WWE’s Goldberg Ruined Macaulay Culkin’s Wrestlemania Plans

The results WWE’s Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia has infuriated pressional wrestling fans across the globe, including longtime WWE supporter Macaulay Culkin. Following Thursday’s main event, during which 53-year old Goldberg defeated WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a matter minutes, Culkin took to twitter to express his frustration – just the way many other WWE fans did.

In fact, The Culkster was so annoyed with Goldberg’s victory that he has cancelled his trip to Tampa Bay for Wrestlemania 36. Absolutely devastating.

WWE's Goldberg Ruined Macaulay Culkin’s Wrestlemania Plans

Jerod Harris/Getty s

Goldberg caught wind Culkin’s reaction to his match against Wyatt and responded with the following tweet, “@IncredibleCulk duly noted dork thumbs up emoji] pouting face emoji].”

Although some wrestling fans suspected that Culkin was just joking around about skipping Wrestlemania, he insists that he will not be among those travelling to Tampa for “The Show Shows” on April 5th. Check out Culkin’s reaction to the main event, as well as the champ’s response, in the tweets embedded below.

As it stands, rumors suggest that Goldberg will put the WWE Universal title on the line against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, while The Fiend is expected to do battle with John Cena.

We’ll likely learn more on Friday’s edition SmackDown as both Goldberg and Cena are scheduled to appear at the TD Garden in Boston.

NFL Players Divided On 17-Game Season CBA Vote: Report

Player representatives held a conference call on Friday to determine the ruling on the proposed changes to the collective bargaining agreement, which includes a 17-game season, playf formatting tweaks and more.

NFL Players Divided On 17-Game Season CBA Vote: ReportDavid Eulitt / Getty s

According to ESPN, player reps were divided into three groups, with some liking the proposed CBA, some being slightly timider, and others who flat-out oppose. “Anything is possible at this point,” a source told ESPN, describing the situation.

In the end, the NFL Players Association ruled to postpone voting and regroup at this week’s NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, which begins Sunday.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano says the players hope to have a ruling in by NFL ficials on Tuesday and cast their formal vote the following day.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the owners have no plans to renegotiate the CBA any further than has already been proposed.

Players’ top concerns include increased revenue share, pension, and improved working conditions.

The biggest changes fans will notice in the proposed CBA are a new 14-team playf field that would include three wild card teams. Only one team from each conference would then get a first-round bye week, as opposed to the current two. The 17-game season would remove one preseason game and replace it with a regular-season game.

Shannon Sharpe Offers Harsh Assessment Of Tom Brady: Watch

Shannon Sharpe used to play in the NFL which makes him particularly well-equipped to talk about other players and whether or not they have what it takes to still play at a high level. Sharpe currently cohosts FS1’s Undisputed alongside Skip Bayless and the former Denver Bronco has been known to bring some hot takes to the table. On Friday, that’s exactly what he did while talking about Tom Brady. The QB will be a free agent this season and has a big decision to make in regards to where he goes next.

As Sharpe explains in the clip below, he believes Brady has actually hit the end the road and that he barely has what it takes to be a sustainable quarterback. In fact, Sharpe would take Brees over Brady right now. Of course, Sharpe admits that Brady was better in his prime but as it stands, Brees is more serviceable.

“Moving forward, Drew Brees is a better, more valuable (quarterback)… because I believe he has more in the tank,” Sharpe said. “Tom Brady is on fumes. If I’m him, the next gas station, I’m not passing it. I’m going to fill up, because sometimes you’re like, ‘No, I can get something cheaper down the road.’ Don’t you pass that gas station, Tom, because it’s almost over.”

Sharpe’s comments come f as pretty harsh but he definitely makes an interesting point. Say what you will about Brady’s weapons last year, he simply wasn’t playing at a high enough level for the Patriots to go far. With this in mind, Brady could find this upcoming season to be quite difficult.

This Zoo Will Let You Name A Rat After Your Ex & Watch It Be Eaten On Valentine’s Day

As people becomes increasingly consumed by digital devices and increasingly opposed to animal cruelty, the popularity zoos must surely be suffering. This being the case, zoos are being forced to come up with more creative marketing tactics to attract engagement. The San Francisco Zoo just landed on one that definitely deserves to be applauded for its creativity. 

Their upcoming Valentine’s Day campaign relies on two simple premises: (1) People hate their exes and (2) People like watching content online. Given that they seem to have found a way to check f both these boxes, the San Francisco Zoo’s “Cry Me a Cockroach” event should be a hit. For the first time ever, the zoo is giving YOU the opportunity to name a rat or cockroach after your ex so you can derive satisfaction from the fact that it will be eaten by another animal. You can select the cockroach option for the very low price $5! However, “If your ex was a snake”, as the advertisement reads, you can upgrade to the rat for $25. 

If you are lucky enough to live close to the zoo, you can watch the feedings in person throughout the day on Friday (Feb. 14). People who participate in this initiative will receive a certificate from the zoo so they can share it on social media and prove to their friends how totally over their exes they are!

To partake in the most vengeful event the year, you must submit your nemesis’ name to the zoo’s website by Thursday, Feb. 13 at 5 PM local time. 

LeBron James Explains Picking Gianna Bryant’s Number For All-Star Game

Ever since the tragic passing Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven other victims, NBA fans have been mourning the loss one the best players in NBA history. Last Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers played their first game after Bryant’s death and delivered a touching tribute in the process. LeBron James was front and center before the game where he fered up a beautiful speech that spoke to his relationship with Kobe and how much he means to the city Los Angeles. 

With the All-Star Game on the horizon, it has been decided that Team LeBron will wear the number 2 to honor Gianna Bryant. Meanwhile, Team Giannis will wear the number 24. According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, LeBron chose to rep the number 2 because Gianna reminds him his daughter, Zhuri.

LeBron has been known as a family man so it’s easy to see why he would be touched in such a fashion. The NBA is doing its best to mourn a legend and so far, they have shown tremendous class throughout this tumultuous time. The All-Star Game will be a great way to celebrate Kobe’s legacy and we can’t wait to see what they do.

Perhaps we will see even more tributes in the coming weeks and months. 

Eighth US Case Of Deadly Coronavirus Found In Boston

An eighth case the Coronavirus has been confirmed in the United States. 

A man from Boston, in his 20s, has contracted the virus, according to CNN. The report cites a press release from Boston and Massachusetts health ficials. The positive test results were sent to the Massachusetts Department Public Health and the Boston Public Health Commission, Friday evening.

The man had recently traveled from Wuhan, China. The few people he has come in contact with are being monitored for symptoms.

“Our priority is not only to protect and inform the residents Boston but also to help this man continue to recover. We are pleased that he is doing well,” Boston Public Health Commission Executive Director Rita Nieves said in the release. “Right now, we are not asking Boston residents to do anything differently. The risk to the general public remains low. And we continue to be confident we are in a good position to respond to this developing situation.”

This is the first case the Coronavirus in Massachusetts. Other states that have confirmed cases include California, Washington state, Arizona and Illinois. 

The current death toll sits at 259 reported fatalities. 12,000 people have been infected with the virus globally.

For constant updates, head to CNN.

Baker Mayfield Squashes Beef With Rex Ryan, Plans To Stop Replying To Critics

Baker Mayfield appeared on ESPN’s Get Up on Friday morning with former NFL head coach Rex Ryan to discuss his handling critics and squash his beef with Ryan.

“It comes back on … doing my job the best I can, not worrying about the outside stuff, not replying to you. Just doing my job and doing what really matters, being a quarterback,” he said.

Mayfield’s relationship with critics throughout the season has been tumultuous. Multiple times throughout the season he reacted poorly to negative feedback. In response to Ryan calling him “overrated” after week 3, Mayfield responded, “If you don’t wear orange and brown, you don’t matter, and Rex Ryan doesn’t have any colors right now for a reason.”

Mayfield and the Browns struggled throughout the year, finishing with a 6-10 record, something Mayfield describes as a “humbling experience.” He threw for 22 touchdowns and 21 interceptions, which ranks last in touchdown to interception ratio.

“Let’s just be honest, I put my foot in my mouth a lot this past year,” Mayfield said. “I’m going to internalize that.”

Mayfield went on to explain that the focus needs to shift to winning games rather than arguing with the media: “That’s what the focus needs to be about, what can I do to help this team win. … What can I do to make our franchise better, head in the right direction, do the things why I was picked in that spot No. 1 overall] and make it happen.”

Antonio Brown Apologies To The Hollywood Police Department

Antonio Brown has apologized to the Hollywood (Florida) Police Department for the incident earlier this month involving a domestic disturbance call at his home, as reported by ESPN.

“To everyone who I may have fended or Disrespected at the @hollywoodflpd Of the state Florida, I would like to sincerely give you all my apology from the top and bottom my heart, And as a human being and an pressional athlete I can honestly say that my emotions truly did cloud my better Judgment, When you all were only there to help me,” Brown wrote on Instagram, Friday night. “Thanks to you all who sincerely accept my Sincere apology. And we must all know that God is a Forgiving God. P.S The ‘PAL’ Youth League, I’m looking to working with you all again in the near future.”

Brown recorded a run-in with the police live on Instagram that also involved the mother his children and their kids. The former NFL wide-receiver could be heard shouting expletives at police ficers.

The Hollywood Police Department has since rescinded a donation Brown made to the department’s athletic league. 

Brown ends his apology post saying he hopes to work “with you all again in the near future.”

NBA All-Star Jerseys To Honor Kobe Bryant, Daughter Gianna & Victims Of Crash

The NBA announced on Friday that the 2020 NBA All-Star Game in Chicago will honor Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna Bryant, by wearing their respective jersey numbers.

Team LeBron will wear no. 2 jerseys in honor Bryant’s daughter Gianna and Team Giannis will wear no. 24 in honor Kobe. In addition, both teams will wear patches on the jersey displaying nine stars, representing those who lost their lives in the crash, including John, Keri and Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah and Payton Chester, Christina Mauser and Ara Zobayan.

On Thursday, the NBA announced that the All-Star game format would be changed in order to honor Kobe Bryant. The first three quarters the game will be structured as seperate mini-games played for charity, with the score resetting at the start each quarter. The fourth will ultimately determine the winner and will be untimed, with both teams aiming for a set score 24 points.

Airing on TNT, the NBA All-Star Game will go down Sunday, Feb. 16 at the United Center in Chicago. Set your DVR’s now.

Packers RB Gets Hacked & Tweets Outlandish Aaron Hernandez Remark

Getting your Twitter account hacked is never a fun time. Typically, this happens when you use the same passwords for multiple accounts and don’t take care your virtual footprint. Green Bay Packer star running back Aaron Jones learned this the hard way on Friday when his Twitter account was hacked and started tweeting some peculiar remarks. There were two tweets in particular although they were quickly deleted. Prior to the deletion, we were able to grab screenshots what was said.

In the first screenshot, the hacker takes shots at Aaron Hernandez. The anonymous writer says Jones is going to miss the NFC Championship game due to a ual act with Hernandez. Of course, when you consider Hernandez’s history, the tweet comes across as quite fensive and outlandish which is something fans caught onto right away.

Packers RB Gets Hacked & Tweets Outlandish Aaron Hernandez Remark


In another tweet, the hacker joked about the best quarterbacks in the NFC North division and threw a pretty brutal shot at none other than Chicago Bears QB Mitch Trubisky. Trubisky has become an easy target this year so it’s not surprising to see him get hit with such petty slander. 

Hopefully, Jones can get his situation figured out and this doesn’t become a huge problem going into the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

Packers RB Gets Hacked & Tweets Outlandish Aaron Hernandez Remark


Snoop Dogg Roasts Luka Doncic During Lakers’ Blowout Win

Snoop Dogg is one the most passionate Los Angeles Lakers fans in the entire world and when he sees something he doesn’t like, he is quick to comment on it. The latest thing/person to get on Snoop’s nerves is none other than Dallas Mavericks superstar, Luka Doncic. Doncic has been one the best young players in the league as late and is already starting to get some lty praise. Doncic has been compared to Michael Jordan and LeBron James while also being hailed the best 20-year-old to ever play the game.

On Friday night, the Lakers defeated the Mavericks in a blowout that saw Doncic struggle for much the game. Snoop used this as an opportunity to take to Instagram where he roasted Doncic and said the league has gotten “st.” Snoop says people are overreacting when it comes to Doncic and that his name shouldn’t be used in the same breath as LeBron’s.

Doncic certainly has a lot to prove so Snoop’s comments here shouldn’t come as much a surprise. The Mavs sophomore has yet to make it to the playfs and until he gets some experience, he won’t be able to make much a case for himself when it comes to being included in GOAT conversations.

The Mavs star certainly has phenomenal potential but some these takes have been a bit too premature.

Lakers’ LeBron James Out Against Thunder With Flu-Like Symptoms: Report

The Los Angeles Lakers may be the number one team in the Western Conference, but that may all come to a halt this week. The Lakers are facing a ton injuries, and now, their superstar LeBron James will miss a game as well. According to ESPNJames will sit out the Lakers’ matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The legendary baller has come down with flu-like symptoms.  Danny Green will also miss the game because a sore right hip. The 35-year-old James has only missed one game this season, in which the Lakers lost.

Anthony Davis, the Lakers’ other superstar, missed Friday’s win in Dallas because a bruised buttocks injury he suffered earlier in the week versus the New York Knicks. He is considered questionable for the OKC game. Avery Bradley, who played through an illness against the Mavericks, is listed as probable. With so many starters listed as questionable or out, this is Kyle Kuzma’s chance to shine. His play has been inconsistent since returning from an injury this season; he is averaging 12.4 points a game, 3.7 rebounds, and .9 assists. Other role players such as Rajon Rondo, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Alex Caruso, and Dwight Howard will need to step up.

Luka Doncic Rips Open Jersey In Frustation During Mavs’ Loss To Lakers

In a moment visible frustration, Mavs’ star Luka Doncic ripped his jersey open after missing a pair free throws during Friday night’s loss to the Lakers. It was the team’s fifth loss in a seven-game stretch.

“Just Hulk Hogan,” Lakers center Dwight Howard said, as reported by ESPN. “He’s a little upset; it’s understandable. Sometimes all us want to rip our jerseys, you know, go crazy, but we gotta keep our heads. But he’s an unbelievable young player.”

Doncic is averaging 29.4 points, 9.7 rebounds and 8.9 assists on the season. In his second year in the league, Donic seems like a lock for a spot on the All-Star team; however, in Friday’s game, even Doncic himself admits he struggled: “I played very bad. I felt like I don’t know how to play basketball. I’ve got to get better — a lot.”

“I’m competitive, and like I say, I’ve got to get better at a lot points. A lot better,” Doncic added. “I know I can get better. There’s a lot things. I’m 20 years old. I’ve got a lot things that I can do better, I can learn better. So I’ll get better.”

Doncic’s next chance to take the floor is against the 76ers on Saturday night.

Miley Cyrus Settles $300 Million Lawsuit Over "We Can’t Stop"

Miley Cyrus was accused appropriating many things during her Bangerz era, but Jamaican songwriter Flourgon wanted to hold her accountable over one appropriation in particular. Flourgon – real name Michael May – claimed that Cyrus’ 2013 hit, “We Can’t Stop”, copied a lyric from his own 1988 song, “We Run Things”. 

In March 2018, May filed a $300 million copyright lawsuit against Cyrus and her label, RCA, for this alleged theft. It argued that the “We Can’t Stop” lyric, “We run things, things don’t run we,” too closely resembled his own, “We run things, things no run we.” Cyrus’ lawyers responded that the lyrics weren’t copyrightable due to their own origins in a pre-existing Jamaican Patois phrase: “wi run tings, tings nuh run wi.”

Miley Cyrus Settles $300 Million Lawsuit Over "We Can’t Stop"Mark Metcalfe/Getty s

May, Cyrus and Sony ended the lawsuit with prejudice on Friday, meaning it cannot be filed again. The details the signed settlement agreement were not revealed to the public. 

It’s quite ironic that “We Can’t Stop” was targeted for copyright infringement because in 2013, it sat right below Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” on the Hot 100 – a song which suffered one the most notable copyright cases the century. HNHH recently spoke to two industry pressionals to explain how copyright infringement works, diving into the lawsuits against “Blurred Lines” and Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams”. 

Antonio Brown Reportedly Blew The Saints Away During Workout

Antonio Brown has been one the most polarizing athletes in the world over the past few months. As right now, he is without an NFL team and is being investigated by the league for a bevy ual assault allegations. Despite all this, Brown was invited to New Orleans last week where he got to workout with the Saints. Brown was among six receivers being given an opportunity with the Super Bowl contending team. Following the workout, fans were interested to know how it went and whether or not Brown would be given a contract.

According to Adam Schefter, Brown made a huge impression on Saints coaches and they are very adamant about signing him. The only issue is the NFL is taking its time with its investigation. Until the Saints know what’s going on, Brown’s fate hangs in the balance.

“The Saints worked out Antonio Brown on Friday, and he caught every single thing that was thrown to him. He blew away the Saints in the workout, we knew he would,” Schefter said Bleacher Report. “The issue is the NFL. The Saints would like to sign Antonio Brown, but they’re waiting for the NFL to issue a ruling, and there’s been no clarity from the NFL as to when the league might make a ruling on the ual assault allegations that were levied against Antonio Brown in the NFL’s active investigation.”

Stay tuned for updates on AB’s situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.