BMG Inks Long-Term Deal with Mexican Label DEL

BMG has announced a new long-term global partnership with DEL Records, an indie label focused on regional Mexican music.

The newly inked deal will see BMG becoming the exclusive worldwide publishing administrator for DEL’s several publishing entities. Those entities include DEL Melodies, DEL World Songs, and DEL New Music. BMG has been the publishing administrator of the DEL catalog since 2016.

has been named ASCAP’s Latin Independent Publisher of the Year for three straight years.

DEL president Luca Scalisi said that DEL Records looks forward to the new partnership.

“As a record label that moves markets, DEL Records has always been a leader in digital optimization, monetization, and marketing. This deal speaks to the great history we have had together on that front, as well as the optimism we have about continuing to lead in our genre, further expand the business model and create new opportunities with partners like BMG.”

The Los Angeles-based DEL Records was founded in 2008. It is one of the best-known labels behind several popular Mexican-American artists. Gerardo Ortíz, Luis Coronel, Ulices Chaidez y Sus Plebes, and Regulo Caro are all represented by DEL.

DEL artists have won 15 Billboard Latin Music awards since 2012.

DEL and its artists are up for six awards this year including Regional Mexican album label of the year. Executive vice president of repertoire and marketing for DEL, Thomas Scherer, congratulated the label on the new partnership.

“Latin music has always been a global influence on the creative music community and now serves as an inspiration for the global entertainment industry at-large. DEL has always had a vision for their music, and this is just the beginning — much more to come!”

Billboard’s Latin Music Awards will air on April 25 this year. DEL artists have a chance to add even more awards to the list this year.

BMG Inks Long-Term Deal with Mexican Label DEL

BMG Inks Long-Term Deal with Mexican Label DELBMG Inks Long-Term Deal with Mexican Label DEL

SiriusXM Reveals Multi-Million Dollar Pay Raises for Top Executives

Following the company’s of Pandora Radio last year, SiriusXM has remained rather busy as of late.

In a conference call, SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer explained that the acquisition would create “the world’s largest audio-entertainment company.”  The satellite radio company, he continued, would capitalize on cross-promotional opportunities on Pandora’s active user base.  SiriusXM would also leverage its existing exclusive content and programming on Pandora’s ad-supported and subscription tiers to create “unique audio packages.”

Following through on Meyer’s promises, the satellite radio company first Pandora CEO Roger Lynch.  He had led the company following founder Tim Westergren’s outster.

Under Westergren, Pandora Radio bled money.  The company also never turned a profit, despite multiple promises made to investors.  Things had only slightly improved under Lynch.  Yet, the company continued to bleed listeners.

Then, SiriusXM its first dedicated original content team at Pandora.

The new team creates original music, sports, and talk content for Pandora’s listeners.  This includes the introduction of full-time channels, shows, podcasts, playlists, and spoken-word content.  Genres range from comedy, politics, and entertainment.  In addition, the new team also develops original Pandora content for SiriusXM.  This includes adding curated content using the digital radio service’s thumbs-up user data.

Next, Meyer’s company Pandora Now.

With a combined audience of 100 million listeners, Now, a new channel, would use both companies’ listener and curation data.  The channel features the most-listened-to and top-trending music on Pandora across all genres.  Now serves as an interactive station featuring song skips and ratings on both services.

Then, just last week, striking back at Spotify’s recent podcast acquisitions, SiriusXM 22 of its original shows into Pandora exclusives.

This includes Jenny McCarthy’s Celebrity Dirt, Andy Cohen’s Deep & Shallow Interviews, and Jeff Foxworthy’s A Comic Mind, among many others.

Not content to stop there, Meyer’s company soon an $8 monthly plan for people without cars.  Dubbed SiriusXM Essential, the new plan provides over 200 radio stations.  Users can listen to the new service either at home or through mobile devices.

Now, the satellite radio company has unveiled pay raises for its top staff.

Making millions in stock options.

In a regulatory filing, SiriusXM has confirmed multiple pay raises for its top five executives.

Meyer earned $17.6 million in 2018, up from $9.7 million in 2017.  $7.5 million came through stock awards.

Chief Content Officer Scott Greenstein, who now leads the Pandora original contents team, earned $19 million last year, up from $4.2 million.

The company confirmed most of the compensation came through stock awards.

Jennifer Witz, President of Sales, Marketing, and Operations, earned $5.5 million, up from $4.6 million.

David Frear, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, earned $16 million, up from $3.7 million.  $9 million came from stock awards and $3 million from options.

Dana F. Altman, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, earned $7.5 million, up from $2 million.  $4.1 million came from stock awards and $1.5 million from options.

You can view the infographic below.

(Click to enlarge.)



"Avengers: Endgame" Comes To "Fortnite" To Celebrate Film’s Release

The world entertainment is about to suffer an insurmountable collision because two major forces will soon be joining to create a mega-entity. Avengers: Endgame is a big enough behemoth in itself — at the end the day, this is probably one the most hyped movies all time — but now that it’s making its way into the Fortnite sphere, you can guarantee that a whole new demographic will be lining up to purchase their movie tickets. On pace to break all kinds records this weekend, Avengers will finally open across the globe and soon, a partnership will be implemented between Epic Games and Marvel. 

"Avengers: Endgame" Comes To "Fortnite" To Celebrate Film's Release
Chesnot/Getty s

If you think the one thing that possibly has more hype than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s probably Fortnite. Kids all over the world are still playing the game, which has somehow retained its charm. As reported by Uproxx, the game will be introducing the Avengers to their pixelated screens, celebrating the premiere the film. The exact nature the crossover is unclear but it appears as though the battle royale game will add some type Avengers-themed goodies to their shop or to the map. A photo was tweeted out by their ficial accounts to tease the arrival the merger, featuring a character sporting Captain America‘s shield and captioning it: “Whatever it takes.” 

Are you intrigued as to what will be happening in this crossover? Avengers: Endgame opens on April 26.

Roseanne Barr Back At It Again With Weird Homophobic Rant

Former television star Roseanne Barr ruffled feathers on social media again after nearly a year  having her show canceled by ABC. The comedy-series Roseanne was revived with a spin-f The Connor’s last year and quickly canceled following a racist tweet shared by Barr. Despite her minimizing the tweet to a joke poor state, the public along with ABC executives thought it sufficed to get her all the way out here. 

Roseanne Barr Back At It Again With Weird Homophobic Rant

Rachel Luna/Getty s

Since getting dropped from the sitcom, the stand-up comedian took it to social media to wish everyone a Happy Easter last weekend. In true Roseanne fashion, however, the 66-year old star did not leave it at that. In a video shared through her personal Youtube channel, the television personality went on a weird rampage against God and fellow stand-up comedian Owen Benjamin, whom she called a “f*g.” But wait…there’s more. To make matters worse, Barr gifted us with a second video where she highlights her previous use the word while also confirming she uses it privately. To somewhat redeem herself, she categorized herself as being queer but then retracted the statements by emphasizing she did not mean so in a coming-out way.

And it only gets weirder as Roseanne breaks down “I’m queer, I’m alien, I don’t belong here with all these people. They make no sense. They are very queer. And that makes me a queer, I guess. But I did put the Q in it. Bye!” Finally, to follow up on the other odd videos, she posted yet another even stranger one entitled “Malcolm X.” In the latter, she ridicules the previous videos, chimes in on not being racist and speaks on the monopoly surrounding the use fensive words. 

Tyga Reportedly Drops $10M Lawsuit Against Birdman & Cash Money Records

Los Angeles, CA – Tyga put an end to his legal battle with Birdman. T-Raww dismissed all claims against Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment after suing them for $10 million, according to documents obtained by The Blast.

Tyga filed a lawsuit last year in which he claimed the labels owed him money following his 2016 exit. The “Taste” creator sued for a breach of contract, alleging unpaid royalties for 2012’s Careless World and 2013’s Hotel California albums.

Cash Money disputed Tyga’s allegations and sought to get the case thrown out by a judge, but a possible settlement was discussed.

After settlement talks broke down, Birdman responded to the suit by asserting Tyga actually owed the label money. The Cash Money boss said T-Raww was paid advances that were never recouped.

The case was officially closed after Tyga dropped all claims against his former labels.

Tyga Drops $10 Million Legal Dispute Against Birdman

Birdman has to be accustomed to spending time in court, at this point. The man has been sued by a good number his former business associates, famously battling Lil Wayne for years. His legal war with Weezy culminated in the release Tha Carter V, which delighted all Tunechi’s fans who had waited years for it to arrive. To our knowledge, there is no highly-anticipated album being held back on Tyga‘s end but the California-bred rapper has also chosen to call it quits in his dispute against Birdman, leaving his $10 million lawsuit in the dust.

Tyga Drops $10 Million Legal Dispute Against Birdman
Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC s

As reported by The Blast, Tyga has reportedly dropped his multi-million dollar lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money after claiming that they had been screwing him out his royalties. New court documents reportedly show that T-Raw is saying goodbye to the legal battle, dismissing all claims against Cash Money and Young Money Entertainment. The case will be dropped as a result.

The lawsuit began in 2016 after Tyga said that his former bosses were withholding royalties from him for two albums. Cash Money was sued to the tune $10 million for breaching their contractual agreement with Tyga. Tyga has had an incredible year after his successful comeback effort, which may have to do with his decision to give up this case altogether.

Tyga Drops $10 Million Legal Dispute Against Birdman
Johnny Nunez/Wire/Getty s

Netflix Debuts Spike Lee’s Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer For "See You Yesterday"

Anything with Spike Lee’s name attached to it is bound to build anticipation so Netflix’s latest trailer for See You Yesterday produced by Spike and directed by Stefon Bristol has us ready. The movie follows a young girl named C.J. and her best friend Sebastian who are working on a time machine. When C.J.’s brother gets shot by a police run-in their project gets serious as they try to turn back time on the awful events that conspired. 

See You Yesterday is] a sci-fi adventure grounded in familial love, cultural divides and the universal urge to change the wrongs the past,” the ficial description reads. 

“Escapism is great, but too much escapism only leaves our people stagnant. There’s no more growth. What I hope to do is figure out how to take a strong message and somehow make it digestible for everybody, not just for a black audience but everybody,” Stefon told Entertainment Weekly. “This is still a conflict that’s happening. Right now, understandably so, the lens police brutality is going down a little bit in the media because we have so many other problems that we have to deal with. I still have something to say about it. It’s still here.” 

Peep the ficial trialer below and catch it on Netflix as  May 17th. 

"Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" Trailer Highlights A New Hero

Star Wars and Respawn Entertainment are working together, which is a great thing. Respawn is the company behind Titanfall and Apex Legends, two highly addicting games. Although both those games are first-person shooters, Respawn is switching gears for their next release. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action-adventure RPG, and after teasing the project on Twitter, an ficial trailer has been released for the game online. 

The first trailer for the Respawn developed, EA backed game looks promising. The trailer follows a mysterious hero who is living in hiding after the events  Revenge the Sith. After the Clone Troopers murder the majority Jedis in the universe, the protagonist the game reverts to living a normal life. He appears to be succeeding at staying undercover until he uses his control over the force to save a co-worker from certain death. That’s when things get complicated, and the trailer dives into an adventure. Emperor Palpatine, who will be appearing in the upcoming Rise Of Skywalker film, also makes a cameo in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The boss villain is making one powerful comeback in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launches on November 15th but gamers can pre-order the title here

The Latest Music Industry Gigs: Sony/ATV, Monotone, Paradigm, More

Here’s a wrap on the latest music industry hirings, firings, and promotions.

If you have a job listing to share, we’re all ears. Send us a note to

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Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment — Anne Del Castillo

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that film production and public media veteran Anne Del Castillo has been appointed to Commissioner of the MOME.  She replaces Julie Menin, who left the post in January.  Del Castillo has filled the post since February.

Warner/Chappell Music — Ryan Press

Warner/Chappell Music has announced the promotion of Ryan Press to president of A&R in the United States. Press first joined Warner/Chappell back in 2009.

UPROXX — Adam Smith

Warner Music Group-owned content company UPROXX has announced that Adam Smith has joined as Chief Revenue Officer. Smith will oversee the company’s revenue growth and expand current partnerships and branding opportunities.

Sony/ATV — New Appointments & Promotions

Elicia Felix-Hughey has joined Sony/ATV in the newly-created role of Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources. Tom Kelly has been promoted to Global Chief Financial Officer as well.

Monotone Inc. — Matt Pollack and Brett Williams

Monotone Inc. has promoted Matt Pollack and Brett Williams to co-general managers of the company. They will oversee Monotone’s management roster and will lead all marketing and promotion.

Westwood One — Theresa Gage

Westwood One has hired industry veteran Theresa Gage as VP, Sponsorship Sales, and Marketing. She will be responsible for managing sponsorship sales, partnerships, and the company’s influencer network.

Paradigm Talent Agency — Marty Diamond

Marty Diamond has been named Head of Global Music of Paradigm Talent Agency. He will lead the agency’s representation worldwide.

English National Opera — Daniel Kramer

Daniel Kramer is quitting his job as artistic director of the English National Opera after less than three years. Kramer will be leaving at the end of July.

Spirit Music Group — Joe Borrino

Joe Borrino has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Spirit Music Group. Borrino will oversee all aspects of SMG’s financial and operational activities across the globe.

iHeartMedia — Jeff Cage

Jeff Cage has been named Region Senior Vice President of Programming for its St. Louis Region, starting immediately. The iHeartMedia St. Louis region has more than 33 stations across Missouri and Iowa.

Travis Scott Ordered To Pay Nearly $400K In Super Bowl Gig Lawsuit

Despite being at the peak his career, Travis Scott was hit with a few lawsuits in the past year. In 2018, the rapper was sued by a company who said that he refused to show up at a concert he was booked for during Super Bowl weekend. He’s argued that the reason he didn’t show up is because factors that were out his control but the jury still thinks he owes the promoter for their loss.

According to TMZ, a jury has awarded entertainment events company PJAM $382,932.79 in their lawsuit against the Astroworld artist. The rapper was scheduled to perform in Minnesota on the night before the Super Bowl but never ended up showing face. In fact, the concert he was booked for was one two concerts he was scheduled to perform at that night. The rapper was set to perform in Minneapolis at 10:30 p.m. before hopping on a jet to Las Vegas for a gig at 1:30 a.m.

Scott said that he couldn’t make it to the scheduled performance due to weather and logistics but the company said that he simply “refused to show up to the event.” Scott was paid $150K in advance and was provided with a private jet but he ended up canceling at the last minute.

“The jury verdict $383k is disappointing but far less than the seven-figure demands made by the promoters. We believe the verdict will be substantially reduced or overturned in subsequent proceedings,” Scott’s lawyer said. 

Travis Scott Ordered To Pay Nearly $400K Over Missed Super Bowl Gig

Travis Scott reportedly lost a giant lawsuit this week. According to TMZ, a jury awarded entertainment events company PJAM $382,932.79 after they sued the Astroworld architect in March 2018 for missing a gig in Minnesota on Super Bowl weekend.

The Houston-bred artist’s attorney, Howard King, wasn’t exactly pleased by the outcome.

“The jury verdict of $383,000 is disappointing, but far less than the seven figure demands made by the promoters,” King said. “We believe the verdict will be substantially reduced or overturned in subsequent proceedings.”

PJAM claimed they originally gave Scott a $150,000 advance and provided him with a private jet. But only a few hours before the show, he backed out.

In the lawsuit, PJAM stated Scott “refused to show up to the event” despite making it to other scheduled appearances on Super Bowl Sunday. His girlfriend Kylie Jenner delivered their daughter a few days before on February 1.

Luckily for Scott, he recently wrapped up the Astroworld: Wish You Were Here Tour, which reeled in over $34 million. It also doesn’t hurt the mother of his daughter is a billionaire. 

Brandy & Monica To Tour Together As Part Of "Femme It Forward" Concert Series

Los Angeles, CA – No, hell has not frozen over. According to an Instagram post from Live Nation Urban, Brandy and Monica will perform three shows together as part of the “Femme It Forward” concert series. The two ’90s R&B stars have a tumultuous past, making this reunion almost unbelievable.

Brandy and Monica are expected to appear in Los Angeles on July 19 alongside Ashanti, Amerie, Keri Hilson and Lil Mo. They will do a follow-up performance on July 20 in Concord. From there, they’re scheduled for a show on October 17 in Dallas with Mya and Keri Hilson.

“Femme It Forward” will host panels and comedy shows from April through October as well. Some of the proceeds will go to organizations who are geared toward the advancement of women.

The bad blood between the former collaborators allegedly started to boil decades ago when they teamed up for the smash hit “The Boy Is Mine.” The song was originally released as a joint single in May 1998 and made it on to Brandy’s sophomore album Never Say Never a month later.

In July 1998, Monica also released the track as the lead single from her sophomore effort, the aptly titled The Boy Is Mine. Monica reportedly had an issue with Brandy performing the song on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno solo, and Brandy was reportedly angry Monica used the song’s title for the name of her album.

Last July, Brandy reminded the Essence Festival crowd the song was hers during her set. While performing the song in question, she changed the lyrics from, “The boy is mine” to “The song is mine.”

Tickets for the upcoming shows are available here. 

Jason Momoa Shaves Iconic Beard, Sending Fans Into Frenzy

The Prince gypsies has decided to shave f his iconic beard to the displeasure many, many fans. The late beard became central to Momoa’s signature look and accompanied the actor in an array memorable roles such as “Khal Drogo” in Games Thrones, “Aquaman” in the self-titled movie and “Batman v Superman: Dawn Justice” amongst others. The 39-year old celebrity made the announcement his Instagram where he admitted to not having shaved since 2012.

In the full-length version the announcement, which was shared his Youtube channel, the movie star and producer dives into the numerous benefits aluminum usage: “It’s 100% recycleable, so you drink the can and in about 60 days, it’ll be back.” Considering the greater cause underneath it all, fans may be able to forgive Momoa for getting rid  his iconic beard. Perhaps it’ll also renew in 60 days like these eco-friendly cans. 

Furthermore, it seems the act is not without cause. Precisely, in an effort to save the environment, the “Justice League” star encouraged his 11 million strong following to cease all use plastic water bottles. He instead fers aluminum as a better alternative, deeming it “infinitely recycleable.” In the shared post, we see Momoa shaving f his beard and then giving viewers a first look at a well-designed aluminum can. The cans stem from Momoa’s new line canned water, created to support a planet-saving initiative.

Germany Vows to Prevent the Copyright Directive's Upload Filters 'as Far as Possible.'

Will Germany succeed in preventing the Copyright Directive’s undefined ‘upload filters?’

You probably already know the story by now.

Last month, in a landmark vote, the European Parliament the controversial Copyright Directive.  348 Members of European Parliament (MEPs) voted in favor.  274 voted against.  36 abstained.

The bill includes two much-maligned measures.  Article 11 (the ‘link’ tax, since renamed Article 15) and Article 13 (‘upload filters,’ renamed Article 17).

Critics had long slammed the bill over the undefined upload filters.  Dubbing Article 13 the ‘meme ban,’ major tech companies, most notably Google, claimed the bill would promptly lead to censorship online.

Following the bill’s final approval this week, one key question remains – How exactly will each country implement the so-called ‘upload filters?’

No one knows really knows how upload filters will work.

For the entertainment sector, especially the music industry, the Copyright Directive represents a major victory.

The new law grants rightsholders an improved negotiation position with online platforms that use their works.  In addition, authors and performers will benefit from new provisions included in the bill.  These include better remuneration and contracts.

Major online platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, must now sign formal licensing agreements with creators to use their works.  Should they fail to do so, these platforms must ensure infringing content is taken down and not re-uploaded.

As stated earlier, thanks to the use of copyright filtering technology, opponents fear the new law will lead to a police state online.  Supporters counter the final approved text never once mentions the phrase.

Issuing a statement following Monday’s final approval, Germany admits ‘upload filters’ won’t exactly work.  Yet, Article 13 – now 17 – of the Copyright Directive requires the filters until someone can come up with a better solution.

There is indeed consensus that creators should be able to partake in the exploitation of their works by upload platforms.

“Article 17 of the Directive establishes an obligation to ensure the permanent ‘stay down’ of protected content which raises the likely use of algorithmic solutions (‘upload filters’), which have raised serious concerns and broad critique among the German public.”

The German government continues it wants to ensure creators’ rights.  After all, they have a right to earn fair revenue from the use of works online.  Yet, it also wants to protect platforms and users’ rights “where permitted by legislation.”

The European Commission (EC) has yet to develop guidelines for the application of Article 17.  Yet, should they fail to do so, Germany will have no choice but to implement ‘upload filters.’

Stating the EC remains obligated to “enter into a dialogue with all concerned parties,” the statement continues,

“The government, therefore, assumes that the dialogue will be borne out of the desire to ensure appropriate remuneration for creators, as far as possible prevent ‘upload filters’, safeguard freedom of speech, and preserve user rights.”

In addition, Germany vows it will ensure Article 17 only targets “market-dominating platforms.”  The government will exclude websites like Wikipedia, GitHub, WhatsApp, blogs, and cloud storage platforms, among other sites.

In a joint statement, the five countries which staunchly opposed the Copyright Directive – the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Italy, and Finland – slammed the final vote.

The final text of the Directive fails to deliver adequately on the above-mentioned aims.

Calling the legislation a “step back” for the Digital Single Market, the statement concluded,

We regret that the Directive does not strike the right balance between the protection of rights holders and the interests of EU citizens and companies.

It therefore risks to hinder innovation rather than promote it and to have a negative impact [on] the competitiveness of the European Digital Single Market.

EU Member States have up to two years to implement the Copyright Directive in their respective countries.



Rihanna’s Father Denies Exploiting Rihanna’s Image In Ongoing Legal Family Battle

Nobody wins when the family feuds, but Rihanna wants to make sure that her name doesn’t get dragged into any scam-like activities just because they may be associated with her father. As we previously reported, in January the pop singer fired f a lawsuit against her father, Ronald Fenty, accusing him invasion privacy, false advertising, and falsely using her name to promote his business, Fenty Entertainment. The court documents claimed that the entertainment company brandished its affiliation with the singer on its website and social media pages, even though she wasn’t represented by them, nor did she have any association with the company.

Rihanna's Father Denies Exploiting Rihanna's  In Ongoing Legal Family Battle
Jason Merritt/Getty s

Earlier this month, a social media star by the name Harvey “Chef Henny” Justice sued Ronald and Fenty Entertainment for falsely stating they represented Rihanna and for not fulfilling their end  the contract. Ronald has recently responded to Rihanna’s suit, and in documents obtained by The Blast, he states that he never exploited his daughter’s image.

He goes on to say that her brand hasn’t suffered any damages from his attempt to own a business and believes that he has the right to use the name Fenty for his entertainment company. “Defendants deny that their use “Fenty” requires authorization from Plaintiffs,” the document reads. Ronald is asking that the lawsuit be dismissed because he doesn’t owe her any money and hasn’t caused her or her reputation any harm.