Joe Budden Flexes After Securing Number One Podcast Spot

The Joe Budden rebrand is among the game’s most successful in recent memory. At this stage, calling him the biggest name in hip-hop media is not entirely unfounded – especially after Spotify revealed his Joe Budden Podcast was their number-one most listened to podcast the year. Naturally, holding such a high honor was bound to elicit a response from the man himself, who took to Twitter to flex accordingly. “#1 since i landed, 3 hours, twice a week, for over a year,” he writes. “I’ma need some respect on my name soon.”

Joe Budden Flexes After Securing Number One Podcast Spot

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Though the implication reads as if Joe remains unappreciated in the grand scheme things, perhaps the numbers oughta rest his mind at ease. The fans are clearly tuning in, and while his inevitable Rap Comeback feels like it’s been placed on the backburner, his Podcasting antics have never been better. Between himself and co-hosts Rory, Mal, and Parks, the banter and insight are among the best in hip-hop media.

Congratulations are in order, and we can only hope that Joe can look back on a job well done without feeling slighted. Should you count yourself a fan the Joe Budden Podcast, be sure to send the boys some love in the comment section. 

Kylie Jenner’s Grandma Thinks Travis Scott Should Have Proposed Before Starting Family

If the Kardashian-Jenners want to keep the few secrets they have close to the chest, then someone better tell Grandma Esther not to talk to the press. The 93-year-old mother Caitlyn Jenner reportedly spoke with The Sun Online about the relationship status her granddaughter, Kylie Jenner. We all know that Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott pulled the plug on their relationship back in October, a split that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star confirmed on social media.

Kylie Jenner's Grandma Thinks Travis Scott Should Have Proposed Before Starting Family
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“Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is our daughter] Stormi!!” Kylie wrote. “Our friendship and our daughter is our] priority.” Grandma Esther shared with The Sun that she believes 28-year-old Travis should have proposed to 22-year-old Kylie, especially after the famous duo became parents.

“But that’s what happens really, so ten,” Esther reportedly said. “Young people today, they think they can live together, start a family together, without being married, it doesn’t work! I don’t know.”


“Kylie and I keep in touch, we both have iPhones and Facetime. She puts the baby on the FaceTime and I can see her progress, she’s a darling little child,” Esther added. “I was sympathizing with Kylie a short time ago about the breakup with the baby’s father. Kylie just smoothed over it real quickly, saying] ‘We’re both going to be good parents to her’ like in defense almost.”

When asked about her thoughts on Travis as a person, Esther couldn’t share much information. “I never met him,” she admitted, adding, “I tell you who I was surprised I liked so much…Kim Kardashian‘s husband] Kanye West]. He’s very intelligent, and he’s down to earth.”

Kylie Jenner's Grandma Thinks Travis Scott Should Have Proposed Before Starting Family
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Diplo Reveals Friendship With Drake Is In Shambles

Drake is essentially cool with the majority people in the music industry. From some the biggest executives to the young boys on the come-up, Drizzy’s seems to be the type to keep a good rapport with most people. Unfortunately, it seems like there are some people that he’s not exactly a fan .

Diplo Reveals Friendship With Drake Is In Shambles
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Diplo recently revealed that he and Drake aren’t on good terms and he had to find out the hard way. He revealed that he found out that Drake unfollowed him on both Twitter and Instagram, which is never a great sign. Diplo is convinced that Drake “for sure hates” him and it appears that it seems to be all over a tweet. Speaking to The Cut, he explained that the unfollow might be over a tweet about Drake’s son. He said that it was something along the lines Adonis joining Brockhampton.

“I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was super-funny,” he said before revealing that Cash, a writer that’s on his team, made the joke. Unfortunately, this came at the expense Diplo’s relationship with Drake. The two have a lot in common, Diplo says — they’re creators, hang out in Vegas, and are family men at the core. “Come back, dude! I miss us! I miss us!” he continued. 

Perhaps they can get over their differences and make some tunes in the future. 

A$AP Ferg Twitter Hack: Racial Slurs & Drake Lust

With it being so easy to hack into anybody’s social media accounts nowadays, it’s important to ensure your own cyber safety by crafting carefully-made passwords for each platform you use. If you think your username and pass are easy to guess, you’re probably right. We don’t know what A$AP Ferg was using to access his online accounts but apparently, it was simple enough for a hacker to come through with some terrible statements on his behalf.

A$AP Ferg Twitter Hack: Racial Slurs & Drake Lust
Jamie McCarthy/Getty s

Many the tweets have since been deleted but, this morning, A$AP Ferg was the victim a pretty serious hacking job on his Twitter prile. It was clear that the rapper’s account had been compromised after he tweeted out that he had just done a bunch cocaine with a random dude, tagging the guy in the post. Then, the posts started getting pretty disgusting. Declaring that “Drake‘s butthole is Tasty ASF,” Ferg’s hackers began to share some disturbing racial slurs on the prile, pretending to be the Harlem star.

“Donald trump is a n***er,” wrote the hacker before digging even deeper. “I think n***ers are not humans,” added the unauthorized hacker in a separate post. Clearly, these messages are not being sent from Ferg himself. Hopefully, he’s able to get the people responsible for this.

A$AP Ferg Twitter Hack: Racial Slurs & Drake Lust

Kylie Jenner Wary Of Drake’s "Womanizer" Ways: Report

It feels like this exact same report has been distributed a handful times in the last two weeks but, hey, people are fiending for information about Drake and Kylie Jenner’s fauxlationship and we’ve got you covered. Initially, the two were believed to be dating when Jenner was pictured at the artist’s birthday party two months ago, directly following her break-up with Travis Scott. Jenner and Drake were in the same section for much the night and sources claimed that they were casually spending lots “romantic” time together. The most recent update notes how cautious the billionaire make-up mogul is being, knowing full well that she might end up getting hurt if she ends up getting too attached.

Kylie Jenner Wary Of Drake's "Womanizer" Ways: Report
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Drake may claim that his “womanizer” ways are behind him but, apparently, it’s still the reason why Kylie Jenner isn’t keen on making their bond public. The two have known each other since Jenner was a teenager and even though they’re still rumored to be hanging out from time to time, a serious relationship is allegedly out the question. “She’s smarter than that,” said an insider to Page Six, remarking that Drake’s previous reputation as a womanizer calls his legitimacy into question. Of course, she was also spotted back with Travis Scott this weekend, with many hinting that they could be considering a romantic reunion.

Whichever way she ends up going, Kylie Jenner will be spending time with one the most popular musicians on the planet and that’s more than most people can say.

Kylie Jenner Wary Of Drake's "Womanizer" Ways: Report
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Lil Wayne Unveils New Cannabis Brand "GKUA Ultra Premium"

As nationwide legalization inches closer and closer toward a reality, many in the United States have already mobilized to capitalize f the thriving Cannabis industry. Given that many rappers have adopted weed into their daily, sometimes even hourly lifestyle, it’s no wonder many the game’s A-List stoners have turned to the Big Weed business. Most recently to do so is Lil Waynefollowing the footsteps his Young Money once-protege Drake and taking the plunge with his own ficial strain.

Lil Wayne Unveils New Cannabis Brand "GKUA Ultra Premium"

Ethan Miller/Getty s 

Enter GKUA Ultra Premium, unveiled today by way an ficial press release. Apparently, the strain will feature the “highest natural levels THC available,” with every product being ficially tasted and tested by Weezy himself. The first which is deemed the limited-edition “Hollygrove flower strain,” which is set to hit stores in the near future. “I used to just want to get high, now I smoke to get inspired,” says Lil Wayne, press release. “With GKUA, I’m sharing a feeling that I love.

From the sound it, GKUA is meant to encompass a culture beyond that smoking weed, with Lil Wayne serving as the face a greater lifestyle movement. One in which high potency marijuana plays a pivotal role. Between Bumbu Rum and GKUA, Lil Wayne appears to have you covered for a premium night indulgence. Are you interested in trying some marijuana approved by Weezy F. Baby himself? If so, check out the ficial website right here

Roddy Ricch Shares "Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial" Tracklist

Roddy Ricch is one the hottest new artists out right now. Feed The Streets and II already made a mark in the streets but throughout the year, people have eagerly awaited the release his debut album. With the project set to drop on Friday, the rapper hit the ‘Gram to reveal the tracklist in its entirety.

Roddy Ricch’s Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial is set to arrive in a few days and it will undoubtedly be worth the wait. The rapper’s project consists sixteen tracks in total with appearances from Gunna, Ty Dolla $ign, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, DJ Mustard, Lil Durk, and Meek Mill. However, he shared the tracklist with one name that has been marked out. He asked fans to guess who it is but not many were able to guess it. It’s possible that it’s a posthumous Nipsey Hussle verse considering that Roddy had a good relationship with the Crenshaw native. My other guess would be Drake. Roddy Ricch has hinted that they have a few collaborations in the cut, although he never confirmed whether it would land on his debut album.

Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial will include the previously released singles, “Big Stepper,” “Start Wit Me,” and “Tip Toe.” Who do you think the mystery feature is? Sound f in the comments. 

Restaurant Owned by Drake Shuts Down, Landlord Demands Unpaid Rent

The Pick 6ix restaurant in downtown Toronto, which was an upscale sports bar owned by rap superstar Drake, has been shut down after the building’s owner terminated the restaurant’s lease as a result of unpaid rent.

The restaurant, which opened last year, has long been troubled, having received many . Customers on yelp have complained about poor service, high prices and a snobby atmosphere.

Complaints included a $6-dollar plate fee that the restaurant charged for bringing out a plate to a table with a pre-purchased cake. Allegedly, the restaurant subsequently kept the cake after the customer refused to pay the fee.

But things got much worse for the restaurant on November 18, when it announced that — due to flooding — it would temporarily close. Though they indicated that they hoped to reopen sometime early next year.

However, according to the Toronto Star, the landlord of the restaurant terminated its lease prior to the restaurant’s announcement of the flooding issue.

The landlord reportedly left a lease termination notice on the property, which indicated that the restaurant owned them $67,514.73 in unpaid rent. The landlord further indicated that they tried many times to reach Drake’s management team without success.

However, Jeff Darby, who is the operations manager for the Pick 6ix, is denying the allegations of unpaid rent. He said, “We have always paid rent on time and this month is no different, despite a number of issues with the building — including two floods in the past two years due to issues with the pipes.”

This is not the first time that a Toronto restaurant of Drake has failed. Last year, Frings closed, without providing any reason.

So far, Drake himself has not issued a comment on the matter. Though he certainly should have the means to pay the rent, as he is currently the fifth wealthiest rapper in the world, with an estimated net worth of $150 million.

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Spotted Together At Casino Near Palm Springs: Report

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s relationship has been on the rocks lately but it appears that they’re trying to make things work. Over the past few weeks, it was revealed that they broke up, although it doesn’t seem like there’s any bad blood. They’ve been co-parenting Stormi while still maintaining a strong friendship. 

It seems like the two might actually be closer and closer to getting back together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two were spotted together at a casino near Palm Springs, along with Khloe Kardashian. Videos emerged the former couple walking around the casino emerged recently. 

Truthfully, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have a steady grip on their relationship, as well as what’s best for Stormi which is the most important aspect. “Kylie and Travis still enjoy spending time together, there isn’t any tension or awkward vibes so it makes things very easy,” a source said.

Mind you, Travis recently called Kylie his “beautiful wife” in the midst rumors that she’s been hanging out with Drake. Prior to their split, rumors marriage swirled around the Internet.

In other Travis Scott-related news, the rapper recently announced the forthcoming compilation from his label Cactus Jack. Jack Boysis reportedly supposed to drop before the end the year. We’ll keep you posted on any updates about the project. 

Drake Labelled "Creepy" After Billie Eilish Reveals They Text Each Other

Drake‘s faced his fair share criticism over the years, despite his relatively squeaky clean image. This year, in particular, the rapper has been dealing with allegations grooming younger women. People have criticized him for texting Millie Bobby Brown about “boys” while recent allegations dating Kylie Jenner have raised a few eyebrows, especially since he’s known her for a long time. 

The latest person to fuel these rumors is none other than 17-year-old pop star Billie Eilish. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, she revealed that she texts Drake. Although she never detailed what the texts are, nor does she really need to, it still made the internet question Drake’s intentions.

“Drake is like the nicest dude I’ve ever spoken to. I mean, I’ve only like texted him, but he’s so nice,” she said. “Like, he does not need to be nice, you know what I mean? He’s at a level in his life where he doesn’t need to be nice, but he is, you know?”

Her comments themselves seem innocuous but many have also stated that they believe Drake is exhibiting prime predatory behavior. 

Drake has yet to comment or even acknowledge any these claims that the Internet has made against him. Billie, too, has chimed in on this backlash.

Peep some the reactions below. 

Zendaya & "Euphoria" Co-Star Jacob Elordi’s Rumoured Romance Heats Up In Australia

MsZendaya has taken another vacation with her rumoured boo, Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi, this time to Jacob’s native Australia. The actors were spotted by fans strolling around Sydney over the course a few days, even hanging out with Jacob’s parents. One fan took a TikTok video the two them boarding the same train, even fering Google Search evidence the stars’ appearances. 

Zendaya and Jacob took a trip together to Greece in September, which sparked the initial rumours that the two were romantically involved. Jacob also attended Zendaya’s 23rd birthday in September, with fellow castmates Hunter Schaefer, Barbie Ferreira, Alexa Demie, and Angus Cloud. While their characters on the Drake-produced hit show certainly don’t seem to like each other, Zendaya and Jacob do make a cute couple IRL.

Zendaya was recently honoured with GQ Australia’s Woman the Year award and attended the ceremony during her trip along with Jacob, though they arrived separately. She was overwhelmed in her speech upon receiving the award: “Woman the Year, that’s kind crazy considering that I’m just 23-years-old and trying to figure out how to become a woman myself, and figuring it out as I go.” Zendaya said the award was “a huge honour” and urged everyone in the audience to “take a look around at just how beautiful everything is, and just enjoy it.” Wise words, Zendaya. 

Drake Rocks Head-To-Toe Nike Gear In OVO Pickup Game: See Pic

We’ve been seeing the making Drake’s insane Toronto mansion for what feels like years now, but finally the 6 God is getting to put his indoor basketball court to use. In the scary hours Friday morning, Drizzy decided to share a couple photos on IG what appears to be some basketball games being played on his new indoor court recently.

The first picture is just Drake rocking a ton Nike gear, including headband, compression sleeve, Nike shorts, and even a finger sleeve. Meanwhile, the second picture is Drake and Chubbs looking up for a rebound in what appears to be a tense game basketball. Based on the timing the pics, it looks like the OVO boys decided to hoop it up on Thanksgiving, rather than selecting the traditional flag football games so many households play in their backyards.

Along with the indoor basketball court, Drizzy’s Toronto mansion includes an elevator, 10-car garage, four guest bedrooms, an awards room to celebrate all his “trophies,” work out gym, and a jersey room to name a few. Peep some BTS footage the court being built (below).

DJ Premier Reveals Yasiin Bey, Nas, Kendrick Lamar & Drake Couldn’t Make Gang Starr’s Album

DJ Premier both shocked and elated Gang Starr fans when he unveiled One Of The Best Yet, the first new Gang Starr project since 2003’s The Ownerz. In addition to utilizing unreleased vocals from the late Guru, Preemo enlisted J. Cole, Q-Tip, Royce Da 5’9, Jeru The Damaga and more to contribute to the album.

But according to a new interview with Take It Personal Radio, there were several other notable MCs who he’d been eyeing for the project but ultimately didn’t make the cut, including Drake, Nas and Yasiin Bey.

“I asked Drake to get on it because I had just done ‘Sandra’s Rose’ for his [Scorpion] album,” he said. “So I was like, ‘You can get on this.’ But he was so deep into getting his touring together, it just wasn’t the right time to just knock it out real fast. I needed it done really, really [quickly], like yesterday at that time.

“Nas was supposed to get on it, but it wasn’t clashing right at the time. Honestly, Nas was like, ‘I’m just not in writing [mode]; I just have no writing in me right now. And if I’ma do it, I gotta kill it, ’cause I gotta sound as good as Guru. I just have no writing feels right now, so I just don’t wanna half-ass it.’ And I respected that.”

When Preemo got to Bey, he insinuated the MC formerly known as Mos Def simply dropped the ball.

“He was supposed to do it,” he said. “I kept stressin’ him and stressin’ him and stressin’ him and stressin’ him and stressin’ him and stressin’ him and stressin’ him, and it never got done. I said, ‘You know what? He owes me.”

The storied producer also tried to get Kendrick Lamar on the project, but Dave Free explained, “He’s locked in, focusing on what he gotta do next.” Premier also said he was going to ask JAY-Z but never actually went through with it.

“I’m not gonna even approach him about it,” he said. “I’m just gonna keep it movin.’”

Listen to the full episode above.

Drake’s Pick 6ix Restaurant Reportedly Shut Down Over Unpaid Rent

Toronto, Cananda – Drake is facing financial woes after a business deal in his hometown of Toronto reportedly went south.

According to, Drake’s swanky downtown Toronto sports bar Pick 6ix has been shut down indefinitely.

The staff at Pick 6ix posted a notice on the restaurant’s doors on the night of November 18 stating the restaurant would be “closing its doors until further notice due to unfortunate flooding.”

On Thursday (November 21,) the building’s property manager posted a second notice on the building’s front door, contradicting the restaurant’s claims. The notice states the landlord terminated the lease agreement on November 18, the same day Pick 6ix announced it would cease operations.

Drake's Pick 6ix Restaurant Reportedly Shut Down Over Unpaid Rent

The termination notice shows the amount owed in unpaid rent is $67,514.73. According to Daily Hive, the property manager attempted to reach several people at Jungle Lion Management by email to settle the debt. Chubbs, a longtime business associate of Drake’s, is listed as one of the people the property manager and landlord had contacted.

The restaurant’s operations manager Jeff Darby denied the reports, saying, “We have always paid rent on time and this month is no different, despite a number of issues with the building – including two floods in the past two years due to issues with the pipes.”

This is the second time the space has reported it’s been forced to close due to flooding. Pick 6ix closed its doors last year due to water damage.

Drake has yet to comment publicly.

Drake and Kylie Jenner Have ‘Mutual’ Feelings for Each Other

Drake and Kylie Jenner are taking their friendship to the next level.

Last month, it was reported that the Toronto rapper has been spending time with the beauty mogul following her split from Travis Scott. According to Us Weekly, they didn’t act on their feelings until recently.

“Drake has always had a thing for Kylie and it’s mutual,” says a source. “They hang out here and there and have been more recently than in the past because Kylie is technically single right now and the two of them live so close to each other.”

However, it hasn’t become serious yet. “They have known each other and been friends for a very long time and there has always been a spark there, but their situation is complicated and so is Kylie’s with Travis,” adds the source.

Drake, 33, and Jenner, 22, first sparked romance rumors when they were spotted together at Drake’s 33rd birthday bash in October and again at his Halloween party.

“Kylie and Drake’s friendship did take a romantic turn recently,” another source tells Us. “At his Halloween party, they were affectionate and clearly there together. They’ve been seeing each other romantically.”

However, the situation is complicated. “Drake and Kylie don’t want to jeopardize their friendship by crossing any major boundaries,” adds the source. “Drake doesn’t have any intention of taking on a fatherly role with Stormi and he wants to have fun with Kylie with no strings attached and continue to have a friendship and be supportive of one another.”

In October, Kylie and Travis announced that they were taking a break after two years of dating. “Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi ‼️ our friendship and our daughter is priority,” tweeted Kylie.