50 Cent Teases New Music with Eminem, Talks Rick Ross Rivalry

50 Cent and Eminem are back in the lab.

The frequent collaborators, whose past hits include “Crack a Bottle” and “Patiently Waiting,” are cooking up new music. During a visit to Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed on REAL 92.3, the “Power” mogul revealed that he is collaborating with Em on a song for the Detroit rapper’s upcoming album.

“He sent me a record now. He working now,” said 50, adding, “That’s what I’m doing with him now or sooner.”

While 50 has had beef with everyone from Wendy Williams to Ja Rule, his bond with Em is unbreakable. “I fuck with Em regardless. He’s the reason why I’m here,” he said before noting that Eminem is “still the highest-selling rap artist in the world.”

One rapper he won’t be collaborating with anytime soon is his longtime rival Rick Ross. When the hosts mentioned that Ross dropped his new album Port of Miami 2 and it went No. 1 on the hip-hop chart (with 80,000 equivalent album units in its first week), 50 questioned the numbers.

“How much did it sell? No. 1, c’mon. What week was it?” he asked. “Some weeks 10 purchases make you No. 1, depending on what week it is.”

When asked if there’s anything he respects about the Maybach Music mogul (“I don’t know what his value is to music culture at this moment,” he recently said), he went silent. “No, there’s nothing there,” he finally responded. “I’ve never wanted to work with him.”

He also once again called into question Rozay’s past as a corrections officer. “Does it matter that he’s a corrections officer? Does that ever matter? Look at the irony of the artists that come under him.”

50 cited Ross’ MMG artist Meek Mill and his fight for prison reform. “Prison reform and all of the wrongfully convicted and wrongfully treated people in the prison system while he’s on the whole other side of that.”

Plus, watch him speak on 6ix9ine, G-Unit, and the final season of “Power.”

50 Cent Reveals Eminem Turned Down Joint Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg Tour

50 Cent recently stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood as part of his press run. During the conversation, he revealed Eminem once passed on a massive tour featuring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

When Fiddy was asked about his relationship with Eminem — who integral in 50’s rise to notoriety — he recalled the missed opportunity. He explained Em was concerned about missing out on his daughter Hailie’s life.

“You do not believe how much money we would’ve made,” he said around the 30:00-minute mark . “And Em was like — there was so many dates at the time the way they laid it out — that he was like, ‘I just don’t want to go on tour and come back and Hailie’s grown.’”

50 added the initial plan included a “ridiculous amount of dates.” In fact, he said the run would have grossed so much money that “when you come back, everyone has the money that no one has to answer the phone.”

Big Boy pressed him for the amount and he finally admitted the tour was worth “collectively, over $100 million.”

Elsewhere in the nearly 60-minute interview, the Power mogul talks about the “Big Rich Town” backlash, his social media antics and, of course, Rick Ross.

Eminem Turned Down A Joint Tour With 50 Cent, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

50 Cent has been doing a press run through all the major hip hop radio stations and his latest stop was at Big Boy’s The Neighborhood. They spoke for an hour and spent some time discussing 50’s rise in the game, which course, is indebted to his relationship with Eminem. After Big Boy asked about their relationship today and the kind things they talk about, 50 reminisced about a proposed joint tour with him, Em, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.  

According to 50, Em was the one who had reservations about it and ultimately turned it down. Around the 30-minute mark the interview, 50 explains, “You do not believe how much money we would’ve made. And Em was like—there was so many dates at the time that we laid it out—that he was like, ‘I just don’t want to go on tour and come back and Hailie’s grown.'” 

While it’s hard to imagine a more understandable reason for Em to nix the tour than to spend time with his daughter, deep down, 50 may be a tad bit salty about the missed opportunity. Not only would it have been a crazy experience to perform with those legends at the peak his rap career, but 50 repeatedly emphasized how massive the paycheck could’ve been. He said the initial plan had mapped out a “ridiculous amount dates,” which could have guaranteed that “when you come back, everyone has the money that no one has to answer the phone.” When pressed to estimate a specific dollar amount that the tour could have grossed, 50 responded, “collectively, over $100 million.” 

Considering all the business ventures that followed for 50 after the period (not to mention royalty checks), I think it’s fair to say that our hearts aren’t breaking for him over the lost bag. However, we can pity ourselves for never getting to see what would’ve been an amazing show. 

50 Cent Says New Eminem Album Is Coming Soon: Watch

50 Cent is incapable keeping his mouth shut. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur is known for his wild antics on social media but this month, he’s been gracing the media with extensive amounts press. He wants to make sure that everybody is tuning into the new season Power so, every chance he gets, he’s reminding us all about the program. During a recent visit to Real 92.3 with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed, Fiddy managed to reveal some huge news that he likely was not supposed to divulge. We can’t say that we’re not completely stoked for this though.

Near the end his sit-down chat with the duo, Fif revealed some major news about his good old friend Eminem. A few weeks ago, Marshall Mathers created headlines with one threatening tweet, causing many to believe a diss track was on the way. We still haven’t received any new music from Shady (aside from a random jazz instrumental) but Curtis may have spilled the beans on his plans.

50 Cent Says New Eminem Album Is Coming Soon: Watch
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty s

When asked if he would ever reunite on record with Eminem again, 50 Cent said that they’re actually working on something right now, which will be included on Em’s upcoming album. “He sent me a record now, he working now,” said Jackson about Eminem. “Em is, he got some things man. Still the highest-selling rap artist in the world. We’re doing it now.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Fif discusses his beef with Rick Ross, internal issues within G-Unit and more. Who’s excited for this possible Eminem album!? Watch him discuss it at the 29-minute mark.

Kendrick Lamar’s "G.K.M.C" Breaks Eminem’s Record On The Billboard 200

Kendrick Lamar‘s debut album, good kid m.A.A.d city was immediately impactful upon its release. It was met with unanimous critical praise and commercial success, launching to number 2 on the charts. The album helped solidify Kendrick Lamar as one the GOATs the newer generation, among Drake and J. Cole as well.

Kendrick Lamar's "G.K.M.C" Breaks Eminem's Record On The Billboard 200
Rick Diamond/Getty s 

GKMC has now helped Kendrick reach a new feat on the Billboard 200. According to Chart Data, the rapper’s project is now the longest-running hip-hop album to consistently maintain a position on the Billboard 200 in the chart’s history. What’s even bigger is that it means he now broke one his idols’ records. Eminem previously held the title for longest-running hip hop album on the Billboard 200 with The Eminem Show. Em’s album accumulated 357 weeks while Kendrick’s debut is currently sitting at 358 weeks and running. 

Despite this, there’s something that tells me Em wouldn’t be upset over this. A few years ago, Eminem showed love to Kendrick Lamar and his debut effort, dubbing it a “masterpiece.”

“When I first heard Kendrick’s debut on Aftermath, I couldn’t believe it,” he said in a Genius annotation. “The fact that it was his first real album and he was able to make it into a story which intertwines with the skits like that was genius. That hasn’t really been done that many times, let alone on someone’s first time up. The level wordplay, the deliveries, the beats—it’s just a masterpiece.”

Boi-1da Explains His Participation In Rémy Martin’s Producer Competition

Hollywood, CA – Season six of Rémy Martin’s Rémy Producers series found their West Coast regional winner in Clyde Strokes Tuesday night at Dream nightclub. 

Grammy Award-winning producer Boi-1da, music industry legend Steve Lobel and season five Remy Producer winner Milo were judges for the four contestants. Strokes will compete in the national finale in Atlanta for a production deal with Jermaine Dupri’s So-So Def Records. 

Speaking with Boi-1da, he told HipHopDX that Rémy Producers was important since it’s essentially how he got his start before making multi-platinum hits for the likes of Drake, Eminem and Rihanna. 

“Events like Rémy Producers is important is because this is what I came off of things like beat battles and beat competitions,” he said. “It’s important because a lot of producers are introverted people so it’s good for them to get out, compete and get their names out there. Big shout out to them for putting this on for the producers because a lot of producers don’t get their shine. A lot of producers do big beats for artists and you don’t know who’s who.”

Despite having a relatively quiet 2019, many of Boi-1da classic loosies with Drake made the recently released Care Package compilation alongside placements on Juice WRLD debut album and Lil Nas X’s debut EP 7. According to him, he’s spent the year relaxing a bit.

“2019 for me has been pretty chill,” he explained. “I took about three months off of music to spend time with my family for the summer and recharge. I had an amazing 2018, 2017, 2016 and at the end of the day, I’m a human being. So, I took a break.”

One thing is for sure, Boi-1da says “next year is going to be crazy.” Despite not naming any names, he says to expect some work with his usual suspects.

Air Jordan 13 “Island Green” Rumored To Debut This Fall: First Look

The Holiday season is on the horizon and with that comes Jordan Brand’s annual lineup highly anticipated sneaker releases, including classics like the “Bred” Air Jordan 11, as well as some all-new styles like the winterized Air Jordan 4 and the “Vast Grey” Air Jordan 11.

Additionally, rumors suggest there’s a brand new Air Jordan 13 on tap for the final weeks 2019. According to Sneaker Bar Detroit, the “Island Green” 13s are slated to launch on November 16 for the retail price $190.

As seen in the early photos that surfaced this week, the kicks come equipped with a black leather upper, accompanied by suede “Island Green” overlays in all the familiar places. The detailing on the leather and the overall color scheme is reminiscent the iconic Tiffany Nike SB Dunks.

Official release details have not yet been announced but we expect to learn more in the near future as the Fall season quickly approaches.

Rah Digga Weighs In On Lord Jamar’s Thoughts On Female Rappers

Lord Jamar has made major contributions to hip-hop as a member Brand Nubian but these days, he comes across as more a provocateur. Throughout the past few years, he’s shared several highly unpopular opinions about the rap game — from rapper’s wearing skirts to Eminembeing a guest in the house hip-hop. In all fairness, neither those things are really controversial, although the rapper’s wearing skirts thing was mildly problematic. Earlier this week, he shared another hot take about his opinion on female rappers. To keep things short, he doesn’t fuck with them! What a surprise!

Rah Digga, who co-hosts a podcast with Jamar, finally responded to Jamar’s comments on Twitter. Ultimately, Lord Jamar’s opinions are weightless to Rah Digga. “Nope. That’s his opinion. And the second last thing I care about (the last being ANYBODY’S opinion on ANYTHING) is Lord Jamar’s opinion female rappers,” she wrote.

Many have wondered why Jamar is still relevant in 2019, especially since many his takes ruffle feathers. A fan asked Rah Digga why Jamar has a platform at all but it appears that she’s okay with Jamar spewing his nonsense. “I get to cuss him out and smoke the highest grades marijuana. Please don’t steal my thunder,” she responded.

Rah Digga and Lord Jamar host Yanadameen Godcast every week. 

Eminem Fans Think He’s Dropping A New Album Soon

Whenever Eminem does, well, anything, you just know that his fans will lose their minds in quick fashion. The living legend from Detroit rarely announces new music but when he does, it’s a great day for hip-hop fans. After cementing his legacy with tons classic albums and memorable moments on the microphone, Eminem can comfortably hang up his boots and chill in his massive home for the rest his life. Still, he feels the need to get some things f his chest once in a while, taking to the studio or social media to do so. The last time we speculated about new music from the superstar was when he tweeted what sounded like a threat. “People think they want this problem ’til they get it,” he wrote a few weeks ago. Now, a mysterious upload on his YouTube prile has fans wondering just what the heck is happening.

We reported yesterday that a jazz instrumental titled “The Real Slim Shady” was added to his page on the popular video-sharing platform. Em doesn’t actually appear on the song but his fans believe it could be part a larger promotional scheme for his next album. “Eminem is a legend when it comes to hinting albums,” wrote one fan in the comments. 

We remain hopeful that new music is on the way but since all the fan speculation began, the video was removed from his ficial page and re-uploaded under “PhilipJones16.” It’s very possible that this was just a glitch but given how inactive Em is regularly, his supporters aren’t wrong in thinking this could be a sign. What do you think?

Eminem Fans Think He's Dropping A New Album Soon

Eminem’s YouTube Channels Updates With New Music

The possibility of a new Eminem album inching its way to the masses is looking more and more like a reality. On Wednesday (September 11), a mysterious upload to Eminem’s YouTube page got the internet all riled up.

The video is an audio track that sounds like smooth jazz from Kenny G. The cover art reads: “PhilipJones16” and “THE REAL SLIM SHADY.” It’s coupled with a peaceful photo of an empty country road.

The rollout for 2017’s Revival started off similarly. But instead of smooth jazz, Em’s team built a whole campaign around a fictitious prescription drug called Revival. The campaign kicked off in October of that year and by December, Em’s ninth studio album had arrived.

Last month, Em posted a rather cryptic tweet that many believed was aimed at Lord Jamar considering it followed his controversial statements about the Detroit-bred rap god.

“People think they want this problem ’til they get it,” he wrote.

Slim Shady fans — or Stans as they are often called — have now flocked to Twitter, trying to decipher what the latest YouTube clip means. Is it a new song? A joke? The beginning of a new album rollout?

Whatever it is, it has people talking.

Check out some of the reactions below.


Eminem Baffles Fans With Mysterious Instrumental On His YouTube Page

Eminem has always been lowkey about the way he drops music. One would just have to look back at his Kamikaze project and how it completely dropped out the blue. While Em is considered to be one the greatest rappers to ever do it, he’s been the subject some slanderous remarks over the last few years when it comes to his skill. This mainly has to do with some questionable projects although his die-hard fanbase is always clamoring for some brand new tracks.

Just a couple days ago, Em dropped a 4-minute instrumental called “The Real Slim Shady” on his YouTube channel. As right now, the video only has 15,000 views and fans are curious as to what it could mean. It says the beat was made by PhilipJones16 and the whole thing is incredibly jazzy and contains some nice Saxophone lines.

Eminem’s fanbase has already taken to Twitter to try and figure out exactly what’s happening here and some fans have already come through with some theories. There are even some theories suggesting that the date Philip Jones’ death has something to do with this particular release.

Another theory is that Em was hacked and that the video will be removed shortly. It will be interesting to see what comes this in the next little while.

Akon Reflects On Eminem’s Vigilant 9 To 5 Studio Work Ethic

The Akon comeback season is upon us, and with it come press runs. Legendary artist that he is, Akon has experienced no shortage crazy behind-the-scenes tales, and he happened to share a few with the folks over at Hot 97. “He was the first artist I worked with who treated the business like a real job,” explains Akon, reflecting on Em’s studio regiment during their time recording “Smack That.”

“He comes in at 9 Am every day to the studio, takes his lunch break at 1, and is out there by 5 PM. It’s like a schedule. I didn’t expect that from him. The first day I come, I come around 6. Like we going to do an evening session. I get to the studio, they said ‘Em just left!’ He said ‘I’m out here!’ I said ‘I just got to the studio, you coming back here?’ He said, ‘yeah, I’ll be back there at 9 AM.” 

Eliciting a laugh from the Hot 97 crew, Akon couldn’t believe Em’s adamance. “I was like, you joking right?” And yet Em was unwavering: “I’ll see you at nine.” And when Akon set his alarm for the morning session, he was surprised to see Eminem arriving exactly on time. “Plays some beats, we vibing,” reflects Akon. “Em’s like, ‘yo I’m about to go out for lunch.’ I said I’ll meet you after…He goes takes his lunch, after an hour comes back. I play him the record, play him the chorus. He’s like oh, this is it!”

The story continues. “He goes into his verse,” says Akon. “5 PM comes. He’s halfway in. He’s like ‘alright bro, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Despite Akon imploring him to finish his verse, Em remained fixed to the schedules. “At this point, I’m like ‘Yo, this is crazy right!” It prompted him to inquire further. “I just like to be here,” said Em. “I treat it like a real job. I don’t make it no more than what it’s supposed to be. I don’t let it stress me out, stay longer than I have to. I got a family, I got a daughter. I want to make time.”

Ultimately, Akon found himself moved by Em’s process. “I was like ‘damn, he’s right,” says Akon. “Some days I’m in the studio three, four days. I don’t come out. Don’t see my kids, don’t call my wife, none that. I’m sitting here like, Em’s way] makes a lot sense. Ain’t nothing gon’ change between today and tomorrow.” Check out the full video below.


Sony/ATV Extends Its Longtime Publishing Deal With Hitmaker Boi-1da

Acclaimed Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Boi-1da already had a long-term deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, but the two have extended this deal even further.

The deal now also covers his complete catalog, which includes hit songs from the likes of Cardi B, Drake, Rihanna, and Eminem, among others. Of course, that makes Boi-1da extremely valuable, arguably more so than the superstars fronting these tracks.

The pair have additionally extended their joint venture known as Sam Fam Publishing. Launched in 2014, the venture has worked with many popular songwriters and producers, such as Frank Dukes, Vinylz, Joshua Scruggs, and Sevn Thomas.

Boi-1da, who was born Matthew Samuels, first achieved success as a teenager with Drake.  In short order, Samuels become one of the in-house producers at Drake’s OVO Sound label. Since then, he has become one of the most sought after and popular songwriters and producers in the music business.

He not only produced Drake’s first Billboard Top 10 hit “Best I Ever Had,” he also co-wrote it. This would be the first of many successful collaborations between the two over the next ten years. The most successful of these was “God’s Plan,” which topped the Billboard rankings for 11 weeks. It was also the most streamed song in the world during 2018 on both Spotify and Apple Music.

At the 2019 Grammy Awards, “God’s Plan” further won Best Rap Song, and Boi-1da received a total of 6 nominations.  Throughout his career, the songwriter/producer has received 14 Grammy nominations and was once named Songwriter of the Year.

Among the greatest hits, Boi-1da has also written or co-written the following hit songs:

  • “Not Afraid” by Eminem
  • “Work” by Rihanna and Drake
  • “Be Careful” by Cardi B
  • “No Limit” by G-Eazy, A$AP Rocky and Cardi B

The terms of the deal extension were not disclosed.

Ja Rule Claims 50 Cent’s A Hypocrite Over 6ix9ine Comments

If you haven’t noticed, 50 Cent‘s been relatively quiet when it comes to his “son,” Tekashi 6ix9ine. Now, we all know that 6ix9ine is taking the stand against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, a gang he was once closely tied to, but 50 Cent clearly wants no part or association with the embattled rapper. In a recent interview with the Breakfast Club, the rapper admitted that he hasn’t talked to 6ix9ine since his arrest. When asked if he’d pick up a phone call from the rainbow-haired rapper, Fif simply responded, “No.”

Now, Fif didn’t elaborate on the specifics but he essentially admitted that he doesn’t want any sort involvement with a snitch. Of course, even this comment was enough to have Ja Rule come out  the shadows to chime in. Under a post on Charlamagne Tha God’s page, Ja Rule issued several comments suggesting that 50 Cent was a hypocrite for shunning 6ix9ine for snitching.

“The pot calling the kettle black,” he wrote along with a rat emoji. “I love making you nut guzzlers BIG MAD… your hero 50 a hoe I would @ him but I’m blocked. Punk motherfucker can dish it can’t take it.”

One must wonder whether there’s an ounce self-realization in Ja Rule’s body. No one’s really seeking to champion a guy who’s still defending Fyre Festival two documentaries later. 

Ja Rule Claims 50 Cent's A Hypocrite Over 6ix9ine Comments

Post Malone Drops $3 Million On Apocalypse Ready Mansion

If an apocalypse occurs, we now know that none other than Post Malone will be ready to survive and bunker down since the “Circles” musician has dropped $3 million on a Utah mansion that’s apocalypse ready. TMZ reports on the real estate update that’s located in Northern Utah outside Salt Lake City. 

The home (that’s seen in the video below) sits on 6.75 acres and boasts stunning views the canyons, gorgeous mountains and some the city skyline. The estate has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, wine cellar, fire pit, basketball court, hot tub, home gym and Post plans to build a recording studio – by no surprise. Furthermore, Post is making sure the home is equipped with an underground bunker for when the end the world hits and is even planning on setting up numerous bunk beds for his entourage. 

In other Post news, he recently dropped f his Hollywood’s Bleeding album and shared a true explanation where the album is coming from. 

“I wanted to be super organic, I wanted to be the way I wanted to be,” he explained. “Not to separate my fans from me or alienate my fans but at the same time to make something that I think is bitchin’, and that I think other people will think is bitchin’. I’m not trying to make huge smashes. I want to make songs that tell stories that are genuine to me, which I think is really awesome.”