Coco Gauff Reaches Fourth Round Of Wimbledon At Just 15 Years Old

Coco Gauff has been an incredible story in tennis this past week as she became the youngest woman to qualify for Wimbledon. At just 15 years old, Gauff was forced to play her childhood idol, Venus Williams in the first round and she actually won in a tantalizing fashion. In the second round, Gauff got to play against Magdalena Rybarikova where she was able to pull f a second straight win.

Today, Gauff took on Polona Hercog and was on the brink elimination twice. Gauff lost the first set and in the second frame, she was down 5-2 and 5-3 but was able to hit some clutch shots in order to come back and eventually win the set. From there, Gauff worked her magic in the third and final set, pulling f the improbable win.

Gauff’s rise to stardom is an unlikely one considering she is just 15 years old and has very little experience playing on grass courts. Regardless, she has been the biggest story the entire tournament and is waiting to find out who she will play in the Round 16 which is slated to start next week.

The tennis prodigy has had her parents cheering her on every step the way and it’s been quite beautiful to watch. Time will tell whether or not she can up her game and defeat some the ranked players in the tournament.

Dwyane Wade Punks Streetball Player With Mutombo Finger Wag: Watch

Dwyane Wade might be retired but that hasn’t stopped him from thoroughly enjoying the game basketball. Wade is a legend the game and when fans get an opportunity to play against him, it’s no surprise that they break out some their best moves. Well, for one poor streetball player, his attempts to get on Wade’s good side went astray. 

Wade is currently doing a basketball tour in China and got to partake in a little streetball game. At one point in the match, a player went one-on-one against Wade and tried to pull f some tantalizing moves. Of course, Wade has played against some the NBA’s best over the years so he was more than prepared for what he was about to face. Despite the player’s best efforts, Wade easily defended the man and then promptly blocked his weak attempt at a shot.

To add insult to injury, Wade hit the player with the classic Dikembe Mutombo finger wag which added to the embarrassment it all. If Wade had blocked the guy after a normal run up the court, it wouldn’t have been so bad but when you consider the moves involved here, it really is some poetic justice.

It’s good to see Wade back out on the court as his game is always an exciting sight.

NBA Coach’s Challenges Likely To Be Approved For 2019-20 Season

The NBA will begin experimenting with coach’s challenges in the 2019 Summer League, a system which has already been tested out in the G League over the last two seasons. 

According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, a league memo regarding the coach’s challenges states:

“Coaches will get one challenge per game, and they will lose it even if the challenge is successful, according to the memo. They can use it to challenge only called fouls, goaltending, basket interference, and plays when the ball is knocked out bounds, the memo says.”

In order to challenge a play, coaches must have a timeout remaining, and the team must call a timeout immediately after the incident they wish to challenge takes place.

According to the memo sent to ESPN, the coach must “twirl his/her index finger toward the referees” aka the universal sign for “review that!” to signal for the challenge. If the challenge is successful, the team will not lose the timeout but if the call on the court stands they will lose the timeout. 

The league reportedly anticipates using the challenge rule in the 2019-20 regular season as part a pilot program. In order for the rule to be implemented for the upcoming season, two-thirds the league’s teams will need to approve it in a formal vote the board governors. That vote will reportedly take place on July 9.

According to the memo“Based on the feedback we have received, we expect it to be adopted.”

Nike Releasing Derek Fisher’s Air Max Uptempo PE From 2002

Nike reportedly has plans to release Derek Fisher’s Nike Air Max Uptempo PE that he donned during the 2002 season.

The Lakers inspired colorway boasts a white leather construction, complete with yellow overlays and purple detailing on the Nike swooshes and logos on the heel. The only difference from the Air Max Uptempo PE that Fisher wore and the pair hitting retailers is the lack his No. 2 on the tongue.

Nike has not yet announced a release date, but rumors suggest the kicks will be dropping in the coming weeks for the retail price $150.

Take a look at the ficial images below and stay tuned for release details.

Nike Releasing Derek Fisher's Air Max Uptempo PE From 2002

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty s
Nike Releasing Derek Fisher's Air Max Uptempo PE From 2002
Nike Air Max Uptempo Derek Fisher PE/Nike

Nike Releasing Derek Fisher's Air Max Uptempo PE From 2002

Nike Air Max Uptempo Derek Fisher PE/Nike

Nike Releasing Derek Fisher's Air Max Uptempo PE From 2002

Nike Air Max Uptempo Derek Fisher PE/Nike

Nike Releasing Derek Fisher's Air Max Uptempo PE From 2002

Nike Air Max Uptempo Derek Fisher PE/Nike

Nike Releasing Derek Fisher's Air Max Uptempo PE From 2002

Nike Air Max Uptempo Derek Fisher PE/Nike

Nike Releasing Derek Fisher's Air Max Uptempo PE From 2002

Nike Air Max Uptempo Derek Fisher PE/Nike

The Lawsuit Over Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" Is Heading (Back To) Court

We thought this one was over.

But Led Zeppelin’s heavily-watched “Stairway to Heaven” lawsuit is now slated to be reheard in a federal appeals court.

The original lawsuit was filed back in 2014, when a descendant of Randy Craig Wolfe, a former performer and songwriter for the band Spirit, claimed that the guitar introduction used in “Stairway to Heaven” was ripped off from a 1968 instrumental piece written by Wolfe, entitled “Taurus.”

After an extensive trial, a jury found no glaring similarities between the specified portion of “Stairway to Heaven” and “Taurus,” and Led Zeppelin won the case.

Following continued interest in the case from some legal professionals (because of its impact on copyright law) and Randy Craig Wolfe’s estate, for obvious reasons, it seems as though both sides are prepared to rehash the matter, albeit before a federal appeals court; the Ninth Circuit court cited the original jurors’ alleged misunderstanding of copyright law as the reason for the retrial.

The anticipated date for the legal duel is September 23rd, and it’s unclear exactly how long the matter will be argued before a second decision is reached. Led Zeppelin’s legal team released a statement stating, in effect, their belief that this retrial is unnecessary and unlikely to change the initial verdict.

If any introduction is needed, Led Zeppelin is an English rock band that formed in 1968. Spirit, the band whose song was allegedly stolen by Led Zeppelin, has been active since 1967.  Spirit hails from Los Angeles.

Randy Craig Wolfe, known professionally as Randy California, played guitar, sang, and wrote songs for Spirit, which he also co-founded.

Though California noted the similarities between “Taurus” and “Stairway to Heaven,” he didn’t seem to entertain the idea of pursuing legal action at any point during his life.  Previously, Spirit opened for Led Zeppelin, and Led Zeppelin covered one of Spirit’s songs (from the same album as “Taurus”) during a live performance.

Kawhi Leonard On What Finals Title Would Mean to Canada: "I’m Not Really Sure"

Kawhi Leonard is notoriously unbothered f the court.

After Leonard led the Toronto Raptors to their third win the NBA Finals championship series Friday night, the star admitted in a press conference that he’s not really too sure what a championship win would mean for Toronto or Canada as a whole for that matter. 

“I’m really not sure,” he responded when prompted. “I guess you really have to ask somebody on the street or one our fans. I’m pretty sure it’s a long time waiting, they’re going to be excited. They’re already excited, just us being here for the first time. They were going crazy after the Eastern Conference Finals. I don’t know. There’s no tellin’. You gotta ask, like I said, a fan or somebody that’s been livin’ in Canada for a while. I know they’re going to be super excited. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

His rather toned down response is pretty well-warranted considering that Kawhi has only been with the team for one season, impressively leading the squad to such heights within the span that time. Nevertheless, it would signal the first time the Larry O’Brien trophy would find a home north the US-Canadian border.

The Raptors have the chance to make that a reality when they face f with the Warriors on Game 5 on Monday (June 10th). They led the series 3-1. 

Tennessee Man Jailed For Peeing On Kellogg’s Products & Filming It: Report

A Memphis, Tennesse man was recently sentenced to be locked up for 10 months for peeing on the Kellogg’s assembly line. The whole thing was filmed in a video which was uploaded to the internet back in 2016 based on U.S. Attorney D. Michael Dunavant’s recollections. The video was presented to the court and shows 46-year-old Gregory Stanton shamelessly partaking in the act in the visuals which he recorded in 2014. Stanton was apprehended on charges for tampering with the consumer products with the intent causing serious injury. His ficial sentence took place on May 24th wherein a U.S. District Court judge ordered for Stanton to pay $10K in restitution.

The press release tied to the affair was released and cites the following: “American citizens and consumers rely upon food manufacturers engaged in interstate commerce to provide them with safe and consistent products. Unfortunately, this defendant betrayed that trust by tampering with and tainting food products. We commend the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for their investigation in this matter, and we are pleased that the defendant has been held accountable for his criminal conduct.” The direct words were shared by U.S. Attorney D. Micahel Dunavant with regards to the case.  

Three Men Convicted For $32M Slip-And-Fall Scam Involving Homeless People In NYC

People will do anything for a dollar but it sometimes comes at a severe cost. Three men were convicted after recruiting homeless and impoverished people to help them stage fake slip-and-fall accidents to scam local businesses in NYC and insurers out $31.7M. Bryan Duncan, Robert Locust, and Ryan Rainford were found guilty conspiring to commit mail and wire fraud. Duncan was also convicted additional counts mail and wire fraud. 

Three Men Convicted For $32M Slip-And-Fall Scam Involving Homeless People In NYC
Drew Angerer/Getty s

The Manhattan US Attorney Gefrey Berman said the three men “were tripped up by the justice system and have met their downfall.” The three men recruited “patients — some from homeless shelters — and trained them to stage slip-and-fall accidents. Court documents revealed they’d tell their patients to trip over cracks in the concrete or cellar doors in front businesses in the New York City area. Prosecutors said they would coach the people executing their scams to claim injuries that would amount in big payouts such as their knees, shoulders, and back. They would then be directed to avoid certain lawyers, chiropractors, and doctors that might catch on to their plans. The people were also forced to undergo certain surgeries that would increase the payout.

Peter Kalkanis, the leader the elaborate scam and former chiropractor, was found guilty  conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. He was also convicted on additional mail fraud and wire fraud charges. 

Kyle Lowry On Hand Injury: "During The Game, I Can’t Feel My Thumb"

Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry has been dealing with a nagging thumb injury on his left hand since the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Philadelphia 76ers. 

During an appearance on ESPN’s The Jump with Rachel Nichols, Lowry explained that he can’t feel his thumb when he’s out on the court, due the treatment he receives to numb the pain. 


“It’s about passing. I’m a big passer,” Lowry says.

“You know, the flicking the passing, the kind — the ball movement, handling the ball. During the game, honestly, I can’t feel my thumb,” he said, alluding to the treatment he is receiving to numb the pain in his non-shooting hand.

Lowry hasn’t discussed the injured them much at all during the Raptors’ journey to the NBA Finals, and he doesn’t plan on complaining about it now. The 33-year old veteran averaged 19.2 points on 50.7% shooting with 5.2 assists per night in the six-game series against the Milwaukee Bucks.

He tells The Jump, “I’ll have to take care it after the season but I don’t want to talk about it as much.” 

“I haven’t complained about it, I won’t complain about it, I don’t care about it; I’m going to continue to do the things I need to do to make sure I can play at a high level. And that’s it.”

Game 1 the NBA Finals, airing on ABC, is set to tipf in Toronto at 9pm ET tonight.

Trae Young Pleads With NBA Free Agents To Join The Hawks

Trae Young was one the most exciting young players in the NBA this season as he had to carry a young Atlanta Hawks team that was among one the league’s worst. Regardless the results out on the court, Young is in the conversation with Luka Doncic for rookie the year. The young star is looking to make his Hawks team a contender next year and has already started his crusade to bring some big-name free agents to Atlanta. 

“If you’re looking to have the ball in your hands, if you’re looking to score a lot points – I mean, a lot players in the league know if you come play with me, I’m going to make sure I get you the ball,” Young told Atlanta station 92.9 The Game. “I think that’s something that attracts a lot big players.”

Young also spoke about the rookie the year trophy and how much it would mean to him if he won it. As he explains, many the all-time greats have won the award so the honor is on his bucket list.

“I would love to win it,” Young said. “My idols growing up, a lot them won it. Of course, it’s on my list that I would like to win but that’s not my main goal. But course, I would love to win it.”

Do you think Young deserves rookie the year or is Doncic more suited for it?

Blake Griffin Dog Attack Victim Files Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit: Report

Blake Griffin was in the midst being sued back in February after an alleged incident in June where his dog attacked a 64-year-old man who was eating at A Votre Sante in Los Angeles. Emmanuel Aframian claims that he was eating and minding his own business when all a sudden, the dog lunged at him in a vicious attack. During the time the lawsuit, Aframian said that he had endured “disabling and permanent” all while claiming that the dog had a past being violent towards people.

According to The Blast, Aframian filed a request to have his lawsuit against the Detroit Pistons star dismissed. It’s an interesting development considering Aframian appeared to be adamant about his charges in February. As right now, it’s unclear as to whether or not Griffin settled with Aframian out court. If they did, that is certainly the reason why this lawsuit would be dismissed so suddenly.

Blake Griffin Dog Attack Victim Files Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit: Report

Duane Burleson/Getty s

Griffin has been keeping a low prile since being swept from the playfs against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Pistons big man was recently asked about future NBA draft pick Zion Williamson, where he explained how the Duke star could be one the best dunkers to ever play the game.

Tyrann Mathieu Was The Victim Of A $5M Extortion Plot From Family Member

Tyrann Mathieu was recently signed by the Kansas City Chiefs and while he is probably excited to start his tenure with one the most exciting teams in the AFC, he now has to deal with some pretty serious family drama. According to a new report from ESPN, a family member close to Mathieu by the name  Geourvon Keinell Sears, tried to extort the safety for upwards $5 million. 

New documents from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District Louisiana, say that Sears asked Mathieu to pay him $1.5 million back in April and eventually asked for $5 million. Sears allegedly claimed that he would reach out to TMZ with damning information about Mathieu if he didn’t pay the money. He also allegedly sent a text to Mathieu’s friends saying “I want 1.5 million by Friday or I am going to kill all you all.” On top this, Sears reportedly told the Chiefs safety’s agent that he would make a sexual misconduct allegation against Mathieu.

Sears was arrested and thrown in jail although he was released on $25,000 bond. Sears will be back in court on June 21st and if he’s convicted, he could face up to 20 years in jail.

Stay tuned for updates on this case.

Antonio Brown Fined $25 After Pleading Guilty To "Driving At Safe Speed"

Antonio Brown was pulled over while driving his Porsche just outside Pittsburgh back in November. It was reported that Brown was driving over 100 MPH in a 45 MPH zone which means he was clearly way over the speed limit. At the time, Brown was cited for reckless driving and ended up skipping out on his court date in February. Because this, Brown was found guilty on his reckless driving charge and was ordered to pay $400, according to TMZ

Instead taking his L, Brown appealed the decision and appeared in court on Tuesday to discuss his charges. Instead pleading guilty to reckless driving, the Oakland Raiders wide receiver was given the opportunity to plead guilty to a lesser charge “Driving at a Safe Speed.” This violation is a real law in Pennsylvania that constitutes as driving “a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions.”

Instead having to pay any hefty fines, Brown owed a measly $25 which won’t really affect his bottom line considering he just signed a deal with the Oakland Raiders worth $50,125,000.

Brown will surely be focused on training now that this case is over. The Raiders are going to need him to be in top shape if they want any chance at being successful this season.

Jalen Rose Says Ben Simmons Needs To Be Traded From The Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers haven’t even been eliminated from the playfs yet and analysts are already starting to hit the panic button on the young squad. Star player Joel Embiid has been struggling to produce due to lingering illnesses, all while Ben Simmons hasn’t been himself in the playfs. With a lack production from their two best players, the 76ers are now down 3-2 in their second-round series against the Toronto Raptors.

Yesterday, on ESPN’s Get Up, Jalen Rose spoke passionately about the 76ers situation, saying the team needs more from Embiid. He also explained that Embiid and Simmons don’t mesh well together, which means one them needs to be traded.

“I feel like if you’re going to build around Joel Embiid, that means trading Ben Simmons,” Rose said.

Rose continued by explaining the tactical reasons for why Embiid and Simmons clash on the court. As he so eloquently states, their skillsets limit the 76ers on fense which is ultimately why they’re struggling right now.

“Those are the two pillars your team. Ben Simmons won’t shoot the ball outside the paint, and he can’t shoot free throws,” Rose explained. “When the playfs come and the game slows down, you want Joel Embiid in the post—not at the three-point line. If Ben Simmons is on the baseline at the dunk spot, there’s really no true room to operate and them to maximize their potential.”

Do you agree with the former NBA player or is he completely f on this one?


Joel Embiid Takes Responsibility After Blowout Loss To The Raptors

With the series tied at two games apiece, the Philadelphia 76ers had a prime opportunity to go onto the Toronto Raptors home court and steal a big win. Instead, the Raptors obliterated the 76ers from start to finish and ended up winning the game by 36 points, 125-89. The win gives the Raptors a 3-2 lead in the series and they will have an opportunity to end the series in Game 6.

One the biggest stories the game was Joel Embiid who only scored 13 points and was complaining about an illness for a second-straight game. Afterward, Embiid admitted that he needs to be better and that a lot the responsibility falls on him.

“It sucks,” Embiid said. “I know I got to do a better job for us to win. I got to do the little things. When I’m needed to score the ball, I got to show up. Setting screens, I got to do a better job rebounding the ball. So that’s on me. … I just got to do more.”

Embiid’s teammate Jimmy Butler chimed in about his play, saying the team knows he will be able to bounce back.

“Not concerned, man,” Butler said Embiid. “We’re going to ride or die with big fella. Everybody around this locker room knows that. Everybody in the world should know it. The fans should know it.”

Game 6 goes down on Thursday in Philadelphia.