Bobby Shmurda's Mom Shares Update From Prison: "He Is Maintaining Great Spirits"

Bobby Shmurda’s explosion on the rap scene is the stuff legend, but it all came tumbling down when authorities connected him to various murder for hire conspiracy charges. Since his incarceration, his mother has maintained her positive and uplifting presence on social media her IG account @ma_ma_shhh. Luckily Shmurda was able to score a lucrative advance which he left in his mother’s possession while he served his sentence. On account his mother taking over “management” duties, we’ve seen a few lesser names pop up under the GS9 banner.

Bobby’s mother Leslie Pollard posted the above picture along with words encouragement she received from her son correspondence. The message jokingly read:”Big Shmurda on the set show some respect,” as well as an update on his condition and further commentary about his eventual release

Back in April we learned that Shmurda would be eligible for parole in 2020, a sentiment echoed by Leslie herself. The new parole date was adjusted after adding up 685 days time he served before sentencing.Remarkably, Bobby Shmurda’s name has not lost its lustre, nor has the freedom movement associated with his name.

No matter the cost, Leslie Pollard remains firmly invested in the well-being her son.