Trippie Redd Is No Longer Concerned With 6ix9ine's Antics

Nursing a shared sense animosity, 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd are destined to spar Instagram, even when they often really feel extra like outdated rivals than bitter enemies. It’s not the primary time Trippie has sworn f 6ix9ine for good. In truth, the pair beforehand made amends, solely to butt heads but once more. It would appear that every time Trippe tries to get out, the rainbow surprise pulls him again in, like a Leprauchan promising a pot o’ gold. Unfortunately for Trippie, there is not any gold on the finish this rainbow, merely an infinite provide more and more messy antics. 

For some, nonetheless, antics can show extra priceless than gold. We’ll must see if Trippie Redd can resist the rising frequency 6ix9ine’s jabs. After all, Tekashi lately pulled Trippie’s ex into the insanity, though Trippie already predicted such a sequence occasions. In any case, he appears unbothered by the entire fiasco, claiming his “dick is bruised trigger n***as will not let they nuts cling.” 

With blunt in hand, Trippie claims he is above the smoke, saying “I am not going to contain myself with anyone that is all bark and no chew.” Of course, such a remark can, and sure might be interpreted as furthering the battle. However, such is the trail Trippie selected. It will not be lengthy earlier than 6ix9ine takes the bait, and the cycle continues. 

Man Pulls Gun On Teenagers Bumping PnB Rock's "Selfish"

There comes a time, generally when one reaches a certain age, where the idea teenagers blasting music proves enough to send one’s mind into curmudgeonly fits. In such cases, one can opt for the admittedly lame move calling the cops, or simply grit one’s teeth, cross one’s arms, and move on. Or, if you’re this gun-toting Oregon man by the name  Terry McCutcheon, you can opt to “get the strap.” 

According to a report from the Oregonian, the unhinged fellow in question pulled out the gun after several teenagers started blasting PnB Rock’s “Selfish.” According to Jose Bravo, 18, one the teenagers involved in the altercation, the man hopped out his pickup truck with an aggressive request. “The guy was like, ‘Yo, play some good music.’ And we were like, ‘Yo, mind your own business,” says Bravo, painting quite the picture.

Apparently, the exchange heated up, until Bravo finally told the man to “shut the fuck up.” Apparently, such insults were too much for McCutcheon to handle; he proceeded to pull out a loaded gun and aim it at the teenagers. “We heard him cock the gun and just took f running,” says Bravo. After calling the cops, McCutcheon was later found parked in his vehicle, drunk and still in possession his firearm. Apparently, he knew he done goed, and was later sent to Lincoln County Jail to think about his misdeeds.

On the man’s disturbingly violent overreaction, PnB Rock opted for an open-and-shut statement: “He a bitch. Period.”

50 Cent & Papoose's Instagram War Rages On

50 Cent has taken to meme culture with a villain’s gleeful disposition. His ability to hit foes with cheap shots and internet-friendly humor has made him a formidable foe for all comers. Yet that hasn’t stopped many from exchanging shots, despite 50’s perceived home-field advantage. Last night, Fif ruffled Papoose’s feather when he complimented Remy Ma, leading Papoose to feel some type way. The pair exchanged shots, and while the dust seemed to have settled, it would appear the conflict has once again kicked f with round two.

50 Cent hit Pap with a well placed Fat Joe meme, invoking the authority Remy’s partner in rhyme. Next, he followed-up with a picture Pap himself, looking somewhat perplexed, as 50 played dumb.”Ok ?but she lost weight, and she good what the fuck you want me to do about that?” he asks. 

On the other end. Papoose seems content to keep the same energy, which is to say, doubling down on “50 Cent is a homosexual.” His first volley included images 50 gleefully cradling what looks to be a gargantuan dildo, while his second attack revisits one 50’s many XXL covers. The one in question finds 50, wearing what Papoose may very well describe as a “gimp-like-mask,” standing protective over a shirtless Soulja Boy Tell’em. While innocuous in nature, Papoose clearly feels that 50 Cent has been hiding the true nature his sexuality, as evidenced by his use the hashtag “Pause.”

At the end the day, the name calling seems a little bit juvenile, and doubtless a lyrically inclined rapper like Papoose could string together a more scathing retort. At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Fif roll through with the tried and true “I’m rubber your glue.”