Teen YouTuber Arrested For "Armed Robbery" Prank On His Own Mother

The term clout chasing has taken on a life its own in the last few years but it seems like kids across the Internet are doing whatever they want for a couple  views and likes. Such is the case with one teen from Ohio who allegedly staged a robbery on his own mother in order to get his clout levels up. 

Fox43 reports that a 17-year-old boy and his three friends played a “prank” on his mother where they wore ski masks and pulled up on the 40-year-old woman. As the evidently shook woman was approached in her driveway, the four kids demanded that she enter into her home where they put a gun to her head and made her get on the floor. From there, investigators said they demanded her money.

Although the boy, who clearly doesn’t have an ounce common sense, staged a fight with the intruders and from there, his mother escaped. “

“I just did a fake robbery prank on my mom and she ran. I know she called the police. She’s nowhere to be found,” the boy told a 911 dispatcher. “I just don’t want the police to come here aggressive, if you get what I’m saying.”

With shock, the dispatcher asked, “you did a fake robbery prank on your mother?”

“Yeah, but she thought it was for real. Like when I got to wrestling my friends for fake, she ran out the house,” he responded.

At the same time, a neighbor also called police to inform them that a woman was panicking on their porch. The teen then informed police that he couldn’t fine his mother who had fled the scene. “S]he thought it was for real. Like when I got to wrestling my friends for fake, she ran out the house. … I do YouTube. It was on YouTube, so I did a YouTube prank. … It’s still live right now,” he said.

The 17-year-old and another one his friends are looking at juvenile charges while another 19-year-old and 18-year-old are also facing charges for their roles in the incident. 

Michael Avenatti Arrested For Allegedly Violating Pretrial Release Conditions

Michael Avenatti might be championed for his fight against Trump and R. Kelly but he has his own legal issues that he’s dealing with. In the midst being heralded for his legal work, he was arrested on embezzlement charges but was later out jail on pretrial release conditions. According to NBC, he’s now locked up again because he violated those conditions.

Michael Avenatti Arrested For Allegedly Violating Pretrial Release Conditions
Phillip Faraone/Getty s

The IRS reportedly arrested Avenatti, a federal prosecutor confirmed. The details his arrest haven’t been revealed and court documents are currently sealed. Avenatti will appear in court today in Santa Ana.

“It’s my understanding it has something to do with a bail violation, but I don’t have the warrant,” H. Dean Steward, Avenatti’s lawyer, said about the arrest. “Exactly what the details are I don’t know. But I’m almost positive it has something to do with finances,” Steward added. He revealed Avenatti owes millions dollars from civil judgments. Steward revealed that there’s a good chance Avenatti will remain in police custody until he appears in court today. 

Avenatti is charged with wire fired, attempting to obstruct the IRS, identity theft, bank fraud, and making a false testimony under oath in California after he was accused embezzlement by a paraplegic man once represented by the lawyer who said Avenatti took $4M from him. 

We’ll keep you updated on the case. 

Wendy Williams Responds To Howard Stern’s Diss Towards Her Success: "Don’t Hate"

Wendy Williams and Howard Stern previously made up after the radio host called Wendy a “jealous bi*ch” on air. Howard later explained that his reaction was him at his “worst” and it was assumed that the duo would no longer have drama between them, until now. Howard has once again dissed Wendy on air when he expressed that he was frustrated that she had made the National Radio Hall Fame before him. 

Wendy Williams Responds To Howard Stern's Diss Towards Her Success: "Don’t Hate"
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty s

“I mean, the guy’s trying to get something going,” Howard said when discussing how award shows should have radio as a category. “I’m fine with that, but…it’s just something that, for years — no fense to Wendy Williams — but they put Wendy Williams in before me.’’ Wendy, course, got word and addressed his comments head-on during a recent taping her self-titled talk show. “Now you look here Howard, I’m tired fighting with you, man. Why do you always have to fight with me? Because you think I’m the low-lying fruit? Why? Because you’re scared to work with Tom Joyner? Why are you and I always fighting? I wasn’t fighting with you, I’m minding my own business,” she said

Wendy was inducted into the hall fame in 2011, with her whole family present and Howard was inducted in 2012. “He said no fense, Wendy Williams, they put her in before me. Howard, I was fended,” Wendy added. “I admire you Howard Stern. They were wrong for that, but don’t hate on me, because I got in before you.”

Wendy Williams Responds To Howard Stern's Diss Towards Her Success: "Don’t Hate"
Dave Kotinsky/Getty s

UFC’s Anthony Pettis Recalls Wild Story From His Fight With Nate Diaz

UFC superstar Anthony Pettis recently revealed that he cut open his hand just hours before his clash with Nate Diaz at UFC 241, thanks to a last minute drug test. In an interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, Pettis explained how he gashed his finger while securing the glass bottle from his USADA test.

“So they had me do a second drug test, but I had to wait until I could pee again. So it was like an hour and a half before the fight so I had to go again and I told the USADA guy to let’s go get it done.”

“I did the test and I’m closing the first bottle up, it’s like a twist cap. So I’m twisting the cap and I put it inside the plastic bag and I see blood. So I’m just like what the fuck! So I look at my hand and I gashed my hand on the USADA drug test.”

Although some members his camp wanted him to withdraw from the fight, Pettis ultimately got glued up and went the distance with Diaz, losing by unanimous decision. As a result the freak injury, Pettis revealed to Helwani that he is suing USADA.

“I couldn’t talk about it because I gave USADA a chance to make it right. So right now we’re going through court, I got to sue them,” says Pettis.

“The rules are that the person administrating the drug test can’t touch the glass bottle we put it in. So I had to touch the glass bottle, I had to close it. I had given them a piss test before, so this was my second piss test the night.”

The 32-year old fighter will return to the octagon this Saturday at UFC 246, as he goes up against Carlos Diego Ferreira in a Lightweight bout.

Tyson Fury Reveals His Bizarre & Sexual Training Regimen

Tyson Fury has been one the most peculiar characters in the boxing world over these past few years. He is constantly running his mouth and revealing just a bit too much information about himself. In the lead up to his rematch with Deontay Wilder, Fury has been particularly chatty and is constantly looking for ways to build intrigue. This time around, Fury is giving us a deep dive into his training regimen and what he’s been doing to make sure he’s ready for the fight.

According to boxing journalist Manouk Akopyan, Fury revealed that he masturbates seven times a day and will be doing that until his fight on February 22nd. For Fury, masturbation allows him to pump up his testosterone levels which will give him more power come fight night.

“I’m masturbating 7 times a day to keep my testosterone pumping. Pump it, pump it, pump it, pump it up! Dontcha know! I gotta to keep active & the testosterone flowing for the fight. Don’t want the levels to go down,” he said. Fury’s latest admission is certainly a bizarre one and we’re sure he’ll be revealing a lot more as the day the fight approaches.

Let us know in the comments what you think this training strategy and whether or not it will work.

"1917" Takes Down "Star Wars" With $36.5 Million Weekend Box Office

Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker has finally lost its grip on the box fice after almost a month at the number one spot. Sam Mendes World War I drama 1917 took the cake this weekend. According to Varietythe film, which stars Game Thrones alumni Dean-Charles Chapman and Richard Madden and George MacKay, raked in $36.5 million from 3,434 theaters in its first weekend wide release. Still, Star Wars is not hurting for cash.  The final film in the new trilogy fell to second place, earning $15 million for a domestic haul $478 million. Globally, Rise Skywalker has grossed $990 million and is predicted to cross the billion-dollar mark next week. It would give Disney yet another billion-dollar film in the last 3 years. 

Just Mercy, starring Jamie Foxx, Michael B Jordan, and Brie Larson, earned $10 million from 2,375 venues. The legal drama tells the true story Walter McMillian, a man who is wrongfully convicted murder. Foxx plays McMillian and Jordan plays Bryan Stevenson, the young attorney who helps him appeal his murder conviction. Just Mercy is generating lots Oscar buzz and is fighting for third place with Like A Boss. Starring Tiffany Hadish and Rose Byrne, Like A Boss also generated $10 million, keeping it neck and neck with Just Mercy. 

Bill Cowher Elected Into Pro Football’s Hall Of Fame

It appears Bill Cowher is heading into the Hall Fame. The former Pittsburgh Steelers coach was just named into the Pro Football Hall Fame’s centennial class on Saturday, when President David Baker informed Cowher his selection live on air during CBS’ NFL Today program before the Titans & Ravens game.

“Football is a total team sport,” Cowher said while fighting back tears. “I had some great players, some great coaches, the best organization in football. I’ve lived a blessed life. I’ve come to the best network on TV. It’s a family here, like it was a family that we had there. And to have to give back just something to the game football, that’s been a part my life, the virtues that it teaches you, the morals that you have the obligation to move on, the platforms that we have, you know, I’m a blessed man and I’ve been very blessed to have been surrounded by some very special people.”

Cowher, a Crafton, PA native who went to Carlynton High School, won one Super Bowl, won eight division titles and made the playfs in 10 his 15 years with the Steelers.

“Just thinking about the Pittsburgh franchise and Dan Rooney when he hired me,” Cowher added, before joking, “My first goal was just not to get fired before my 20th high school reunion.’’

The centennial class was selected by a blue ribbon panel this past week. The remainder the 15-member class enshrinees will be revealed Wednesday morning.

Congrats to Bill Cowher on the election.

Brad Pitt And Edward Norton Got High As Hell Before "Fight Club" Premiere

Brad Pitt remains one Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors, with films like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Inglorious Basterds, Fight Club, & Se7en under his belt. Fresh f winning a Golden Globe for best Supporting Actor, Pitt and his Hollywood co-star Leonardo DiCaprio sat down for an informative episode Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. Though there’s plenty to unpack, one the highlights arises as Brad Pitt fondly remembers the night that Fight Club premiered, during which he and co-star Edward Norton decided that smoking a joint was the move. 

Brad Pitt And Edward Norton Got High As Hell Before "Fight Club" Premiere

Kevin Winter/Getty s

We had the best screening ever,” he laughs. “We go in, and they put you up in the balcony next to the guy who runs the festival. Everyone’s looking at you. It’s very formal. And then the movie starts and the first joke comes up — it’s crickets. Another joke, it’s dead silent. This thing is not translating. The more that happened, the funnier it got to Edward and I.”

We’re the assholes in the back laughing at our own jokes,” he continues. The only ones. And then at some point, it gets to Helena Bonham Carter’s line where she says ‘I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school.’ I watched the festival guy, who’d been squirming the whole 30 minutes, just get up and he leaves. He doesn’t say a word. He just gets up and leaves, which makes us laugh even more. Ah, we had a good time.”

For more gems from Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, be sure to check out their full appearance on WTF With Marc Maron right here. 

Antonio Brown Wants To Box Logan Paul, Fight Odds Revealed

Antonio Brown has been an active member on Twitter over these past few months which makes sense when you consider how he really has nothing else to do. It seems as though he has been getting himself embroiled in a tough random beefs and now, he is in yet another one. This time around, AB is going after none other than Logan Paul. Late last night, Brown took to Twitter where he demanded that Paul “Square Up.” 

Paul has been known to get into the boxing ring so it’s not surprising that he came through with a quick retort. “I’d drop you faster than the patriots,” Paul said. The response was retweeted by AB who seemed to be enjoying the mess he had just created.

What makes this potential fight even more interesting is how Paul is favored. The odds reveal that has -2000 odds while Brown is at +1000. Brown has very little boxing experience compared to Logan so it makes sense that the odds would be stacked in his favor. Regardless, Brown is a pressional athlete and could certainly get into shape if he needed to.

While this fight is most certainly a long shot, it’s still funny to contemplate a potential winner. Let us know in the comments below who you think would win.

NFL Wild Card Weekend: Predicting The Winner Of Every Game

After 17 weeks high-octane football, the playfs are finally upon us. Some teams dominated in every facet the game while others had all-time bad seasons. Regardless which team you support, there were plenty reasons to watch football this season and as we head into 2020, there will be even more. This weekend, football fans will be blessed with the Wild Card round which is always one the most fun weekends the year. The winners these games will go on to the Divisional Round where they will play some the best teams in their respective conferences. There is a lot on the line so you can be sure that every team will be giving it their all. 

Heading into this weekend, we’ve decided to take a look at each matchup and give our prediction for who we think is going to come away victorious. Many these teams have had phenomenal seasons but as is the case in every other team sport, only one squad can be the champion. So without further ado, here is our breakdown this weekend’s Wild Card games.

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans

NFL Wild Card Weekend: Predicting The Winner Of Every Game

Bob Levey/Getty s

At the beginning the season, it was almost unfathomable to think the Buffalo Bills could finish with the same record as the Houston Texans. The Texans were seen as the clear-cut favorite in the AFC South and they were able to live up to that potential thanks to their quarterback, Deshaun Watson. Meanwhile, many pundits had written the Bills f at the beginning the season, only for them to come through with a surprise season that had them finishing second in the AFC East with a record 10-6. 

On fense, this matchup isn’t very close. The Texans have the 13th ranked fense in the entire league while the Bills are ranked 24th. Quarterback Josh Allen was decent for the Bills this season although his best plays came while running the ball. In terms overall skill, Watson will prove to be the much more effective quarterback, even if his fensive line tends to leave him high and dry. When it comes to defense, the Bills are the team with a clear advantage. They finished the season ranked 3rd in overall defense and were fourth in pass defense. Meanwhile, the Texans were 28th and 29th in those same categories, respectively. 

When you compare the fensive and defensive matchups, it would appear as though the Bills have the advantage. Their defense can stop almost anyone which is more than you can say for the Texans. On paper, the Bills fense should have a much easier time dealing with the Texans defense than vice versa. Despite this, the Texans should win, although it will be close. Watson is due for a big performance and the home crowd will help him get there. As for the Bills, they simply don’t have the experience to close this one out. Overall, this game will be a low scoring fight that could very well end on a last-second drive. In that scenario, the Texans are a lot more trustworthy. When it comes down to it, Allen and company might not be ready for the spotlight. In a few years from now, that could very well change.

Winner: Houston Texans (17-14)

Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots

NFL Wild Card Weekend: Predicting The Winner Of Every Game

Wesley Hitt/Getty s

Of all the games this weekend, this might be the most fun. This matchup is a tale two teams trending in completely opposite directions. The Patriots finished the year 12-4 although they went 4-4 in their last eight games, including a week-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Ever since benching quarterback Marcus Mariota in favor Ryan Tannehill, the Titans have been on a tear as their fense has run rampant. If there was any game this weekend that could end in an upset, it would be this one.

As far as defense is concerned, the Patriots are almost impossible to compete with. They had the number one ranked defense all season and were beastly when it came to stopping both aerial and ground attacks. The Titans weren’t as pricient in those categories and finished the season with the 21st ranked defense. Offensively, the Titans proved to be much more effective than their opponents. With the third-ranked rushing fense in the NFL, the Titans proved to be a juggernaut on the ground. Overall, the Titans were ranked 12th in total fense while the Patriots were 15th. These margins don’t seem that big until you realize the Patriots scored most their points earlier in the season.

Tannehill will have his work cut out for him this weekend. Scoring on this Patriots defense is no easy task although based on his play this season, he appears up to the challenge. As for Brady, he’s going to need to figure out his fense early. The Patriots have been getting f to slow starts as late and if they do that again on Saturday, they’ll be in big trouble. This Titans team is scary and has built up some impressive wins. When you compare their trajectory to the Patriots, it’s clear that the Titans are in a better position to win. Pulling f an upset victory in Foxboro is never easy but as it stands, the Patriots are in a vulnerable position and the Titans seem more than ready to take advantage.

Winner: Tennessee Titans (28-24)

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints

NFL Wild Card Weekend: Predicting The Winner Of Every Game

Sean Gardner/Getty s

If this were a normal season, the New Orleans Saints wouldn’t be playing in the Wild Card round. With a record 13-3, the Saints were easily one the best teams in the entire league. Meanwhile, the Vikings had a respectable season at 10-6 although their campaign was plagued by inconsistent play from quarterback Kirk Cousins. Overall, this matchup is bound to provide some intrigue although it shouldn’t be particularly close.

The Saints are arguably one the most well-balanced teams in the entire NFL. They finished 9th in overall fense and 11th in defense. When it came to stopping the run, the Saints were dominant, finishing 4th in the league. This is significant when you consider how the Vikings had the sixth-best rushing fense. Overall, the Vikings finished 16th and 14th in overall fense and defense, respectively. These middle the pack numbers are respectable but when you’re going up against a juggernaut like Drew Brees, you need just a little bit more firepower.

After the missed pass interference call last season, the Saints are determined to make it to the Super Bowl. As for Cousins, he tends to crumble under pressure and that’s exactly what the Saints will be feeding f . Quarterback matchups are extremely important in the postseason and the Saints win this category, easily. Brees is one the best to ever play the game and as his career comes to an end, he will be more motivated than ever before. Don’t get us wrong. The Vikings have talented players. But the Saints have some the most reliable stars in the league. If there was one thing you could bank on in this game, it would be a lot fense from the Saints. While the Vikings might keep it close, early on, the Saints will most likely run away with it in the second half.

Winner: New Orleans Saints (35-17)

Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Wild Card Weekend: Predicting The Winner Of Every Game

Mitchell Leff/Getty s

This is one those matchups that makes you question the NFL playf system. The Philadelphia Eagles come into this game with a record 9-7 while the Seattle Seahawks sit at 11-5. Despite having a better record, the Seahawks are playing this game on the road. Why? Well, the Eagles won their division which guarantees them at least one home game. It’s not a perfect system but here we are. Besides, the Seahawks made the playfs one year with a record 7-9 because the same rule. So in the end, it works out.

As far as this game is concerned, stats need to be thrown out the window. Both these teams are playing injured which means it’s going to come down to a battle will. The Eagles have had almost zero weapons on fense aside from quarterback Carson Wentz. Meanwhile, the Seahawks are playing with an aging Marshawn Lynch and an unproven Travis Homer. On defense, both the Eagles and Seahawks have their fair share injuries, as well. If you’re a fan either these teams, it’s going to be a hard game to watch. Putting your faith in backups is never easy and this game is sure to see an abundance unknown talents. 

Heading into this matchup, Wentz has very little playf experience other than watching Nick Foles win the Eagles a championship. As for Wilson, he has been here before and is more than ready to lead his troops on the battlefield. When you go injury to injury, it’s clear the Eagles are in a lot more trouble. Even with a depleted roster, the Seahawks almost beat the San Francisco 49ers which is a testament to their will and desire to win. With all this being said, look for Seattle to come away with the win. It might no be the prettiest victory but the Seahawks have all the advantages. Wilson has been a master at pulling f one score victories and Sunday should prove to be no different.

Winner: Seattle Seahawks (21-16)

Orlando Bloom Kept His Dead Dog’s Skeleton & Penis: "It Is Quite Tastefully Done"

Orlando Bloom loved his dog so much that he simply would not see him go, leading him to keep his pooch’s skeleton. The 42-year-old Pirates Of The Caribbean actor recently opened up about his former pet Sidi and how he not only kept the dog’s skeleton, but something else. 

Orlando Bloom Kept His Dead Dog's Skeleton & Penis: "It Is Quite Tastefully Done"
Phillip Faraone/Getty s

“I had his skeleton mounted so that he stays with me,” he said, Daily Star. “I know that sounds a little odd to some people, but it is quite tastefully done and I still get to say goodnight to him. I just couldn’t stand the fact that he was just not going to be around anymore.” Orlando went as far as to have Sidi’s penis turned into an ornament, as well. 

“They asked me if I wanted to keep the penis. What do you think I said?” he added. “Yes! Actually aesthetically it didn’t look quite right, so I have it on the side.”

Orlando is engaged to singer Katy Perry and the couple are set to get married this year. “Orlando is like a sage. When we first met, he said we would pull the poison out each other, and we really do. It’s exhausting, but we really hold each other accountable,” Katy said her man in Vogue

Isaiah Thomas Ejected Less Than 2 Minutes Into Game For Shoving Ref

Friday night, Wizards’ point guard Isaiah Thomas was ejected within the first two minutes the game against the Trail Blazers for shoving an ficial. 

During a tie-up with Carmelo Anthony, Thomas put his hand on referee Marat Kogut, perhaps incidentally, and was subsequently ejected. After review, the call was upheld.

ESPN reports that crew chief Mark Ayotte explained the decision in a pool report saying, “He made physical contact with the referee. It was definitely just a push during the dead ball contact with the referee.”

“I mean I had a different view it obviously,” Wizards Coach Scott Brooks explained, according to ESPN. “They were in a scrum and they were fighting for the ball, a jump ball. I had a view that it looked like he lost his balance but Kogut] had a better view and then they looked at it. They looked at it so you would hope they made the right call.”

The Wizards lost to the Trail Blazers 122-103

This ejection contributes to a shakey few weeks for Thomas. The point guard was suspended for 2 games after going into the stands to confront a fan on Dec. 21. 

The Wizards’ next game is against the Nuggets on Saturday.

Shaq Reveals Which NBA Player He Would Be If He Still Played

It’s been a while since we last saw Shaq in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers legend is easily one the best big men to ever play the game and was incredibly dominant during his prime. Now, Shaq can be seen on Inside The NBA where he provides fans with hilarious analysis on some the league’s best players. One his favorite players is Giannis Antetokounmpo who has been tearing up the court for the Milwaukee Bucks. 

In a recent feature by ESPN, Shaq spoke about the modern NBA big man and whether or not he could play in today’s game. These days, even big men are shooting three-pointers which is something Shaq was never able to do consistently. Regardless, Shaq believes he’d be fine in today’s NBA and even compared himself to Giannis.

Shaq Reveals Which NBA Player He Would Be If He Still Played

Jonathan Daniel/Getty s

“I would actually love to play in this NBA,” O’Neal said. “I would bring a little bit more physicality. I would bring my length, I would bring my athletic-ness. So, before you say, ‘Shaq can’t play in this era today,’ I’m already playing. My name is Giannis Antetokounmpo.”

Shaq has been very complimentary Giannis as late so these recent comments shouldn’t be all that surprising. In many ways, Giannis’ dominance is the second coming the four-time NBA champion. 

Marvel’s "WandaVision" Gets Release Date Pushed Up To 2020

When last we saw Marvel’s Vision, he was being murdered by Thanos. This led to a dope fight scene one movie later where Vision’s lover, Scarlet Witch, overpowers Thanos so badly in a fight that he reigns down missiles from the sky killing his own men just to escape her. Scarlet Witch, who is played by Elizabeth Olsen, is one the most powerful figures in the MCU and she will be getting a spotlight very soon. Vision and Scarlet Witch will star in WandaVision, a new Disney+ Marvel series that was slated to debut in 2021 right before Doctor Strange In The Multi-Verse Of Madness hit theaters. WandaVision is supposed to tie directly into Doctor Strange, and Scarlet Witch will co-star in the film with the Time Stone wielding sorcerer. 

Disney+ recently released a preview everything set to hit their streaming service in 2020, and surprisingly, WandaVision was included. That means fans will get the show earlier than expected, although an exact release date is still unknown. It looks like Kevin Fiege is trying to set up a cliff hanger that will keep fans guessing until Doctor Strange In The Multi-Verse Of Madness comes out to conclude that story arc. Teyonah Parris, Randall Park, Kat Dennings, and Kathryn Hahn will star alongside Olsen and Paul Battany in the series. 

"Star Wars" Star Kelly Marie Tran Speaks On Shooting Leia’s Final Scenes

Kelly Marie Tran had a difficult introduction into the Star Wars universe. She faced extreme online bullying after starring in The Last Jedi, so much so that she was forced to delete her social media. Tran’s character, Rose Tico, started as a rebel who rose through the ranks to become a top Resistance fighter. Although her screentime was cut down in Rise Of Skywalker, Tran doesn’t seem to mind. She sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to speak about Rise, and also the difficulty filming scenes with Leia. Moments with Leia, who was played by the legendary Carrie Fisher, were repurposed for Rise, since Fisher passed away after The Last Jedi wrapped. 

Spoilers for Rise Of Skywalker follow. 

Leia passes away in Rise after reaching out to Ben Solo through the force. Speaking on filming that heartbreaking moment, Tran highlighted the gravity the process. “Yeah… (Tran sighs.) I think it was really emotional for everyone,” she admitted. “There’s definitely a sort reverence that comes with knowing you’re in a scene like that. I don’t know how else to convey the feeling that I had on set that day, which is a feeling wanting to make sure we did justice to that moment and to Leia.”

“Yeah, the one thing that was difficult was that you were acting with footage that was prerecorded,” she continued. “So, instead having an actor there and reacting f the actor, you would sometimes look — in between takes — at how the actor delivered a line and then try to imagine and react to that. So, it definitely took more time and was a very different experience for me. We probably did a lot more takes for scenes with her than without her.” Check out the full interview here