Kim Kardashian’s Freed Convict Is Scoring Countless Job Offers: Report

Although Kim Kardashian continues to be mocked for simply being who she is, it is important to note that the reality television star has been making major social justice moves. Her activism streak remains successfully and has aided in freeing a considerable amount previously incarcerated folks. Of these freed convicts we find Paul Algarin, whom TMZ recently reported on. According to the news outlet, since his Kardashian-pushed freedom from jail, the ex-con has been showered with job fers and work opportunities. 

Algarin told TMZ that he is being scouted by people across the globe, including from countries in the UK and Africa. These opportunities range from modeling to work as a tattoo artist. Paul was also approached to help in the prison reform efforts along with Kim Kardashian. Even more recently, Kim K sent over a doctor to help remove the facial tattoo from Paul Algarin’s face post-incarceration. Precisely, both Kim and Kanye funded the procedural costs. Evidently, the socialite must bring forth good luck. Perhaps such initiatives will further people’s approval Kim’s law school dreams. Though regardless what anyone has to say, the mother four is grinding it out despite the opinions her critics. Good look, Kim K. 


Arby’s Affirms It Will Never Sell Plant-Based Products

As late, a set restaurants have announced they would be taking a jab at releasing vegan-friendly and plant-based products. Of the latter, we include major fast-food chains such as Burger King, McDonalds and more. The initiative seems granted considering the number folks turning to veganism, and this includes notable names like Beyonce & Jay Z. However, every movement brings forth the individual cases who dare to go against the grain and this time around, Arby’s is one them. 

Arby's Affirms It Will Never Sell Plant-Based Products

Rick Diamond/Getty s

The fast-food joint recently released a statement stating they will never sell plant-based meat to its client. The announcement came in response to an article shared by VegNews which alleged the company was looking into adding plant-based recipes to its menu. As a meat-driven company, the former seemed unlike. Hence, Arby’s made sure to come through and shut it all the way down. A representative Arby’s precisely added: “Contrary to reports this week, Arby’s is not one the restaurant companies interested in working with Impossible Foods. The chances we will bring plant-based menu items to our restaurants, now or in the future, are absolutely impossible.”

It makes sense, after all, Arby’s slogan is “We Have The Meats” for a reason. 

Raashan Ahmad Drops 1st Self-Produced Album "The Sun"

Santa Fe, NM – Raashan Ahmad first rose to prominence in the Bay Area Hip Hop scene with his group Mission, which would eventually be called Crown City Rockers. Over the years, he embarked on a solo career and embraced his worldly journey along the way.

Now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Raashan has found the space and time to carve out a new body of work called The Sun. It marks his first self-produced project.

“The album came together over the course of years,” he tells HipHopDX. “Through music, I’ve had the fortune of traveling and meeting and experiencing so many new genres and cultures, and I felt like I needed to really push myself to do something I hadn’t done before.

“I usually rap over beats I get from beat makers, which I love, but this time I wanted to take all that I’ve been living and just didn’t think I could get that from a certain producer so I stepped into that role myself.”

One track in particular stands out. Titled “The Day The Sun Came,” Raashan delivers it in a more spoken word style, a nod to Gil-Scott Heron. It captures the pain of losing his mother to cancer and the breakthrough that followed.

“One of my biggest heroes is Gil-Scott Heron and I always wanted to push myself to use my voice in different ways like he does which is why there is spoken word [‘The Day The Sun Came’] me singing for the first time [‘Pain Away,’ ‘Sea’] and even trying to have more variation in my rap voice,” he says. “I have been lucky enough to see up close music from all over the world which heavily influenced this album too.

“The African rhythms, Flamenco palmas, to folk and traditional musics all went in while my traditional Hip Hop background always keeps me on toes to push lyrically.”

The eight-track project was no easy feat. Raashan recorded it throughout his travels — no matter where he was.

“My computer and mic traveled with me and I’d send ideas and half-formed songs to musicians from Senegal to Spain to California to London and more,” he explains. “I’d set up a mic next to a cellist in Paris or a keyboard amp in a casita in Santa Fe then spend hours cutting, chopping and arranging. I made over 60 songs and even though there were others I loved, the eight on the project truly represent what I wanted to share.

“I’m excited and also honestly it’s scary. I think the perception of myself as an MC or musician is the conscious jazzy rap guy. That’s been my lane and I know moving out of your lane can either be great or a disaster but for me, this is my truth and Hip Hop for me is about truth so here we are.”

Check out The Sun album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

  1. No
  2. Body Heat
  3. I Got Life
  4. The Day The Sun Came
  5. Wonderful Fantastic
  6. Pain Away
  7. Breathe
  8. Sea

Dionne Warwick Says Beyoncé Hasn’t Reached ‘Iconic Status’ Yet

Dionne Warwick has the BeyHive buzzing with her latest comments.

During an on-camera interview with Essence, the five-time Grammy-winning singer was asked about today’s artists and whether they are creating timeless music.

“I don’t know if 10 years from now, anybody can actually sing the songs of our babies today. That’s not, as you guys say, ‘throwing shade.’ That’s just looking at it with reality,” said the 78-year-old.

Added Warwick, “When you speak of folks who have been in the industry, recording for as long as I have, and my peers… These babies, who are approaching 20 years, maybe, which is amusing to me because I’m certain they wouldn’t even last that long. But since they have, when they get into the 50- and 60-year range, that’s when you can start saying, ‘Well, maybe there is a classic hidden somewhere amongst them.’ But at this very moment, I don’t see it.”

She also shared her thoughts on Beyoncé. “I have an admiration for Beyoncé,” said Warwick. “Watching her grow has been quite refreshing. It’s wonderful to see how she’s been able to create what and who she wanted to be and who she is.”

While she is a fan of Queen Bey, she doesn’t think the 23-time Grammy winner has reached “icon” status just yet. “Now sustaining and become the icon [like] Gladys Knight, or Patti LaBelle, or Johnny Mathis, or Frank Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr.? I doubt that. I really do,” she said. “I love her to death and can appreciate her talent. But that iconic status that I just mentioned before? Those names? It’s a long road [ahead].”

After the story went viral, Warwick took to Twitter to clarify her comments, sharing a screenshot of the article. “What I said is in quotes. What @Essence said is not,” she tweeted. “It takes a long time to reach and achieve iconic status. That’s not to say that Beyoncé isn’t well on her way. She is a gifted performer. That was a reach from Essence.”

Dionne Warwick Says Beyoncé Is Not Yet An Icon, Catches Wrath From Beyhive

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick is no stranger to controversy, but when she became the target the Beyhive, she decided it was time to clarify some her comments. The “That’s What Friends Are For” singer recently sat down with Essence magazine to talk about what it means to be an icon in the music industry. Warwick has been making music for six decades—including releasing her album She’s Back last week and finishing up a recent Vegas residency— so she knows a thing or two about longevity. 

However, when she told Essence that Beyoncé wasn’t an icon, Bey’s superfans went wild. “I don’t know if 10 years from now, anybody can actually sing the songs our babies today,” Warwick said. “That’s not, as you guys say, ‘throwing shade.’ That’s just looking at it with reality.” Essence asked if Warwick thinks we have classics now. “No yet,” she replied in the video.

She continued, “When you speak folks who have been in the industry, recording for as long as I have, and my peers…These babies, who are approaching 20 years, maybe, which is kinda amusing to me because I’m certain they wouldn’t even last that long. But since they have, when they get into the 50s and 60s year range, that’s when you can start saying, ‘Well, maybe there is a classic hidden somewhere amongst them.’ But at this very moment, I don’t see it. I certainly appreciate the fact that youngsters are doing it…and I mean they are doing it.”

Dionne Warwick Says Beyoncé Is Not Yet An Icon, Catches Wrath From Beyhive
Larry Busacca/Getty s

“I have an admiration for Beyoncé Knowles,” Warwick added. “Carter, now. Watching her grow has been quite refreshing. It’s wonderful to see how she’s been able to create what and who she wanted to be and who she is. Very proud that. I am. Now, sustaining and become the icon that Gladys Knight, or Patti LaBelle, or Johnny Mathis, or Frank Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr. is? I doubt that. I really do, and I love her to death and can appreciate her talent. But that iconic status that I just mentioned before? Those names? It’s a long road.”

Fans told Warwick that Beyoncé is clearly an icon and they called the 78-year-old legend every disrespectful name under the sun. However, Warwick clarified her statements, tweeting that Essence wasn’t telling the full truth. “What I said is in quotes. What @Essence said is not. It takes a long time to reach and achieve iconic status. That’s not to say that Beyoncé isn’t well on her way. She is a gifted performer. That was a reach from Essence.”

T.I. & Charlamagne Tha God Advocate For Economic Growth With Congressional Black Caucus

Washington, D.C. – On Wednesday (May 23), T.I. and Charlamagne Tha God offered additional support to a Congressional Black Caucus press conference as they stressed the importance of closing the wage gap within African American communities while also elevating their economic development.

The Hip Hop stars were flanked by lawmakers Re. Antonio Delgado (D-NY) and Steven Horsford (D-NV) as they discussed leeway in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Nipsey Hussle’s contributions to the initiative and more.

“We spoke about opportunity zones. You’re talking about not just an opportunity for folks who have been marginalized or exploited or left behind, you’re also talking about opportunity for Hip Hop,” Delgado, notably a former rapper, said according to The Hill. “Because what Hip Hop has done over its lifetime, has put brothers and sisters who’ve come from tough circumstances in a position to elevate their individual lives and at times their communities.”

Embed from Getty Images

On Thursday, Charlamagne spoke on Nipsey’s involvement — in the past and present day.

“Nipsey was the epitome of a leader,” The Breakfast Club host said on air while outlining his Our Opportunity investment fund. “We were on Capitol Hill yesterday advocating for it with members of the CBC and lawmakers and of course, Nipsey would have been and salute to David [Gross] for seeing his vision through.”

During the press conference, T.I. also spoke on the slain rap star’s presence on the front lines.

“Everybody knows that Nipsey was pretty much the founder of the idea to bring everyone together who, you know, may individually be able to do great things and make a significant impact on their own in their communities,” Tip explained. “But for us to come together, we can impact so, so many more communities and spread our efforts so much wider.”

For more information about the CBC, visit the official website.

Eminem’s "The Marshall Mathers LP" Climbs Defiantly Into Adulthood

Upon revisiting Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP, there’s one facet in particular that never ceases to amaze. The development Em’s signature sound, forged through the combined efforts Dr. Dre and the Bass Brothers, two uniquely different stylistic entities. The former spent his formative years as an integral piece the Death Row movement, ushering in a crisp and hard-hitting brand G-Funk in which samples were interpolated through live musicianship; even his transitionary work in launching the Aftermath movement contained strands The Chronic DNA, which would eventually blossom into the urban gothic soundscapes 2001. Yet when tasked with handling six out eighteen the album’s tracks (fourteen, if you deduct the skits), Dre and Eminem came to discover a strange yet alluring hybrid, drawn from both their respective strengths.

Consider The Slim Shady LP for a moment, a natural successor to Infinite in many regards. The further Em’s persona seemed to shift into a mean-spirited satirist, the more difficult it became to find suitable sonic backdrops; how can one be simultaneously zany, menacing, and genuinely poignant in one fell swoop? Yet somehow, Eminem and Dr. Dre (and Mel-Man, we mustn’t forget the guiding hand Mel-Man) achieved the formula as early as opening track “Kill You,” an unconventional instrumental driven by an unsolicited Jacques Loussier sample. Though said sample ultimately led to a ten-million-dollar lawsuit, I daresay it might have been worth the trouble. Em took to the minimalist guitar arpeggio like a man possessed, shocking the world with a violent evolution the Slim Shady persona; a gleefully misogynistic, self-loathing, intellectual Leatherface. Playing out like the infamous home invasion Clockwork Orange scene, Eminem channels Alex DeLarge through his performance, effortlessly tiptoeing over screams and signature Dre percussion. Though “Kill You” made people uncomfortable upon its release – I still remember the full-page Newspaper spread warning parents about Eminem’s unstoppable rise – it might have cause full-fledged meltdowns in today’s social climate.

Eminem – “Marshall Mathers”

And yet, chalking the success The Marshall Mathers LP up to mere shock value dismisses much the project’s artistic merit. Much has been put to paper about the brilliance “Stan,” itself standing as a hallmark in hip-hop storytelling. Yet it’s the underappreciated gems that help lend the album its timeless quality, particularly those blending Em’s noted love hip-hop historicism with his uniquely animated persona. For that reason, the RBX & Sticky Fingaz collaboration “Remember Me” has aged particularly well. Backed by a creeping, bass-driven instrumental, RBX bridges the gap between The Chronic and Dre’s new Aftermath guard with a maniacal, free-flowing verse; which self-respecting MMLP fandoesn’t recite the words “banned from TV” with his exact cadence? To this day, there are many who crown Sticky Fingaz as the lone rapper to have outshone Em on his own track. From the opening cries “No, No, NO!” to the twisted multisyllabic onslaught, Sticky comes through with a defining performance, the perfect mirror image Em’s own sadistic brilliance. By the time Slim closes it out with an imagery-laden depiction the Columbine shooting, Dre himself comes through to deliver the final nail in the cfin.

The cycle continues as MMLP pushes forward through two the strongest songs his career. First, the darkly comedic biopic that is “Marshall Mathers,” a title track sorts set to the tune a Deliverance-esque campfire guitar jam. There’s something folkloric about his self-depiction throughout, that a bratty, ghoulish manchild prone to mischief and scathing social commentary. Only Em can dexterously tongue twist “talking about I fabricated my pass, he’s just aggravated I won’t ejaculate in his ass,” and aim the diss at his mother’s attorney Fred Gibson. Prior, he’s flitting between conjuring devilish imagery walking headless Rottweilers and airing out his ever-growing list real-world foes. To this day, “Marshall Mathers” stands as one Em’s definitive tracks, pairing the macabre whimsy Shady with the real-world introspection Eminem, a combination that helps set him apart from his contemporaries steadily grounded in their own reality. Many rappers have come to embody alter-egos, but Eminem’s handle on fictitious worldbuilding is but one many tools in his authorial kit.

As for “Bitch Please 2,” the mere fact this one even exists makes for a compelling narrative in itself. A sequel to a Dr. Dre-produced Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, and Nate Dogg collaboration originally released on Snoop’s 1999’s No Limit Top Dogg album. Yet the sequel popped up on Em’s sophomore studio drop, bringing back all the original’s contributors for another go-around. This time around, Dre revamps the haunting banger, dropping the opening verse while simultaneously validating his new protege; this is the “Up In Smoke Tour” incarnate. The track also marks the lone collaboration between Uncle Snoop and Big Slim Dogg, which further imbues “Bitch Please 2” with a sense mysticism. Xzibit and Eminem’s chemistry has been well-established through subsequent collabs like “Don’t Approach Me” and “My Name,” but the foundational elements were laid down here. In the greater context the album, it’s somewhat an aberration, teetering at the midpoint between 2001 and MMLP; like “Remember Me,” however, “Bitch Please 2” serves as a welcome reminder that Eminem is a crucial part the Aftermath lineage, capable hanging with the boys in and around their wheelhouse.

Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, & Nate Dogg – “Bitch Please II”

Nineteen years later, many have concluded that The Marshall Mathers LP is Eminem’s crowning achievement. A fair argument, and one worthy exploration. You’ll likely find ardent defenders Slim Shady LP and TheEminem Show, perhaps even Relapse,  given the recent outpouring retrospective appreciation. Yet Em’s sophomore album marked a milestone in his career, ushering in the development a sound he’d carry forward for the years to come, across Devil’s Night, The Eminem Show, and the 8 Mile Soundtrack. Technically brilliant, delightfully mean-spirited, and adventurous in both thematic and musical execution, there’s no shortage reasons why The Marshall Mathers LP is held in high esteem across the board.

No Plug Says He Was Kidnapped & Vows Revenge

Atlanta, GA – The man involved in the fatal shooting of Bankroll Fresh in 2016, Atlanta-based rapper No Plug, says he’s the victim of a recent kidnapping. In an Instagram post he shared on Wednesday (May 22), Plug claims someone scooped him up, demanded a ransom and ultimately released him.

In the clip, he has a giant bandage on his head and it appears his right arm is in a black sling, indicating some type of altercation went down.

“Y’all gonna kidnap me and let me go?” he claims. “It’s on … shit ain’t over boy. We gonna fuck y’all fuck niggas up.”

The caption reads, “hey Should Have Killed Me When They Had The Chance #BennyBlanco. Ransom Paid Thanks @bombfirst_clothing #PromotionalUseOnly #HellCatMuzic @3letter.check imma killl y’all@myshitdiesel #IssaActor.”

Plug, who was a longtime friend of Bankroll, was never charged with Bankroll’s murder. In fact, police discovered Bankroll actually fired first. Surveillance footage shows Bankroll holding and firing an assault rifle, aiming at a black car parked across the street.

In an interview wit VladTV, Plug admits to being involved in the Bankroll shooting, but insists it was an act of self-defense. 

“He caused the situation to happen,” he said in 2016. “He came out with his gun and shit. And shit happened. He came out playing with the shit. He fired a shot and shit happened. We pulled off. He ended up dead. That’s as simple as shit was. Shit was that simple.

“He pulled the gun. Shot the muthafucka. Couple shots got fired back. He got hit. I leave. Next thing you know, folks calling me saying ‘Fresh dead.’”

The investigation was closed last June after authorities explained Bankroll fired the first rounds with an SKS-style at Plug and his entourage’s vehicle outside of the Street Execs studio.

They ultimately determined the returning gunfire from Plug’s passengers – which hit Fresh – was indeed an act of self-defense.

Plug’s claims appear incredibly suspect. In addition to the “IssaActor” hashtag in the above Instagram post, he shared another Instagram video showing himself tied up. There’s a movie emoji in the caption as well.

It’s entirely possible Plug is pulling another Project Youngin, the Florida rapper who faked his death for promo last August.

Ayesha Curry Claps Back At Hater Who Body-Shamed Her 30-Pound Baby

Steph Curry always manages to find his name in the news. Whether he played an amazing game the night prior, won another championship, sank a ridiculous trick shot, or anything else, he’s always in the headlines. His family has managed to share the spotlight with him over the last few weeks though and it all started when his wife, Ayesha Curry, spoke about the lack “male attention” she received on Red Table Talk. Ayesha has continued reigning the trends and the current reason why she’s in the news has to do with her response to a hater that suggested her 10-month-old son be placed on a diet.

Ayesha Curry responded to pregnancy rumours by making a joke about her son Canon Curry’s weight, saying that she was simply jotting out her hip in an awkward photo because her son was “breaking her back.” She noted that the 10-month-old child weighs thirty pounds and some commenters got at her because that. The majority folks were laughing alongside Ayesha but one person took it too far. The since-deleted comment said, according to Yahoo: “Maybe portion-control his food a bit.” Ayesha took matters into her hands and spoke out in her own comment. “Excuse you? No. Just no,” she wrote. 

Body shaming is never appropriate but against a baby? Come on, y’all. 10-month-old Canon Curry is an adorable little boy and his mom will stand up for him whenever she can.

Ayesha Curry Claps Back At Hater Who Body-Shamed Her 30-Pound Baby

Ayesha Curry Claps Back At Hater Who Body-Shamed Her 30-Pound Baby

Ed Sheeran Announces "No.6 Collaborations" With Chance The Rapper & More

Despite primarily operating in the realms both pop and folk music, Ed Sheeran has earned the respect many in the hip-hop community. From collaborating with Eminem, to remixing Tory Lanez singles, to earning himself a Dreamchasers endorsement from Meek Mill, Sheeran has kept it real where the culture is concerned; he even survived a tete-a-tete with Charlamagne Tha God during a Breakfast Club interview. With a new Chance The Rapper & PnB Rock assisted single on the way, Big Ed has ficially announced the imminent arrival his upcoming No. 6 Collaborations album. 

Picking up where his 2011 No. 5 Collaborations Project left f, Ed took to Instagram to reveal the upcoming July release date, chiming in with a couple thoughts on his making- process. “Before I was signed in 2011, I made an EP called No.5 Collaborations Project,” he reflects. “Since then, I’ve always wanted to do another, so I started No.6 on my laptop when I was on tour last year. I’m a huge fan all the artists I’ve collaborated with and it’s been a lot fun to make.”

Look for No 6. Collaborations to arrive on July 12th, with the newest ficial single hitting worldwide markets at midnight. Check out the album cover below, as well as the mysterious tracklist; it wouldn’t be surprising to see this one unveiled on a piecemeal basis in the coming months. You looking forward to Sheeran’s imminent return?

Snoop Dogg Left Utterly Shook By "Game Of Thrones" Finale

Snoop Dogg has been riding with Game Of Thrones for a minute, so naturally, the Doggfather took a moment to catch up on the divisive finale. Given that everyone and their most tenuously-related cousin has an opinion on the epic saga’s conclusion, it’s surprising that Snoop managed to get through spoiler-free. On that note, spoilers for the Game Of Thrones finale will ensue, so if you’re uninitiated, be sure to tread lightly. 

That said, Snoop is displeased. So much so that he took to Instagram live during his initial viewing to express his disappointment with a specific plot development: the death Daenerys Targaryen at the hands her occasional nephew-with-benefits Jon Snow. Clearly, Snoop stood firmly behind team Targaryen, likely supporting Dany’s decision to bring “Fire and Blood” upon the people King’s Landing. As such, his disgust with Jon Snow is nearly palpable.

“Bitch ass n***a done killed the queen, cuz,” reflects Snoop, shaking his head.  “I’m mad cuz. Burn his muthafuckin’ ass. Son a fuckin’ bitch!” He signs f on a heated note, seeming simultaneously deflated and pissed f. “This n***a killed the queen cuz, mutherfucker!” It stands to reason that Snoop did not endorse Jon’s bittersweet fate, which found him riding f to experience a newfound life among the Free Folk. As Cersei once said all those years ago, “when you play the Game Thones, you win or you die.” 

Pelicans Are Confident Anthony Davis Will Want To Stay In New Orleans

It was no secret this season that Anthony Davis wanted to get as far away from the New Orleans Pelicans as possible. After a successful postseason last year, the Pelicans were abysmal this season which led to Davis publicly stating that he wanted a trade out the city. After weeks speculation, a trade never happened and as a result, Davis had his minutes limited. Davis took the pettiness one step further during the last game the season when he wore a “That’s all Folks” t-shirt.

Since then, the Pelicans’ fortunes have changed as they won the NBA Draft Lottery, giving themselves the first pick in the draft. It is expected they will take Zion Williamson with the pick which would be a big draw for Davis to rethink his willingness to leave. For Pelicans president David Griffin, the team now believes it’s in a position to keep Davis on board.

“We’re very confident that we have a compelling situation for him here,” Griffin said, according to SNY.

Whether Davis stays or not remains to be seen but there is no denying just how powerful Zion could be in this equation. If Davis chooses to leave, the free agent period is going to be filled with some pretty juicy trade speculation.

Love & Hip Hop ATL Episode 10 Recap: Che Mack Gets Cheated On

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. 

Check out the previous episode’s recap here


Karlie Redd and Spice were featured on Young Joc’s morning show. Herein, Spice announced that she was still moving forward with the black hypocrisy agenda and would be taking a trip to Africa soon. In addition to the aforementioned trip, the rapper also surprised the cast with a trip to Trinidad with all expenses covered. 

Karlie was excited by the idea revisiting her home country. While Joc hesitated at first, considering the drama between Kendra and Karlie, a heartfelt discussion with his girlfriend later changed his mind. As yet, the invited guests are Rasheeda, Kirk, Joc, Kendra, Shekinah, Karlie, Tokyo, and Spice. 


Sierra attempts to mediate a conversation between her friends: Akbar V, Tokyo Vanity, and Spice. As we may recall from the last episode, the three got into it after Akbar V’s timely rap diss at a talent show. Akbar clearly felt a way about the other female rappers whom she claimed “flew here” while she “grew here.” Though she meant well, Sierra found it hard to facilitate the conversation and things quickly went left. Akbar V walked out the not-so-amicable session, cursing out everyone including Sierra.  

Aside from the drama, Sierra admitted to still be hurt by Pooh’s antics with her former bae, BK. Despite this, she emphasized the importance moving on and revealed to have received flowers from a secret admirer. As yet, the flowers may have been sent by ladies man Scrapp DeLeon whom she met during a charity event. However, only time will tell. 


With Karlie still in the crosshairs with Pooh, she has managed to keep things smooth with her fiance, Mo. As recently announced, the reality star would be embarking on a marvelous journey to her home country Trinidad with her peers. And though her fiance wants her to enjoy the trip, Mo wants to ensure she doesn’t have too much fun. As such, Karlie’s future husband set a 2 AM curfew for her to respect. Although Redd was not a fan it, she agreed to it as one the many compromises which come with marriage. 

Moreover, Karlie revealed to Mo’ that she had receipts that proved Pooh was lying about their sexual encounter. A recording Pooh’s husband Hiram was retrieved, wherein the music producer denied ever touching Karlie. 


The previous episode consisted nothing but drama for Pooh Hicks and this week’s episode does not differ. Pooh showed up to Sierra’s salon where Mimi, Tokyo, and Sierra were amidst a full-on bashing session about her. As Pooh tried to explain herself to Sierra with regards to the ordeal about BK, the two bumped heads. And because Pooh’s communication skills tend to fail her at times, a specific insult resulted in her expulsion from the hair shop. Shortly afterward, Pooh sat down with Mimi to understand why she didn’t have her back. Because she felt bad, Mimi decided to invite Pooh to Trinidad. Evidently, such a decision can only lead to trouble as Karlie is also attending.  

Much later, Hiram comforted his wife Pooh and revealed his phone call with Karlie. Accordingly, the producer shared that Karlie had her daughter on the line which is why he denied having sexual relations with her. The former made Pooh livid and further hinted that the Karlie and Pooh drama has just begun. 


Couple Kirk & Rasheeda left their drama-filled couple’s retreat behind and brought their focus back to business. With numerous stores in different cities, the couple is now planning on opening up a restaurant in Atlanta. As such, a lot planning is to be done which leaves no time for the two to meddle in personal affairs. Though a visit from Kirk’s daughter, Kelsey, brought the couple to reconsider their ways. 

Kelsey came to announce that Canon, Kirk’s love child with castmate Jasmine, was sick and would not be able to spend time with his father this week. While Kirk was displeased with the news, his daughter nabbed the opportunity to discuss their current arrangement. Precisely, Kelsey no longer wants to be the middle man between Kirk and his baby mother, Jasmine. And the former is understandable considering the ensuing back and forth. In response, Kirk revealed to have agreed to a no-contact rule with Rasheeda, herein which he would not contact Jasmine directly.  


An urgent call to Shekinah from Che Mack led to a saddening revelation. Che Mack found condoms in the bedroom she shares with her baby father. Considering the two no longer use condoms, it did not take much to figure out what was going on. Shekinah urged Che Mack to leave him and so she did. Moreover, in following the girl code, Shekinah pulled up on a studio session with Tokyo and Che Mack’s baby daddy, Made Man. Shekinah immediately confronted him and happily announced that Che Mack had left him. 


Scrapp DeLeon gave back to the community through some charity work. The ex-con partnered up with a pastor to help cover the bail payments incarcerated folks and free them from jail. While the focus the episode was not on Scrapp’s storyline, the pastor did give him advice about finding and securing a good woman. As such, we may expect another lady lover to come into Scrapp Deleon’s life.

Moreover, Scrapp met Sierra for the first time, thanks to Akbar V. The two chatted it up and Scrapp shared his motivations behind the charitable acts. Surprisingly, the rapper somewhat put his uncle Stevie J on blast by telling Sierra that he did time because Stevie had failed to show up in court and speak favorably him.

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Star Karlie Redd Reveals Her Real Age

Anybody who watches Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta knows that Karlie Redd’s age has been a mystery for a long time. She’s never been that adamant about giving people an accurate number, allowing them to guess and see how close they get. She looks like she could be in her late twenties, or maybe her early thirties, but few people would probably have landed on the correct number. During an appearance on The Real, Karlie admitted her true age to the audience, confirming rumours that have been flying around for years.

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Star Karlie Redd Reveals Her Real Age
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We’ve been told to never ask a lady about her age but the hosts The Real threw that rule out the window and came through with the important questions. Asking if it was true that she’s actually 45-years-old, Karlie confirmed and added that she’s still so confused why her age has become a trending topic. “I have no idea why people care so much],” said the entertainer. One the hosts explained that since she looks so young, fans will always be intrigued to find out she’s actually in her forties. 

Now that the cat’s out the bag, Karlie Redd can go back to LHHATL and stir up some new drama. What do you think is next?

Alabama Public Televisions Halt Airing Of "Arthur" Gay Wedding Episode

The state Alabama has been the talk the town lately. Mainly due to its restrictive anti-abortion ban which set America aflame. Several celebrities and public ficials have spoken out on the issue, which halted all including sexual assault victims from terminating a pregnancy upon the detection a fetal heartbeat. The former also indicated that doctors who proceeded with abortions would be jailed for life. Indeed, the state has simply been losing their entire mind lately and a lot folks are unhappy.

To further add to their savagery, the Alabama Public Television has recently pulled the plug on the airing an Arthur episode. The cartoon take would have included the wedding rodent character Mr. Ratburn, who was set to marry another man. Clearly, the gay marriage idea was not favored by the state Alabama and so they quickly shut it all the way down. Based on reports by, the state’s public televisions stations refused to air the popular cartoon episode because it portrayed same-sex marriage.  

“Parents have trusted Alabama Public Television for more than 50 years to provide children’s programs that entertain, educate and inspire. More importantly – although we strongly encourage parents to watch television with their children and talk about what they have learned afterwards – parents trust that their children can watch APT without their supervision. We also know that children who are younger than the ‘target’ audience for Arthur also watch the program,” shared the director programming, Mike Mckenzie.