Afroman Falls Off Stage With Pimp Cup In Tact

Afroman was on stage last night when he took a fall for the worst but fortunately, he got right back up with his Pimp Challice still standing upright. According to TMZ, the comedy-rapper known for singles like “Crazy Rap” and “Because I Got High” was performing at Montbleu Resort in Lake Tahoe on Saturday night when he took a little tumble on stage. A small misstep and he ended up falling f the stage but thankfully, he bounced back really fast with his pimp chalice still in his hand.

In the footage that surfaced online, the rapper is seen in the middle the song slipping before a few stagehands help him get back up. He was in the midst “Crazy Rap” when the fell happened but as a seasoned performer, that didn’t deter him from missing the rest the single and he bounced back with the bedazzled cup still in his hand.

There’s a reason why he kept such a firm grip on the cup, by the way. His producer Ditch said that it’s a product from Crunk Cup’s Debby the Glass Lady who sells these very chalices for $3K.

It goes without saying but he didn’t sustain any injuries from the fall and was good for the remainder the evening. Ditch said Afroman was even dancing with a mystery girl after his show. 

Loni Love’s Ex-Friend Confirms Loni Had Tamar Braxton Fired From "The Real"

Loni Love’s former friend and ex-comedy writer, Cookie Hull, has revealed that Tamar Braxton’s suspicions that Loni had her fired from the daytime talk show, The Real, were correct. 

Loni Love's Ex-Friend Confirms Loni Had Tamar Braxton Fired From "The Real"Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

After she was let go from The Real in 2016, Tamar Braxton always maintained that Loni Love had gone out her way to get her fired. In September, after seemingly putting her beef with The Real women to rest, Tamar exposed Loni for getting her fired. She posted screenshots text messages from an inside source that told her, “So I just found out Lonnie Love was writing letter to get you kicked f the show. She wrote the network.” Tamar responded to this person, pointing out, “I told everyone that it was her no one wanted to believe me.” Her source wrote back that she had “got confirmation” on Tamar’s beliefs since a “person who wrote and worked for her is spilling all the tea.” In the caption the post, Tamar told Loni to “cut the BS.”

At the time, Loni commented, “Who writes letters? Who sent this? …let’s talk it out…stop going on every other show. You know you want to…and bring ya man!” However, the “person who wrote and worked for” Loni that was “spilling all the tea” appears to have been revealed, as Cookie has indeed spilled on the whole situation. Cookie alleges that Loni absolutely plotted to get Tamar fired, because “she wanted to be the only ghetto one” on the show. According to Cookie, Loni pointed out to the network that “if Tamar] missed 52 tapings” to film Dancing With The Stars, “and the ratings didn’t change or didn’t get any better, they really didn’t need her.” Cookie said that Loni also “pointed out the fact that if Tamar got hurt on DWTS, that she would be a liability. I know she didn’t specifically get her fired, but she was influencing things.”

Stripper Who Fell Off 2-Story Pole Launches GoFundMe For Her Broken Jaw

A video surfaced over the weekend a stripper who fell two stories high f a pole onto the stage but still managed to continue dancing. Many applauded her for the smooth recovery after the drop. She simply got back up following the failed acrobatic attempt and began twerking and keeping the crowd well-entertained.

Unfortunately, she still faced some serious injuries, as you’d expect. In fact, it appears as though the injuries she sustained were so grave that she needs serious medical attention. She took to Twitter where she revealed that she fractured her jaw and is going into surgery today. One her friends launched a GoFundMe on behalf her in order to help with her medical bills. 

“My friend Genea was in a horrible accident while she was working. She now has a fractured jaw,broken teeth, and a sprained ankle. Her job does not cover the expenses her medical bills. Since she sustained such serious injuries, she will be out work for an extended period time. Any donations towards her surgeries would be helpful and appreciated! Thank you all in advance,” it reads. 

Following the incident, she shared a video revealing that she not only broke her jaw but also broke her teeth and had to get stitches. We wish Genea a speedy recovery. 

The Pussycat Dolls Return with New Single ‘React’

PCD is back.

After reuniting last November on “The X Factor,” The Pussycat Dolls return with “React,” their first new music in nearly 12 years. Co-written by Nicole Scherzinger and produced by Will Simms, Johan Gustafson, and Ivares, the electro-pop bop finds the multi-platinum group singing about a stagnant relationship.

Along with the song, the Dolls have dropped a y video, directed by Bradley & Pablo (Lil Nas X’s “Rodeo”). Five out of six of the original members—Scherzinger, Carmit Bachar, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, and Kimberly Wyatt—show off their moves while dancing in a fiery warehouse before performing a chair routine while soaking wet.

The Pussycat Dolls, whose last album Doll Domination was released in September 2008, will be releasing their music independently.

“Returning to the Dolls has been a complete 180 that has brought back all the good and elevated our work to another level,” said Scherzinger. “We are women who are on the other side of a lot life experiences—it has given us so much perspective and growth. And then being able to release our music independently at this moment in time feels incredibly empowering.”

To celebrate their comeback, the pop sensations will hit the road on an international tour, which kicks off in April with a series of arena shows throughout the U.K. before traveling to Australia.

Chris Brown Adds On To His Kobe Bryant Graffiti Tribute

When he’s not flexing his vocal cords on stage, you can usually find Chris Brown doing one two things: choreographing his latest impressive dance routine or handling a can spray paint. The Virginia-born singer has spent the majority the last year updating his social media priles with pro that he’s as multi-talented as they come. The creative can sing, rap, dance, act, direct, produce, draw, paint, and much more. He’s proven so time and time again. Chris’ Los Angeles residence is already fully decorated on the interior but he felt as though the outside needed a fresh paint job. However, he’s not employing a team men and women to lather on a fresh coat. He’s edging it up himself.

Upon learning about Kobe Bryant’s tragic death last month, Chris Brown began planning the latest addition to his home’s exterior: a graffiti tribute to the Los Angeles Lakers legend. The world continues to mourn the loss the heroic Bryant, and Brown’s tribute is as unique as they get. What began as a simple depiction the late athlete’s face in purple and yellow has taken form as a more complete artwork, including a Black Mamba-branded snake on the side and portraits the star leaping up for emphatic dunks above. 

This is not the only street artwork that Breezy is working on at his crib. In previous weeks, he showed f some other additions to his home’s exterior, flexing his skills with the paint and confirming his status as a multi-faceted artist.

Lil Wayne Surprises Fans as Robot on ‘The Masked Singer’

Lil Wayne is unmasked.

The rap icon shocked his fans as the face behind the Robot on last night’s season premiere of “The Masked Singer,” which aired after Super Bowl LIV.

Weezy performed a cover of Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way” before he was eliminated for the lowest score. He surprised the judges, including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jamie Foxx, who guessed the Robot was Shaun White, Johnny Knoxville, or Flavor Flav.

“I’ve done five songs with him,” said Thicke after the reveal. “This is the most shocked I’ve ever been on this show.”

Speaking with host Nick Cannon, Weezy said he chose the Robot costume because of his kids. “When my kids watch the show with me, I know they gon’ like the robot costume so it’s daddy,” he said before adding that he’s sold more records than Elvis.

In a post-show interview, he opened up about the experience. “It was unlike any experience I’ve ever had musically and performance-wise,” said Wayne. “I’ve never done choreography in my life unless it’s like for a wedding and you gotta do the dancing thing.”

He added, “They call me the unicorn period because I don’t go nowhere. I’m never seen and when I am seen, I make sure that it’s worthy of seeing. I’m an anonymous guy.”

Weezy is fresh off the release of his 13th studio album Funeral, which features collaborations with Big Sean, Lil Baby, and XXXTentacion. It is expected to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with 110-125,000 equivalent album units.

Ciara Turns Up To Roddy Ricch’s #1 Song At The Super Bowl: "Silly Mama"

Ciara and her NFL husband Russell Wilson were, course, present at last night’s Super Bowl where the Kansas City Chiefs beat San Francisco 31 – 20. The annual event had everyone in attendance turning up and Ciara, who announced last week that she’s pregnant with her third child, was even going hard showcasing her dance moves on Instagram. 

Ciara Turns Up To Roddy Ricch's #1 Song At The Super Bowl: "Silly Mama"
Paras Griffin/Getty s

The “Level Up” singer posted a clip to her Instagram feed that sees her dancing to Roddy Ricch‘s hit “The Box” that was placed at #1 after it’s release. Every few moves showcased Ciara’s growing baby bump as she’s dressed in an oversized jersey that hangs on her growing frame. “Silly Mama 😝😎,” she captioned the post. 

Ciara recently wrote Russell a loving letter on Instagram after his NFL team, The Seattle Seahawks, lost to The Green Bay Packers pre Super Bowl.

“My Warrior ❤️. As always so so proud you. You put it all on the line every time. That’s in all that you do!” she wrote. “You’ve made 7 Post Seasons your 8 Seasons, 7 Pro Bowls those 8, and All Pro this year.. not including all your other amazing stats 😝. You truly are a rare breed. Most them all, you’re 10 for 10 with loving me and our babies with your all! Grateful to witness your Greatness on and f the field! It’s just the beginning. So excited for what’s ahead. Love you so much.” 

Watch Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Epic Super Bowl Halftime Show

Muy caliente.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira showed up and showed out on the biggest stage on earth, the Pepsi Halftime Show, during Super Bowl LIV in Miami on Sunday (Feb. 2), which featured pole dancing, hip shaking, and a cameo from J.Lo’s daughter.

The Latin superstars took the field at Hard Rock Stadium for a 14-minute spectacular that kicked off with Shakira. Dressed in a sparkly red midriff-baring outfit, Shakira—who celebrated her 43rd birthday today—launched into “She Wolf” followed by “Empire.” After hypnotizing with her belly dancing, she went into “Wherever, Whenever.” As fireworks lit up the night sky, she brought out Bad Bunny for his verse on Cardi B’s “I Like It.”

The Colombian songstress also paid homage to her roots with “Chantaje” before delivering her 2006 smash “Hips Don’t Lie” while crowd surfing. “No fighting,” she said at the end before making way for J.Lo.

The Bronx bombshell entered on a sculpture of the Empire State Building while performing her 1996 hit “Jenny From the Block.” Dressed in a black cutout Versace catsuit, she continued with “Ain’t It Funny” and “Get Right” before changing into a sparkly stunner for “Waiting for Tonight.” As green laser beams shot across the field, J.Lo showed off her Hustlers moves on the pole.

J Balvin repped Latino gang while performing “Mi Gente” alongside J.Lo before her 11-year-old daughter Emme stole the spotlight while singing “Let’s Get Loud.” With Shakira on drums, J.Lo performed with the Puerto Rican flag draped across her back as her daughter sang “Born in the USA.”

They capped it off with a fiery medley of “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” and “Let’s Get Loud,” complete with tribal dancing and salsa moves, before standing side by side for the triumphant finale as fireworks exploded over the stadium.

“Muchos gracias!” said Shakira, while J.Lo added, “Thank you so much.”

The performance received rave reviews from fans and friends including Lady Gaga, Pink, Kim Kardashian, and Cardi B, who was seen singing along during J.Lo’s performance. See some of their tweets below.

Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show: All the Songs Performed by JLo & Shakira

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira entertained with a stellar halftime show at Super Bowl LIV, and undoubtedly, the hit tracks they performed are stuck in more than a few viewers’ heads.

To help these new fans enjoy the music of Shakira and J.Lo, here are the songs they sang during intermission.  

The halftime performance opened with a quick-moving rendition of Shakira’s “Empire,” complete with world-class dancing from a well-coordinated team (who were dressed in matching red dresses). 

Next, Shakira got some assistance on the mic as she performed “Chantaje” with a new group of dancers. 

Additional dancers, fireworks, a color-changing stage, and a bit of crowd surfing followed as Shakira sang her famous “Hips Don’t Lie.” 

Then J-Lo, clad in all black, took the stage with new dancers and jumped right into “Jenny from the Block.” The dancers and special effects picked up the pace as this track was replaced with “Ain’t It Funny.”

More dancers yet, as well as a center-stage pole, dazzled the eyes as J.Lo moved to “Waiting for Tonight.” J.Lo showcased her balance by standing on the shoulders of her dancers, and J Balvin subsequently gave her a hand with “Mi Gente.” 

After that, J.Lo, having changed outfits to match the lights, danced to “On the Floor.” 

Shakira (also in new clothing) took the drums, and J.Lo continued on vocals, as a number of talented young dancers and singers helped with “Let’s Get Loud.” 

“Waka Waka” came next, and J.Lo and Shakira closed the show with a piece of J.Lo’s “Let’s Get Loud,” before fireworks erupted over the aptly named Hard Rock Stadium. 

You can check out the full halftime performance here.

Lil Nas X Stars In New Doritos Super Bowl Commercial: Watch

Lil Nas X is taking his talents to the small screen. Earlier this week, Doritos released their upcoming Super Bowl ad starring non other than the “Old Town Road” singer.

In the 60-second commercial, the young musician duels with Western star Sam Elliott over a bag the brand’s updated Cool Ranch chips. But rather than engage in a game quick draw, the pair have a straight-up cowboy dance battle. And course they dance to his hit song “Old Town Road” in the process.

“I was just happy to be in any kind ad but then Doritos and plus it being a Super Bowl commercial, it was like next level for me,” he told CNN. “Sam was the coolest, and he’s always in character,” Nas X said. “He was just nice to talk to.”

“I was a little concerned about having to dance at this point in my life,” Elliott told Adweek. “I used loved to dance, I’ve always been athletic but, you know, at 75 things slow down… I wasn’t worried about opening my mouth and talking, but the dancing was a challenge.”

Check out the commercial (below).

Ciara Showcases Her Growing Baby Bump As She Steps Out With Russell Wilson

It was only last summer that Ciara and Russell Wilson opened up about having more kids, agreeing that three was a good number. “I’m just saying three is a good number,” Russell said, with Ciara adding, “Three is my favorite number, but I can say, I am enjoying dancing with a flat belly.” Fast forward six months later and Ciara shared just yesterday on Instagram that she’s indeed pregnant with her third child. The “Promise” singer shared a stunning image her silhouette with a growing baby bump with the caption “Number 3.” 

Ciara Showcases Her Growing Baby Bump As She Steps Out With Russell Wilson
Kevin Winter/Getty s

Since the announcement, Ciara and Russell Wilson have been spotted out and about enjoying some solo time together before their household gets even bigger. The Blast caught the couple on what appeared to be date night, both dresses stylishly while Ciara’s growing belly is starting to become even more visible – peep the images here

“I think it’s the greatest miracle having children that’s the thing… you learn patience, you continue to learn love, you learn what life is supposed to be like, that’s the best thing about children,” Russel previously said his growing family. Together they raise two-year-old Sienna Princess Wilson and Future Jr. – who’s father is Ciara’s ex, Future. 

Ciara Showcases Her Growing Baby Bump As She Steps Out With Russell Wilson
Jon Kopalf/Getty s

Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty Suffers Injury Trying To Mimic His Famous Spins

Little Miss Royalty Brown got carried away recently trying to dance just like her daddy.Chris Brown‘s eldest child was in the middle mastering the singer/dancer’s famous “spins,” when she wound up suffering an injury to the head. The 5-year-old shared a photo her smile-face-bandaged wound on her own Instagram account on Thursday, showing that she’s in good spirits despite hurting herself.

“Well guys… I got my first real boo boo!” her mom, Nia Guzman, who runs the account, wrote in the caption. She assured Royalty’s 625k followers, however, that the injury was nothing to worry about. “Mom and Dad told me I would be ok,” she wrote. “And look. My 🩹 is some new fashion for a couple weeks 🤣🩹☺️🤩!” Nia revealed on Royalty’s behalf that the injury occurred while she was attempting to imitate her dad, writing, “I gotta stop thinking I can spin around like daddy! 🥴” Royalty has already proved that she’s can dance like her daddy, though, busting out her best dance moves from time to time. It appears she’s also adopted her dad’s art skills, as she demonstrated her passion for drawing earlier this month, as well.

Chris Brown's Daughter Royalty Suffers Injury Trying To Mimic His Famous Spins

Royalty and her dad clearly have a very special bond, and Chris even brought her as his date to the Grammys on Sunday.

LL Cool J Reps For Rap’s Golden Era With "Rock The Bells" Collection

When LL Cool J released the iconic rap single “Rock The Bells” f his debut album Radio, it jumpstarted a legacy that is still going strong both in and outside Hip-Hop culture. Now, the legendary Queens-bred emcee is branding it even further with an entire capsule collection fly streetwear gear.

LL Cool J Reps For Rap's Golden Era With "Rock The Bells" Collection

Officially titled Rock The Bells Drop 1, the collection consists limited-edition drops designed to emulate classic elements hip-hop, including graffiti, DJing, breakdancing and course the power MCing that LL did so well during his come-up. Highlights from the initial set include T-shirts, handcrafted-designed hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, crewnecks, hats and a standout limited edition Rock The Bells x Roots Varsity Jacket which is actually inspired by the custom jacket LL Cool J wore in celebration launching Rock The Bells Radio. As the artist born James Todd Smith has led an unquestionably iconic career for himself in media and music alike, we see him crossing into apparel with just as much success. Congrats, king!

Drop 1 from LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells Collection arrives on January 28 Get a preview what will be available by checking out the lookbook images below:

LL Cool J Reps For Rap's Golden Era With "Rock The Bells" Collection
LL Cool J Reps For Rap's Golden Era With "Rock The Bells" Collection
LL Cool J Reps For Rap's Golden Era With "Rock The Bells" Collection

Cuba Gooding Jr. Gets Slap On The Wrist For Showing Up Late To Court

Ever since Cuba Gooding Jr. got hit with accusations ual assault from this past summer, he’s still been maintaining his partying lifestyle and hitting up various events with his girlfriend in tow. Even as his victims have added up to 21 women, Cuba can usually be seen on any given weekend enjoying his poison choice and dancing the night away. 

Cuba Gooding Jr. Gets Slap On The Wrist For Showing Up Late To Court
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty s

The Snow Dogs actor was due in court today (January 22nd) to finalize a trial date for just one the women accusing him inappropriate touching but according to Page Six, he didn’t arrive until 10:02 AM when he was scheduled for 9:30 AM. “The case was called for 9:30 a.m. Why are you late?” Judge Curtis Farber sternly asked him upon his arrival. Cuba’s attorney Peter Toumbekis answered for the actor stating how traffic was the result their tardiness. The judge responded with some obvious advice for the future: “You have to leave early next time.”

“There is not a scintilla criminal culpability that can be attributed to Mr. Cuba Gooding Jr. after I have extensively, with my staff, reviewed the video almost two hours which reflects the entire event,” Cuba’s lawyer, Mark Heller said his first ual misconduct case. “I am totally confident that when a jury Cuba Gooding Jr.’s peers assess all the exculpatory evidence in this case, that he will be totally exonerated.”

The Weeknd Drops Bloody ‘Blinding Lights’ Video

Diamond-selling singer The Weeknd debuted his latest video “Blinding Lights” on Tuesday (January 21). The Anton Tammi-directed short film continues the plot from his “Heartless” visual.

The gory project displays The Weeknd racing and dancing through the West Coast streets. Eventually, he approaches a lounge singer — played by Miki Hamano — and causes the club bouncers to intervene.

Although The Weeknd has yet to formally announce he’s releasing a new album, his two back-to-back singles could be a sign of a new project. The XO artist hasn’t released an LP since 2016’s StarBoy.

Watch The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” video above and “Heartless” below.