Tyla Yaweh Pays Tribute To Juice WRLD & XXXTentacion At Rolling Loud LA

During his set at Rolling Loud Los Angeles, Tyla Yaweh took some time out to pay his respects to his late friend Juice WRLD.

“We both came up together,” he told the crowd gathered at L.A.’s Banc California Stadium. “That was my brother. I’m really numb to a lot this shit right now cause I lost X, too. And he was very close to me.”

Tyla Yaweh Pays Tribute To Juice WRLD & XXXTentacion At Rolling Loud LA

Dia Dipasupil/Getty s 

In both Juice and X’s honor, Tyla went on to instruct the crowd to do what his two fallen friends did best and rage. “Like Juice was still here,” he added before directing the crowd to put their hands up as Juice RLD’s “Armed & Dangerous” cut came on over the speakers.

At the song’s end, Yaweh requested a brief moment silence before instructing the crowd to open up the mosh pits sop that they could bask in XXXTentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God‘s “Take A Step Back.”

Before exiting, Yaweh would use the opportunity to leave attendees with a word advice and encouragement: “I know it’s a lot us that are young and we like to follow trends we like to live life, but I want everybody to be healthy. Be careful with these drugs that you taking. Be careful what you put out…and what you’re manifesting. Make sure you’re always living the best positive life that you can.

Lizzo Says There’s A "Double Standard" When She’s Called "Brave" For Being Confident

Lizzo is known for her body confidence, real lyrics and infectious vibes that’s beloved by anyone who comes across her. While she’s proud to be an advocate for body positivity, she’s over people being proud her for seeing herself as beautiful and she’s called out a double standard in her latest feature with Glamour Magazine.

“When people look at my body and be like, ‘Oh my God, she’s so brave,’ it’s like, ‘No, I’m not,'” she told the publication. “I’m just fine. I’m just me. I’m just sexy. If you saw Anne Hathaway in a bikini on a billboard, you wouldn’t call her brave. I just think there’s a double standard when it comes to women.” She admitted how she doesn’t like when people are so shocked that she’s comfortable with her frame.

Lizzo Says There's A "Double Standard" When She's Called "Brave" For Being Confident
Kevin Winter/Getty s

The “Truth Hurts” singer further detailed how modeling agencies were the only source getting women on the forefront magazines and advertising campaigns, portraying a false reality women’s bodies. 

“I think that’s why it made everything so limited for what was considered beautiful,” she explained. “It was controlled from this one space. But now we have the internet. So if you want to see somebody who’s beautiful who looks like you, go on the internet and just type something in. Type in blue hair. Type in thick thighs. Type in back fat. You’ll find yourself reflected. That’s what I did to help find the beauty in myself.”

Fear of God x Nike Air Skylon 2 “Light Bone” Coming Soon: Official Images

Fresh f the release some colorful Nike Air Fear God 1s comes yet another project from Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear God and Nike. 

The Fear God x Nike Air Skylon II, which originally debuted in two colorways back in December, will be available again on July 18 in the familiar “Light Bone” color scheme. The kicks, priced at $150, will initially be available at select retailers overseas, but a U.S. release is expected to follow shortly after the July 18 drop.

Fear  God x Nike Air Skylon 2 “Light Bone” Coming Soon: Official s

Fear God x Nike Air Skylon II/SneakerNews

Inspired by Nike’s early 90s running sneaker, the Fear God x Nike Air Skylon II comes equipped with a luxurious leather inner lining and a new toggle lacing system as well as glossy, light bone-colored patent leather swooshes and Fear Of God script near the heel.

Continue scrolling for ficial images the Fear God x Nike Air Skylon II “Light Bone,” and stay tuned for the global release details.

Fear  God x Nike Air Skylon 2 “Light Bone” Coming Soon: Official s

Fear God x Nike Air Skylon II/Nike

Fear  God x Nike Air Skylon 2 “Light Bone” Coming Soon: Official s

Fear God x Nike Air Skylon II/Nike

Fear  God x Nike Air Skylon 2 “Light Bone” Coming Soon: Official s

Fear God x Nike Air Skylon II/Nike

Fear  God x Nike Air Skylon 2 “Light Bone” Coming Soon: Official s

Fear God x Nike Air Skylon II/Nike

Fear  God x Nike Air Skylon 2 “Light Bone” Coming Soon: Official s

Fear God x Nike Air Skylon II/Nike

Fear  God x Nike Air Skylon 2 “Light Bone” Coming Soon: Official s

Fear God x Nike Air Skylon II/Nike

The Notorious B.I.G’s Brooklyn Childhood Home Is Up For Rent For $4K

The Notorious B.I.G’s hit single, “Juicy” detailed his rags to riches story from his early days in Brooklyn to the lavish life he lived. Of course, it’s been 25 years since the song’s been released and gentrification has struck the Bed-Stuy neighborhood. According to The New York Post, the very “one-room shack” Biggie once rapped about on “Juicy” is has now been renovated and it’s being rented out at a high price point.

The Notorious B.I.G's Brooklyn Childhood Home Is Up For Rent For $4K

Biggie’s childhood home is now a three bedroom home in the gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn that was once known as a hub for drugs. The unit he lived in is located on the third floor 226 St. James Place. While it is a historical location in New York City, it’s not the same place that it once was. Compass broker Fabienne Lecole said, “The apartment is iconic … a historical gem.”

“It’s so calm and residential now,” Lecole said. “It’s hard to imagine it’s the same street that he sang about with all the drugs and gunfire. It couldn’t be more different.”

The home apparently still has “intricate and historic details” when Biggie used to live their including the windows and moldings. It went up for sale in 2013 and sold for $825K.

If you’re looking some historical value to your place living, this might be your best bet — if you got the dough. 

Anjelica Huston Details Her Silent Feud With Oprah Winfrey: "She Won’t Talk To Me"

Anjelica Huston beat Oprah at the 1986 Oscars ceremony for best-supporting actress. Anjelica took home the trophy for her role in Prizzi’s Honor while Oprah was nominated for her role in The Color Purple. According to Anjelica, it’s for that reason that Oprah doesn’t talk to her and hasn’t invited her on her talk show. 

Anjelica Huston Details Her Silent Feud With Oprah Winfrey: "She Won’t Talk To Me"
Evan Agostini/Direct/Getty

“She never had me on her show, ever,” the 67-year-old told Vulture. “She won’t talk to me.”

The Addams Family actress even recalled a time Oprah allegedly completely ignored her at a party. “The only encounter I’ve had with Oprah was when I was at a party for the Academy Awards, a private residence,” she explained. “I was talking to Clint Eastwood, and she literally came between us with her back to me. So all the sudden I was confronted with the back Oprah’s head.”

Whether Oprah dislikes Anjelica or not, the actress still looks up to her. “Nobody else would dislike me so much as to literally, physically come in between the person I was talking with that way,” she explained. “But I admire Oprah. God knows, she’s made some big steps.”

Klay Thompson Goes On Date With Smoking Hot "Godzilla" Actress

Klay Thompson has been one the best players on the Golden State Warriors during their historic run where they’ve three out the last four NBA titles. This season, the team is looking to win three championships in a row, although the path hasn’t always been easy. Right now, the Warriors are playing the Los Angeles Clippers and the squad has been struggling to finish out the series. They lost game 129-121 and are now in Los Angeles where they will play game 6 on Friday night. Last night, Thompson made the most his trip to Los Angeles by going on a date with up and coming Hollywood actress Eiza Gonzalez.

Gonzalez was in the film Baby Driver and will star in Godzilla vs Kong in 2020. According to TMZ, Gonzalez and Thompson were both seen hanging having a private dinner at A.O.C. restaurant in West Hollywood. In the report, it states that the two were able to get their own private table in the back so that they wouldn’t be bothered by members the public who wanted to get a little nosey.

After his night out on the town, Thompson will have to be ready to ball tonight as the Clippers have been a pain in the Warriors’ side all playfs long.

Klay Thompson Goes On Date With Smoking Hot "Godzilla" Actress  TMZ
Klay Thompson Goes On Date With Smoking Hot "Godzilla" Actress  TMZ

Nipsey Hussle’s Father Says His Son Was Sent By God To Spread A Message

The assassination Nipsey Hussle has shaken the nation to its core. Nip was an activist, a shining light, a family man, a talented lyricist, a provider, a businessman, and apparently, an angel.

On Friday (April 5), the Los Angeles Times published a piece where Nip’s parents spoke about the passing their son. Nipsey’s father, Dawit Asghedom, believes his son was sent from above with a specific mission. “It was like he was sent by God to give some love to bring us together because that’s what his lyrics were saying, always,” Nip’s father stated. “He’s not shy to tell the truth even though it might not look good. He wasn’t scared anything. God] sent him to send a message. It looks like, ‘Your time is up because you have completed what I sent you to do.’ We all have a plan, but God has his own plan. So he had completed what he needed to be doing and he did it early so God] probably want to take him early too.” There is no disputing that Nip changed his community, and the hip-hop game, with his message. Perhaps, he completed the mission he was sent down to Earth for. Now, we must make sure to protect his legacy.

Tinashe Calls Public's Response To R. Kelly Scandal "Beyond Annoying"

Conversations stemming from Surviving R. Kelly proceed to unfold and plenty of public figures are being requested to talk on the difficulty. Tinashe not too long ago fered her opinion, describing the sequence as “tragic, sickening, disgusting… arduous to observe.” The singer lowered her insights to the size time it took for these allegations to achieve the general public’s concern: “It’s annoying…past annoying, infuriating that it could take this lengthy for individuals to get upset about it as a result of, to me, it looks like we have form identified about these information for fairly some time.”

Her brief assertion addresses her notion sexual misconduct being a prevalent difficulty “behind the scenes in numerous industries” past the scandal the general public is at the moment specializing in. “It’s necessary that we maintain holding individuals accountable,” she added. Fantasia additionally spoke on the difficulty. “I am a mother and I’ve had the prospect to work with him,” she stated. “I am praying for him and I am hoping that some issues change.”

While these feminine artists remained well mannered when prompted to touch upon their collaborator, Smokey Robin’s response was blunter.”Maybe to most people, that is simply changing into information. People within the enterprise have identified about this for a very long time…Shame on you, R. Kelly,” he stated. “I imply, God gave you all that expertise, nice present like that, and also you exploit youngsters with it? Shame on you.”

Taraji P. Henson Loses Jacket & Diamond Ring At The Golden Globes

You may suppose that by the point you’ve got climbed the social and pressional ladder your complete and made your technique to the Golden Globes, you would not have to fret about something so tril and worsening as a stolen jacket, however not so. At the Golden Globes final night time, Taraji P. Henson not solely bought her jacket swiped however had a detailed name with a diamond ring. 

Taraji P. Henson Loses Jacket & Diamond Ring At The Golden Globes

Frazer Harrison/Getty s

The ring, pictured above, fell her finger close to the second everybody was leaving and Henson apparently bought everyone to cease what they had been doing with by yelling out: “oh my god, oh my god! No one transfer! No one transfer! My ring! My ring!” This bought the eye Hollywood’s most mild giants, Terry Crews, who stopped and helped coordinate the trouble to search out her jewelry. He stated his Ralph Breaks The Internet co-star: “you recognize Taraji, she is one of the best! I’d do something for her.”

Unfortunately, although, he cannot do every little thing for her. Although she bought her ring again, Henson was left and not using a jacket on the finish the night time and needed to go residence with naked shoulders within the paralyzing chilly  60 levels. She posted a notice on her Instagram story:Taraji P. Henson Loses Jacket & Diamond Ring At The Golden Globes

Loki Was Under Thanos' Mind Control In The First "Avengers" Film

Loki will not be as horrible a villain as we thought. The Trickster god could not have been in full management when he invaded Earth within the first Avengers movie. Let’s take it again to the primary Thor. In the movie, Loki learns that he is adopted and half ice-giant. His anger and ache brought about him to scheme for the throne, which ought to belong to Thor. After a failed try and take over, Loki falls from the Bifrost and seemingly dies. Then, He reappears in Avengers after falling from the Bifrost into one other dimension the place he meets The Other and the Chitauri.

This can be the place Loki and Thanos get acquainted and he provides Loki a Chitauri military and the Mind Stone scepter (this occurs f-screen). Marvel’s ficial web site has up to date that particular half MCU canon to incorporate that the Mind Stone was secretly bending Loki’s will to Thanos’ intentions the entire time. The excerpt from their website reads:

“Arriving on the Sanctuary by way of a wormhole brought on by the Bifrost, Loki met the Other, ruler the traditional race extraterrestrials the Chitauri, and Thanos. Offering the God Mischief dominion over his brother’s favourite realm Earth, Thanos requested the Tesseract in return. Gifted with a Scepter that acted as a thoughts management system, Loki would be capable of affect others. Unbeknownst to him, the Scepter was additionally influencing him, fueling his hatred over his brother Thor and the inhabitants Earth.”

This would clarify Loki’s wavering loyalty, and in addition his confusion within the first Avengers movie the place he states: “I keep in mind a shadow. Living within the shade your greatness. I keep in mind you tossing me into an abyss, I who was and ought to be king.” Apparently, the Mind Stone had Loki believing that Thor stole the throne from him and tossed him into house, which is not what occurred. 

Chance The Rapper's Nephew Inspired Him To Take Off And Study The "Word Of God"

Chance The Rapper (born Chancelor Jonathan Bennett) lately turned a proud uncle when his brother Taylor welcomed a wholesome child boy into the world. Chance is already a father to his cute daughter Kensli however one thing concerning the “the primary boy the subsequent line” impressed Chance to take a break, soar on a airplane and correctly find out about the best way God, as he was raised. 

“I’ve been introduced up by my household to know Christ however I haven’t taken it upon myself to actually simply take a pair days and skim my bible. We all quote scripture and inform one another what God likes and doesn’t like however how a lot time can we spend as followers Jesus to actually simply learn and KNOW his Word,” he wrote on Instagram. 

“I’m undoubtedly responsible not devoting time to it. So I’m f to learn and study as a result of the subsequent era Bennett is right here and I would like to have the ability to give my nephew Charlie Matthew the data and instruments to FUCK YALL UP. Lol however critically he’s the primary boy the subsequent line and he wants his uncle to be educated.”

Chance additionally added that he will probably be again cigarette free. Here’s to Chance getting his rattling life. 

Playlists Aren’t Everything. Here Are Some Other Metrics to Track an Artist's Success

The God-like energy of the playlist is each revered and feared inside the music business. But ignore these different metrics at your personal danger.

A slot on a top-ranked playlist can remodel obscurity into notoriety virtually in a single day. By brutal distinction, a removing can reverse these positive factors, and even actual a severe monetary toll (and for proof of that, look no additional than the late XXXTentacion).

Those who disregard the ability of the playlist could also be taking part in with their careers. An artist that locations nicely on playlists can anticipate larger crowds at reveals, higher gross sales of vinyl and merch, and even juicy sync promoting and collaboration offers.

J. Cole On Anderson .Paak "Oxnard" Collab: It Was "Signs & Confirmations"

Anderson .Paak’s anticipated Oxnard album is lastly right here and we’re assured that tons persons are nonetheless replaying, sorting by means of which the 14 tracks are their favorite. With sturdy options like Pusha T, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, BJ The Chicago Kid and extra the tape is a high contender for hearth collabs and for some, agreeing to work with Anderson on the album was one thing that was meant to be. 

Cole chopped it up on .Paak’s House Radio and defined the little indicators that made him so certain he was doing the suitable factor by working Anderson for his or her monitor “Trippy.”

“I do not know for those who bear in mind this, however that is the opposite loopy factor that occurred in terms of this tune,” Cole stated, Complex. “I simply know there’s indicators, if you’re in your path and also you’re in your journey and also you’re principally in tune, what I name being ‘in tune.'” He added: “I really feel such as you get indicators and confirmations. I really feel like God tossed you an indication and principally winked at you, and allow you to know that ‘Yo, no matter you are doing proper now, do not journey, you are in the suitable spot. Everything goes cool.'”

Cole instructed Anderson he was engaged on his verse at his pal’s in-home studio earlier than they linked as much as work on it collectively. Once they have been collectively laying down the ultimate model, Cole seen the title the album and was shocked as a result of it was the title the road his pal’s studio was on. 

“I bought the chills, as a result of I used to be like, ‘Bro, you not even gonna fucking imagine this,'” Cole recalled. “‘Where I simply got here from scripting this verse, my homeboy’s home was on fucking Oxnard Street. That’s the road he lives on.'”

Lil Pump Attaches A Bag Of Weed To A Balloon "So God Can Smoke"

Perhaps if all of us did this, the world can be a greater place. Or at the very least individuals all over the world can be discovering luggage weed as soon as the balloon pops. On second thought, that may additionally in all probability make the world a greater place. Lil Pump seems to be onto one thing as, in his newest Instagram story, he hooked up a baggie weed to a balloon and despatched it f into the stratosphere.

There’s an infinitely low likelihood that the bag will really make its manner as much as Heaven, which was Pump’s intention, however the thought is good. After sharing just a few movies him cashing out on the Gucci retailer, Pump determined to ship a present to God, fixing a pair grams marijuana to a balloon and sending it f. “Alright guys, that is some bud,” advised Pump to the digicam. “I am ’bout to ship it up there so God can smoke. Here you go!” It was a helium balloon so it is stronger than one you’d manually blow air into, however the probabilities the machine surviving are very slim. Somebody just a few miles away from Jetski will probably be the recipient some free weed.

Pump was just lately compelled to evacuate his residence as a result of the devastating wildfires and he documented your entire course of. Thankfully, he is protected attempting to settle down the pure forces in Los Angeles.

Ariana Grande Nearly Falls & Laughs It Off During "Thank U, Next" Performance

Ariana Grande is the discuss the city proper now. Having introduced her Sweetener North American Tour, changing into newly single and dropping a brand new monitor all about her exes, “Thank U, Next,” in addition to being named Billboard’s Woman Of The Year, the “God Is A Woman” singer is seemingly on high the world.

During a latest efficiency on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ariana proved to be similar to any regular human who generally journeys up, when she carried out her new single and almost worn out earlier than catching herself.

In the video beneath you’ll be able to see Ariana singing her tune with a pair again up singers and a marriage reception decked out stage. At one level, she jumps on a chair and when stepping down she slips and blurts out “oh my god” that is completely in tune with the music. She casually laughs it f as she continues singing and nails the remainder her efficiency. 

Check out the complete clip beneath.