Patrick Beverley Reacts To Being Left Off NBA All-Defensive Teams

Today, the NBA unveiled the ten players that make up its NBA all-defensive teams. The all-defensive first team includes Giannis Antetokounmpo, Eric Bledsoe, Rudy Gobert, Paul George, and Marcus Smart. Meanwhile, the second team has Jrue Holiday, Klay Thompson, Joel Embiid, Draymond Green, and Kawhi Leonard. While all these players are deserving, there has already been quite a bit debate surrounding those who were snubbed from the list. One the players many people thought deserved a spot was Los Angeles Clippers player Patrick Beverley.

Beverley was an absolute terror while defending Kevin Durant in the first round the playfs as the two were embroiled in a pretty intense beef throughout that six-game series. With Beverley’s staunch defense, it was expected that he would at least make it onto the NBA all-defensive second team list but clearly, that wasn’t in the cards.

The Clippers player took to Twitter today where he simply said: “Lol that’s funny!!!” after the list had dropped. Three simple words but they conveyed his thoughts perfectly. It’s obvious the Clippers star knows his worth and felt he was absolutely deserving the honor.

Do you think Beverley should have made it and if not, was the current list good or does it need an update? Let us know.

Draymond Green Credits Kevin Durant & His Son For His Improved Behavior

This year’s Western Conference finals have surely been illuminated by a stellar performance coming from Draymond Green. The Golden State Warriors star has had his hand in leading the squad toward what seems to be an inevitable fifth-straight appearance in the NBA Finals, stepping up majorly in the absence Kevin Durant.

As he’s averaged 16 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists per game, he’s also showed a great improvement in his on-court demeanor, dropping significantly in his signature emotional outbursts and avoiding the technical fouls that plague his matches. Sunday, Green told reporters that such a change come from an unlikely source when he cited his November feud with KD. According to Green, Durant shared some words with him during that questionable time that he’s kept with him ever since.

Draymond Green Credits Kevin Durant & His Son For His Improved Behavior

Ezra Shaw/Getty s

“It’s funny because when the stuff happened with Kevin earlier this year, he said, like, ‘Everybody is giving you this pass like, Oh, that’s just Draymond. He’s emotional,'” Green said,  The Athletic. “But (Durant) said to me then, like, ‘You’re not emotional. I’ve seen you lock in and not say a word to the referees. I’m not giving you that pass.’ That’s kind stuck with me.”

He also went on to give credit to his son, noting that he realized his behavior on the court was bleeding into his child’s own sportsmanship. “My son was shooting and flopping,” he said. “I said you gotta stop watching the NBA.”

Blac Youngsta Gets Overly Anxious During Awkward Questioning By Nardwuar

Blac Youngsta was one the recent artists to be interviewed by Nadwuar Serviette. As usual, the interview involved a series questions which took viewers down memory lane and left Blac Youngsta very puzzled (and lowkey scared). While we still don’t know how Nardwuar acquires such precise information, it is still funny to see how shocked his interviewees are about the information that pops up. We all remember the infamous Nardwuar interview with Lil Uzi wherein the rapper literally ran away because Nardwuar knew too much. As such, Blac Youngsta experienced the same fate but remained joyful through it all. The 10-minute interview took place during the eventful Rolling Loud Festivalweekend in Miami where Lil Nas X was also interviewed by Nardwuar

Moreover, the latest news involving Blac Youngsta consisted a legal victory which the rapper celebrated. Youngsta previously faced pretty serious criminal charges which were tied to a deadly shooting in Charlotte. Fortunately, he managed to come out the ordeal unscathed. Additionally, earlier this month, the Memphis rapper made a special appearance as a Milk Man in the video to his catchy single “Cut Up.” The hilarious visuals hinted at Blac Youngsta’s artistic versatility and acting skills.

Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell Tease "Good Burger" Reboot At "All That" Reunion

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, better known to 80s & 90s babies at Kenan & Kel, have grown to become successful actors in their own rights. Kenan joined the cast  Saturday Night Live in the early 2000s, he recently landed his own series on NBC, and he’s set to serve as a judge on Bring The Funny. Kel’s roles haven’t been as high-prile but he’s continued to work with Nickelodeon and continued to flex his comedic side through various roles. As the two prepare for the All That reunion, it appears as though a Good Burger revival could be in the works.

Kel Mitchell took to Instagram to reveal that The Jonas Brothers will be performing on the debut on the All That revival which is set to premiere on June 15th. Kel was dressed up Ed, his character in the comedy, while on set  Good Burger. Before it was turned into a movie, the sketch initially appeared in All That.

The announcement for the All That reunion first came earlier this year before it was revealed the Kel Mitchell would be joining Kenan Thompson for the show’s revival. Prior to that, Kenan Thompson confirmed that he and Kel Mitchell already spoke about making a sequel to Good Burgeralthough it wasn’t confirmed if it would happen. 

All 15 Seasons Of Donald Trump’s "The Apprentice" Reality Show Are Now Streaming

Yep, the gift that keeps giving is back with yet another public fering. As Monday (the 6th), all fifteen seasons Donald Trump’s foray into reality television: The Apprentice, can now be streamed for free on a platform called Tubi. The rights for all 192 episodes were secured by the ad-based streaming site/app after much deliberation with MGM’s Television subsidiary. 

All 15 Seasons Of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" Reality Show Are Now Streaming

Desiree Navarro/Wire/Getty s

Tubi isn’t pussyfooting around, as all 15 Seasons will be launched at the same time, including the lone celebrity edition hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger after he ran for fice (funny how that comes about). You might be wondering why this came together in the first place, considering no one asked for it, and 15-years is as good a run as any can muster before going stale.

As it turns out, MGM’s worldwide television group is spearheaded by Mark Burnett, the Emmy Award-winning Brit who brought us My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad and Sarah Palin’s Alaska to name just a few the better titles in his catalog. Suffice to say, Burnett also produced Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, so you’d have to think in someway motivated by self-interest.

Nevertheless, Tubi founder and CEO Farhad Massoudi is pretty content with his acquisition, and he hopes to fload even more “free content” in the near future. Would anyone in their right mind pay a subscription fee for a lineup headlined by The Apprentice? I’ll let the voting public answer that question in 2020.

#DXCLUSIVE: Watch Bonus Clip From Showtime’s Wu-Tang Clan Documentary "Of Mics & Men"

Showtime’s Of Mics & Men, a four-part docuseries about the Wu-Tang Clan, is scheduled to premiere this Friday (May 10). Before the Mass Appeal-produced documentary makes its debut, HipHopDX brings viewers an exclusive clip from a series of bonus scenes titled Hidden Chambers.

John “Mook” Gibbons, the former president of Wu-Tang Management, tells a funny story about the group attending their first convention in the brief video. Gibbons recalls Raekwon making the mistake of assuming room service was free after an industry executive helped them out by providing Wu-Tang members with a place to stay.

Watch the Of Mics & Men: Hidden Chambers bonus scene above.

Tune in to Showtime this Friday night at 9 p.m. Eastern to see Part 1 of the Wu-Tang limited docuseries, which is directed by Sacha Jenkins.

Warriors Refuse To Panic After Game Four Loss To The Rockets

Heading into Game 4 on Monday night, the Golden State Warriors had a chance to go up 3-1 on the Houston Rockets in their second-round series. Despite a 34-point performance from Kevin Durant and a 30-point performance from Steph Curry, the Warriors weren’t able to get it done as the Rockets won the game 112-108. James Harden put up 38 points for the Rockets in Game 4, all while the Warriors bench struggled to get points on the board.

With the series tied at two games apiece, the Warriors aren’t panicking just yet as the series is heading back home for Game 5.

“This is what it’s about,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said according to ESPN. “This is the NBA playfs, the best teams in the league. We’re playing a great team and we know what the game plan is and we know how good they are. So it’s just about competition, that’s it.”

Curry struggled in Game 3 but was much more successful last night. As he explained, he knew he had to be better and did everything he could to help his team win. Despite losing, it was clear that Curry was in his zone again.

“The last 48 hours has been pretty funny,” Curry said. “Hearing all the noise and chatter about how I’ve been playing this series. I take it all in stride and understand what I’m capable . And doing it within the context how we play as a team, I can play even better. So I’m just trying to stay within my own zone, in terms what I expect from myself on the floor and leaving it all out there and living with the results because I know how prepared I am every night.”

Game 5 goes down on Wednesday night in Oakland at 10:30 P.M. EST.

Draymond Green’s Mom Retweets Steph Curry Jokes After Game 3

Mary Babers-Green, the mother NBA player Draymond Green, had to laugh at Game 3 the Golden State Warriors versus the Houston Rockets. If you were watching the game, it’s easy to see why. Although Curry is a three-time NBA champion and the best shooter all time, he does have his more humbling moments. In Game 3, Steph was just not mentally present. He scored 17 points on 7–23 shooting from the floor. According to CBS Sports, in the three games this series, Curry is only averaging 18.3 points and 4.3 assists, while shooting an ugly 25 percent from 3 point land. 

In Game 3, Steph missed a wide open dunk in the final minutes the 126-121 loss to the Rockets. It was crucial to score on that drive, but the embarrassing moment got a laugh out Momma Green. She jumped on Twitter to share a meme that took a shot at Curry’s abysmal performance. “The internet is undefeated,” she tweeted. 

After Twitter attacked Green for her joking post, she hopped back online to clear the air. “Get out y’all feelings..I RETWEETED SOMETHING THAT WAS FUNNY DANG! I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT!,” she admitted. Steph was asked about the missed dunk after the game, to which he admitted it wasn’t his “finest moment.”

Michael Blackson Geeks Out Over Eddie Murphy Shoutout: "Chills In My Body"

We know that Coming To America 2 is on the way, slated for a 2020 release date and while many us are excited, including Akon, the music maker recently shared some sound advice on the sequel. “One thing I would recommend, though: make sure to put, and I don’t know, I haven’t seen the casting yet, but I would recommend them cast some African comedians and African actors because, in Africa, as you know, the film is huge,” Akon said.

Star Eddie Murphy was recently approached by TMZ and shouted out Michael Blackson to be “one funny African” and while nothing is confirmed yet regarding Michael’s involvement in the sequel, the comedian is over the moon about Eddie’s kind words. 

Michael Blackson Geeks Out Over Eddie Murphy Shoutout: "Chills In My Body"
Nicholas Hunt/Getty s

“Just him mentioning my name alone put chills in my body,” Michael told TMZ, as seen in the video below. “That movie is probably the greatest movie all time … The sequel is definitely happening, but for me to just be mentioned as a potential actor in this movie is a dream come true.”

He added: “Between that movie and his standup special Raw, I became another joke in school. Hopefully, he could repay me back by casting me in this movie because Coming To America, every time I went to school, all they did was quote lines from that movie.”

Charlize Theron Explains How She Was Hilariously Trolled By Rihanna On Her Birthday

Charlize Theron and Rihanna don’t have much in common, except for their publicist Amanda Silverman. Rihanna thought that little bit information would work as a funny joke when it came to Charlize’s birthday, gifting her with a troll worthy gift that’s quite hilarious. 

As the Mad Max: Fury Road actress revealed on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Charlize “always thought” that her publicist had a lot love her but that quickly changed. Amanda is known for always sending out birthday texts and when it was her birthday in August, she received a message that read ‘Happiest bday’ not event spelling out the full word ‘birthday.’

Charlize Theron Explains How She Was Hilariously Trolled By Rihanna On Her Birthday
McCredie/Getty s

But for Rihanna’s birthday, Amanda wrote ‘To my most favorite client ever’ and Rihanna informed her that she was going to get her text printed on a shirt to send to Charlize for her birthday, and she did just that.

In the clip below the actress details how it made her “feel great” that Rihanna would go to such lengths to make her a gift, even if it was a troll worthy move. 

Okay, Rihanna, we see you. 

Rob Gronkowski Appears As A Cop At The Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards were last night and while the show was dedicated to musicians, that didn’t stop prominent people from other fields from crashing the party. One those people was former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski who recently announced his retirement from football. Gronk has always been seen as kind a go and his personality would work perfectly in the wrestling world or even the acting realm.

Well, Gronk got to show f his acting chops during the awards show as he dressed as a security guard at the beginning the awards and proceeded to bounce Kelly Clarkson from the event. The former Patriot even goes so far as to call her a “seat filler” and makes her get up so that Florida Georgia Line can take her place.

Later in the shoe, Clarkson got to perform her own song. Gronk dressed up as the security guard again and ended up pulling her f the stage at the conclusion her performance. Overall, it was pretty funny and you could tell that the crowd got a kick out it all.

Since retiring, Gronk has mostly been seen vacationing with his girlfriend Camille Kostek, while also putting dents in the Lombardi trophy.

Will Smith Reacts To Dramatic "Bel-Air" Trailer

Viral moments are common and fleeting these days and the latest young mind to capitalize on the wave was filmmaker Morgan Cooper whose recent Bel-Air trailer has been catching serious steam.

The clip was a modern-day and more dramatic remake Will Smith’s Fresh Prince Bel-Air sitcom. Cooper cleverly took the premise Fresh Prince, a troubled teen who moves away from Philadelphia with his well-to-do family in an affluent Los Angeles suburb, and removed the layer comedy that cloaked the original show. The result was a darkened and frankly, more relatable creation and fans weren’t the only who appreciated the perspective.

In his latest vlog, Will Smith invited Copper to discuss the trailer as he praised his video, which has since amassed 3.5 million views and counting since its arrival.

“That’s an idea that is brilliant,” Smith told Cooper.

He went on to sit down and describe the difficulty tackling darker issues on a sitcom, something that Cooper successfully unearthed.

“As funny as the episodes are, there was a whole other layer that you couldn’t do,”  adds Smith, lending a de facto co-sign for the idea. “The dramatic version these ideas means that you can use existing storylines. But, it’s not going to seem like you’re redoing an episode because the storyline is going to be brand new from the dramatic perspective.” 

Donovan Mitchell "Upset" After Rockets Series: "I’m Going To Be Better"

Donovan Mitchell is one the most exciting young players in the NBA and has been a big reason for why the Utah Jazz have been so successful in the regular season. Unfortunately for Mitchell, the young star had a lackluster playf as his team went down in just five games to the Houston Rockets. Last night, the Jazz were eliminated after a 100-93 loss where Mitchell only scored 12 points and was 4-22 shooting. Throughout the entire series, he made 32.1 percent his shots from the floor and struggled to hit big shots when it mattered.

After the game last night, Mitchell spoke to the media about how he’s not happy with his performance and that he vows to be better next season.

“It’s funny, Dame Lillard] said this yesterday: ‘You don’t succeed without failure, and you don’t succeed without going through times like this,'” Mitchell said according to ESPN. “To have that so vividly in my head in a moment like this — I can tell you that I’m upset, but I’m going to be better, simply put.”

Mitchell also spoke about his performance in game 5 and how at times he couldn’t execute the way he wanted.

“Honestly, I got some looks that I wanted,” Mitchell explained. “A lot it is just trying to attack. I’m not going to stop attacking. Obviously, you don’t want to shoot 4–22 with five turnovers. It happened.”

The Rockets will now wait for the winner the series between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Adidas Originals Inks a Branding Deal With Donald Glover

Adidas Originals and rapper/entertainer Donald Glover have just announced a new partnership called ‘Donald Glover Presents’.

The partnership relates to a new line of shoes, and to accompany their launch, the pair have also released a set of videos.  News of the partnership comes on the heels of a number of recent celebrity signings by Adidas, including those involving Beyoncé, Kayne West and Pharrell Williams.

Glover’s new shoe line includes the reimagining of 3 existing Adidas styles: the Continental 80, the Lacombe and the Nizza. All three shoes feature inside-out golden eyestays and uneven stitching, as well as a three stripe mark that looks hand painted.

Along with the launch of the 3 shoes, Donald Glover Presents released a series of funny online short films that feature not only Glover but also Mo’Nique.  Also, famed skateboarder Na-Kel Smith has a cameo.

In conjunction with the announcement, Glover (aka Childish Gambino) stated that the project is about showing people how the experiences gained from wearing a pair of shoes determines the value of them.  He also wanted to demonstrate what doing your own thing truly looks and feels like.

Adidas also issued a statement.  Chris Law, who is the senior design director of Adidas Originals, said that all partnerships are developed to create something that could not be created otherwise, and this partnership is no different.  He added that Glover’s ability to cross the lines of genre and tell a unique story is something that they admire.

Law further mentioned that the design philosophy of the new shoes combines classic Adidas styling and Glover’s lifestyle philosophy.

Last week, Glover performed at Coachella.  After his well-anticipated and well-received set, Glover screened a film called Guava Island that featured both him and Rihanna. He also ‘AirDropped’ free shoes to random people at the festival.

All 3 shoes will be available from beginning on April 26.

Shaq Hilariously Attempts To Buss It Down To "Thotiana"

Somebody better break out the Icy Hot because Shaq was not ready to drop it as low as he went. In a funny video clip shared on Instagram, Shaq entertained his fice colleagues by giving a short-lived dance routine to Blueface’s international hit “Thotiana.” The single has become its own meme generator with covers and remixes to remixes, becoming one the biggest hits 2019’s four-and-a-half-month history. 

One thing no one expected to hear was a remix “Thotiana” and Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” a song that was made even more famous by Terry Crews in White Chicks. In Shaq’s Instagram clip, the remix begins with the piano intro from Carlton’s track before it moves into Blueface’s hip hop hit. Shaq then grabs onto his belt buckle and does his best Blueface buss down dance impression before giving us a throwback with 69 Boyz’s “Tootsee Roll” move.

Things got a little sketchy when Shaq tried to follow the lyrics and actually “break it out” by dropping it low, but he quickly realized that his body just doesn’t function like it used to. His audience laughed at Shaq as the former NBA star struggled to stand up and had to shake f the pain in his knees. It was a wrap as Shaq called the whole thing f, but it was all in good fun.