, McGregor noted that he received $50 million from the Khabib Nurmagomedov fight in October 2018.

As Helwani mentions in the video clip shown below, most MMA fighters haven’t made close to that amount in their entire career. That fact drew a cackle from the Irish superstar, who responded in kind, “They think I’m toast, Ariel, but I’m still the bread.”

Between his historic UFC purses and the cash grab with Floyd Mayweather, as well as his Proper No. 12 whiskey business, Austin McGregor clothing line, and his many sponsorship deals, McGregor has certainly set himself up for a comfortable life retirement. In fact, the 31-year old fighter tells Helwani that he anticipates being a billionaire by the time he turns 35.

Whether it’s $50M, $80M or somewhere in between, McGregor will get closer to his billionaire goals this Saturday when he battles Cowboy Cerrone at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor On UFC 246 Return: ‘I’d Beat Cowboy Even If I Had The Flu’

Conor McGregor will make his much anticipated return to the octagon this Saturday as he squares up with fan favorite Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the main event UFC 246. Ahead the January 18 bout, McGregor sat down with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani for a wide ranging interview, during which the Irish superstar shed some light on his decision to return with a fight in the Welterweight division.

To put it simply, McGregor is supremely confident in his abilities at 155 or 170, and believes he could beat Cowboy even if he had the flu.

“I know, I could have (made his life more difficult),” says McGregor. “I just don’t think he looks well at 155. He’s a 170 fighter. I’d beat him at any weight. I’d beat him if I had the flu. I don’t need that a fight at Lightweight]. I just want to focus on my training and keep me sharp. I don’t want to cut and then build and then cut. I’m happy where I’m at.”

Check out an excerpt from the Helwani interview below.

McGregor (21-4) has not competed in the UFC since October 2018, when he lost to undefeated Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov on a card that ended in complete chaos. He has only fought at the Welterweight level on two occasions – both coming against Nate Diaz. Meanwhile, Cowboy (36-13) is coming f back-to-back losses to Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson.

UFC 246, taking place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, is set for this Saturday, January 18. Conor and Cowboy will hold a press conference on Wednesday and if McGregor’s previous pressers are any indication, it should make for a highly entertaining face f ahead their clash later this week.

Conor McGregor Reportedly In His Best Shape Yet Ahead Of UFC 246

Conor McGregor is making his highly-anticipated return to the Octagon on January 18th against none other than Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. This is a fight many people have been waiting for so, course, both fighters have been training hard for it. The last time we saw McGregor in the Octagon, he was defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov back in 2018. At this point, McGregor needs a win to keep himself relevant in the sport. If he can’t pull that f, there is a real chance he may never get a big fight again.

Having said all that, it looks like McGregor is doing everything he can to prepare himself for UFC 246. Yesterday, McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh took to Twitter where he bragged about McGregor’s conditioning. As he explains, this is the best we’ve ever seen McGregor. If you’re a fan his, this is some great news.

In many ways, it’s the coach’s job to hype up his fighter so this recent tweet shouldn’t come as a surprise. Only time will tell whether or not he is speaking the truth. If McGregor is, in fact, in the best shape his life, we will certainly be in for an amazing fight.

Who do you have winning this matchup? Let us know in the comments below.

UFC News: Conor McGregor Gunning For Jorge Masvidal’s “BMF” Title

UFC superstar Conor McGregor will make his much anticipated return to the octagon at UFC 246 on Saturday, January 18 as he goes up against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. The Welterweight bout will mark McGregor’s first fight since he tapped out to Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018, and the brash Irishman reportedly plans to stay active in 2020.

In a recent interview with ESPN, UFC President Dana White revealed that one the opponents McGregor has in mind is Jorge Masvidal, who recently dominated Nate Diaz to claim the “Baddest MotherFucker” title. Says White (H/T MMA Fighting), “Conor wants that belt from Masvidal. I did it as a one f and like I said, it was fun. It was awesome. We’ll see what happens.”

While McGregor may have dreams running a Cowboy, Masvidal, Khabib gauntlet in the new year, it doesn’t sound like Dana White is too sold on the idea a McGregor-Masvidal matchup. In fact, White flat out told ESPN he thinks it’s a bad idea for Conor.

Says White (H/T MMA Fighting):

“Conor has this idea, too, that if things don’t go his way and he doesn’t] get the fight with Khabib], he’ll have had a 170 fight in his pocket again and is] considering a Jorge] Masvidal fight,” White said. “I think everybody knows what I think about it. I think it’s a bad idea.

“Conor gets pissed f when I say it’s a bad idea, and he’s like, ‘You think I can’t beat Masvidal?’ I’m not saying you can’t beat Masvidal. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day, but why? Why go after that fight when you could possibly just wait?”

Check out Masvidal’s thoughts about a potential scrap with McGregor in the video embedded below.

Paul Pierce Loses $100K Lawsuit After Calling Security Guard "Racist"

Throughout the NBA playfs, former Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce took numerous Ls thanks to his ridiculous sports takes and bizarre behavior. It seemed as though every time Pierce opened his mouth, he said something ridiculous that had him facing ridicule on social media. In May, things got worse for Pierce as his problems moved from the airwaves to the court. Pierce was sued for defamation by a man named Christopher Mostello who was a security guard at the Conor McGregor & Khabib Nurmagomedov fight.

In the clip below, Pierce was unruly trying to get back to his seat and when Mostello gave him a hard time, he was called “racist.” Mostello claimed his reputation was hurt and according to TMZ, he has won his lawsuit which means Pierce must pay $100K. The decision came after Pierce refused to respond to the lawsuit.

For now, it seems as though Pierce can’t do much to fight this one as the court only sets aside judgments for those who can’t really defend themselves. Since Pierce chose not to defend himself whatsoever, it looks like he’ll have to pay up expeditiously, as T.I would say.

With this latest ruling, it truly seems as though Pierce is having himself an awful 2019. Perhaps once January rolls around, he can start taking some Ws again.

Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent Officially Announced, Fans React

Conor McGregor is one the biggest fighters in the world and fans have been waiting to see what his next move will be. The last time we saw McGregor in the Octagon, he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov. Over a year later, McGregor’s next fight has finally been announced. According to Brett Okamoto ESPN, McGregor will fight Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 18th at UFC 246.

The news comes straight from the mouth UFC president Dana White who says both fighters have ficially signed the contracts. This will be a welterweight bout and no title will be on the line. These fighters have been rumored to fight each other for quite some time now but McGregor has always met the news with some push back. Now, it seems like both fighters reached an agreement they’re comfortable with.

Fans are already excited about this fight and they’ve already taken to social media to discuss how they feel about the matchup. Many are upset McGregor didn’t take a fight against Justin Gaethje while others think he is simply too small to be fighting in the 170-pound Welterweight class.

Let us know in the comments below what you think the matchup and check out some the best reactions below.

Floyd Mayweather Reveals When He’ll Come Out Of Retirement

Floyd Mayweather is one the most legendary boxers all time and has a pressional record 50-0. The last time we saw him in a huge boxing match was 2017 when he fought against the likes Conor McGregor. Fans are hoping to see Mayweather perform in a rematch against Manny Pacquiao but for the last couple years, Floyd has been adamant that he is retired from prizefights. Well, it seems like Mayweather has had a change heart as last night, he announced he would be coming out retirement in 2020.

This is a huge development that will certainly turn the boxing world on its head. There are plenty fighters Mayweather could go up against right now but it’s clear that most fans want the Pacquiao rematch.

Mayweather has always been a master when it comes to selling fights so we’re sure there will be plenty promotion leading up to his next fight. He will most likely start talking trash with as many boxers as possible before eventually choosing who he will take on next. Of course, Mayweather is a legend at this point and can pick and choose whoever he wants. After so many years in the game, it’s easy to see why he would be afforded that luxury.

Who would you like to see Mayweather in the ring with?