LeBron James Sends Love To Luka Doncic After Historic Night

Luka Doncic has been dominating the league ever since last season when he joined the Dallas Mavericks as a rookie. Doncic went on to win rookie the year and coming into this season, there were big expectations being thrust upon him. So far, he has been able to live up to the hype he set up for himself and fans have been loving it. Last night, Luka went f for another huge night as he dropped a cool 40 points.

What made this particular achievement so big was that he came the second player to score a 40-point triple-double before hitting the age 21. The only other player to achieve this is none other than LeBron James. LeBron caught wind what Doncic was able to accomplish and took to his Instagram story where he posted a pic the young Mavs star and said “He’s one BAD MOFO!!!!!”

The last time the Mavericks played against the Lakers, both players made a huge impact for their team and LeBron gave Doncic some huge props afterward. With Doncic matching one LeBron’s most impressive achievements, it’s not surprising to see the 17-year veteran show some love where it’s due.

As Doncic continues to develop as a player, the league will have to be on notice because the Mavericks could become a real contender.

LaMelo Ball Claims He Could Have Been An NFL Quarterback

LaMelo Ball has been making plenty waves in the NBL this season and in 2020, he will be drafted into the NBA. As right now, he is projected to be a top-five pick and has the potential to go quite high. In a recent report from Mirin Fader Bleacher Report, Ball’s rise to basketball stardom was documented and he opened up about his goals and aspirations.

At one point in the interview, Ball made some pretty bold claims including how he feels about himself in relation to Lonzo and how at one point, he was hoping to be a football player.

LaMelo Ball Claims He Could Have Been An NFL Quarterback

 Ian Hitchcock/Getty s

Per Fader:

“The first time they met, Brooks told LaMelo, “Your brother’s really good,” referring to Lonzo. LaMelo stared at him and said, deadpan, “I’m better than him.” He also believes he can play in the NFL right now: “Swear to God, I can be an NFL quarterback!” Any such dreams were squashed, though, when LaVar said the fashion-conscious, sneakerhead teenager would have to closet his sneakers and wear cleats all day every day ninth grade if he wanted to play football.”

Lonzo has had his ups and downs so far in his career so it’s not surprising to see LaMelo make such a claim. Regardless, only time will tell which Ball brother is the better player.

New Spotify Premium Offer Practically a Giveaway ⁠— 3 Months for $9.99

Spotify is hoping to re-capture the attention of former subscribers with a new offer on Spotify Premium.

rs who have used Spotify Premium but canceled the service are eligible for the promotion. Former subscribers can pay the regular monthly price of $9.99/month ⁠— and receive three months of service.

That giveaway is nearly as good as the three-month new subscriber trial for consumers. But you can bet ARPU will take a huge hit there. Spotify’s stock has also taken a battering after Amazon for Amazon Music.

Spotify’s Q3 2019 metrics revealed how well its three-month promotion is working to attract new users. Monthly active users are up to 248 million ⁠— nearly 30% growth from the same period last year. That growth is up 7% compared to the previous quarter. Spotify continues to maintain around a 45% radio of premium to ad-supported subscribers.

Spotify claimed 113 million paying users in Q3 2019 ⁠— up 31% from 87 million in Q3 2018.

Revenues topped $1.9 billion and are up 28% year-on-year and 4% quarter-on-quarter. Spotify also shared that it expects to report a loss for Q4 2019.

With a new Spotify Premium holiday deal like this, that’s not really surprising. Spotify’s quarterly loss estimate for Q4 2019 is between $34 million and $145 operating loss. Spotify also said it believes it is growing roughly twice as fast as Apple in that report.

“Relative to Apple, the publicly available data shows that we are adding roughly twice as many subscribers per month as they are. Additionally, we believe that our monthly engagement is roughly 2 times as high and our churn is at half the rate.”

This new Spotify Premium offer starts November 18 and runs through December 31st. rs who ended their subscription after October 19, 2019, are not eligible. People who have never subscribed to the service can get a for individuals and family plan accounts.

Taylor Swift Fans Raise $1,000 To Shame Scott Borchetta, Scooter Braun

A pair of fans of Taylor Swift raised more than $1,000 in a GoFundMe a campaign to publicly support Swift in her ongoing battle with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta.

Haley Spalding and Kyle Graden used the funds to pay for two digital billboards in Nashville designed by another Swift fan: Isabel Rocha. Each billboard contains the hashtag #IStandWithTaylor, and one of them specifically goes after Borchetta by saying, “Scott, please let Taylor perform her own songs.”

The billboards, which will rotate with others above two banks, will run for a week not far from the offices of Borchetta and Braun’s Big Machine.

Spalding and Graden told Billboard that they were inspired to create the campaign after Swift asked her fans to denounce the efforts of both Braun and Borchetta to prevent Swift from performing some of her songs at the upcoming American Music Awards (AMAs) as well as during a Netflix special featuring the superstar.

Swift has since then been to perform her songs at least at the AMAs.

Spalding says, “Taylor has been singing professionally since she was 14 years old, and she deserves the freedom to use that art. Taylor’s platform is so big that helping her helps every other artist, and we both are really passionate about that. So we wanted to do something besides tweet and post on Instagram and Facebook. We wanted to have something tangible that could start a conversation and that could show her that we’re supporting her at this time.”

Spalding further says that raising the money was not difficult. “I threw up a GoFundMe on Twitter, and I was like, ‘Hey, [if] any Taylor Swift fans want to donate to this, we’re trying to get enough money to get a billboard for Taylor.’ And within hours we had $1,000 to get the billboard, and over 70 Taylor Swift fans had donated to it.”

LaMelo Ball’s Manager Likens Him To A Prostitute Ahead Of NBA Draft

LaMelo Ball is the youngest the infamous Ball brothers and in some people’s minds, he is the best one the bunch. While many may find this to be a bit a stretch, it has the potential to be the truth. Heading into next season, many believe that LaMelo could end up being a top-five pick in the draft and in some circles, he may even go number one. As right now, he’s playing overseas in the NBL and has had multiple opportunities to show f just how good he is. 

In a new article from Bleacher Report, LaMelo’s manager, Jermaine Jackson, spoke about how the league and some brands have been exploiting him before he ficially gets his bag in the NBA. In fact, Jackson used some strong words that he didn’t particularly enjoy using.

LaMelo Ball's Manager Likens Him To A Prostitute Ahead Of NBA Draft

Mark Metcalfe/Getty s

“People done made money f this kid for years,” Jackson said. “I don’t really want to use the word, but it’s damn near like he’s a prostitute.”

Ball is well aware his draft stock but finds a lot the attention he has gotten has led to some misconceptions. “People don’t know me, know me as a person. They don’t know what I’ve been through,” Ball said. “People don’t look at you as a human. People look at you as a dollar sign.” 

As Ball makes his way into the league, it will be interesting to see if he can live up to the hype.

Jay-Z Settles His Multi-Year Legal War with Iconix Brand Group

Jay-Z and the Iconix Brand Group have settled their legal dispute that has been ongoing for two and a half years.

The settlement, which was concluded in a U.S. District Court in New York, calls for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation to buy back a portion of the rights to its Rocawear clothing brand for $15 million.

The first of many lawsuits in this dispute came in May of 2017 when Iconix claimed Roc Nation was undermining the licensing rights it bought from them for $204 million in 2007. Also named in the suit were Jay-Z himself, Roc Nation Apparel Group (RNAG), Major League Baseball and others. It was in response to RNAG partnering with a clothing company called New Era to produce baseball caps with the Roc Nation logo.

That same year, Roc Nation countersued Iconix, claiming that the 2007 deal with it was only for the Rocawear brand, which Jay-Z started in 1999 with Damon “Dame” Dash, who co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records with him. They further claimed that, while Iconix eventually negotiated a separate deal for Roc Nation licensing, this deal had expired prior to RNAG concluding its deal with New Era.

In March of the following year, Roc Nation filed another suit against Iconix, claiming that the brand was trying to undermine its own licensing rights by rewriting their original agreement. RNAG also asked the court to not only dismiss Iconix’ original suit but also award it damages for lost profits, lost goodwill and harm done to its reputation.

But the suing did not end there.

In June of this year, Roc Nation yet another lawsuit against Iconix. This time Roc Nation accused Iconix of falsifying its financial reports prior to negotiating the original deal back in 2007. A few years before this lawsuit, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) had separately launched an investigation into Iconix accounting practices.

So far, neither Roc Nation nor Iconix have commented on the settlement.

Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against Michael Jackson Estate Likely To Proceed

The 2nd District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles indicated that it would ultimately restore the lawsuits filed by two men who accused Michael Jackson of ual abuse in Leaving Neverland.

In a tentative ruling, the court said that the lawsuits filed by James Safechuck and Wade Robson against two corporations Jackson owned should return to the trial court that dismissed them in 2017. This is because of a new California law that the ability for victims of child ual abuse to file such suits.

The dismissal came well before the two men achieved notoriety for their appearance in the Emmy-winning documentary that was produced by HBO. Both were in the courtroom during the court hearing.

Unsurprisingly, Vince Finaldi, who is a lawyer representing both men, was pleased with the proceedings. He said “All they’ve ever wanted is their day in court.”

The two men originally filed the suits in 2013. But because the law at the time specified that child abuse victims could only file lawsuits up until they were 26 led to the dismissal of the suits. Robson is currently 37 and Safechuck is 41.

The new law allows victims to file lawsuits up until the age of 40, and it also grants victims of all ages the ability to file new suits within a three-year period beginning January 1, 2020.

The court’s tentative decision does not revive the entire lawsuit against Michael Jackson.

In 2015, a court dismissed the part of the lawsuit that named the Michael Jackson Estate as a defendant, and that decision will stand. The only remaining defendants from the original suits are MJJ Productions, Inc. and MJJ Ventures, Inc.

Attorneys for Jackson still believe that they will prevail. Howard L. Weitzman, who is one of these attorneys, said, “The appellate court’s tentative ruling is not on the merits of Robson and Safechuck’s allegations and the court in no way said that these cases will go to trial. We are confident that the claims against Michael Jackson’s corporate entities will, once again, be dismissed as has happened before.”

Jalen Rose Makes Insane Prediction About James Harden: Watch

Jalen Rose has been coming through with some pretty huge hot takes on TV recently and the most recent example this was today when he went on Get Up! and fered a big prediction regarding James Harden. Harden is considered to be one the best scorers in the NBA right now and some are making arguments that he could be the best scorer ever. Harden has been keeping up some incredible pace this season as he consistently makes a ton threes and free point shots.

What’s particularly interesting about Harden is that his efficiency isn’t particularly high. He takes a ton shots but doesn’t make as many as he should be. With this in mind, Rose predicted that one game, Harden will go on a hot streak and end up scoring 90 points.

Rose’s prediction was met with some resistance at first but he seems pretty confident that this can happen. It’s important to note that Rose once had 81 points dropped on his head courtesy Kobe Bryant, so if anyone is sensitive to the possibilities this happening, it would most certainly be Rose.

Harden has been a prolific scorer but 90 points is definitely a bit a stretch. Let us know in the comments if you agree with Rose or if he’s way f on this one.

Notorious B.I.G. Had Immeasurable Swagger In The Booth: Watch

The Notorious B.I.G’s death will forever remain one hip-hop’s most tragic occurrences. Murdered at the age twenty-four, Biggie Smalls was already well on the way to becoming unparalleled in his artistry. Exuding gravitas well beyond his years, B.I.G’s flow remains the benchmark to which technically gifted emcees are held, his legacy cemented as the long-reigning and inspiring King Of New York. And yet, for many, Biggie is something a mystery, a larger than life figure closer to legend than reality. 

Notorious B.I.G. Had Immeasurable Swagger In The Booth: Watch

Al Pereira/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty s

Today, Funkmaster Flex took to Instagram to share a humanizing glimpse at an otherwise mythic figure. The footage finds Biggie in the booth, laying down some vocals for his iconic single “Hypnotize.” While we don’t catch him spitting his verses, the clip depicts him laying a reference for the track’s infectious hook with unparalleled swagger. Much like a brain is said to use merely a fraction its power, so too was Notorious B.I.G. in this video. Seeing him laying down some the bars would have been a sight to see, and we can only hope more archival footage surfaces. 

Shout out to Funk Flex for sharing, and be sure to check it out below. Long live Biggie Smalls. 

Milwaukee Bucks’ "Cream City" Jerseys Leaked: NBA Twitter Reacts

The Milwaukee Bucks will reportedly unveil their brand new “City Edition” alternate uniforms in the coming weeks, but the leaked images have already surfaced giving fans a look at what to expect. And it appears as though the Bucks are going balls deep on Milwaukee’s “Cream City” nickname.

The rumored uniforms come in a cream colorway, as a nod to the color the bricks that most the buildings in the city are made , which is certainly a good start. Things get a little dicey from here though, as the uniforms feature “CREAM CITY” across the chest in a script font.

Again, Milwaukee is nicknamed Cream City so the idea here makes sense but the execution is just baffling. You have to wonder how nobody thought to question the look while these were going through production, but the cat’s out the bag now and #NBATwitter is having a field day with the results.

Check out some the reactions to the Bucks’ “Cream City” uniforms below, and stay tuned for the ficial reveal.

Dolphins’ Mark Walton Accused Of Assaulting Pregnant Woman: Report

Miami Dolphins running back Mark Walton was released by the team on Tuesday after he was arrested on a charge aggravated battery a pregnant woman. According to multiple sources, the police report states Walton punched a woman in the face several times in the early hours Tuesday morning, just days after learning that she was pregnant with his child.

According to ESPN, the alleged incident occurred after an argument between Walton and the woman in Davie, Florida at around 4:15am on Tuesday. Per ESPN:

According to a police document released to ESPN, Walton is accused pushing the woman into a wall and punching her several times in her face and head. Walton is currently being booked into Broward County jail.

The ficer called to the scene observed swelling to the woman’s left eye. The woman is five weeks pregnant, and Walton is the father.

Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier issued the following statement on Tuesday, “We hold our players to a high standard and take these matters very seriously. We will have no further comment at this time.”

Walton, 22, was recently suspended four games for violating the league’s conduct and substance abuse policy stemming from three fseason arrests between January and March. 

Antonio Brown Offers Ernest Apology To Robert Kraft After Patriots Drama

Antonio Brown has been the talk the NFL for much the year and his exploits/alleged exploits have been highly publicized. It’s been tough for the superstar wide receiver as he has been watching the season from the sidelines and thinking about what could have been when it comes to this season. At one point, things were looking up for AB as he was on the New England Patriots who are a favorite to win the championship. After some allegations against him came to light, Brown lost his spot with the Patriots and he has been lurking from afar ever since.

Today, Brown took to Instagram to issue an apology to Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Essentially, Brown wants to let Kraft know that he is sorry for bringing drama to the team and that he just wanted to be a valuable member the team.

“Mr.Kraft I apologize sincerely to you and your organization!” Brown wrote. “All I wanted to be was an asset to the organization; sorry for the bad media and the drama ! Thank you sincerely AB.”

Based on this latest statement, it seems as though Brown is taking his comeback seriously and that he wants everyone to know he is remorseful about what has gone down so far. AB is one the best wide receivers in the league and the NFL is at a disadvantage without him on the field come Sunday.

Ski Mask The Slump God Mourns XXXTentacion In Emotional Reminder

The influx social media in our daily lives has led to some interesting developments. For artists, however, it can certainly take a toll. Especially when the expectation for constant updates reaches critical mass. Ski Mask The Slump God has recently been on the receiving end it, having been presumably bombarded with dissatisfied XXXTentacion fans to the point where a statement sorts was necessary. Today, Ski took to IG to issue a reminder that grief can manifest beyond a computer screen, reiterating that Triple X will always remain with him. 

Ski Mask The Slump God Mourns XXXTentacion In Emotional Reminder

Jason Kempin/Getty s 

“I Miss X Every Dam Day I Don’t Got To Post Him To Prove That So Don’t Ask,” he writes, his IG story. It’s sad to see Ski come out with such a statement, with the implication being that a defensive position. The idea that one can lose a friend through an act violence only to have their mourning process gatekept is a disturbing thought. We can only hope Ski doesn’t let the naysayers get to him, especially regarding this delicate topic.

Rest in peace to XXXTentacion, and show some love to The Slump God. 

Sony Announces Major Playstation 4 Black Friday Deals

That’s not rain, it’s the sound thousands salivating gamers. Black Friday is ficially around the corner, and with it comes the expectation for massive deals. Many have been eagerly looking to Sony’s corner, waiting patiently for the PS4 Black Friday gameplan to reveal itself. Now, that time has arrived, and the full list Sony deals is here for your perusal. As detailed on Playstation’s ficial website, the deals will extend to consoles, controllers, games, and accessories — including VR Bundles.

Sony Announces Major Playstation 4 Black Friday Deals

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty s

One the biggest deals arrives a PS4 package complete with The Last Of Us Remastered, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God Of War, totaling at $199.99 US or $249.99 CAD. Considering the quality games on deck, this is a must for anyone looking to cop their first PS4. For those looking to secure the Pro, you’re looking at a reduced price  $299.99 US or $369.99 CAD. In the gaming department, PlayStation exclusives like MediEvil, Days Gone, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Concrete Genie and more will be available at a reduced rate, and all PlayStation Hits will be accessible at ten dollars across the board. 

Perhaps the biggest steal is the Dual Shock controller, which clocks in at an acceptable price $40 USD / $50 CAD. Perhaps the time is now to add a new color to your arsenal and kick f some couch co-op like the days yore. That is, if you can find a game that supports it. Black Friday kicks f on November 19th, so be sure to check out the full list deals right here. 

Air Jordan 6 "Alligator" Release Date Revealed: Detailed Images

Jordan Brand loves adding luxury materials to their shoes and with this latest edition the Air Jordan 6, they are doing just that. This model for kids is being dubbed “Alligator” for the scaley details that can be found all throughout the upper. 

The shoe has black, gold, and brown details throughout the midsole, tongue, and back heel, while the rest is white. Some adults may enjoy this specific colorway but for now, it’s looking like only the kids will be getting their hands on this one, which isn’t exactly a bad thing. The Air Jordan 6 is a silhouette that rarely gets grade school, exclusive models. One thing to note here is that the premium materials aren’t exactly flashy, despite what you may think. The leather is looking smooth and will certainly look great on-feet once pairs start making their way to store shelves.

According to Sneaker News, the Air Jordan 6 “Alligator” will be dropping on Saturday, November 30th for $140 USD so if your kid is in need a new pair shoes, these will definitely be a great, affordable pick-up.

Air Jordan 6 "Alligator" Release Date Revealed: Detailed s
  Sneaker News
Air Jordan 6 "Alligator" Release Date Revealed: Detailed s
  Sneaker News
Air Jordan 6 "Alligator" Release Date Revealed: Detailed s
  Sneaker News
Air Jordan 6 "Alligator" Release Date Revealed: Detailed s
  Sneaker News
Air Jordan 6 "Alligator" Release Date Revealed: Detailed s
  Sneaker News