Donald Trump Mulls Mandatory Quarantine Of New York, Surrounding Area

Donald Trump is considering a quarantine New York, New Jersey, and parts Connecticut in order to limit further spread the Coronavirus.

Donald Trump Mulls Mandatory Quarantine Of New York, Surrounding AreaSarah Silbiger / Getty s

Trump explained the idea to reporters outside the White House, Saturday: “We’d like to see New York quarantined because it’s a hotspot — New York, New Jersey, maybe one or two other places, certain parts Connecticut.

“We might not have to do it but there’s a possibility that sometime today we’ll do a quarantine — short-term, two weeks for New York, probably New Jersey and parts Connecticut,” he added.

Saturday afternoon he tweeted, “I am giving consideration to a QUARANTINE developing “hot spots”, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. A decision will be made, one way or another, shortly.”

Many states are coming down hard on New Yorkers looking for an escape. Nearby, the National Guard, in Rhode Island, is pulling over any New York plates and enforcing a two-week quarantine travelers who plan to stay in the state. The National Guard is also going door-to-door to enforce the quarantine.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo hopes New Yorkers will not have to avoid any quarantine, telling reporters, “I don’t know how that could be legally enforceable. … Not even understanding what it is, I don’t like the sound it.” 


Twitch 'Stream Aid 2020' Live to Support World Health Organization

Twitch’s live event, ‘Stream Aid 2020’, is helping raise money for the World Health Organization.

The 12-hour stream features celebrity guests, music, and games like Fortnite. The event went live on the main Twitch website at noon EST. Twitch hopes to raise as much money as possible to help the WHO fight COVID-19.

Diplo, Die Antwoord, and Charlie Puth are just a few of the music stars stopping by.

Gaming streamers on the platform are also headlining a tournament. Those streamers are participating in doing their part to help raise funds to fight coronavirus.

“Literally, every single person who’s in my live stream has someone who’s affected,” one streamer said. “A lot of people are a little nervous. They don’t know how long they’re going to be out from work, out from school, and they realize how serious it is.”

Twitch is rapidly growing as more and more people are forced to stay home. While the site is geared primarily toward gamers, it has seen an during this crisis.

The site even partnered with SoundCloud to help to affiliate status. Twitch affiliate status allows users to monetize their channels and collect donations from the audience. Twitch itself is no stranger to live streams to benefit causes.

Last year, a game streamer raised more than $2 million in 24 hours for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Other charity organizations like Awesome Games Done Quick also use the platform to reach its audience to benefit their chosen charities.

Some users have concerns about Twitch’s ability to keep the show rolling, though.

Last year during the Fortnite event, Twitch went offline with 3.4 million concurrent viewers. Since the coronavirus outbreak, Twitch has seen numbers rise drastically. So far, the stream seems to be staying up – Amazon probably learned a lesson last year in catering to more massive crowds.

#MaskOn: Future’s FreeWishes Foundation Donating Custom Face Masks To Atlanta Hospitals

Atlanta, GA – Future’s FreeWishes Foundation has teamed up with Atlanta Sewing Style to create custom masks for healthcare professionals and patients currently hospitalized due to the coronavirus pandemic — the appropriately dubbed #MaskOn Campaign.

According to a press release, the Atlanta Sewing Style collective is comprised of over 500 sewists and designers who will “create, cut, sew and deliver the much-needed masks to local hospitals.”

“There is so much that needs to be done during this crisis and if everyone can step up in some way, we can all get through this together as we serve our community,” Future’s mother Stephanie Jester said. “I think that our healthcare professionals are the heroes in this situation and they are risking their lives for everyone, so it is our responsibility to help protect them.”

#MaskOn: Future's FreeWishes Foundation Donating Custom Face Masks To Atlanta Hospitals

Tia-Wilburn Anderson, Future’s sister and FreeWishes Foundation co-founder, added, “It is important to my brother, Future and I that we are of service to our community, especially during this pandemic and throughout the year.  This is why our family created the foundation.”

#MaskOn: Future's FreeWishes Foundation Donating Custom Face Masks To Atlanta Hospitals

Coachella Confirms Postponement Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

To get involved with the #MaskOn Campaign, contact the FreeWishes Foundation at

Future Donates Masks To Hospitals Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Future and his family’s FreeWishes Foundation have teamed up with a local Atlanta sewing collective to create masks for hospital workers and coronavirus patients amid shortages caused by the pandemic. As the world adjusts to the effects the coronavirus outbreak, many hospitals are experiencing unparalleled shortages medical equipment and supplies, including surgical masks that prevent infected patients from potentially spreading the virus to others. In order to give back and ensure that Atlanta hospitals have the necessary supplies they need, Future has partnered with Atlanta Sewing Style through his FreeWishes Foundation for the #MaskOn campaign.

Future Donates Masks To Hospitals Amid Coronavirus PandemicNeilson Barnard/Getty s for BET

“Future’s FreeWishes Foundation recognizes how alarming and critical the need is for medical equipment, so Future and his foundation has stepped in to donate and help, by ensuring that masks are provided to healthcare pressionals and patients currently hospitalized,” a statement from the foundation reads. “The foundation has collaborated with Atlanta Sewing Style, a community over 500 local sewists and designers who will create, cut, sew and deliver the much-needed masks to local hospitals.”

Future Donates Masks To Hospitals Amid Coronavirus PandemicParas Griffin/Getty s for 20th Century Fox

“There is so much that needs to be done during this crisis and if everyone can step up in some way, we can all get through this together as we serve our community,” Future’s mother, Stephanie Jester, said in a press release. “I think that our healthcare pressionals are the heroes in this situation and they are risking their lives for everyone, so it is our responsibility to help protect them.” Future’s sister and co-founder their family’s foundation, Tia-Wilburn Anderson, also addressed the pandemic. “It is important to my brother, Future and I that we are service to our community, especially during this pandemic and throughout the year,” she stressed. “This is why our family created the foundation.” Big ups to Future and his family for their generosity during these stressful times.

Wendy Williams Shook About "Saggy Boobs" After Elective Surgeries Suspended

It was recently declared that America has the highest number Coronavirus cases in the world, recently topping 101K, according to CNN. The majority people are staying inside their homes while others are working the frontlines this pandemic. That being said, health workers have been working tirelessly as the number cases COVID-19 rises which means that unless your health conditions are dire, hospital services should predominantly be used for emergencies.

Wendy Williams Shook About "Saggy Boobs" After Elective Surgeries Suspended
Dia Dipasupil/Getty s 

Unfortunately for Wendy Williams, that means that her forthcoming surgery on her breasts has been put on hold. Appearing on The Dr. Oz Show, Wendy Williams detailed how Coronavirus has been affecting her on a personal level, as well as the rest Hollywood. She did reiterate that she’s entirely supportive the health system putting an emphasis about the emergency matters with Coronavirus, she explained that she might have to deal with some “saggy boobs” for the next little while.

“It’s just that, as a surgery girl, when you save your money and you’ve been planning for years, and then you have your appointment and all a sudden the corona pops up, and I got to deal with these saggy boobs,” she said. 

I presume that dealing with saggy boobs for a few more months might be easier than dealing with saggy breasts but what do I know?

French Montana Sued for Sexual Battery

French Montana is being accused of ual battery.

A woman alleges that she was drugged and raped at the rapper’s home. According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the victim, who refers to herself as Jane Doe, is also suing Montana’s employee, Mansour Bennouna, and Coke Boy Records for assault and battery, ual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent hiring, supervision and retention and negligence.

In the suit, Doe alleges that the men “had a longstanding practice of inviting women to their recording sessions, or choosing women at bars, and inviting them back to the Hidden Hills house.” She claims they would supply the women with “excessive amounts” of alcohol and drugs, “with the purpose of engaging in ual acts with them, without any regard to whether or not they consented, or were able to consent.”

The woman says that on March 28, 2018, Bennouna “ually assaulted, ually harassed, and raped” her, the same day Montana “ually assaulted, ually harassed” her. Earlier in the day, Montana allegedly invited her to the studio before inviting her back to his home with Bennouna. While at his house, Doe was invited to take a shot of alcohol. She remembers blacking out and “several men coming in and out of the bedroom.” She believes French was among those who ually assaulted her.

Doe says she went to the hospital and had a rape kit administered, which showed the presence of semen. She also reported the alleged rape to the police.

She is now seeking damages for “extreme emotional distress, anxiety, flashbacks and depression.” She says that the alleged assault has put a hold on her career as a model and actress.

Lil Wayne’s Bus Driver Thinks Birdman & Young Thug Cut Deal With D.A.

Though things between Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Young Thug appear to be alright at this point, the same couldn’t be said five years ago. Thug and Birdman were tied to the 2015 Lil Wayne tour bus shooting in Atlanta but Wayne’s tour bus driver is now coming forth wondering why neither them have not been charged.

According to TMZ, Alvin Lewis filed documents to court where he questioned why prosecutors in Cobb County, GA haven’t pursued filing charges against Birdman or Young Thug, even though they were described as co-conspirators in the indictment the alleged shooter, Jimmy Winfrey. Lewis brought up the overwhelming amount evidence that connected both hip-hop stars to the incident, citing phone records, confessions, and payment promises.

Lewis claims he ultimately suffered several physical and mental injuries from the shooting. Prosecutors have kept him looped in on the developments surrounding Winfrey’s case, he said, but he’s been denied anytime he’s inquired about Birdman or Thug. He believes that the two may have cut a deal with the D.A.’s fice and he’s requesting they hand over information and documents pertaining to their dealings with the District Attorney’s fice.

As now, Winfrey is currently being retried in his case after the Supreme Court in Georgia overturned his conviction. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments surrounding the case. 

Prince’s Family Claims His Estate Has Not Paid Them A Cent

Members Prince’s family have accused the late artist’s estate failing to pay them a cent, and have filed a petition for compensation. When Prince tragically passed away in 2016, he left all his assets to his six siblings, Tyka Nelson, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John R. Nelson, Omarr Baker, and Alfred Jackson. However, his half-sisters, Sharon and Norrine, and his half-brother, John, are claiming that they have yet to see a penny  their late brother’s fortune. They have accused his estate, which is run by Comerica Bank,  mismanaging Prince’s money and failing to inform them about new deals. As a result, Sharon, Norrine, and John have filed a petition for compensation, asking the court to approve “payment for services and efforts provided to the Estate.”

Prince's Family Claims His Estate Has Not Paid Them A CentAdam Bettcher/Getty s for Comerica

According to court documents, the three siblings feel that they have contributed “considerable time and investment in business matters related to the Estate.” However, “unlike others, who have performed services for the Prince Estate,” Sharon, Norrine, and John have “not received any financial sums for numerous and repeated services they have contributed to the Estate.” The three siblings, who have had issues with the estate on numerous occasions in the past, have requested to be paid several times, but have been denied. “As this Court is aware, the Estate has now been on-going for over three years,” the court papers read. “In this time, millions have been paid to the Personal Representatives, their accountants, attorneys, and legal advisors.”

Prince's Family Claims His Estate Has Not Paid Them A CentJonathan Daniel/Getty s

The heirs have allegedly had to rely “solely on their pension, social security, personal savings and loans from friends to cover the costs needed to support the Prince Estate despite the millions paid to advisors, attorneys and others approved by the Court.” This has resulted in significant financial instability, according to the three siblings. They are pleading with the court to order Comerica to work out a settlement, but a judge still has yet to rule. 

Spike Lee’s Insane Air Jordan 3 Oscars Sample Surfaces: Photos

Spike Lee has been known to be one the biggest sneakerheads in the film industry as he is always showing f some his kicks. In fact, Spike even has his very own line which sees numerous Jordan models get combined into one. One his favorite silhouettes is the Air Jordan 3 and for the Oscars in 2019, the shoe’s designer, Tinker Hatfield, came through with a custom pair for Spike that was an immediate hit with sneakerheads around the globe.

Since last year, we haven’t seen much the shoe but thanks to @zsneakerheadz, we now have some detailed images the pair. As you can see from the post below, the shoe has a golden upper with elephant print hits on the back heel and toe box. The cuff the shoe is red which adds some contrast. Meanwhile, the inside the left tongue says “Tinker Hatfield” while the inside the right tongue says “Spike Lee.”

You’re probably never going to see this shoe on a store shelf so don’t get any bright ideas. The pair you see in this post is an incredibly rare sample that will never see the light day.

Regardless, let us know what you think this shoe in the comments, below. Would you ever wear these?

R. Kelly’s GF Joycelyn Savage Moves Out Of His Home: Report

R. Kelly‘s lawyers are working hard on getting him home from prison as they argue that he is at risk contracting COVID-19 since social distancing is so difficult at Chicago MCC. If he is granted his release on bond, he will move back into his Trump Tower condo, but he will apparently not be living with his last remaining girlfriend.

After Azriel Clary packed her bags and left the disgraced singer in December 2019, Joycelyn Savage became R. Kelly’s final remaining girlfriend. The 23-year-old woman continues to support the “I Believe I Can Fly” vocalist but she has actually been meaning to move out his condo for months. Steve Greenberg, Kelly’s attorney, previously noted that she and Clary would be leaving by September 2019 but Savage is only leaving now, as reported by The Blast.

R. Kelly's GF Joycelyn Savage Moves Out Of His Home: Report
Scott Olson/Getty s

According to the source, Joycelyn Savage is now living in a complex nearby, with much less expensive rent. The condo that R. Kelly owns at Trump Tower reportedly costs approximately $7,000 a month. Her new crib is a downgrade, costing anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 monthly. Still, that should be a pretty spacious spot at that price.

There is no word on whether R. Kelly plans to move in with Savage when/if he is released from prison.

R. Kelly Requests Prison Release from Judge Cites Coronavirus Risk

R. Kelly submitted a request to a federal judge for a prison release on bond due to coronavirus.

R. Kelly is awaiting trial for several ual abuse allegations. The singer says the unsanitary conditions at the Chicago federal jail leave him at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Kelly filed the motion on Thursday as a third attempt to get his prison release. He is being held without bond since he was arrested on f. He is in holding at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, a high-rise federal jail in Chicago.

R. Kelly says the social distancing practices recommended by the CDC are “impossible” to practice – he’s seeking prison release.

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons has not confirmed any cases of COVID-19 at the prison. Kelly’s attorney’s nevertheless filed an 18-page motion to get the embattled singer an early prison release on bond.

His attorneys say many inmates have “flu-like symptoms” in the jail and guards are quarantining them as necessary. The motion also says guards are not wearing proper protective gear to prevent infection of inmates.

“No matter what steps they take, the sanitation will be substandard,” the motion reads. “The risk of an internal pandemic at the MCC is great, and if one does get sick – jail healthcare is notoriously substandard,” said Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg.

“Imagine how poor it will be given the overall lack of resources, even at the best hospitals. Requiring people to reside in a custodial jail setting is tantamount to making them drink poison,” the lawyer argued.

Some countries are freeing their prisoners amid the risk of coronavirus spread.

Iran released 80,000 prisoners as it grapples with the outbreak. In Poland, some prisoners are being sent home to serve the rest of their sentence. Prisons in England and Wales are also canceling visits for the next few weeks in an attempt to control the spread of the outbreak.

Tyga Made A Banger About Quarantine Bordeom

It’s already started to happen. The sunshine burns the eyes a little bit more. The Netflix menu is starting to become an old friend. Underwear is feeling more optional than necessary. Menial tasks have become the centerpiece a given day. This is quarantine life, a life we are all experiencing as one. Even artists like Tyga, once known as hip-hop’s reigning ass-connoisseur, an extroverted young bachelor hellbent on sowing his wild oats by any means necessary. Coronavirus prevention measures do not discriminate.

Tyga Made A Banger About Quarantine Bordeom

 Pascal Le Segretain/Getty s

As such, T-Raww is as bored as the rest us. True, his mansion may be a playground unto itself, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t already exhausted any and all options. It’s no wonder the antics have begun to sink in. Late last night, Tyga hit his home studio to reflect on his current state affairs, whipping up a banger tentatively titled “Bored In The House.” To emphasize said boredom, he made sure to accompany the snippet with a playful video revealing his quarantine blues in action.

What’s strange about the whole thing is — the song actually kinda goes. Maybe it’s just the quarantine talking, but I think Tyga is onto something with this one. Perhaps he oughta release the full version while we’re still on collective lockdown. Who knows what type antics-fuelled mayhem can go number one in this delicate climate?

Coronavirus "Patient Zero" Explains How She Contracted COVID-19

Imagine being the first-ever person to have contracted the novel coronavirus, which has spread across the planet, infecting over half a million people and killing more than 25,000. How do you think they’re feeling about all this? 

“Patient Zero” has reportedly been identified as Wei Guixian, a 57-year-old shrimp vendor in the Huanan Market in Wuhan, China. She was among the first twenty-seven people to have ever tested positive for the virus, and is believed to be “patient zero.” For the first time, she is speaking out about her own experience with coronavirus the Wall Street Journal.

“I felt a bit tired, but not as tired as previous years. Every winter, I always suffer from the flu. So I thought it was the flu,” said Wei. 

Coronavirus "Patient Zero" Explains How She Contracted COVID-19
Getty s

She went to a local clinic where she received treatment for the flu before returning to work, effectively beginning the outbreak that has shut down the entire world. Her symptoms worsened before she decided to go to the hospital, where doctors could not figure out what was wrong. On December 16, she visited another hospital where it was determined that she was among many to have contracted the “ruthless” illness. Before finally being placed in quarantine, doctors determined that twenty-four the twenty-seven cases they had seen came from the seafood market, also realizing that Wei was likely “patient zero.”

She believes that she came into contact with the virus a shared toilet with wild meat sellers. Wei has since made a full recovery from COVID-19.

In other coronavirus news, the United States ficially has more confirmed cases than Italy and China.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Names Hardest Player To Guard In NBA

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been keeping busy during the NBA shutdown by going on IG live whenever he has the chance. Typically, he entertains questions from fans and tries to give them insight into his life and career. Recently, the Greek Freak was asked about the NBA and who he feels is the hardest player to guard. Giannis fered up a surprising answer as he mentioned his arch-nemesis, James Harden.

For those who don’t know, Giannis and Harden have been embroiled in a beef over the last few months. Giannis started it all with some light jabs although Harden has come through with his own clap backs. He even said Giannis’ game required very little skill. Despite all this, it seems like Giannis is admitting some admiration towards Harden.

It’s important to mention that Giannis looked like it truly hurt his soul to admit that Harden was such a good player. He even lets out a bit a grunt at the end which basically lets us know he never wanted to have to admit that Harden is so good. Regardless, the Harden and Giannis rivalry will continue to go on and hopefully it provides us with some gems moving forward.

Unfortunately, it remains to be seen how much longer this lockdown will go on for.

PS5 Release Won’t Be Impacted By Coronavirus

With the coronavirus sending the world into a state self-isolation, video games have become an integral means entertainment — thanks to the easily accessible digital store, one can purchase a wide array titles from the comfort an easy chair. Yet while the pandemic has likely led to an increase in gaming hours, it has also caused major stoppages in the workforce, a disruption that has had an untold effect on the gaming market. As such, many have become concerned that the upcoming Playstation 5 would be delayed from its projected release window “Holidays 2020.”

PS5 Release Won't Be Impacted By Coronavirus

 Alex Pantling/Getty s

Luckily, it would appear that a delay is not in the cards — at least, not yet. A report from Bloomberg confirms that Sony reached out to dispel such fears, affirming that the coronavirus has not had any major effects on the Playstation 5 nor its projected launch window. The news comes following the confirmation that the majority Sony employees have been working remotely following the government-mandated closures several fices in the United States and Europe.

While that is fortunate news for gamers everywhere, it doesn’t exactly clarify whether game developers will be affected by the pandemic. In an ficial statement, Sony confirms that they have been “carefully monitoring the risk delays in production schedules for game stware titles at both its first-party studios and partner studios, primarily in Europe and the U.S.” As now, look for the Playstation 5 to arrive as expected this Holiday season until confirmed otherwise.