Birdman Apologizes to Lil Wayne During Lil Weezyana Fest: "YMCMB For Death"

Birdman blessed the public with a demonstration good faith for his associate, Lil Wayne. He came to the Lil Weezyana Fest to issue an apology in front all its attendees.

Birdman addressed the Champion Square crowd.

Birdman qualifies their relationship as one that will last a whole lifetime.

This public statement comes after the pair’s legal battle. Lil Wayne ultimately settled with Cash Money for $51 million in June. Birdman’s appearance confirms the words the rapper’s lawyer, Ron Sweeney.

Kim Kardashian Shares Alternative Booty Photo: Picks Bikini Wedgie

Kim Kardashian’s brand is sustained by her efforts on social media. There is not one day when her fans are left without any virtual content. The public figure ten finds ways to keep things fresh, switching things up from the usual selfie. Today, she came through with a photo herself and her best friend.

The picture frames both women from the back as they pick their wedgies while walking down the beach. Somehow, they manage to make the situation look good in their metallic swimwear. Kim sports a bikini while her friend rocks a one piece. What they have in common is both their hands tugging at the fashion. 

Kardashian posted the pic with a caption that illustrates her intentions behind the unusual content. According to the cosmetics diva, no one can claim to have a “best friendship” without ever having picked wedgies from their butts with their homies.

Last time Kim stunned us with a look, she was serving as vivacious arm candy for her husband Kanye West. Both them wore show-stopping outfits. A tight neon green latex dress for her and suit paired with some undersized Yeezy slides for him. 

2 Chainz Snaps Proof Of Kanye West & Lil Wayne's Bromance At Wedding

2 Chainz threw a lavish event in celebration his wedding to his long-time love and mother three, Kesha Ward. Many music industry icons were present for the festivities. The newlywed posted some visuals Hip Hop fan favorites.

In the first upload, 2 Chainz films himself as he exits a room and makes his way down a staircase. He dishes about his tight relationship with Lil Wayne, as the “Lollipop” rapper follows closely behind him, smiling and flipping the bird. Chainz laughs in between his sentences.

2 Chainz also posted a photo both Lil Wayne and Kanye West. The caption dubs the smiling duo as “Lil Ye.”

Now that Lil Wayne is back on his grind, a “Lil Ye” collaboration is valid in terms the hypothetical. Fans have been waiting for the ficial release Tha Carter V for ages. Perhaps the two can pair up and finesse the record from scratch. A 7-track project might not be such a bad idea if it’s as tight as fans would expect.

Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoos With Girlfriends To Celebrate Friendship

Selena Gomez is proud her solid pack friends. The singer shared a few photos herself and three  her besties etching their friendship into their skin at a tattoo shop.

The new ink was acquired to celebrate a birthday and commemorate their bond that was forged through an intense history. Each them got the number “4” drawn on various parts their bodies.

Gomez’ second tattoo is a number “1” carved into her ribcage. This matching tattoo is for the birthday girl who also happens to be Selena’s number 1 chick in her click.

The celebration friendship through tattoos isn’t hyped enough. It’s refreshing to see women hold on to each other like this while others cover up their ink from failed romances.

Kelly Rowland Gets Giant Hand Tattoo To Show Love To Demi Lovato

Many members the entertainment and music communities have reached out to support Demi Lovato as she struggles with a recent drug overdose in the last few days. With so many fellow artists and entertainers sending their love, Kelly Rowland appears to have taken her Demi love a step further. Some may only have the means to send their well wishes on social media but the Destiny’s Child singer proved her friendship with the former Disney star by inking one Demi’s most recognizable tattoos on her hand. Recreating the massive lion tatted on the “Heart Attack” artist’s hand, Rowland decided to show love to the star with a temporary version on her own body.

Taking to her Instagram story, Kelly noted that Demi was on her mind, getting the lion piece sketched out and placed on her own hand. A touching display love and support, Rowland and Lovato have been friends since their work together on the X Factor. Remaining close since filming, Kelly clearly has a lot love for Lovato, proving that her heart weighs heavy after a scary hospitalization earlier in the week.

Kelly’s act is the latest in a string celebrities wishing well for the troubled star. Drug addiction is a difficult disease to overcome but Demi has proven to be capable pulling through in the past. We’re praying for her to get well soon.

Kelly Rowland Gets Giant Hand Tattoo To Show Love To Demi Lovato

Drake Unfollows Ninja On IG After The Gamer Suggests He Was Used

Drake and pressional gamer Ninja started an online friendship when the two teamed up to live stream matches  Fortnite back in March. Their friendship seemed to grow over time, with Drake popping in to play with Ninja a couple times over the past several months. Their initial pairing broke streaming records, since the two men have extremely large fan bases (Ninja has over 15 million subscribers on his Youtube channel alone).

While Ninja was on a live stream recently, he brought up Drizzy’s Scorpion merch.  “Is he gonna buy my next line Ninja merch? You know, or my Ninja headband? Probably not,” commented the gamer. “I feel like Drake saw that I was up-and-coming on the gaming scene and he thought it would be a perfect way to just tap into another source viewers by playing with me. He also might have just wanted to game. I’m not sure but he’s a genius, dude.” Apparently, Drake did not take too kindly to Ninja’s words, because he unfollowed him on Instagram. 

Drake has never been shy when it comes to unfollowing people on social media, and Ninja is sure to be feeling slightly regretful his words. Although he did reveal that he would most likely cop a Scorpion jacket anyway, the damage was done the second he suggested that Drake might have used him to grow his fan base. 

Drake Thanks DeMar DeRozan, Welcomes Kawhi Leonard To The 6ix With Open Arms

It didn’t take long for Aubrey to weigh in on the latest Toronto Raptors roster shakeup. In case you haven’t heard, as this morning the Toronto Raptors have exchanged their franchise player DeMar DeRozan, 2nd-year big Jakob Poeltl, and a 2019 protected first-rounder to the San Antonio Spurs for the mercurial Kawhi Leonard and veteran swingman Danny Green. While the success the deal largely rests on the Raptors ability to re-sign Kawhi Leonard after this season, raptors fans including Drake have had to cope with mixed emotions.

Drake summed it up best when he described DeMar’s many glowing attributes in a body text dedicated to this passing moment. Drake mentioned DeMar’s combination skill, persistence, and loyalty as points excellence he came to admire from his court side seats. Not only did Drake praise his intangible skills as those a “True Captain,” but I commended the outgoing Raptor for being an “even better friend.”

Drake none-the-less couldn’t squander his opportunity to play brand ambassador for the Raptors’ franchise, turning over his attention to new arrival Kawhi Leonard all in the same body text. The Toronto rapper assured the Spurs’ recruit he was in the right position to be his “poised clinical” self, on a winning franchise such as the Raptors. Say what you will about the current NBA landscape, but a few teams have seen their era prominence slip away, while other teams like the Raptors could sink or swim depending on the circumstances and the glut their 2018-2019 season.

Kanye West & Former Manager Scooter Braun Buddied Up At Album Listening Party

Last night’s album listening party for Kanye West’s brand new project ye was extremely eventful. As fans were subjected to viewing a close-up video a fire burning with horses in the background for over an hour, the fun finally started as the party gathered around the flames when the music began. With nearly everybody who is somebody in the music industry attending the affair last night, there was still very little known about the album. Until it dropped on streaming services this morning, it was unclear if the name was “ye,” “Wyoming,” “Love Everyone,” or even the proposed “Turbo Grafx 16” from years ago. With all his friends making their way to Jackson Hole, Ye’s former manager Scooter Braun also came out, spending much his time with Kanye as reported by TMZ.

The media publication is stating that the two spent a lot time together at the listening party and, while Kanye was the man the hour, he still managed to get some conversations in with his most important guests. You’ll recall Yeezy stating that he “can’t be managed” before confirming his split with Scooter Braun, who took over management duties for Kanye a few years ago. Although the extent their current working relationship is unclear, TMZ affirms that Scooter is still very much a part Ye’s business decisionmaking. 

Referring to him as a “young David Geffen,” Ye has high praise for Scooter and the two have proven to work well together. Check out a photo them from last night here.