Kodak Black Skipping Vegas-Style Party To See Mother Upon Prison Release: Report

Kodak Black’s presence has been missing in our lives for the past few months. The rapper was arrested and charged earlier this year after police raided his home and discovered guns and weapons. Since being locked up, the rapper has made some major changes in his life, for better or for worse. However, from what’s being said, the rapper’s been on his best behavior which resulted in an early release. As he approaches freedom, it looks like young Kodak won’t be partying it up immediately, but instead, spent some quality time with his loved ones.

According to The Blast, Kodak Black has opted out celebrating his release at a Vegas-style party to go spend some time with his mother and his son. The rapper’s release process is expected to begin around midnight. Once he’s processed out, the rapper will be heading straight to his mother’s house in Florida. The rapper’s son, who was unfortunately tied into his legal issues, will also be at his mother’s place awaiting his father.

Their sources also say that Kodak is also itching to get back in the studio once he gets settled.

Over the past few months, Kodak, or Bill as some may refer to him as, has made some changes in his life, for better or for worse. In June, Kodak revealed that he completed his GED. Additionally, the rapper also claimed that he’s been writing a book from behind bars. It seems like he’s taking a page out Gucci Mane’s book to use the time away from society to better himself. 

Kodak Black's Jail Sentence Reportedly Shortened To August

Kodak Black, one Florida’s most prolific young rappers, has been serving time in Broward County Jail for probation violations, which include associating with known criminals and driving with a suspended license; the charges were originally much more numerous, but were ultimately whittled down. Now, according to a verified report from Pitchfork, it would appear that Kodak will be released earlier than expected. In fact, the report deems his release as imminent; August 18, 2018. This is over a month before his projected release date September 17th, which was also reported by Pitchfork. 

Apparently, Kodak’s lawyers issued a motion to the presiding Judge, requesting that thirty additional days time served be recognized, explaining the shortened service. Recall, Kodak was originally arrested back in January, after an Instagram Live session revealed guns, drugs, and a generally unsafe environment for Kodak’s child. After Kodak’s lawyers claimed no evidence could confirm the guns or drugs as anything other than props, felony charges were dropped. 

Though this recent bout legal woes may be coming to a close, Kodak still has to contend with his biggest one. In October 2017, Kodak was formally charged with sexual assault, for which he still awaits trial.