Masika Kalysha Thinks Children’s Movies Should Not Have Sexuality In Them, T.I. Agrees

Disney has openly expressed their pro-LGBTQ agenda. Just this past Wednesday, Disney executives confirmed that there’s a gay couple in their animated kids’ show, Star Wars Resistance, and they’re “proud that.” Of course, these decisions have been met with backlash from more conservative folk.

Masika Kalysha has just made clear where she stands in this debate. Kalysha reposted a message on Instagram that reads, “It’s not about homouality or heterouality. Stop promoting SEXUALITY to our children PERIOD. Let kids be kids.” Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star also shared a lengthy caption expanding on why she agrees with this statement: 

“This is for the fools that thinks it’s “progressive” when Disney has a gay couple kissing next to Nemo… NO #KB ain’t watching Adam and Eve in ual situations the hell u think I’m supposed to let her watch Adam and Steve lip lockin for. It’s not progressive it’s SUGGESTIVE and I suggest you let a child be a child.”

The Shade Room reposted Kalysha’s post and many celebrities chimed in in the comments to express their agreement. Among this faction was T.I., Lisa Leslie, Asia’h Epperson, Ben Baller and Phaedra Parks. On the other hand, Milan Christopher provided an argument for why their view is skewed. Uuuum Saweetie all the fairytales under the sun always had intimate scenes beloved. Sleepy beauty, lil mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White etc. Now that it’s a rainbow emoji] scene or two it’s a problem? Let me call you & cuzz you out! Gul bye! Lmfaooo,” he commented.  

Air Jordan 1 High OG "Pine Green" Revealed In Full: Release Info

If you’re a sneakerhead, then you have probably owned a pair Air Jordan 1s at some point. The silhouette is incredibly versatile and boasts some pretty iconic colorways that fans continue to purchase whenever there is a retro release. Jordan Brand is well aware just how popular the shoe is and every year, we see some brand new colorways.

One the models that we have been teasing over the past month or so is this “Pine Green” fering which fans are already curious about. The shoe is fairly simple as it has the same color-blocking as the “Bred” version except the red is replaced with green. We have only seen up-close photos the shoe but thanks to DJ Folk, we have a full look at the entire silhouette.

As for the release details, this shoe is slated to drop on February 29th 2020 for $170 USD. The price Jordan 1s is going up by $10 next year which certainly isn’t good news for all the consumers out there. Shoe prices continue to increase and this classic model is yet another victim to that trend.

Regardless, this is still a great colorway which will surely be popular upon release.

#MeToo Founder Tarana Burke Dubs Louis C.K. An "Assh*le" For Behavior Following Accusations

The day came and went without much attention, but Tuesday, October 15 marked two years since the #MeToo movement went viral. To commemorate the anniversary, #MeToo founder Tarana Burke sat down with Teen Vogue to talk about the social media movement’s cultural impact, as well as what it has meant for holding people, especially celebrities, accountable.

#MeToo Founder Tarana Burke Dubs Louis C.K. An "Assh*le" For Behavior Following Accusations
Andrew Toth/Getty s

The movement resulted in thousands men and women coming forward with their stories ual abuse and harassment. However, famous figures found themselves in the crosshairs Cancel Culture as allegations were being thrown their way left and right. Some admitted to their wrongdoings and asked the public for forgiveness, while others have vehemently denied the accusations against them and denounced the #MeToo movement as a witchhunt.

In her Teen Vogue feature, Tarana touched on the topic accountability, and surprisingly, she praised Aziz Ansari over how he handled the accusations against him. “I have been thinking a lot about Dave Chappelle and Aziz Ansari because they both have these comedy specials, right? And I know Dave Chappelle wasn’t accused anything, whatever, but he decided he was just going to go down this road…But some people are not going to be comfortable with what I’m going to say,” she said, before adding, “Aziz] didn‘t act like it didn’t happen. He talked very clearly about what his year’s been like, and not from a like, ‘Yo, this has been a really messed up year,’ but like, ‘What did I learn? What did I do? How did I try to make this situation, turn this situation around?’ He was humble.”

However, she wasn’t as nice when it came to comedian Louis C.K. who was accused misconduct by multiple women. “It’s not perfect, but at least Aziz] didn’t…I’m just so angry at the folks who kind hide for six months, and then peek their head, like Louis C.K. Louis C.K. is an assh*le…And I’m going to tell you, he was one my favorite comedians, right? I loved his show, I love Louis C.K., but you going to come back and start talking about transphobes, and children getting shot, what are we supposed to do?” 


Joe Budden Told Slaughterhouse To Replace Him, Speaks On Why He Left The Group

It’s been seven years since Slaughterhouse released their sophomore studio effort Welcome to: Our House, and some fans still have their fingers crossed that one day the hip hop supergroup will reunite. Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9″, Joell Ortiz, and Kxng Crooked had nearly completed their third album, but it’s become a tale rap folklore and, according to Budden, the record will never see the light day.

Over the years, members have talked about how Budden was the crux why the group disbanded, highlighting his beef with Eminem as a contributing factor. Budden touched on his former collective during an episode  Pull Up with Freddie Gibbs as the pair talked about hip hop groups being a thing the past.

Both artists agreed that they prefer to fly solo and mentioned that one the only real rap groups that currently exists is the Migos. “That’s the only group!” Gibbs exclaims while Budden adds that they’re able to exist in harmony because they’re “making enough money to not have any issues.” Gibbs agrees. “Eventually, groups start fighting about money,” Joe said.

Joe Budden Told Slaughterhouse To Replace Him, Speaks On Why He Left The Group
John Ricard/Getty s

“Ain’t even no duos,” Gibbs continued. “Outkast, UGK, Gangstarr…” Joe chimes in saying, “If we look at the history every single group, we have data to show it’s not maintainable… Sh*t, as far as Slaughterhouse, I thought we was one the groups that could’ve changed that. I felt like that. Like, we all cared about each other, and loved each other, and had each other’s best interests at heart, but I hate labels. That’s gonna always…yeah. I f*ck a lot sh*t up, man.”

“That’s why I ain’t doin’ it,” Budden continues. “I can’t speak for why they’re not doing it. When I suggested that they find probably another rapper to take my place and still put out music, they didn’t think that was the greatest idea, and that was years ago. That might’ve changed. But my fight, with that even, without the extra Eminem bullsh*t is just ownership. I cannot devote this much my time to a project, eat a fourth from the project, and then it have to go up the chain command? I gotta make sure all these n*ggas are making sure our project do what it gotta do and then we gettin’ the scraps from the bottom? That was my fight. We an independent outfit.” Check out the full episode below.

"Deadpool" Expected To Officially Join The Marvel Universe

With the recent move 20th Century Fox and the Marvel universe to Disney, a lot has changed. Despite the legal wars over content ownership and the launching Disney’s very own streaming platform, folks have seen the loss some our superhero favorites in the world Marvel. This was the case for the beloved Spiderman, who almost was kicked out the Marvel universe. Thankfully, both Disney and Sony reached a deal to keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the move was met with a big sigh relief from nail-biting fans. Now, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that fans have Tom Holland to thank for the result. And now, Deadpool is hoping to ficially join Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as well amidst the negotiations.

According to UPROXX, the writers behind the unusual superhero flick are optimistic about Deadpool becoming Marvel-certified. Considering the “strong violence and language” in the movie, many were reluctant to add Deadpool in. Franchise writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have shared some comments: “The promise is that there will be more Deadpool …]. He will live in the R-rated universe that we’ve created, and hopefully, we’ll be allowed to play a little bit in the MCU sandbox as well and incorporate him into that. We’ve just got to land on the right idea and once we do, I think we’ll be f to the races. We wake up thinking about Deadpool and we go to sleep thinking about Deadpool, so there will be another Deadpool and we just have to make it the right way,” confirmed Reese. Thus, have no fear Deadpool fans, hope remains.

Mariah Carey Shuts Down Nick Cannon Rekindling Rumors: "Is He My Last Hope?"

Being in the public eyes can be exhausting, hence it is understandable that celebrities snap every now and then. Mariah Carey recently put a reporter back in his place while out and about recently. The soulstress, who was never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, spoke up about her relationship status and prospect. In the video below, we can see a slew paparazzi pressing Mariah for questions as she exits a restaurant. At first, the paps compliment the starlet before quickly launching into a discussion about Mariah’s ex and baby father Nick Cannon. As Mariah makes her way to the car, a specific pap questions Mariah on whether she would consider getting back with Nick Cannon. That is as though he was the only option available to the songstress. Immediately, Mariah laughs before blatantly adding: “What is he, my last hope?” 

Previously, most Mariah’s past romantic relationships have always been highly publicized. Yet, sometimes a line must be drawn when it comes to getting into a celebrity’s personal business and some these famous folks are not afraid to check people when need be. Following the comment, Carey firmly shut the door and drove f. Message received. 

Post Malone Goes Platinum Again With "Hollywood’s Bleeding"

It’s as if a coalition mad scientists and music industry insiders gained access to a top-secret scientific lab with the sole intention designing the most commercially accessible, mainstream-friendly sales juggernaut in history. The end result was none other than Bud Light Baron himself, Post Malone. Blending styles hip-hop, emo, rock, pop, and the occasional folk melody, Posty has settled on a formula that works wonders for both himself and his fans. His most recent effort, Hollywood’s Bleeding, found him perfecting on the foundation laid by its predecessor Beerbongs And Bentleys — resulting in another platinum plaque for his efforts. 

Post Malone Goes Platinum Again With "Hollywood's Bleeding"

Isaac Brekken/Getty s

Considering the project is mere months old, it’s another big win for Post Malone. It also goes to show that his fans are in it for the long haul, having invested in Malone’s story beyond the appeal his singles. For many, Hollywood’s Bleeding showed depth character and the courage to look beyond expectations. For that reason, it feels like Post’s most “grown man” album thus far. In other words, the Frat Boy has become a Frat Man. 

Congratulations to Post Malone and his team for a job well done!

6ix9ine’s New Music To Be Shunned By Hot 97

When a bridge is burnt to the ground, one can expect a lull in traffic. Tekashi 6ix9ine, once the internet’s most blustery troll, is facing the prospect an imminent release and return to the game. And yet, the times have changed during his brief stint in the clink. For one, the narrative surrounding his name has taken a nosedive, no thanks to his widely publicized decision to testify against his associates. Fans understand that snitching is among hip-hop’s major faux pas, especially for a rapper so keen on flaunting his gangland ties. And yet for 6ix9ine, selfish pragmatism emerged victorious over integrity. And for the folks over at Hot 97, actions must indeed have consequences. 

6ix9ine's New Music To Be Shunned By Hot 97

Bob Levey/Getty s

According to TMZ, Hot 97 will be placing a loose “ban” sorts on whatever new music Tekashi 6ix9ine lays out. That means you won’t likely hear Ebro’s thoughts on the Rainbow Wonder’s (locally sourced) return on wax, though a gambler could wager his name will remain a hot topic all the same. The sad thing about Tekashi 6ix9ine is that even his haters enjoy speaking power into his brand. It’s simply too difficult to avoid weighing in, if only for the buzz discussion tends to spark. 

Despite the “ban” being placed on principle, it would appear there’s one possible caveat. Should 6ix9ine somehow conjure a supermassive hit along the lines “FEFE,” resulting in an influx public demand, the radio station will indeed give the people what they want. Despite the fact that other radio stations will likely continue to follow suit, the efforts to mute the disgraced snitch will quite possibly lead to the adverse effect. You can run, you can hide, but soon enough the rainbow arcs too high to miss. 


21 Savage Has A Foolproof Plan To Exterminate All Rats

Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage is not enthused with all the rodents crawling around his neighbourhood. It feels like, these days, ratting out your homeboys isn’t enough to get you cancelled. Especially after Tekashi 6ix9ine, everyone’s favourite little snitch, inked a $10 million record label deal this week, we’re learning that “snitches get riches.” 21 Savage may not be directing his anger at Tekashi in this video but he certainly isn’t down with all the rats he’s been seeing around lately.

21 Savage Has A Foolpro Plan To Exterminate All Rats
Charley Gallay/Getty s

Taking to social media, Savage detailed his foolpro plan to eliminate all the creepy-crawlers from his hood. Instead pulling up with the homies, the “Bank Account” rapper is sending somebody out to do his dirty work. “I’m sending my folks to come holler at all y’all fuck n***as man,” said the recording artist as he videotaped a pest control van driving by. “Straight up, man. He on the way. Ride with me. He finna pull up on all y’all rodent ass n***as.”

This is both a safe and effective plan. 21 Savage can’t afford to get caught up with the police after what went down earlier this year so for him to rely on rodent control is a smart move. You can always depend on the Saint Laurent Don for some laughs on the internet. Watch below.

Ray J Apologizes To Marques Houston Over Decade-Long Beef On "Love & Hip Hop"

When there’s a beef between artists, the public ten watches it unfold in real-time. Diss tracks are dropped, insults are traded, and sometimes threats are even made. Yet, Ray J and Marques Houston somehow carried on their decade-long animosity in silence for the most part, and on an episode  Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, the pair made amends in front a worldwide audience.

Some may remember that years ago Ray and Marques were at odds and the tension was so heavy that Ray released a diss track “The Booty Fruity” aimed at his foe and Chris Stokes. Later, Ray was was being considered for the television show Cuts, the spin-f  One on One, but because Marques was involved, he was kept out the loop. That, too, upset Ray, but now that the two men will be hitting the road together for the #TBT Tour, they thought it was best that they put the past behind them.

Ray and Marques hashed out their differences with reality television cameras rolling as the “Sexy Can I” singer fered up apologies. “At the end the day, I could have approached it different,” Ray said. “Like, I got real mad, you know, and I apologize. I said some sh*t that was just uncalled for. When you young and you tryin’ to figure it out, sometimes you go into this defense mode and everybody’s the enemy. So, I get why a lot times people was scared working with me ’cause I’d come through and I’d be lit. A little too lit, but to go on tour now would be f*ckin’ dope.” Check out these two working out their issues like grown folks in the clip below.

'Post-Primary' Ticketing Exchange Lyte Scores a $15 Million Round

Lyte, a ‘post-primary’ ticketing platform, has raised $15 million in Series A financing to fix the secondary market.

If secondary ticketing is indeed broken, Lyte says they’re gonna fix it.  The ‘post-primary’ ticketing platform (guess secondary is a dirty word now) says it hopes to make the ticketing process ‘delightful’ and ‘easier’ for all parties, while still ‘filling every seat’.

Now, there’s $15 million backing the company’s optimism.  Lyte CEO Ant Taylor says the company intends to use the Series A money to further develop its platform, scale operations and improve live entertainment experiences.

The round was led by Jackson Square Ventures, with participation by Industry Ventures, Accomplice Ventures, and Correlation Ventures.  A few individual investors also jumped in, including former Pandora CTO/VP of Engineering Chris Martin.

“We made a foundational bet we could build a platform and marketplace that included and benefited all of the folks with a financial and emotional investment in this industry — rights holders, talent, enterprise ticketing companies as well as fans,” Taylor stated. “This raise is a validation of that bet.”

Matt Mickiewicz, who is a co-founder of 99 Designs, Flippa and Hired, also jumped into the round.  He says that Lyte has the opportunity to dramatically improve customer experiences in a field that has seen “little innovation” in recent years.

So far, more than a dozen leading primary ticketing companies have integrated their platforms into Lyte.  This includes AEG’s Elevate, Live Nation’s Front Gate and Eventbrite (along with its Ticketfly subsidiary).  According to Lyte, the company currently controls 60% of the secondary ticket market for the events it works with.  These events include Coachella and various Comic Cons.

In terms of revenue and the financial picture, Lyte says they’ve booked $80 million in reservations so far, which is a five-fold increase from 2018.  Of course, secondary incumbents like StubHub aren’t going anywhere, so let’s see how much more marketshare Lyte can grab.

Lyte says they plan to expand their offerings in the future to include sports and other forms of entertainment as well as markets outside the United States.

Iceland Offers Massive Incentives to Attract Foreign Musicians

Iceland has unveiled a subsidy program that’s designed to entice foreign-born music professionals to record their work in the country.

Per the program’s official website, “producers can apply for reimbursement from the State Treasury of 25%” of the total sum spent recording in Iceland. The website also claims that applying for the reimbursement is as simple as filling out a form.

Icelandic government officials created a short video that covers the basics of the refund program.

Additionally, the program’s website summarizes some of the other perks of recording in Iceland, including being exposed to beautiful natural landscapes, having access to numerous industry professionals, and the ability to utilize one of the country’s many noteworthy studios.

The plan went into effect at the time of the announcement, and eager musicians can arrange to record their work in Iceland (and receive the 25 percent discount) immediately.

One would have a hard time denying the appeal and beauty of Iceland’s natural landscapes, and the nation of about 350,000 citizens has produced one of the most successful artists of the twentieth century, Bjork.

Bjork has sold well over 20 million records and has been nominated for 15 Grammy Awards. Considering that Iceland accounts for a minute portion of the global population, Bjork’s accomplishments are that much more impressive. Perhaps there is something to the idea that Icelandic nature aids the creative process.

Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik, is also considered to be its cultural, social, and financial hub. Over one-third of the country’s total citizens live in Reykjavik, and the vast majority of Iceland’s top recording studios have been set up in the downtown area.

It’ll be interesting to see just how effective the program is at attracting musicians. Though it’s admittedly rare to hear of artists recording in Iceland, those who’ve done so—like folk musician Joan Shelley, for instance—have spoken positively of their experiences.

A3C’s Mike Walbert Explains How The ATL Conference Remains Innovative

In the past decade, we’ve seen Atlanta rise from a trendy epicenter hip-hop’s biggest stars to a bonafide hub for music entrepreneurship and industry innovation. Powerhouses such as Quality Control have laid the blueprint for indie labels eyeing mainstream success while entities such as LVRN and K Camp’s RARE Sounds have erected studios and co-working spaces designed for creators throughout the city. Quietly humming in the background all this growth has been the A3C Festival & Conference.

For a decade and a half, A3C has evolved into hip-hop’s premier networking event, returning each year with a stronger presence designed to help aspiring artists and executives succeed. Entering its 15th year, A3C has undergone something a facelift. Since being acquired in a partnership with the Paul Judge Media Group and Atlanta’s Gathering Spot coworking space, the festival also finds a new partial owner in 2 Chainz, echoing the mogul mindset that characterizes the southern city.

This year marks the first time the festival is veering from the traditional two-day show that usually caps f the weekend. Instead, they’ve focused on staging more intimate shows across the week, including a Yasiin Bey Black On Both Sides 20th-anniversary concert while bringing the Fader Fort to Atlanta. Increased focus on the conference side has led to a relocation to a venue 5 times as big as its previous location, as well as an extra day panels, workshops, and mentorship sessions. 

Ahead this year’s kickf, we spoke with A3C’s executive director Mike Walbert about its 15-year growth, the new direction, and the secret sauce that sets A3C apart.

A3C's Mike Walbert Explains How The ATL Conference Remains Innovative

Prince Williams/Wire/Getty s

HNHH: Let’s talk about the format changes this year. What exactly sparked that change?

Mike Walbert: It wasn’t exactly one thing. It was a culmination things. I think every year we take a look in the mirror and talk about what we want to be and what we want to do. We’re in our 15th year and if you just rest on what you’ve been, people are gonna get tired and bored. The conference is something that has been growing really fast. It’s something our team is passionate about. We’ve seen the impact it’s making on people’s lives and we felt like we could do a much bigger conference.

We look at just the experience in general—what we want to give people. What upsets me every year is when people ask who’s headliningA3C. A3C is really not about headliners. Its really not about who the number one artist is. It’s disrespectful to the 500 artists that are here performing. So, we thought, ‘Yo we could really go into A3C’s top venues and do really cool concerts throughout the week.’

It allows us to shift our focus our financing and everything like that. We realized that anyone can put on a festival. We see that in Atlanta. Afropunk is our weekend, we just got f Music Midtown, One Music Fest, and we don’t want to compete in that space. We don’t want to be the biggest hip-hop festival—Rolling Loud obviously is a monster and they’re the same weekend we are, too, In New York. We’re gonna let other people own big outdoor festivals. We want to own this as a gathering space where people connect and learn and grow, and they see some dope hip-hop and dope music.

I think the days big festivals—it seems oversaturated. Consumers seem bored by it.  Is it the best way to see your favorite artist? Do I want to see Yasiin Bey performing Black On Both Sides at a festival or a 1,400 cap intimate space?

In the past couple years as A3C has gotten bigger and bigger, it’s been accused neglecting the up-and-coming artists–

I can say I’ve heard some that.  We still always have 500 artists performing. I do think people thought we over promoted headliners, but that’s where the money is. No one’s actually buying a ticket to see the upcoming artist. We hope that they’re gonna use their wristband and want to discover some people and that they’re gonna want to see some shows, but no one’s buying a $200 ticket to see and up and coming artist. This is built for up-and-coming artists. All the resources that we build and provide onsite are for them. The Creative Complex, the feedback sessions, the mentorship sessions, the panels. Who do you think goes to that? That’s for the up and coming artist.

Just as you said, the festival side is oversaturated, but it’s starting to look like the panels and events like this are starting to become the thing to do. This season alone, Atlanta had the Ride Conference, Revolt Summit and Red Bull is coming with a similar set up next month. What do you have to say about A3C’s role in pioneering that?

Can you oversaturate resources for up and coming artists? I’m not gonna talk shit about my peers or people that produce festivals. No one does it better—what we do. I don’t know the background those folks. Our team has insight that they don’t have. Just the scope and scale what we do. Yeah, we have big conversations with Just Blaze and Mike Will and that’s cool. To me that’s entertainment and you might get some gems, but for me, the secret A3C is in all the little things we do. The Creator Complex for example–that provides hundreds thousands dollars in free resources every year for artists. That’s something we invest our time and energy in creating and building. There are things that we’ve done in the past that didn’t have an impact and we decided not to do it. We also have 15 years testing and tweaking under our belt as opposed to just putting together really cool conversations and hoping people get something out it.

What I enjoy is when we take to partners and we find mutual ground to help artists. Patreon was like, “We want to help the Atlanta community, we want to help the hip-hop community. What should we do?” We’re like, “There are artists and producers who are coming in from all over the world that just need a place to record. You guys should fer that space.”

So, this year they’re taking over Bravo Ocean Studios on Saturday and Sunday and you can sign up for free studio time. That times 10 is what makes us completely unique and different and why people leave every year like, “I met someone that changed my life, I built something. I met a producer. I met my manager. I met a lawyer.” Those real connections are happening.

For sure. Every year, especially in Atlanta, a lot people say that their circle was built at A3C. It’s beyond networking–


Yeah, what would you say helps maintain that energy?

I don’t even know what the secret is to this, but A3C doesn’t feel like a very velvet rope type place. There aren’t a lot hidden rooms. There aren’t a lot secret spaces. What we hear all the time is that you can really connect with people and they’re actually interested and excited. You can find Coach K walking around. You can find A&Rs and labels and what we hear from those folks is that they really like the energy at A3C and how people meet.

When you hear it from both sides, something’s happening–when you hear it from Steve Stoute when he left saying that this is something different and on the flip side you hear from an up and coming artist telling you the same thing. If I could bottle it up and sell it, I would. I think having built that community and that energy over 15 years might be what it is.

A3C's Mike Walbert Explains How The ATL Conference Remains Innovative

Prince Williams/Getty s

Hip-Hop is synonymous with Black Culture.


It’s ten a shock to people when they find that the person behind A3C is not black. Do you feel some heightened responsibility because that?

It’s funny. If you aren’t up, no one questions you. I’ve essentially been running a nonprit for 15 years. I come from managing artists and producers. I did A3C for the first three to four years part-time cause it was fun. When I realized it was something special I almost took it on my shoulder to do this because I felt like this could be something special. I had great pride in the city Atlanta –what Atlanta represents. I grew up on hip-hop. All my friends were budding artists and producers. I don’t know if I feel it because I’m not black or because it’s just a responsibility as an Atlantan, as someone who cares about the culture. I think because I’ve always been really supportive, no one has ever come up to me and I’ve never had an experience where I’m questioned why we do this.

A3C had a role in breaking a lot hip-hop’s biggest stars today. Do you think the influence is still there for live shows?

No. A3C didn’t break anybody. It was the grind that they had, the amount shit that they did to get to where they were. They caught us at the right time. We were part the ascension, part the plan, and they used us right. We’re a platform. If you jump f in the right direction, we can help your career. We can be a building block. We can be a foundation. It really is about connecting with people digitally now. I’ve seen people watch artists perform. Then find them and manage them or sign them. That still happens. There’s a personal connection that happens in a performance that doesn’t happen on the internet. In that sense, it can be really important.

Performance is the key to a hip-hop artist. Performance is secondary to a lot rappers. Some artists are like I’m a performer and you can tell, and I’ve seen that from JID. I’ve seen that from Kenny Mason, EarthGang, a lot other artists. We did a show with Kap G and I think a couple A&Rs were in the room and there was a connection like “Who is that dude?” It’s cool to see that. But, are live performances the foundation blowing up? Probably not. It’s probably music videos, it’s what you do. A lot it is what you can’t control and some it is what you can control.

What is the best advice for artists attending A3C to make the most the experience?

A lot people overemphasize their performance. Wake up early and go to bed late. Shake as many hands as you can and be authentic. Don’t start with who you are. There’s a little bit that but really try to connect with folks while you’re here because that will change your life.

After the panels and workshops, what is the next frontier?

It’s a combination continuing to build and bring in different industries and coalitions. We traditionally have been a music festival. Yeah, there were conversations about tech, but what if the film and gaming industry were there as well? Artists and music are the foundation culture itself. You need the artist. You need the music, It’s the vibe and feel. If we can bring the film community, the gaming community the fashion community, the sports community under this umbrella then not only are those communities going to benefit by connecting with folks that probably don’t connect with, we think that everyone is gonna win.

Lead with opportunity. It’s not about the keynote panel, it’s about what happens when they’re there. I think it should be about opportunity, providing opportunity when folks are on the site. This is the chance to record, get feedback, attend dedicated mixers and meetups.

Even with the competition, we’re doing with BandLab and ChooseATl. Atlanta is where people are recording now. What sparked it for me was the Dreamville project. They have studios in North Carolina. J. Cole did Dreamville in Atlanta. This is the biggest artist on the planet—one . That was an Atlanta project. We need to highlight Atlanta producers, Atlanta studios, Atlanta engineers. So, we launched the Track Atlanta campaign with ChooseATL and BandLab. We picked five local producers that live in Atlanta, five studios and we said, “Listen if you want to record with one the producers at one these studios, submit your song.”  5,000 people submitted in three weeks. Three people are being selected.

How are you going through those?

We have A&Rs going through all them. We pick the top ten. We send it to the producers, and they pick the top three.

A3C is Atlanta and Atlanta is A3C. Are there any ambitions to take what’s happening here to other cities?

On a really micro level, but it takes a year to plan this. It’s really hard to do what we do in Atlanta anywhere else. Small logistical things like the airport. It’s harder to get to LA from London or Toronto. I get that question all the time. I’m so focused on building in Atlanta. There’s so much we still want to do here. So much untapped. Part the pride is when people say they’re in Atlanta for the first time ever or they only come for A3C. A lot cool shit I get is that people move to Atlanta because they’d been to A3C. What a great sense pride that is to be able to introduce people to your city in a good light. I wouldn’t have that sense pride or understanding in other cities.

A3C's Mike Walbert Explains How The ATL Conference Remains Innovative

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Bow Wow Bragged About Tyler Perry’s Party & Got Flamed For It

The internet will never stop making fun Bow Wow. In the past, he’s been accused stretching the truth online, editing himself into luxurious photos and straight-up lying about other stuff. The man has had a few meltdowns in the last couple years but he’s been relatively tame in recent months. Shad Moss knows that the public is out to get him but he keeps his head screwed on tight, refusing to shut down after the viral Bow Wow Challenge. He’s still getting invited to all the hottest events in the country and, this weekend, he was part the prestigious opening Tyler Perry’s new studio. He noted that, after attending the gala, his price has ficially gone up again but some people just aren’t feeling him or his braggadocious efforts to show f.

“After this tyler perry party i just witnessed… pls don’t include me in anything regular or basic any more. I was hanging will sic] bill clinton. The price just just sic] went up,” wrote the rapper/entertainer on Twitter. Out all the folks that were present at the party, he chose to shout out Bill Clinton, which left a bad taste in people’s mouths. After all, people like Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, and freaking Tyler Perry were there too! 

Fans and peers the artist aren’t entirely feeling Bow Wow’s account the party with Love & Hip-Hop‘s Milan Christopher telling him The Shade Room’s repost that his “IQ obviously went down.” 

Do you think people are too hard on Shad?

DaBaby’s BET Hip Hop Awards Outfit Sparked A Wide Range Of Twitter Reactions

DaBaby is overflowing with confidence. One listen his new album, KIRK, or any his songs actually, will confirm this. When you have that much confidence, you can pull f any outfit you want. Well, at least you won’t be scared to try. DaBaby went all in at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards on Saturday night. 

DaBaby's BET Hip Hop Awards Outfit Sparked A Wide Range Of Twitter Reactions                                              Carmen Mandato/Getty s

The Charlotte rapper pulled up to the the Cobb Energy Center in Atlanta rocking a sleeveless Gucci suit. The suit has a traditional Gucci pattern in a reddish-pink tint and Dapper Dan logos patched onto the front and the back. DaBaby went shirtless under the vest, which left room for his new massive KIRK chain to be gloriously displayed. To complete the pimpish look, he included a cane and a bowler hat. It appears that this look was only intended to turn heads on the red carpet because DaBaby was later photographed in two other outfits that were much more conventional. 

While DaBaby was surely comfortable with his attire, photographed smiling wide as usual, some Twitter folk had strong reactions. As Twitter is prone to do, it jumped to make comparisons. Many agreed that DaBaby resembled The Mask, the mischievous and charismatic protagonist in the 1994 Jim Carrey-film. Others also claimed they were getting villainous vibes from DaBaby’s get-up. 

Read the Twitter reactions below and read our review DaBaby’s new album, KIRK, here