Dez Bryant Seen Catching Passes From Patrick Mahomes: Watch

Dez Bryant has been adamant about making a comeback and finding his way onto an NFL roster. Bryant still has the talent to be a productive member a team although unfortunately, injuries have kept teams from making a move. With free agency quickly approaching, Bryant is in a great position to potentially get another chance and make a good impression. He has reportedly been talking to the Dallas Cowboys although these discussions are simply feelers and nothing more.

In some clips that made their way to Twitter, Bryant was seen catching passes from none other than Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is easily the best quarterback in the league right now and has the accuracy a veteran QB. With this in mind, some fans are excited for the possibility Bryant joining the Chiefs.

Realistically, this workout doesn’t really mean anything other than the two players are friendly and wanted to get in some reps together. However, if Mahomes likes what he sees, we’re sure he has the power to put in a good word with his organization. The Chiefs are contenders next season and Bryant would be joining the perfect situation.

If Bryant does come back, which team would you like to see him play for?

Ja Morant Pays Homage To Vince Carter With "Honey Dip" Dunk

Before Zion Williamson came back from his injury, it was quite obvious that Ja Morant was the best rookie in the NBA. Morant has been downright dominant for the Memphis Grizzlies and he is looking to carry them to a playf spot. The rookie is feisty and bold and doesn’t seem to back away from a challenge. All these characteristics are going to make him a problem for years to come and we can’t wait to see it all manifest before our very eyes.

While he didn’t participate in the dunk contest, it’s well known that Morant is an exceptionally pricient dunker. Prior to a game against the Sacramento Kings, Morant showed f his dunking ability and even paid tribute to Vince Carter with his “honey dip” dunk. Of course, the dunk had Morant hanging from the rim with his elbow. As you can see, Morant pulled f the move to perfection.

Unfortunately for Morant and the Grizzlies, they went on to lose by a score 129-125. Despite the loss, the Grizzlies remain in eighth place in the Western Conference and are three games up on the Portland Trail Blazers. Hopefully, we can see Morant in the playfs because simply put, it would be electric.

NFL Considering New Playoff Format And Schedule Expansion

After a successful season in which the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, the NFL is looking into some massive structural changes for next season. Over the past few months, the idea a 17-game season has been brought to the table. While many players have opposed this idea, it seems like negotiations are inching closer towards approval, according to Adam Schefter. The 17-game season would see a decrease in pre-season games which would be capped f at just three.

Perhaps the biggest changes come in the form the playfs. The NFL is proposing a 14-team playf field. In this model, there would be three wild card teams and only one team from each conference would get a buy, as opposed to two. This means Wild Card weekend would feature a total six games with three on Saturday and three on Sunday. 

The NFL playf structure is already a big hit amongst fans so these proposed changes are leaving many skeptical. With more Wild Card teams, there is potential for squads with losing records to end up in the postseason. Regardless, more playf games mean more fun for football fans, so it isn’t all bad.

Let us know what you think about these potential changes, in the comments below.

WWE Venues Reveal Brock Lesnar’s Upcoming Schedule

WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has been uncharacteristically present on numerous episodes Monday Night Raw to start the year, and there are a couple more appearances lined up in the coming weeks. 

For instance, Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has announced that The Beast Incarnate will be in the building on February 24th ahead his title defense against Ricochet at the Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, The Barclays Center in Brooklyn is advertising Lesnar for Monday Night Raw on March 2nd.

Lesnar’s next match will take place at International Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Thursday, February 27th. The build to Brock’s latest “David vs Goliath” matchup started back in January, prior to the annual Royal Rumble PPV, when Ricochet interrupted Paul Heyman’s in-ring promo. Lesnar delivered one his patented low-blows once Ricochet entered the squared circle and they’ve been on a collision course since then. 

Things escalated during the 30-man Royal Rumble event, when Ricochet reciprocated with a low-blow his own, which helped Drew McIntyre eliminate Brock en route to becoming the last man standing. Lesnar and McIntyre will do battle at Wrestlemania 36 in April, but first Brock has some unfinished business to settle at the Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia.

WWE Venues Reveal Brock Lesnar's Upcoming Schedule

Ethan Miller/Getty s

French Soccer Player Bites Rival’s Penis, Lengthy Suspension Ensues

No man should ever bite another man’s private parts. While this is a rule that probably shouldn’t be spoken about, there are times where it bears repeating because the few people who do it, out sheer ignorance. Back in November, an amateur French soccer game occurred between Terville and Soetrich. At one point, two players began to get into an altercation. That’s when a Terville player stepped in to break things up. According to Sports Illustrated, the Soetrich player retaliated by biting the interfering player on the penis.

The Terville player was rushed to hospital where he got 12 stitches to close up the wound. After months deliberation, the soccer governing body for the league ruled that the player who committed the foul act would be suspended for five years.

What’s interesting about this whole ordeal is the fact that the victim has been suspended until June 30th this year. According to the report, his conduct in the parking lot after the game was deemed inappropriate, hence the suspension. To be fair, if you get your private parts bit, you’re not going to be very happy about it.

Needless to say, this league has a lot to worry about moving forward.

Drew Brees Divulges On Whether Or Not He’ll Play Next Season

Drew Brees is one the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. While he only has one Super Bowl to show for his efforts, he has the most touchdowns in league history and continues to top the league in completion percentage. After a disappointing loss in the NFC Wild Card round, there was speculation that Brees could end up retiring in the fseason. There have been rumors about what the Saints want to do with their backups and, course, it was all contingent on Brees’ decision.

Today, Brees took to Instagram where he revealed what he would be doing in 2020. As it turns out, he will be coming back for his 20th year and is excited to try to win another championship with the New Orleans Saints. 

“My feelings about the 2020 season! I look forward to the grind and the journey, for the reward at the end will be worth it!!! Love you #WhoDatNation. Let’s make another run at it!” Brees wrote.

This news will come as a bit a disappointment to Taysom Hill who some people thought was in a perfect position to become the team’s starter. The Saints also have to deal with Teddy Bridgewater who is good enough to be a starter somewhere else. With all this news in mind, it’s clear the Saints are about to have a busy month March.

LaMelo Ball Could Be A Part Of Knicks’ Draft Priorities: Report

This season hasn’t been kind to the New York Knicks although I could write that pretty well any given year and it would still ring true. Regardless, the Knicks are currently 13th in the Eastern Conference and have one the worst records in the entire league. As we approach the end the season, it’s clear that the Knicks will most likely be a lottery pick. If this is the case, they will have an opportunity to get a top 5 pick who could change the fortunes the franchise.

According to Marc Berman the New York Post, the Knicks are currently looking to prioritize what kind player they want. For now, a scoring point guard is on the top their list. If you’ve been following NCAA and NBL basketball this year, you would know that LaMelo Ball fits that description almost to the T. 

LaMelo Ball Could Be A Part Of Knicks' Draft Priorities: Report

Mark Metcalfe/Getty s

Ball averaged 17 points per game with the Illawarra Hawks the NBL. He was also able to average 7.5 assists and 7 rebounds. At times, Ball came through with impressive triple-doubles and was a fan favorite in the league. While Ball isn’t mentioned by name, he is one the top scoring point guards out there which means it would behoove the Knicks to make a serious play for him.

With this in mind, who do you think the Knicks should draft?

Karrueche Sends Out Her Number On Instagram: "Hit Me"

Karrueche has always been a pretty desirable person, starting from her days being known simply as a “famous girlfriend” to now being respected in her own right as an actress on the hit award-winning TNT series Claws. Even though she’s currently dating Super Bowl XLVI champion Victor Cruz, we’re sure many people across the world wouldn’t mind bagging her number right about now. Well, it looks like ‘Rue is surprisingly granting that wish for, well, everyone.

 Karrueche Sends Out Her Number On Instagram: "Hit Me"
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty s for AT&T

“Hit me 323-310-0088” she wrote on Instagram to go along with a photo that stands as a shining example her beauty. Strictly for research purposes, course, we called the number to see if she’d actually pick up — ha! As expected, the call goes to voicemail after a few rings, with Karrueche “voicemail” playing soon after explaining that she’s “honestly too busy” and would much rather text. We won’t go as far to follow up with a written message since that first wave rejection was just too much to handle, so we’ll leave it up to the rest you to let us know if she’s actually giving out text replies. 

Scoop Karrueche’s digits below Instagram:

Antonio Brown Flaunts Impressive Bench Pressing Ability: Watch

Antonio Brown has been through quite a bit over these past few months. From arrests to allegations, Brown has been trying to get things under control and start fresh. Over the past few weeks, Brown has been on an apology tour sorts and has been looking to make amends with everyone he has supposedly done wrong. He has also been working incredibly hard at his craft so that he can get back into a rhythm and maybe force his way back into the NFL.

Today, AB hopped on Twitter and posted a video himself at the gym. As you can see from the clip below, he is bench pressing 315 pounds. This was immediately after he benched 225 pounds for 15 reps. Brown claims he is stronger than he’s ever been in his life which is pretty impressive given the circumstances.  

It remains to be seen what will become Brown’s career considering the NFL hasn’t wrapped up their investigation into the ual assault allegations against him. Brown has burnt a lot bridges although his talent is simply too much for some teams to ignore. With this in mind, he could be a part some interesting free agency discussions.

Where would you like to see Brown play next?

Kobe Bryant-Inspired All-Star Game Format Receives Rave Reviews

Following the death Kobe Bryant, the NBA began looking for ways to honor him at the All-Star Game. One the things the league came up with was a fourth-quarter that would be first to 24 points, based on the score the winning team after three quarters. Essentially, if the score is 100-96, the winning team would have to get to 124 points, first. It’s also important to note that this format made it so that the final quarter isn’t timed. It was completely based on the score.

At first, fans were skeptical how this format would work but in the end, it turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to the All-Star Game. Team LeBron rallied to defeat Team Giannis by a score 157-155 and the game was simply phenomenal. Throughout the final quarter, both teams were butting their best foot forward and doing everything they could to get calls. At one point, Kyle Lowry took a late charge just so he could prevent James Harden from scoring a late three-pointer to seal the win.

When all was said and done, the fans were beaming about the basketball they had just witnessed. Having said that, it would be smart for the league to keep this format going in the future. Check out some the best reactions to the game, below.

Kawhi Leonard Wins Kobe Bryant NBA All-Star Game MVP Award

Sunday night, Kawhi Leonard took home the first-ever Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP Award after playing a primary role in the victory Tema Lebron in a 157-155 triumph over Team Giannis at the 69h annual game. Leonard finished the match with 30 points, shooting 11–18 from the field. As far as three-pointers go, Leonard went 8–14 from the 3-point range.

It was Saturday night, that commissioner Adam Silver announced the league would be renaming the All-Star MVP award to honor the late Bryant. By the end his pressional career, Kobe Bryant held the league’s record for the most consecutive All-Star selections with 18 while also tying with Bob Pettit for the most All-Star MVP wins at four.

The new MVP award now goes alongside Leonard’s two Finals MVP awards from 2014 and 2019. 

“Words can’t even explain,” Kawhi expressed upon his receipt the award. “I want to thank Kobe for everything he’s done for me. All the long talks. Thank you. This one is for him.”

Elsewhere, team caption Giannis Antetokounmpo finished with a strong 25 points, 11 rebounds, and three blocks) while LeBron James logged 23 points, six assists, and five rebounds. Anthony Davis also sported a strong performance with 20 points, nine rebounds, and three blocks. 


NBA Renames All-Star Game MVP Award In Honor Of Kobe Bryant

Saturday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed that the NBA All-Star All-Star Game MVP award will be renamed in honor Kobe Bryant, who was an 18-time All-Star with a record four All-Star Game MVP awards.

“Kobe Bryant is synonymous with NBA All-Star and embodies the spirit this global celebration our game,” reads Silver’s words. “He always relished the opportunity to compete with the best the best and perform at the highest level for millions fans around the world.”

The late Bryant made his All-Star match debut in 1998 as the youngest athlete to ever play in the game at 19. He went on to add 17 more appearances, being recognized as the All-Star Game MVP in 2002, 2007, 2009, and 2011.

The first time the Kobe Bryant MVP trophy will be awarded will be Sunday evening following this year’s All-Star matchup as Team Lebron and Team Giannis face f in Chicago. 

“I know it will be especially meaningful to that player that wins the first Kobe Bryant MVP,” Silver added. “So I’m sure there will be other honors as well, and as I mentioned, there are other things that we will be discussing with our board, the NBA board, when they meet in April to honor David Stern]. But this one seems so appropriate here at All-Star because nobody embodied All-Star more than Kobe Bryant.”

Orlando Bloom Messed Up Big With New Tattoo

Sometimes when people get tattoos, they get so caught up in the aesthetics that they overlook some crucial details. For example, Orlando Bloom thought a morse code tattoo would look really cool (he was right about that), but he didn’t properly verify that the dots and lines he permanently marked on his arm would spell out his son’s name. 

On Wednesday (Feb. 12), the 43-year-old actor took to Instagram to show f his fresh ink job. “new #tattoo can you guess who?,” he wrote, not anticipating the embarrassing revelation that was about to made about his well-intentioned tribute. While the little digits printed on his right forearm might have accurately represented the date and time birth his 9-year-old son, Flynn, the morse code dashes did not translate to his name. Turns out, they read “Frynn”. 

Before you start lamenting that Bloom will have to live with this botched marking for the rest his days, his tattoo artist confirmed that it is not beyond repair. According to Good Morning America, Balazs Bercsenyi wrote on Instagram, “yes, a dot is missing, we know, it will be fixed.” Phew. Moral the story, maybe don’t get a morse code tattoo if you don’t actually know/use morse code? The same should apply for roman numerals. 

Barack Obama Surprises Players At NBA Rising Stars Game In Chicago

Former President Barack Obama surprised the NBA Rising Stars teams prior to the game for All-Star weekend. The appearance left the young players starstruck, according to ESPN.

“This could be No. 1,” Pelicans forward Zion Williamson said, explaining that this was one the best moments his life. “I don’t want to say it is No. 1 right now because the draft might be 1, but this is definitely top two.

“He said I played great, and I kind zoned out after that. That was all I needed to hear, to be honest.”

Obama mostly spoke with Williamson and Hawks guard Trae Young. He could be seen chatting with the two for 20 minutes.

“It was crazy being able to stand next to him, talk to him,” Young said afterward. “He basically knew everything about my season, my game. I was definitely asking him a lot questions. He was just like a regular person — that’s what was crazy. You see all these things on TV and you don’t even realize. He was just talking to me like a regular person.”

Williamson says Obama spent the time discussing specific plays from his time with Duke and how he’s been performing on the Pelicans.

Luke Walton Goes Off On Luka Doncic Over Bad Officiating, Luka Responds

Despite a ton promise coming into the season, the Sacramento Kings have been downright abysmal this year. The Kings are one those franchises that never seem to prosper no matter how hard they try. Last night was yet another example that as they fell to the Dallas Mavericks by a score 130-111. Perhaps the worst moment the night was in the third quarter when Kings head coach Luke Walton received a technical foul for blasting the ficials. At one point, Walton looked over at Mavs star Luka Doncic and told him to give the ref his autograph since he’s clearly a fan. Of course, Walton was implying the ref was giving him easy calls.

According to those who saw the exchange take place, Doncic went over to Walton and simply said “don’t do that.” After the game, Doncic spoke about the incident saying stuff like that happens all the time and that it was “nothing special.” Walton also went on to comment about the whole ordeal where he said: “I have all the respect in the world for Luka. He got what he wanted tonight, wherever he wanted. I wasn’t saying anything to him. I don’t know if he thought I said something to him.”

If there is one thing for sure here, it’s that Doncic got the last laugh. The Mavericks look destined to make it all the way to the playfs and Doncic has been downright MVP-worthy, when he’s healthy.