Lil Jon Opens His Second School In Ghana

Lil Jon continues to present again. The Crunk music pioneer helped fund the creation a major college in Ghana final 12 months, and now he is doubled up on his efforts to assist educate kids. AOL broke the story, revealing that Lil Jon opened his second college within the village Mafi Atitekpo. The college is called Mafi Atitekpo DA Primary School, and was completed in December 2017 earlier than being inaugurated in July 2018. It presently has 313 kids enrolled.

Lil Jon’s first college enrolls almost 250 college students, bringing the whole to over 550 minds being stimulated and activated by training. The first college was constructed in honor the Lil Jon’s late mom, Carrie M.Smith. He first turned concerned about constructing the faculties after a visit to Ghana opened his eyes to the training circumstances the youth. Some faculties are too removed from villages, whereas others are packed to the brim inflicting college students to be taught exterior beneath timber. The rapper and producer contributed $70,000 to assemble the faculties together with Pencils Promise. PoP’s web site states that the corporate has helped construct 492 faculties with near 100,000 kids enrolled. 

“Last 12 months October 2017] I went with my household to open up my first Pencils Promise college in Ghana, and now to have over 300 youngsters already enrolled in my second college there may be unbelievable,” said Lil Jon. “It’s been actually fulfilling to see the impression these faculties have made on so many these kids’s and households’ futures.”

Kofi Annan, Nobel Peace Prize Winner & First Black African U.N. Leader, Passes Away

You may not be familiar with Ki Annan, but he was one the most powerful men in the world for several years. Annan became the first Black African to earn the role the Secretary-General the United Nations. He served as Secretary-General from 1997-2006, overseeing the world throughout the modern day battle with terrorism and the expansion western powers. In 2001, Annan won a Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against AIDS in Africa, his stance against global terrorism, and his prioritization human rights. 

Annan passed away today (Aug. 18) in Bern, Switzerland at the age 80. According to The New York Times, after Annan’s death, Bijan Farnoudi, a spokesman for the Ki Annan Foundation, sent out an email. Farnoudi said that Annan had recently been “a little weakened, but all those working closely with him day in and day out did not see this coming.”

“He worked until the very end, without giving himself a break,” Farnoudi continued. “And he looked strong and fit doing it.” Ki Annan was born on April 8, 1938, in Gold Coast, which was still under British colonial control at the time. In 1957, Gold Coast became Ghana, the first African country to gain independence from Britain. He first began working in the United Nations in 1962, at the World Health Organization in Geneva. 

Floyd Mayweather Sued For $2M Over Alleged Money Scheme In Nigeria: Report

Floyd Mayweather was recently revealed to be the highest paid athlete in the past twelve months. It doesn’t really come as a shock especially after his fight with Conor McGregor last summer. He’s always been a flashy guy and recently, he showed f his “billionaire watch” which costs $18M. Despite this type money that he has, Mayweather is currently being accused finessing a Nigerian company for hundreds thousands dollars over appearances in Nigeria and Ghana.

According to TMZ, Floyd Mayweather is being sued for $2M by Zinni Media. They claim they booked Floyd to make several appearances in Nigeria and Ghana in June 2017. Mayweather reportedly agreed to do the appearances for $375K and received a $210K advance. Floyd Mayweather later made videos confirming his appearances in the West African countries. Unfortunately, he ended up cancelling his appearances a few days before. 

In the lawsuit, Zinni Media claims Mayweather agreed to reschedule to December 2017 and add more appearances. However, they increased the price from $375K to $550K but they were told the $210K could be used towards the cost. They claim that they asked Floyd to make another new video confirming his appearances but he flopped on that again and didn’t repay the $210K advance he received. 

Zinni is now claiming Floyd damaged their reputation and defrauded them. He’s taking legal actions through a federal court in California and suing Floyd for at least $2M.